Jan 252012

You are now the perfectly normal human female.

And boy do you smell something delicious.

  • senseless

    oh boy…

    • Thornclaw

      Oh no!! not changing the hero?!

  • Gabe

    I like where this is going…

  • Lilz

    Did you leave grilled leaks in your knapsack? Because, you’re a totally normal human female. And totally normal human females watch their weight with grilled leaks.

    • Merth

      nah, it’s corn………..

    • Anon44


      • Yeah not only is it difficult to grill urine, but all you end up with is a residue on the grill wires.

        I would imagine. <_<

  • What do you smell, sweetie?

  • Janx


  • The Baron


    • Robobro

      Remember not to do anything unusual for a perfectly normal human female.

  • TheDragonsword

    Ohboyohboy, inspect the delicious smell.

  • Doyen

    Oh boy. ‘Ere we go.

  • sgtperkins

    >normal human femal: ignore smell, climb tree.

  • Ryuujin

    Tell me… what happened to the Imp and the Necromancer*? – This does not bode well for the survival of our perfectly normal human friend.

    * (Yes, I know Quill Weave survived us controlling her but she has a Plot Shield ™)

    • Denis Bondarenko

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure this character will die. It will be not a first time for her, though

    • Kingkaor

      The imp is presumably either nesting in that woman’s house with the other imps, or off doing imp things.
      The necromancer was killed by the incredibly lucky “professional highwayman”

    • Dragon

      Notice that the Imp and the Necromancer were both males.
      Females are considerably less likely to die… most of the time.
      I’m still very concerned for this character, though.

  • cake

    mkay, but what kind of human?

    • Lizard Wizard

      Perfectly normal, you idiot.

  • Bazz

    i don’t remember her looking so cute

    • J’Ram-Ku

      I agree, I have to go back and check to make sure, because now I am curious.

      Indeed, she has cuteness to match sleeping Quill-Weave

  • SatanSatanSatan

    Perfectly normal human female: what do you have in your knapsack? Anything that will aid you in procuring the delicious “food” you smell?.

  • Hremsfeld

    > Prequel Adventure Readers: Suddenly recall that only suggestions in the forums count.

    • Tokage

      Further recall that bad suggestions count twice as much as the good ones.

      • humanoidanalog

        Recall even further that nobody really cares what your suggestion probably is, as it is most likely exactly like every other plebian suggestion, just worded different.

  • Which means to suggest this effectively, you’d have to do it in the forum thread. But they don’t read the forum thread, making your above suggestion targetless.

    And when I say “they” I include me, because I don’t read it either. I like having someone else filter out the inevitable “eat your own face” suggestion spam and MSPA in-jokes.

  • Mojohobo

    Just watch as we are all surprised to discover later she actually is a perfectly normal human female, minus the hereditary red eyes from her father’s side of the family and the teeth from her mother. Unless I got her parents mixed up. Which one was the rabbit?
    Regardless, Katia fucking Managan shouldn’t judge people for having jelly-neck-licking fetishes.

    • Tough titty, said the kitty, cause the milk tased shitty.

  • Soadreqm

    With this character’s death, the thread of prophecy is severed.

  • Andrew Doyle

    do a completely normal human female thing.

  • Gargegecko

    I knew that bloody ball gag was a bad idea.

  • sad onion

    She’s just a Perfectly Normal Imperial Female.

    only because Imperials fit humans better than nords :v:

    Anyway, there be a shitstorm a’brewing.

    • Merth

      Well, to be honest, the idea of human in TES is a little weird. Nords and Impirials basicly decend from the same race, but have vastly different cultures. The Atmorans came over from Atmora to Tamriel, setteled in Skyrim, and more or less became the Nords. The Nedic people more or less became the Imperials when their race and culture was absorbed into the Atmorans who setteled in cyrodiil. The Breton are a mixed Nord/Imperial + Mer (elves) race. Redguards are humans that share no blood relation to the Atmorans, making them the only human race in Tamriel that doesn’t have a direct blood connection to the rest of the humans.

      Hope that explains it a little bit 🙂

    • Soadreqm

      I think she looks like a breton. Which would make her part elven, if I understand the lore correctly, but that’s not much of an issue since she’s already three quarters rabbit or whatever.

  • Crumplehat

    Goodness, where in Cyrodiil could that ‘good smell’ be SUDDENLY coming from?

  • RogueAngelic

    Name? Name? Does she have a name? :O

  • ClancyDamon

    Oh boy, I hope this doesn’t go where I think it’s going. Because I don’t think my heart can take it.

  • Riddler

    Why do I have the feeling I’m going to be singing “oh, yummy yummy yummy, I got blood in my tummy and I think its mostly yours!”

  • Kazuo

    Let’s name her Miggles!

  • Bluh

    Waiting for her to ACTUALLY be a “normal” human being, with an eye affliction and weird kinks. But that would be too much to ask for wouldn’t it?

  • Revereche

    I just came from Penny Arcade and I know you don’t take suggestions here, but I am nonetheless obligated to suggest “Darth Andeddu.”

  • Something smells good? o3o …oh wait…sorry…owo’…..that’s my fault…>w>’…<w<'…

  • Malak the Lair

    oh wow she’s adorable!

  • patrick

    is this one also going to be killed by a certain green scourge?

  • PersonPerson

    Wait what? The Vampire was a girl?

    Ok then.

  • clutchedbyanangel


  • dtlux14

    Where could this be going? Can’t wait to see…