Dec 282011

Xel`Naga wrote:
Wolf Pelts – 2 gold
Leather Straps – 3 gold
Yarn – 1 gold
Dinnerware – 1 gold
Ingredients – 2 gold
Ring – 15 gold
Total ————— 24 gold

Fizzick wrote:
Katia: Go back to that bookstore and buy some magic books for ONE SEPTIM!Obviously, Sigrid has conned the proprietor that they’re that cheap.

Obscure_Reference wrote:
Also see if you can kill all of the imps for her house in exchange for new clothes and/or some money

That turned out… alright, you guess.

You were kinda hoping to get at least enough for Quill-Weave’s book, but you can work with this. You’ve just got to find some more jobs you can do, and you’ll be back on budget in no time.

Before leaving the store you ask Tavia about her imp problem, and if she’d possibly be interested in hiring an intrepid young wizard to handle it. She thanks you for the offer, but reiterates that she still wants to give the imps another day to find their own way out. And if that doesn’t work, she’d rather hire a professional. Someone she knows won’t get killed on the job.

You also check in with Hirtel about those one-septim magic books, hoping maybe you can learn a new spell or two before tonight. He says that the restoration tome for Q.W. was his last one, though. The Mages Guild buys most of his magic books, so you’ll have to go bother them. Not him. Shoo.

Ah well. Just more to look forward to about tonight, you guess. You’re trying to keep a positive attitude, and it kind of helps if you keep your mind busy. You know, keep pondering new ways to make some coin.

For instance, you asked Tavia what alchemical ingredients people actually buy. You didn’t recognize most of the things she named, but she did say primrose leaves might be worth a coin or two.

And even if nothing else works out, pretty soon you’re going to have a regenerating supply of primrose leaves right at your fingertips.

Yup. You’re still doing fine. Everything’s going to be fine.

Fruckert wrote:
Wait, shouldn’t Katia start detoxing pretty soon?



Let’s just concentrate on the job hunting.

Pajaul wrote:
We show off some amazing dance moves that even rope climbers would envy, and we’re seen as standing under street lamps. […] We should STOP cutting off opportunities because other people might think poorly of us. FUCK THEM. we don’t need them. They never helped us before, and no matter how kind we are to them it doesn’t look like they WILL help us.

So let’s dance. Show off our moves. If they think it’s perverted, then THEY are the ones who are perverted. WE are dancing. And if they won’t let us win the competition because they think it’s perverted, again… FUCK THEM. Just another thing to check off the list as having been tried. We will not go through life regretting what we could have done ANYMORE. We’re going to the mages guild, we’re going to better ourselves- if they let us- and by Katia Managen, we’re going to make it this time. OUR WAY.

Haven’t we been over this already?

Look, you’re really trying to forget about that poorly-thought-out poledancing escapade earlier today. Maybe it’s something you would’ve done for money back home, but you’re a wizard now. That means you can make a living in a proper, respectable way you can be proud of. Sure, maybe you shouldn’t care what people think of you, but you do. You want them to see Katia Managan, a person and a wizard. Not some… cheap, subhuman cat-thing doing half-naked flips to pay for its next round of sweet, cold, refreshing mead.

But… if you’re strapped for cash later, and get some decent magic training tonight, maybe you can come up with an act using magical fire or something. Maybe. You’ve been thinking about it a little.

You move the dance competition into the “maybe” column, with the stipulation that whatever you do will look classy, respectable, and wizardly. And really cool, so you don’t embarrass yourself. You’ve still got a few days to puzzle something out, if you actually do decide to enter.

Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky and some major event will distract everyone while you’re performing. Heh.

sabata2 wrote:
You know what a well is right? A big hole in the ground.
A big hole, filled with water, that contains fish you can catch/kill, sell, and/or eat.
It’s literally fish in a barrel just waiting for you to go after them.

Of course, in the meantime you still have plenty of other options! Lots of opportunities to show everyone how responsible and useful Katia Managan can be.

In particular, you recall meeting a woman who was trying to solve a slaughterfish infestation in one of the wells. Perhaps she’d be willing to pay for some wizardly assistance? Or even if she’s not willing to pay you, perhaps you’ll be able to eat – or even sell – those fish, if you help get them out?

Sounds like a win-win to you. You head up to the well.

Whew, looks like you showed up just in time to inadvertently save Kvatch!

  • Sultans_Sacridotes

    YAY! 🙂 UPDATES!!!! Just started reading this before your break…You were torturing me. Seriously though great comic, and I think I ought to get in her, um I mean the forum so I can offer her a sane subconscious.

    • Kazerad

      Yeah, I always feel kind of guilty when I go more than a few days without updating. Hopefully I can stay on the update wagon a little better this time. And actually get that fanart page up-to-date…

      • scoot

        It seems like every time I see one of your posts I like you a little more, selfless, good taste in games, and sincerely care about your webcomic and what we think of it. Thank you Kazerad for being a cool guy, making this wonderful comic, and caring. I kinda wish there was some way I could repay you.

        • Seconded. 😀

          • Nameloc

            Thirded 😀 😀

          • Cassadar

            …. fourthed?


            ist that the word?….

            also about the comic…. who let's that woman at the well handle such problems ô.o

          • NoriMori

            …Fifthed? XD

          • Thornclaw


        • celestiun

          sixthed! you should have a donation page and/or goodies we could buy, this is my single favorite thing on the internet!

          • Bazul

            I second this sixth! So… Twelfth?

          • WIlliam

            I agree wholeheartedly and would greet such a feature with open arms and an open wallet.

      • 123

        As of late you’ve been a couple of miles behind the wagon (read the story so far, just re-reading it).

    • Thornclaw

      FINALY! updated 😛 dying of exitment!!!!!!

  • Jadav

    So we managed to stop the entire population of Kvatch dying of a poisoned water supply. That’s a start 🙂

    • MrSing

      Welp, I guess we can leave Kvatch alone for a few days after this heroic rescue and earning more money. I mean, what is the worst that could happen?

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      5 bucks says that’s someone contemplating suicide who just happens to be standing by the well.

      • lolguy

        If you played the game there is human bones in of the crates close by so i think its murder.

  • Ahahaha, Poison… it appears that Kvatch is always in its path to self-obliteration XDDD

  • OrlyFactor

    I’m going to start using “HUUÜRKc#L” more, even when I’m not relapsing. 😀

  • Ch’marr

    I wonder if someone with synesthesia would pronounce it differently, due to the colours?

    • Eternity08

      Ah, synesthesia, one of the (slightly) more awesome brain disorders to have. But to answer your question, maybe. People with synesthesia can perceive anything as anything i.e. colours as numbers, time as symbols, shapes as personalities, the list is endless!

      TL;DR Yes

      • Ch’marr

        Your comment is very blue, and is sweet and somewhat umami to my ears.

        • Titanium

          Your misrepresentation of synthesia is painful.

          • warlor456

            i agree with titanium… get a clue bro

          • Ch’marr

            I think your joke detector is on the fritz. 😉

          • nomadbro

            Or your jokes are just bad.

          • Flaise

            So is yours! 😉

          • Ch’marr

            I assumed the joke detector would detect all jokes, good and bad… perhaps it’s just not broad spectrum enough… right down into the VBJ range?

  • Sonnyboy

    I love you…

  • Tormuse

    Aww, she’s planting the primrose seeds! 😀 (I hope she finds a place to put the vase!)

    Also, I love the fact that she’s giving a thumbs up sign while throwing up. 😛

    Also, also, heheh, Hirtel posted Katia’s goose picture on his wall! 🙂

    • feather

      With a price tag

  • Ch’marr

    Primrose seeds well fertilized.

  • NS

    I wonder if this lady realizes the consequences of her actions?
    Or is she a serial killer???????

    Also, Katia needs to take that neck-romancer up on her offer.

  • Aporos

    “Find more ingrdients.”

    Katia’s lack of self-esteem is really poignant, by the way.

    • Kazerad

      You inspired me to go on an image-fixing spree. I fixed this typo, fixed typo of the word “larynx” on an earlier page, and fixed Katia’s sleeves on a whole bunch of panels where I forgot to draw the light green part. Productivity!

  • The Nerevarine

    I have come across many strange and disturbing things in my travels. I have fought gods, daedra, men, elves, and on one occasion I fought something quite like a troll, but I have never ever met a poisoner. King Hlaalu Helseth might fit the bill, but in terms of royal succession I think we can rule him out.
    That said, I despise poison. I have been poisoned by all manner of creatures and as such I do not feel comfortable inflicting that pain on even the most heinous mudcrab. And yes, I am including slaughterfish as being not bad enough to poison.
    I suggest finding out what she’s doing. Or hurt her. Hurt her dearly.

  • Azmarov

    Tell the lady to hand over the poison or we will call the guards. Use the eye of fear if she gets pissy. Also, take the vampire lady up on her offer. When she gets close to bite you, use the broken stick to stake her and take all her stuff… including her dust and the money she was going to pay you. Make sure somebody sees you do it, then just say you are a renowned vampire hunter from Hammerfell and the lady you killed was a vicious murderer and thief. Now you’re no longer Katia “Who-Gives-a-Shit” Managan. You are Katia “Super-Awesome-Vamp-Slayer” Managan, Hero of Kvatch! And people like giving free shit to heroes.

    I know I should post on the forums, but the activation email is taking for. e. ver. Lovin the story so far though lol.

  • MoldyCheese

    At least she hasn’t gone insane yet.

  • Dusty

    I hope she doesn’t plan on killing those slaughterfish with fireballs!

  • Nilithius

    Her total amount of gold is not a multiple of 10… HUUÜRKc#L

    • Kazerad

      But it’s divisible by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12!

      • AFox

        she must have 456 on her then! Plenty for a book and… 2 or 3 classes of magic training.

        • CaptBighead

          Math totally doesn’t work that way 😛

          • Ch’marr

            I was gonna say something like:

            “Oh, but he’s technically correct… and the previous comment should say “divisible by 2, or 3, or 4, and so on. Just not divisible by all of those one after the other” ”

            But then I geeked out and checked it: 456 has factors of 2, 2, 2, 3 and… 19. So the above isn’t close to accurate either 🙂

        • Dousiq

          lrn2math bub

          • AFox

            but my math is right, unless you are directing that at Ch’marr. If so I agree, kazerad didn’t even mention 19 and yet he says it proves me wrong. I just picked a multiple of twenty four (that isn’t a multiple of 10) and ch’marr is suddenly saying random things at me, and claims to be geeking out.

          • Dousiq

            It was directed at both of you, and this comment chain is INCREDIBLY silly.

          • Ch’marr

            AFox: You’re right! Kaz said it was divisible by those numbers, but not that it was only divisible by those numbers!

            Dousiq: Thpttb! :3

  • Walks-On-Gold

    She needs to go pilfer those Breeches of Gilbness or whatever from the sketchy wood elf in the imperial city so she won’t get ripped off all the time. I could easily get DOUBLE that for the ring and pelts alone.

  • Fruckert

    I’m a terrible person 😐

    • Pteryxx


  • FallingWhale

    Report the vampire to a guard and hope for bounty. If nothing else it will make a good name for yourself.

    • AFox

      HOPE?! Have you actually read the comic/story? The best Katia can hope for is the the town guards wont mistake her for other khajiit and kill her on the spot.

  • Titanium

    I… don’t really like Pajaul right now.

  • DNi

    Oh, sweet, it looks like Katia found one of those infamous infinite money bugs! She sold her gold ring for 15 gold, but still has it equipped. I think its time she run some game breaking exploits into the fucking ground!

    • Ch’marr

      I hereby declare your engagement ring to be a ball-gag 😀

  • scudgreen

    Waitaminute. We recall this woman admitting that poisoning the well was a bad idea to deal with the slaughterfish. Perhaps she needs to be reminded of her own advice.

    • scudgreen

      Why not suggest lowering a fishing net into the well? You know, because they’re fish, in a well, with nowhere to go.

  • sabata2

    WOOT! Made it into an update.

    And guys remember that your suggestions HERE don’t have an impact on the story.

    Click on “forum thread” right below “Leave a Reply” if you want to have your voice count!

  • StatSig

    I love this comic so much and every time there is an update I drop everything to read it. You are the best and this is the best.

  • YouKnowWho

    Anybody else notice in Katia’s ‘Maybe’ category she has “Succeed in Life” written down. That should be in the things she should be eager to do! 🙁

    • Ch’marr

      I think it needs to have all the resignation and despair cleaned off, first.

    • Slatt

      Of course that’s a maybe. Katia is aiming to freakin’ rule life. Take life around back and kick the crap out of it. Take life’s shoes and throw them over a phone line and tell life to ‘deal with it jerkface’! Succeed in life? Tch. Katia is going to make life her scratching post.

  • Dez

    My bet’s on Katia joining the competition and trying to use fire in her dancing, ala “Nothing can possibly go wrong” meaning the oiled rags are gonna catch on fire and Katia will be the sole reason why Kvatch burned down to the ground.

    My second bet’s that Katia will cause so much turmoil that she didn’t mean to throughout the story that nobody ever mentions her again.

    • sabata2

      We Don’t. Talk. About Katia Managan.

      *slashes your throat*

  • Lucreel

    I wonder what sort of interesting alchemical properties that, uhh. . . “fertilizer”. . . will impart on those primrose plants. . .?

  • The Nerevarine

    I just had a horrible thought; what if the Mythic Dawn attacks while Katia is still in Kvatch? Katia! RUN! I must implore you, there are things mortalkind was not meant to know! The forces of Mehrunes Dagon are like nothing you’ve known before! Money will mean nothing when the sky turns red!

    • Lucreel

      Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. . . this is a *prequel* adventure, not a “happens just as Oblivion starts” adventure. Sure, there very well may be some overlap, but we are still *really early* in this adventure. Even though the webcomics been going for months, there’s only been what, like a week, if that, “in-story” which has passed. I think she’s got a little time before the MD attacks Kvatch.

      Also, since this is a “Prequel” adventure, it suggests that Katia will end up in that cell in the Imperial City prison that the Emperor happens to arrive at. Although, I suppose it could just as easily be that even though it is a prequel adventure, Katia doesn’t end up stepping into the Player Character role in TES IV. Hard to say for sure.

      Anyhow, like I said before, it’s still early in the adventure and I *think* Kazerad’s going to give Katia a little time for character advancement/leveling up.

  • Uacher

    Question: Can you roar?

  • Ch’marr

    Anyone notice that there are – with reasonable assumptions on coins hidden under other coins – exactly 24 coins upended on Hirtel’s counter ?

    • Dousiq

      Not terribly surprising, Kaz is into details (notice the drawing of the duck in the bookstore).

      • Ch’marr

        Yes, the attention to detail is marvellous. There’s plenty of subtle, humorous things to find.

        Because of that, I went to check to see if the grapes on the counter had depleted any after Katia grabbed one. Alas no. Ostensibly, they’re for the customers only 🙂

        • Kazerad
          • Ch’marr

            Haha! I mean’t after Katia gr…. okay, yes, I meant I did see one grape depleted, but didn’t notice any more gone after that 😉

            Still, a point to you for attention to detail 😉

  • Elad

    Woah hang on there! You’re PARA-human, okay? Not SUB-human. Be sure to talk down to the next Imperial you come across to let ’em all know that no race is superior! Especially not a bunch of tight-assed Imperial renrij!

  • Thomas


  • Slatt

    Now hangonhangonhangonhangon. Yes, this is a hole in the ground full of water, and in that water are fish you can eat, sell, and regarding the more dangerous variety, remove for the benefit of the community. It -sounds- good.

    But this is a very -deep- hole in the ground, full of dark and dangerous waters of unknown depth, and in it are dangerous fish that can bite you and hurt you and FIRE DOES NOT WORK UNDER WATER.

    There’s plenty of other odd jobs for you to do. Preferably ones less deadly and possibly embarrassing. Honestly, it’s your first day in town. Do you want to end up being known at the cat that got stuck down the well the city guard had to rescue?

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      Hey, it’s better than being the cat that woke up in Quill-Weave’s house after a drunken threesome with a skeleton, is it not?

      • Slatt

        That, and the pineapple incident, are more too drunk to blame style embarrassment. Jumping down that well while fully sober just makes it a terrible, non-inebriated decision.

      • JustSomeRandomGuy

        Darn, she should have kept the leather straps and yarn. Then she could have secured herself to a nearby tree with the straps, then lowered the yarn down with some bait on it. Foolproof. But, since she SOLD them already, I guess she’ll just have to jump in with her machete (can we still call it that after her disillusionment?) and hope for the best. or not…

  • Scouts-many-marshes

    Anyone notice in panel 9 she’s under the vampire column o.0

  • Rivas the Argonian

    I’m not that knowledgeable on Oblivion-esque geography.

    I don’t know how Kvatch is laid out, and I’m thinking that this well is probably just a well.

    But, dammit, if Whiterun has taught me ANYTHING [other than the fact that knees and arrows are incompatible], it is that there is a secret cave or something in or around that town.


    oh and i think poison coating the machete is a cool plan yo.

    • Ch’marr

      What are you saying?! Knees and arrows are very compatible!

      It’s just the person the knees are attached to gets very envious of the beautiful, beautiful, knee-arrow bond that forms.

      Ah, if only all our relationships could be so… impactful !

  • Gunge

    I don’t really have anything intelligent to say at all, but you’re amazing. Thank you for this wonderful comic. Continue being amazing. c:

  • Scouts-many-marshes

    Where do you submit command?!?!

  • Anonguy

    Also, happy new year, Katia :3

    • Pteryxx

      Happy new ear! *earflop earflop earflop* OH GODS THE CUTE

  • BakaGrappler

    Hello. I was just recently introduced to Prequel by a link from Three Panel Soul. I have to say, it was so good that I left SW:ToR untouched for an entire day to read it. I’ve come to really care about Katia as a person and I find the concept that our suggestions can actually come to life in the story something wonderful that enriches the narrative.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Scouts-many-marshes

    Happy new year everybody!

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    I cannot express how much enjoyment this production has given me over the past several weeks. Like many readers, I was hooked the first night and stayed up WAY too late to read the whole thing. I’m also quite impressed with all of the flash material, especially the complete town walk-through.

    I find our protagonist to be endearing; it’s easy for the reader to gain attachment, sympathy, and “sublime pathos” for her. There’s also a near giddy-excitement for what’s coming right around the corner.

    That being said, I do hope the storyline jumps back into more of the enthralling exploration / action / adventure themes we enjoyed back during the crypt arc. Why are there fish in the well? Is there some kind of breach in the bedrock down there? Is it connected to a long-abandoned set of cisterns and tunnels? For inspiration, I’ve seen some amazing Nat-Geo specials on ancient constructions that were simply breathtaking:

    Lastly, Kazerad, I’m very impressed by your work ethic, and your decision to refuse financial compensation and instead encourage donation to charity. Since you’re not going for cash, I hope you find it as fun to create this comic as we do reading it. Cheers good sir, and happy new year.

  • Merchant

    That poison might be worth a lot of money. Ask her if there’s something you can do for her in exchange for the poison. Anyway, she seems very uncertain about what to do with it anyhow.

  • Xel`Naga

    Wooo! I got used in an update! It’s exciting! It feels like I’m molding the world to fit my liking. I feel so….POWERFUL.

  • Felidire

    I like how the book keeper was all: “All you did was draw me a picture” when they were trying to haggle, shoves her out, next time she comes back it’s hung up with a price tag on it? xD

  • Eo

    I flippin’ love this comic, and it was my first introduction to MS Paint Adventures-style comics.

    But I found porn of it the other day. Super messed up porn. MY EYES. WHY, FANDOM.

  • Dagda Mor

    I’m hoping she meets Saint Jiub, since he was in Kvatch during the Oblivion Crisis.

  • Mzuark

    You know I started this comic with the hope that Katia’s schizophrenic subconscious would lead her to do unspeakable things, but it’s been so…tame. Kinda dull really. Ja’Khajiit, will you please try to spice up your meaningless existence for once?

  • dtlux14


  • Dragon

    Huh, I thought that was a man during the flash. How unobservant of me.