Jan 252012

KarneWarrior wrote:
>Enter name


Snowmanne wrote:
>Retrieve fangs

What fangs? An ordinary human such as yourself doesn’t have fangs, silly! The very thought of such a thing is preposterous, offensive, and utterly unsubstantiated.

Whimbrel wrote:
>Go investigate the site of the delicious scent

You’d love to check out that rich, bloody scent that popped up all of a sudden…

… but you’re busy playing a game called “don’t leave the tree’s shadow”. You love this game, so much that you’re gonna keep playing until nightfall. The rules say you’re not allowed to leave the tree’s shadow unless you’ve recently drunk something red, such as red herring juice… or even blood. And since you don’t see any red herring juice around here, you guess you’ve got to drink some blood.

You spot a kitten full of blood crossing the lawn a short distance away. You quickly grab some grape jelly out of your grocery bag and attempt to lure the creature toward you.

It glances at you briefly, then turns and keeps walking. Which is weird, since cats love jelly.

At least you’re pretty sure that’s cats you’re thinking of.

  • Kazerad

    Disclaimer, guys: don’t actually feed cats jelly. I think grapes are poisonous to them.

    • Malefactor

      It is pretty fucking sad when you have to explain stuff like this to people.

      • Locke

        Oh crap. Do, uh, say, Tigers, count, too?

        … I’m never getting back into that zoo again, am I?

      • Zorku

        It’s easy to not know these things where you hold yourself to better rules like “don’t feed the dog any of your own food. No, him being cute is not a good reason to give him your scraps, and you don’t want to teach him to beg.”

        Only thing I knew to especially keep pets away from was chocolate but as stated above I don’t particularly let them near any foodstuffs that’s not marketed to their species.

        • Yeah the dog and cat food they eat is probably best for them. After all, their natural prey in the wild would have been corn, rice, cardboard starch, turnip paste, cow bones, gravel, and pig anuses.


          • SRGS

            I usually feed my cat cut up fish
            Cheaper and better

          • Wind

            We actually allow our dogs to have small amounts of chocolate along with various other foods. As this is a Chef’s household, our animals eat quite well. The trick is to balance generosity with giving in to begging. If you don’t want them to beg, teach them not to, but that’s no guarantee if you’re having something they really, REALLY want.

            By the way, our dogs are fairly large, so a small taste of chocolate isn’t going to kill them. It speeds up their heart a little, so if you’re not planning on getting their hearts beating with running or playing, a taste isn’t a bad thing.

          • wiku

            I can’t tell if you’re talking about cats or dogs here, but I’ll just posit that cats can’t eat plants. They are carnivores, plants are bad for them, they can’t digest them properly.

            Dogs, on the other hand, probably ate all that.

          • GreatFairy

            Yep, corn.

          • zee

            @ wiku Except cats eat wild greens all the time? And mine loves peas and greenbeans and carrots. (without butter, I don’t use it on veggies.)

    • Aporos

      Grapes can cause renal damage (and failure) in both dogs and cats.
      Think smart, kids.

      • Raves

        Poor Katia, I wonder if she knows… We must keep her away from this ignorant savage!

        • Evil Argonian

          Khajhiit can eat grapes, they have the same sort of digestive system as man and mer.

        • weirdguy

          Well, yeah, how else are you gonna drink that wine? Die?

      • Felidire

        so do raisins, and wi– oh god.. no wonder she fucked a skeleton….

    • skunk

      dued! fuck what she wants to feed it, how did we miss it! a kitten, with a soul jem, with neting around it and a letter! looks like D got out ok!

      • NoriMori

        Holy crap, I’d forgotten about D until I read this. And now I’m thinking, is this foreshadowing? I’m looking at the most recent update and thinking, is this where kitty shows up and somehow makes everything better? I don’t know anything about Oblivion and, by extension, Welkynd stones, so I don’t know if or how it could help her, but maybe even just the letter will raise her spirits enough to get her out of this situation.

      • Dragon

        I’m not going to hold my breath.

        But PLEASE let this be true…

    • Cassandra

      I love how the internet turns everyone into animal experts and they think we all need a lesson on what to do or not do when caring for pets. How many cats do you think you saved with your stupid disclamer? Zero. You probably killed a few extra when some sicko saw that it was poisonous. Nice job. Cat murderer.

    • Derp Herpskins

      HEY! NOTICE WHAT THE KITTEH IS CARRYING! For sooooome reason I think its from a certain necromancer.

  • Tokage

    You could run really quickly to the delicious smell, sip a little, and thus be not bothered by the sun at all anymore!

    Shame you can’t hear me, this being just the comments section and not the actual suggestion thread.

  • “The rules say you’re not allowed to leave the tree’s shadow unless you’ve recently drank something red,”

    Drink your shoe!

    • Denis Bondarenko

      Oh man, this was so obviously! How she didnt got it!?

    • Illidan

      If she does that, what’d differ her from Marceline?
      This is not Adventure Time, dude. She can’t suck the color red, I think.

      • JustSomeRandomGuy

        Adventure Time, come on & grab your friends, and come to very distant lands…

        • Soadreqm

          With Katia the cat and ASOTIL the hu-man
          The fun will never end, it’s Adventure Time!

    • GREEN

      Oh man. Red shoes? Fangs? Incredible hair?

      Could this be Prequel’s Vriska we’re looking at?

  • Dousiq


    • Dousiq

      I SAW A FANG

    • Dousiq

      “Red Herring Juice”
      I SEE IT

      • katianator

        i don’t see. please explain

        • Shad_Devil

          Wish I could explain it better than merely copy-pasting this from wiki but as a non-native speaker I would propably manage to confuse you even more, so…:

          “A red herring is a figurative expression in which a clue or piece of information is or is intended to be misleading, or distracting from the actual question.”

          So, the Juice was there to distract from the other choice and gave a seemingly possible alternative
          which wasn`t an alternative at all.

          • Evil Argonian

            Yeah, it’s a figure of speech mainly used by writers though to through the reader of track.

        • John Andre Butler

          a “red herring” is a false goal. Its usually a look alike designed to trick people into thinking that it is the thing that their searching for.

          In this case, it could be the red juice of a herring, or the juice of a red herring. Either way, the joke is that it is a distraction from fixating on blood

          • Dousiq

            No, I think this entire plot Arc is going to be a Red Herring

          • katianator

            ahh… i can’t believe i didn’t see that. ty pplz

          • John

            Wouldn’t herring juice basically be fish blood, anyway?

          • Dousiq

            ^You’re missing the point

          • Zerithos

            Double. Flippin’. Facepalm. The entire thing was a red herring to set you peeps off track from what’s REALLY going on. Which is nothing.

    • Riddler

      So, her name is nah?

      • Wind

        My day; you have just made it.

      • csshih


  • Soadreqm

    Is that… is that a Welkynd stone? 😮

    • Riddles

      Yes it is, a welkynd stone and something else I can’t quite make out (maybe a candlestick?)

      Now why a cat would have an ancient stone used for recovering magicka tied to their back is beyond me.

      • MrSing

        That’s obviously not a cat but a khajiit that shrunk itself using magic.

        • ProphetOfZillyhoo

          There are khajiit that look identical to housecats. The appearance is based off of the phases of the moons.

          • MrSing

            Close enough.

          • Tagmayne

            Alfiq 😀

        • Dousiq

          A cat is fine too

          • 7hir7een

            You just made my day.

        • Zerithos

          Rare House Khajiit.

      • Its probably the scrolls the necromancer had.

    • Nameloc

      Dmitri’s cats play with Welkynd stones…………. :O

      • patrick

        mr. scruffles!! if that was the name. perhaps that is the note dmitri was going to send!

  • Stoic


    • Dousiq

      I thought Baeralorn was a lot older and more scraggly, and black

      Also without Dmitri’s magic, there’s nothing keeping him animated unless it was a long-term spell

      • Tokage

        It could be one of his other cats, though. But I still find it fairly implausible and coincidental.

        • Gorgosa

          Baeralorn is the high elf, Scruffles is Dmitri’s undead cat

      • Dousiq

        Ok, my bad just read back and it wasn’t Dmitri’s cat.
        WOAH WOAH

        • Stoic
          • Illidan

            403 forbidden…

          • Ras

            Nope. Error 100. GOOGLE CHROOOOOME

          • Wind

            Firefox = Win

          • Karnewarrior

            Internet explorer win.

            I can see it.

          • Denis Bondarenko

            Opera win

        • Riddles

          That’s a welkynd stone, kind of common in Aylied ruins (which Dmitri and his “friends” were holed up in.

          There are a few in the general area of Kvatch but it is strange to see both a cat and a welkynd stone together.

          • Yah normally a wakley stone can’t stand being near a cat.

      • Kazerad

        http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/05/414/ <-Baeralorn, first appearance.

        • Stoic

          OK WHOOPS, NOW I’M SAD.

      • Stoic

        wait, did we ever see bearalorn? i thought we just heard dmitri saying that he would deliver it when he comes back.
        but i can always hope that the scroll is for katia.

      • Ryuujin

        Baeralorn is an elf..

        Buuttttt, Dmitri’s kitty running about with a note and a welkynd stone is definitely a good sign… if it doesn’t get eaten by nice normal human lady

  • Janx

    Holy Fo’shizzle that cat has a welkynd stone and a note! DMITRI, ARE YOU ALIVE SOMEHOW?! 😀

    • Damon Gant

      What if Dmitri IS the cat? As in, he found a way to bind his soul to the cat as he died?

      Some necromancers become liches. Dmitri? He becomes a cat.

      • Ryuujin

        The other necromancers are going to think he has a cat thing… xD

        • patrick

          ahhh, i see what you did there..

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        That would be so incredibly fuc&ed up, therefore absolutely hysterical. 🙂

        Cats have nine lives, right? So what if the feline in question already lost one or two, so Dmitri just slid into the empty slot? 😀

        • I think maybe a human life would take up a couple cat lives. Seven of them? So maybe you’d have to find a cat that had been into a LOT of close scrapes but wasn’t yet QUITE dead.

          • Zerithos

            The Scruffmeister. He’s dead, period. Dmitri’s a necromancer? If that even worked AT ALL, then why the hell not?

  • Catcat

    Does this mean the perfectly normal human female’s name is now “Nah”?

    • sabata2

      Congradulations Catcat, your single comment here, when reposted in the suggestion thread, has been adopted by most forum members.

      This perfectly normal human female’s name is now Nah in the eyes of the suggestion board.

      • Wind

        I thought the first one to mention this made my day. You made my day again. ಧ_ಧ

        • Evil Argonian

          Nah, this didn’t make your day. It made your year.

          • Wind

            I find your comment to be true.

  • Xel`Naga

    So, lets take stock here. Katia Fucking Managan was just seen rappelling down into a well containing vicious slaughterfish. Then suddenly we switch characters to a [PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMAN] in the vicinity who smells fresh blood. See where this is going? Either Katia is dead or injured, or she managed to kill the slaughterfish. I sincerely hope it’s the latter….

    • Kajex

      Actually… you might remember that Katia had Criminal Blood on the back of her belt prior to her leaving Asotil. Soaked in, probably, but all she did was turn it inside out…

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Plus the tiny smear of blood left on our poor fallen party member, the Ball Gag.

        May he rest in peace.

      • Evil Argonian

        Getting wet could’ve made the blood smell again…

    • Zorku

      Honestly given the inspiration for this comic you’re kind of being extremely dense if you expect all scene transitions to fit together linearly. Time paradox doesn’t (yet?) feature so strongly here but still. If anything she should be smelling something else and it just happens to line up with an event we expected to produce some gushing wounds.

      • “Honestly given the inspiration for this comic”

        You mean Oblivion?

        “you’re kind of being extremely dense if you expect all scene transitions to fit together linearly.”

        Oblivion was pretty linear.

        • Carbon

          Pretty sure he means MSPA.

          • Seven

            No, he means Oblivion.
            The Elder Scrolls does not give a fuck about how you think causality should work. Daggerfall has nine mutually exclusive endings? TES just picked one and moved on, right? Fuck that – they’re all canon!

            If you think reality is fixed like that then you don’t know anything about the elder scrolls.

          • Kajex

            I like Warp in the West. You should read it sometime.

          • David

            Um, no, he means MSPA. This comic was originally in their forums, and it’s based on the style of MSPA, particularly Homestuck.

  • avpfreak15

    > Mysterious not-vampire lady: Your name is Helena Rosenthal, and you shall search your bag for something more enticing for the kitty.

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer

      …Where have I heard that name bef-

      By the nine, was that a Crysis reference?

      • avpfreak15

        Whoa, did not notice that. Entirely unintentional. XD

      • Sazereu

        Brohoof! 😀

        • avpfreak15

          Brohoof. 😀

        • Draconic

          Brohoof 😀

          • Malak the Lair

            Brohoof /][\

  • ClancyDamon


  • Tenfey

    Do regular house-cats appear in any of the Elder Scrolls games?

    • ClancyDamon

      No, but technically yes?

      No, to the extent that you never see any cats in the games (maybe Daggerfall?) But they exist, yes. Housecats are around and not uncommon lore-wise. Skyrim has a book called “Cats of Skyrim” that is not about Khajiit, but rather the author looking into normal housecats in the province – and insulting the shit out of the few khajiit he meets by assuming they all should know.

      Also, there are the Alfiq Khajiit which look exactly like normal housecats, but are just as intelligent as Suthay-Raht and are believed to be adapt mages. And I’m so hoping that’s what we might be seeing here.

      • Wait, what? “Cats of Skyrim” only talked about Sabrecats and Snowy Sabrecats. It never talked about normal housecats.

        I think the most convincing evidence in favor of the domestic cat in Skyrim is while playing as a Khajiit, bandits will should “My friend once had a cat like you, I killed it too”

        • ClancyDamon

          Didn’t it? *looks again*
          Man, my memory is completely shot. I’ve put 320 hours into that game, and I swear that was what the book was about. I need to stop drinking so much while playing and pretending it’s skooma. Sam Guevenne isn’t the only quest I don’t remember…

          • Liquid Dinosaur

            Wouldn’t a better skooma simulation be meth or something?

          • Righteous Almond

            (Most epic Skyrim reference I have seen/heard all day)

        • Wind

          Actually, it was their cousin’s cat. Damn those bandits, they keep trying to turn me into a rug. ಧ_ಧ

      • ClancyDamon


      • Draconic

        They appeared in Daggerfall.

  • Robobro

    “don’t leave the tree’s shadow”’s has just so many darn rules.

  • Ndoto

    oh my god I don’t want to like her because I’m terrified of what might happen but

    I think I really like her aaaahhhhhh

    • Robobro

      I’m too gunshy now to fall in love with a new character.

  • NoriMori

    Oh crap, I hope this doesn’t mean Katia just got eaten or horribly injured by slaughterfish. I hope that if someone is bleeding nearby it’s either not Katia or it’s not serious, or both. D:

  • Cupcakes

    Are you sure you’re not a vampire

  • Woah. Things just got REALLY interesting.

  • Cupcakes

    Are you sure you’re not a vampire?

  • somedude

    ……I give her 10 pages before she gets killed by the Orc. At most.

    • Bad_Skeelz

      I’m guessing not even double digits.

    • Tokage

      Depends on if she’s going to maybe possibly become friends with Katia. Help her out of the well in exchange for some slaughterfish blood? Won’t live for five pages. Try to suck the blood out of the already wounded khajiit girl trying to flee the vicious fish and feeling incredibly humiliated? Becomes a recurring enemy and foil.

  • Anonymous Prime

    Pardon me perfectly normal Human Female, but you seem to have a sharp fang like piece of food hanging from your mouth. It’s funny, but it almost makes you look like a Vampire.

  • Ellert

    O.o Katia is so going to get stuck in that wall due to her rope snapping, and she is so going to get bit by a slaugtherfish so she bleeds but then she will manage to crawl up a bit and keep in the well just above the water, and she is so not going to be able to crawl to the top because of her injury, and she is so going to be stuck there without anyone inquiring about her until night time, and that perfectly normal human is so going to smell the blood and approach the well putting Katia between a slaugtherfish and a perfectly normal human… I can see it happen now… but the cat… Dimitry… maybe the orc… who will come to her aid!

    At least I can be glad that so far in life my foresight has sucked, so nothing like that will happen. Everything will be just okay 🙂

  • The Nerevarine

    Miss, as much as I dislike the vampires I ran into in Vvardenfel, if you can prove that you are not one of the rather… unsavory members of your kind, I will do all I can to help you. Also; I would be most obliged if you would ensure that the small kitten makes its way to the well so that Katia can receive some well-needed bucking-up.

    Thank you,
    Nerevar Reborn.

  • TheDragonsword

    Break off a branch from the tree and try to lure the kitty over to you. You know, to see if he has any “Kitty-Juice”.

  • Periless_Paradigm


  • Sammun

    Use your totally not vampiric charm to attract a human male

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Dude, hobo vampire either has the crappiest stitch pants ever, or those are actually tear-away legs… for… activities that require bare knees at a moment’s notice?

    Horrible innuendo supposition thread: GO!

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      Those aren’t tear away legs… The legs are the only part that DON’T tear away.

      I know, that was terrible. But I didn’t have a lot to go on.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Hah, I like that explanation!

        So should we suppose she was an intern at the Mage’s Guild, and they supplied her “uniform”? :O

  • JKuz

    Perfectly normal human female, Get Corn, lure humans… For red drink

  • Perfectly Normal Human Female: Shout “HEY, KOOL AID!” with reckless abandon.

    • Dousiq

      That’ll get you some red drink for sure

  • >Enter Name: Lilith Fasett?

  • Caerlean

    I think this is one of my favorite installments yet! What can I say, I love cheeky vampires.

  • Crumplehat

    Welkytten returns!

    • Reohajj

      Yes. :I

  • Bropocalypse

    The vampire was based on Squiggles, one of the many artists who made the art for the Prequel flash. Check out her adventure here: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?37864-Convergence

    • Kazerad

      I feel the need to point out that the resemblance is purely visual. I’m not sure if Squiggles would appreciate what I’m actually doing with the character…

      (luckily, she has no say in the matter. That’s what you guys get for drawing characters that look like yourselves)

      • Squiggles

        And what are you doing? She’s adorable and perfectly safe playing a fun game of “don’t leave the tree’s shadow” while contemplating delicious red herring juice. Nope, nothing terrible going to happen with that. Perfectly fine and dandy, mm hm. Rock on, strange doppelganger Squigglepire, rock on. You just keep doing your thing and enjoy whatever amount of life, or undeath, you got left to the fullest. :3

        (Totes not really caring what you do with the character, I’m not complaining. :P)

        • JustSomeRandomGuy

          Kaz, this is your shot for artistic license! Do something REALLY crazy with this character!

  • oooh my fav fangy gal 😀

    ooh u made her cuter here with those eyes 😀

  • Echo

    vitam is a good name :3

  • J’Ram-Ku

    She is still super cute.

    I can’t get over it!

    Need some red drink so we can go visit Katia.

  • Armael

    She’s actually likeable now. Before, She seemed like.. well. creepy. Yes, she’s still creepy, but now we see she is also a troubled character. Wonder if katia and this creepy vampire lady could make some deal.. you know, katia gets her blood from her eye of fear / night eye thing, she pays her, everyone’s happy. So many possibilities! Can’t wait for a new page.

    • Riddler

      Or perhaps, some blood from a realy angry fish stuck in a well?

      • The Nerevarine

        Remember that she’s playing “Don’t leave the shadow of the tree” until sundown.

  • TakeruDavis

    Oh, hello, Alice Kardisa, been a long time since we last met.

  • K’helt

    My guess is that the cat is an Alqif, one of the types of Khajiit who’s appearance is a normal house cat but still attains the keen intelligence as everyone else, meaning they can cast spells like everyone else as seen in the book “Mixed Unit Tactics” creating his purpose for his Welkynd Stone 😀

    That’s My Guess.

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      Let’s go with the more touching route and say that it’s one of Dmitri’s cats and it’s on a mission to deliver his message and the stone to Katia at all costs.

      • The Nerevarine

        It’s on a mission from the gods.

        • Tokage

          But it’s not a mission from the gods until Knights of the Nine.

          • The Nerevarine

            And between you and I, it is very possible that Katia may become a part of the coming crisis.
            Yes, I know about it. The wheel on its side becomes an I.

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            Between you and me, thank you very much.

          • The Nerevarine

            Don’t you talk to me about grammar. I can change the rules any time I please. However, I will concede to you about my mistake.

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            Are you talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me? Well there’s no-one else here. Who the —- do you think you’re talkin’ to, if you ain’t talkin’ to me?

          • The Nerevarine

            You amuse me, I like you. Though your strange outburst puzzles me. You are the only person I am talking to, how could you think otherwise?

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            Well, I had just watched Taxi Driver and I had to quote that to somebody. hehe

  • Thunk

    So how many chapters until the Orc kills this potentially interesting new character?

  • katianator

    how often is there an update?

  • Zonitrol

    >Perfectly normal young woman with jelly: Your name is Clara Feng, and you pull some catnip out of your bag to attract the blood filled kitten to come play with you behind the nice tree where no one can see you

  • Sweet jesus, I love this bint already XD

    >> Hey, Mrs. Normal – this is why you need to carry an umbrella. You can just pretend its a portable shadow. ALL the crafty dames have umbrellas, afterall.

  • Koal

    Hey, I’ve finally caught up with everything, I gotta admit, this is pretty fun to read, plus the fact I think its pretty clever how everyone can interact and help out Katia and anyone else we get to control.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. =D

  • That game is fun. 😛 “don’t leave the tree’s shadow” game. it takes about 15 hours long though…but boy oh boy is it so fun. 8P mostly i do it behind another person’s shadow…pain in the butt but at least you never leave the shadow. ^^ lol. well…the tree’s shadow…yah i did…BUT ANY SHADOW COUNTS! X<

  • Norexico

    Madelaine Marmalade lol

  • Erik

    I love this adventure, just started reading like a week ago, can’t wait for more updates!

  • khooleeo

    Darn this perfectly normal human female is so hot. Hope she woldn’t die like that faggot-necromancer.

  • Erwin Schrödinger

    MEANWHILE in the well…

  • sghost258

    what is the vampires name, is it really Nah

  • Gorben

    I hadn’t checked back in a couple of days, so when I saw that the latest page was called ENTER NAME I assumed that Katia had died a horrible death in the well.
    I guess she still might have.

    Also, Nah should scout around for some shadows she can use to slink away in. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count at cheating at Shadowgame.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      It’s possible that Katia has been chewed to a bloody pulp, and her only hope of survival is to be turned into a vampire. DUN DUN DUN! :O

      I will LOL if Nah looks down the well, and it appears to be the color of fruit punch. Or maybe, more appropriately… Sangria? ;D

  • DavidArgall

    Name? Nadia Angelicia Haden
    Reasoning: Nah has gotten several votes, but it sounds like a nickname rather than a true name. So maybe she says Nah to suggestions she come out and play in the sun. Or it may be short… for Nadia. Or it may be her initials, N.A.H.
    And the name can be translated as “Not one of the angels, nor bright, but hopeful” [whether that she can become either or both, or that she can fool herself or others that she is, we shall see.]

    As to her current choice, using her shopping bag to capture shadow/shade sounds like it might be within the rules/protect her enough to allow her to check that smell.

  • Backupusername

    Do you have an inventory? The Khajiit from earlier had one.

  • Denis Bondarenko

    Is I’m the only one who noticed that she is cute?

    • DavidArgall

      a-Any young female who is not clearly hideous qualifies as cute.
      b-Several other posters have suggested she is above the average.
      c-Since we have not seen her react with anyone who wants to measure her cuteness, we are subject to a large range of error due to dealing with cartoon art.

      • Denis Bondarenko

        d-She is dead.

  • Kyle


  • calvin

    gosh i wish i had something useful to say, other than the fact that you have gained a reader, and that i see a redish-purplish object in her bag, though even if it were liquid i doubt that would be close enough to red

  • Dreadhawk

    Talia Damara.

  • Dousiq

    I’m not going to put this in the commands thread but here is what I see happening, in this order:
    Nah entices cat and sucks all the blood out of it
    Nah takes the stone and note from the cat
    Nah reads the note, feels bad, then goes to give the stone/note to Katia but while looking for her Gro-upp comes along in the dead of night and kills her and takes the stone

    If this happens Kaz will be losing a reader, not that I’m anyone important, but I’m just saying.

  • Sargash

    Wait patiently, you detect the scent of a cat nearby too, or… A Katia.

  • Legends12

    I know this isnt the place to post suggestions.
    that is why I’m posting to suggest to someone to suggest on the suggestion forum…
    so if you would so kindly GO AND DO IT!

    (please forgive my sudden bursts of royal voices)

  • DaveD

    HOLY CRAP i just realised its dmitri’s cat!

  • Al_434

    I was about to say that and as I did I saw your comment, but yeah, they have (presumably) the same Welkynd stone… http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/story646.gif

  • Ransom

    Now would be a great time for Katia to find the kitty, huddled up under a shelter to keep dry.

  • Cracked

    I just now realized that was Dmitri’s kitty! And he’s on a quest to deliver his masters last letter!

    Oh wow, that is so sad, it even has little kitty adventure gear 🙁

  • Cerulean Starlight

    >you’ve recently drank something

    • Kazerad

      Huh, I checked and apparently you’re right; drunk is the past participle. Never knew that! Thanks.

  • kizmut


    ..but by all means drink their blood!

  • dtlux14

    hm… I like where this is going 🙂