Jun 142012

Asthanius wrote:
Katia: You just did that WITH THE AMULET STILL ON! You can overpower the amulet! Did you understand what this means? It means that your raw power is greater than the amulet can withstand, which in a way means that you are a FREAKING AWESOME MAGE!

Slatt wrote:
Katia: Forget realizing you did that in spite of the amulet. Realize you did that without a single cat joke.

SallowFace wrote:
Give yourself a celebratory FUCK YES, Katia F. Managan!!!!!

Scruffmeister wrote:
Katia: Feel Great and inexplicable pride. All of the pride. All of it.

did you… did you just make fire THROUGH A SILENCE SPELL??!!!


thatmedicisaspy wrote:
>Katia: Stomp out the flame on that sheet before you start the whole damn place on fire.

Fuck fuck fuck! You’re already a mess, you don’t need this right now. You really really really don’t need this right now!

Maybe… maybe it was just a temporary fluke. A one time thing! You flared up a little and lost control. The amulet is probably fine; once you get this fire tamed everything will be back to –


Kofiman wrote:
Something’s seriously wrong with you.

Okay, yes. Yes it is!

You take deep breaths and tell yourself not to panic. So you are scared, homeless, and suddenly starting random fires with your mind, again. That’s fine! No one’s around to get hurt, except you. And you were starting little fires most your life, and you were fine. You’re sure everything will be fine! Fine fine fine!

CaptJ wrote:
Katia: Stay clam.
Maybe, you’re getting better at magic.
Maybe, your magic powers are not going out of control.
Maybe, you don’t need to endlessly gather more amulets to keep your magic in check.
Maybe, you won’t end up killing everybody in village with unresistant magic except maybe Sigrid and that shady guy that thinks you’re a whore because they live in magic barrier house.


Oh gods, you need a drink. Or a better amulet. Or better luck or a better brain or… fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Lepus wrote:
Katia: Reassess your situation by attempting a small spell. You’ve either broken a mental block on your magic or you’ve broken your amulet in anger. One would be really good and the other would be… less so.

Right! Right. You’re losing it. You need to not be losing it. You’re still in control!

You’ve just got to… test this a little, figure out what changed, and how to control it. Or, failing that, just burn off all your magicka so there’s nothing to worry about. Piece of cake! You’ll be fine!

No claws for alarm, right? You’ve just gotta cats some spells, figure out what lynx your thoughts to the fires. This is the purrfect plan fur you to nip this in the bud before it clawses any meowjor catastrophe! Oh gods, this is no time to pussy out and be a stupid furball who can’t cat-control her cat-magic cat-powers cat cat cat CAT!

It’s not working? Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck why isn’t it working?

You are going to die in a fire.

  • Skylark

    Finally, an update. An excellent one at that.

    • Thornclaw

      Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh -FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes! she just set the whole place on fire. GAAH! she’s not going to die. Kazerade is horribly evil sometimes, but not deadly. (Hopefully….)

      • TraderRager

        It’s not her making the fires, the Oblivion portal is opening.

        • Thornclaw

          Oh yes. true. that’s ok then. Hang on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • meh

          if its the oblivion gate why does her amulet glow -.-

          • Evil Argonian

            Maybe because of the fire reflecting off it.

        • nope

          kazerad said the oblivion gates won’t open right now. since its some weeks before the invasion.

          • Maybe…

            What if Katia causes the gate to open and it’s ALL HER FAULT!! D:

          • Thornclaw

            Strangely.. I could imagine that.

          • Jahuty

            Nooooooooooo…you’re all just being silly. She’s not a Daedra with the power to open portals. She is just probably the one who destroyed it and that’s how it was when the Daedra got there. :3

        • Dragon

          That is a spoiler, isn’t it?

    • slurparerp

      Who else is hoping the cat finally dies?

      • Katia’s guardian angel

        Who else is hoping people who want katia death, should die ?

        (no just kidding, don’t want you to die, but katia’s fun, we don’t wanna lose her yet)

        • slurparerp

          She’s endearing, yes, but I honestly just want her to be put out of her misery now. She’s suffered enough.

          • Raithe

            This^, and Kazerad has also switched to different characters. Perhaps he’ll switch again? And why doesn’t Katia use the blanket thingy to smother the fires or even the fires on IT.

        • Evil Argonian


        • ZenNewbie

          Honestly, I don’t think “Katia’s Guardian Angel” is something I’d want on my resume.

      • dude

        who’s hoping that the person that made this comic will finally update?and it won’t be a short shitty one and he’ll update on time.

        • xKiv

          Isn’t the “official” schedule “roughly every weekend”? (in the sense that it’s much closer to a suggestion or a best guess than a rule or a promise)
          If we hold to that … (and skip over a lot before the finals, because I can’t be bothered to check the dates)
          There were some weekends skipped but excused due to finals and sickness.
          Then we got two updates on the weekend of june 2-3, and this one in the week immediately afterwards (technically a few days “early”), so we are actually good and on a merry way to an update this coming weekend.

          I mean (or don’t, I can’t decide), have you seen the schedule of Megatokyo lately?

          • dude

            What i’m saying is that the creator of this comic specifically said that they could update sooner,so why not do that instead of putting it off?

          • xKiv

            (@dude): because there was gaming to do instead, duh!

      • Dragon

        That’s a pretty negative reaction, sir.

    • Skullshot

      now we wait the next… i want it :/

    • Mo’Klang

      Yes it’s a good update the only thing that’s missing is another khajiit that had the same problems like zera or Mo’Klang(kinda not really)

    • Joe

      She should just piss the flames out. It’s what I’d do…

      • dude

        Well ,”Joe”, I presume you’re a guy that would be much easier for a guy than a girl.

        • Chocolate Cake

          And I am Cake.

  • Ellert

    Brilliant as usual, I still wonder though how well she can burn a building that’s mostly stone.

    • Jahuty

      Well actually the chapel is more of brick facade on the inside. It would be quite possible to have the buildings supportive struts burn and….collapse in on itself.

      • Denis

        Well, she wouldn’t burn the chapel thats for sure (Chapel in Kvatch was mostly intact in the game)

    • dude

      No it’s not ”brilliant as usual”, it’s too goddamn short when you think about it the author is hiding behind the commands.

  • ChetBetera

    It appears as though it takes Kaz a week to make these updates and post them. At least, that’s what I can infer from the gap between the thread closing and this update going up.

    • Kazerad

      The actual process sadly went more like:

      -Close the thread
      -Realize how easy it will be to make the next update, since I have everything all ready and organized. I could probably knock it out in a day!
      -Play video games for a week to celebrate how fast I will be able to update.
      -Realize irony.

      • Dekudude

        Oh the ironing!

      • Uh…Potato!

        Ooh, videogames, eh? Which one(s)?

        …Right, back to lurking.

      • theplunderking

        Lol good for you kaz. in fact most websites with good story’s take about a week so I don`t mind the wait just like with red v.s. blue. so don`t feel guilty about it, its summer! kick back with a cold drink and play video games just don`t forget that we are waiting with our breath held to see what happens with this story! : D

        p.s. btw if you have an xbox i`m guessing your playing skyrim in prep for dawnguard at the end of the month! : D

        • Vanguard

          I know I am, I can’t wait for Dawnguard, my level 67 Argonian Spellsword is ready for anything!

          • Awesome. Last time I tried to make a spellsword, it failed epicly. My spells weren’t strong enough fast enough, and my swords were cutting just fine… 😛

          • theplunderking

            I made an argonian vampire assassin with a little bit of destruction magic. Cant freakin wait for it to release

          • The Dragonborne

            Level 81 Imperial Swordsmean with [ thanks in part to potions and other gear] armed with weapons and armor that could take down a dragon easily without taking much damage let alone anything else.. Speaking of, anyone else find the hidden Dragon in the Dwarven ruins yet ^-^

          • dude

            Are you ready for wait for it…basically more civil war quests meaning same quests on each side?

          • dude

            Oh, I forgot one thing.Have a PC or a PS3?Then you’re out of luck because the fucking assholes at Bethesda want to appeal to people with XB. They don’t care about the people that have separate gaming systems and they just don’t test PS3 or PC versions (lag on PS3 and on the latest update for PC there has been color blotches everywhere. Do want another sign that they don’t care they are releasing Dawnguard about a month later for us (PS3 & PC).Do you want to know ANOTHER reason? They could implement the week of creativity thing (goblins, spears, etc.) where they did whatever they thought of.

            a link to youtube video describing things ^ Watch it please.

          • dude

            SORRY but another thing Bethesda: We have to release Skyrim on the date 11/11/11 right guys,right? what I’m saying is they could have fixed more bugs

      • Wolligepoes

        It was my birthday today, and you actually gave me an update for my birthday, or at least thats how i see it. Thanks Kaz 🙂

        • Kazerad

          What? No; last update was your early birthday present. This one is for the guy that’s getting married this weekend. Keep it straight!

          • theplunderking

            Lol time to face facts. You just gave everyone a present with this update : )

          • Wolligepoes

            Well thanks anyway

          • Wolligepoes

            Also, sorry for not using the suggestion box but i don’t undertand balls of it.

        • Ken

          NO WAY
          tis my birthday too!

          • Wolligepoes

            Ey dude, congratz with your … B-day, I turned 15

      • Actua

        Don’t feel too bad about the irony. It’s like a rule or something. At least you still manage to get something done.

        • Thornclaw

          Thornclaw signed this. O__O

          • Wolligepoes

            Wolligepoes agrees

          • Wolligepoes

            Also, wait for sigrid to come out => use flame spell on her and dumbfuck priest => M M M MONSTERKILLL

      • Cameony

        At least you can get up your comics in a somewhat timely fashion compared to TFS with their DBZ abridged series.
        The more time it takes, the better it is, though, right?

      • SomeGuy

        I love these, do lets hope you don’t space out again:P

      • Xel`Naga

        This is actually EXACTLY how many of my class assignments pan out. >.>

  • M

    Katia has it tough, having to figure out so much stuff on her own with no means and so many hurdles.

    I often feel so bad for her! Especially since there’s these little things the comic reveals about her that flesh her out. Like how she used to love to buy cheap magic wands because she liked magic so much, or some of the things she wrote in Quill’s spelling book when she was drunk. It makes her very lovable to me. She tries hard, she’s flawed, but she tries hard and she can’t help being robbed!

    But as for this situation;

    On one hand, the fact she burned the booze with the amulet still on, means she has massive potential power. In fact this should probably put her raw potential power far above any other mage, since the amulet during the count-ass dinner noted it could stop the spells of experienced wizards easily.

    However if she can’t CONTROL this magic…

    Hrrm… Of course… Katia seemed to control it just fine when she was angry and was forcefully taking control of her life by burning the booze. Maybe she can master this by firmly/angrily grasping control again. It’s the panic and fear that makes it go crazy. However I don’t think Katia quite has the acquired mental tools to find a stable mental point in herself. I mean.. she has her mental defenses, but a meditation expert, she’s not.

    Actually also makes me wonder if her power is linked to her dreams. Her dreams seem far from ordinary. Is there an extremely powerful Daedra locked in her mind that causes both this and the nightmares perhaps?

    Are there exorcisms for that?

    Actually, could Mehrunes Dagon be involved in both her nightmares and her magical power? If this is Daedra related he’s a likely suspect.

    • Theist17

      It’s less likely to be Mehrunes Dagon and more likely to be Vaermina, if it’s a daedric thing at all.

      • ClancyDamon

        Vaermina being fucked with by Sheogorath. Everything involving Katia is so insane that good ol’ Sheo can’t NOT have a hand in all of this.

        • Volchek

          And don’t forget Sanguine is probably mourning the passing of the booze.

        • Dovahkiin

          Katia in the Shivering Isles….XD

        • kadaver

          Clancy is right,the deadra is most likely Vaermina. the monster on the other side of septim in katia’s dream matches vearmina’s alter in skyrim almost perfectly. and vearmina is the deadra of nightmares and repulsive beings.

          • Dagoth purr

            Dont you mean namira’s statue in skyrim?

      • M

        Yeah, I realized that today, it probably WOULD be Vaermina.

        She’s not only associated with nightmares, but also with awakening magical talent in mortals.

        So Katia definitly has a Vaermina infestation.

        Maybe Katia should make it to the shrine of Vaermina and see what can be done.

  • M

    Also people, she didn’t burn stone. She burnt a barrel.

    • Vanguard

      But knowing her she will find a way to burn the frickin’ stone.

      • polysyllabist

        Well clearly she’s inside the orphanage. Things will attend to themselves shortly, I’m sure.

  • Dekudude

    Well fuck.

    • Smoky

      It seems that everytime katia says fuck, the fires grow. So, your not helping XD.

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        Well motherFucker


  • Steve Potluck

    I had dance music playing in my head once I saw the panels of her jumping around.
    Should the one in “A One time thing!” be capital?

  • Seth

    you guys what if katia burns down kvatch


    • N.L.

      She burns down Kvatch and gets arrested. The Mythic Dawn roll in and set up some Oblivion gates before Kvatch can rebuild, while their agents in the Imperial City kill off the Emperor’s sons. Blades lead him to the secret escape route and find Katia in the cell that hides it, and the game begins.

      • Uzi_Man

        NO. Katia CAN’T be the champion of cyrodiil. Its impossible.

        • Jared6197

          Well it would explain your early ability to cast fireball.
          Also starting in rags.
          (Found in a barrel probably.)

          • That Guy

            Nah. Because Kvatch isn’t known to have burned down until some time after the Champion of Cyrodiil stumbles upon it and helps close the remaining gate. AFTER the gate is closed the first legion units realise Kvatch has been attacked and send men to help take back the city.

            So she could not be arrested FOR burning Kvatch or the legion would deploy sooner.

          • Jahuty

            And I am just gonna go and say That Guy is wrong.

          • Ace

            Katia’s Oblivion adventure cannot begin yet.
            She hasn’t got the starting healing spell.

        • Will

          Of course not.

          She can’t be the protagonist of Oblivion…..because she is too busy being THE DOVAHKIIN!

          Katia! Katia! What happened to that pineapple I cannot believia! To keep evil forever at bay!

      • dude

        “Mythic Dawn roll in and set up some Oblivion gates”, that’s not how it works!

    • Caius Ballad

      “Oblivion is the fate of all things!”

    • Shadowpelt

      “Oblivion is the fate of all things!” Caius Ballad (final fantacy 13-2)

  • Atari Ogen

    Told ya she would burn down that temple.
    anyway, if she pretend it was on purpose, it would be a kick-ass birth of a super-villain.

  • Atari Ogen

    …sorry Katia, i had to post this

    • Mr.Fluffy :3

      Nyan nyan nyan! I Love Fire! as long as it doesn’t not kill babies. Who doesn’t love a cooked baby. Not me that’s for sure. :3

      • wolf

        Nope, that wouldn’t be good.

        • Mr.Fluffy :3

          Nyan nya nyan ni ni ni nya nyan! O Happy Day! a fellow wolf brother. Help I can’t stop nyan nya nyan. :3

          • Kazerad

            Okay this is getting weird, no more nyaning guys.

          • “Nyan?”

          • Shadowpelt

            Im a werewolf. I want to join the pack. No more “Woof”ing? wimper…

    • Mr.Fluffy

      ok? whats the nayning? ehhhhhh. ok i really need to stop O_O.

  • Kajex

    I… I don’t think she’s the one doing this, you guys… o_o

    • theplunderking

      I think that katia needs to realize that building is made out of stone before she says she will die in a fire. if she ends up in prison over this and is the hero it would be cool to see her handling the oblivion crisis as the hero though. I can just imagine her drifting through situation to situation fixing things in her odd way. kinda like captain underpants… but with clothes on. after all the emperor likes to hire “convicted criminals” to save the world!

      • theplunderking

        wrong comment box… awkward

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        I’m not worried about katia burning down the STONE building. I’m more worried she might turn the building into a brick oven

        • dude

          Love that restaurant!

    • Bibliophael

      Someone is messing with her head.

      • Zerithos

        Understatement. We’re all messing with her head.

        • Wise-Person

          Under under statement…

          we ARE her head…

  • Shinden

    Guys…I think the amulet might be letting off some back pressure! I mean look at it right before the barrel catches fire! ITS FREAKING THE HELL OUT!

  • Cork

    Everyone is stupid.

    Obviously, the new magic trigger word is FU-CK because of the fact that…

    “fuckfuckfuck/i/fuck/i/” = small flame, small flame, small flame, Big Flame.

    You are welcome.

    • NoriMori

      You’re a genius. XD

    • Corovanneer

      if the key is the curse (or curses, if cat pun is a sort of lightweight curse), then it`s not just any curse, but, apparently, a curse combined with desperation.

      Because she was like “Im Katia Fucking Managan!” a lot, and she did not spontaneously combust!

      • Cork

        That’s just it though. Cat puns no longer work, and in the past, cursing would not have effected her magic. Now that she has gone through a very depressant state, as well as several challenges that extremely stressed her emotions, she can activate the magic as any other powerful mage would.

        With emotion and drive.

  • Theist17

    You are NOT going to die in a fire. You’re just gonna find some water and keep it on you. Empty that bottle (NOT INTO YOUR MOUTH OR ON THE FIRE) and find some water to put in it. That way, when the fires start (And, let’s face it, they’re gonna start until you figure this crap out) you can at least put them out.

    Now, let’s figure this out.

    You’re getting better at this magic thing. That’s nice. But, you are mostly naked. That’s not so great.
    So. Let’s find some clothes and some water while we casually stroll away from the fires. Sound good? Good.

    • Shoushin

      she broke the bottle…

    • Wolligepoes

      Forget the clothes, you might set yourself on fire.

    • dude


  • Keith

    Katia, If you can use strong enough magic to break through the amulet, then maybe you can break through the magic barrier on the mages guild!

  • Person

    Well, now you can’t drink alcohol, because the result would very likely be a burned down town (if that isn’t the result already).

    How’s that well doing anyway? I think it might be time to try and use it. Or move flammable objects away from the fire, and pray that it has nothing to spread to.

    Maybe Sigrid will help if she realizes that an emergency involving the fate of the town has arisen. Maybe you’ll just get kicked out of town, though.

  • nic


    please dont have her burn down kavatach

    • Jahuty

      Well…someone has to.

  • dude

    I thought “Katia had to make her own decisions” why are there commands?

    • Scootanon

      “we” are supposed to be her conscience

      • dude

        kaz said that there would be no commands

        • xKiv

          That was that one time. She made *that* decision and that was that.
          That that that.
          The hat?

  • NoriMori

    She’s going to DIAF? XD

    • theodoe shutup

      not funny

      • NoriMori

        It was funny to me, and I don’t care about you, so there’s no problem here.

        • dude

          you tell him

          • NoriMori

            Pffff. XD

            (Can’t tell if sincere…or sarcastic… >.>)

          • dude


  • theplunderking

    I think that katia needs to realize that building is made out of stone before she says she will die in a fire. if she ends up in prison over this and is the hero it would be cool to see her handling the oblivion crisis as the hero though. I can just imagine her drifting through situation to situation fixing things in her odd way. kinda like captain underpants… but with clothes on. after all the emperor likes to hire “convicted criminals” to save the world!

    picked the correct box to write this in this time : /

  • tronn

    Oh man, this is a glorious update! I laughed from the bottom of my heart, keep stoking the fire Kaz!

  • Haniko Sigma

    Katia, if you can break through the amulet’s enchantment, imagine what you could do with it off. Go back to the mage’s guild, take that thing off, and see how long that barrier lasts.

  • Ocylith

    “You are going to die in a fire.”

    I fucking lol’d. Her face is too perfect in that last panel.

  • GreyMaria

    I read “cat cat cat CAT!” and immediately thought CAT PLANET PLANET PLANET CAT PLANET

  • Anonymous

    I love you, Kazerad.

  • Caerdwyn

    Step 1: Get away from anything flammable! Arson does not endear you to the local populace.
    Step 2: Experiment! With amulet. Without amulet. With cat jokes. Without cat jokes. Fire. Ice. Lightning. Healing. Daedra-summoning (well, okay, you can skip the last).
    Step 3: PAYBACK with your newly mastered powers. Sigrid and that little troll she hangs out with are owed a hot time. This is, after all, ALL THEIR FAULT. Just keep telling yourself that.

  • chrizesu

    Maybe standing out in the rain was a better idea.

  • Stronger Cat Woman

    Or maybe she isn’t actually making the fires, and it’s all tied to the GIANT DAEDRIC WAR MACHINE STOMPING THROUGH THE CITY POURING FROM THE RIFT IN DAGONS DEADLANDS. *cough*

    Well, it’s not like anyone’s looked to see how those cultists are doing right? 😉

  • TheDarkPrince

    Just throw the blanket outside! It is raining pretty good right now. Problem solved.

  • woundedkneecap

    my prediction:

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!
    We don’t need no water—Let the motherfucker’ burn!
    Burn, motherfucker’, burn!

    • Smoky

      It’s hard for no water when it’s raining outside -___-. WAIT!!! Maybe roll the barrle and take the blanket outside or just leave. That always works.

      • andwhyisit

        Looks like someone missed the reference.

        • xKiv

          Rooooll ooout the barreeeeels … (na naa naaa, na naa naaa, na naa naaa)!

  • Dousiq

    Everything will get better if you just stay clam.

  • Xx420GokuxX

    She’s uh….
    She’s not going to make it out of that town is she?

  • Ransom

    Now would be a great time for a priest with a good ice spell and a decent heart to come by.

  • Derp

    http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/story1097.gif – this image. I swear I can just about feel her emotions. Kazerad, you are a fucking genius. I have never felt this connected to a fictional character in my entire life.

  • Mecka

    Whoa there. Hold on now. Deeeep breath.
    Close your eyes, count to ten slowly, and take deep breaths.
    Fear an panic are causing the out of control fires, while anger caused the booze burning. Calm down and they should stop springing up. After that, get some heavy cloths and try to smother the fires.

  • KTB

    Oh My God…

    This is going to be epic in the next update.

  • SomerandomBottlefan

    This what happens if you mix magic with emotions and killing a bottle. Though I was wondering why the hell isn’t she catching on fire. fire resistance amulet I guess?

  • Charles

    Maybe its not her that is setting the fires… Maybe the attack on Kavatch has begun?

  • Kathi With An I

    Aaaaannnnd cue Martin.

    Also, this picture is eerily beautiful: http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/story1099.gif

    It’s like she’s surrounded by torchbugs.
    And fire.
    But torchbugs are are a much nicer thought.

    • lp

      Yes. Martin will sooth the savage firebeast. /not at all sarcastic or hopeful

  • Patrick

    Katia: remember that despite a few flammable objects, this is a big stone structure. It doesn’t BURN! You don’t have to die in a fire as long as you remember not to PANIC! because that would be bad. If you were to suddenly PANIC! then you might do something foolish like flee madly into DANGER! I mean, there’s nothing to FEAR! here inside the temple. Why, it’s probably safe enough to house a KING!

    • Maxwell

      Just a note this is not the section for submitting commands. Im surprised people don’t understand this yet.

      • Patrick

        It’s humor. Well, in theory it’s humor.

  • Volchek

    It’s the booze! It splashed everywhere, making everything easier to burn!
    Get everything that’s burning that you can outside, then say you’re sorry to Sanguine for blazing the booze!

  • Fudge

    I’m going to enjoy this so much >:)

  • The Plan

    Step one. Pray to the nine.
    Step Two. Remove amulet and Figure out a simple ice spell immediately.
    Step Three. Vacate burning building.

    Seriously, Ice isn’t that hard it’s just like fire in reverse. Growing cold is something you should work on anyway. Forget about how you have failed think about how the world has failed you. How about all those bastards who took advantage of an inebriated Khajit? How about your parents for always telling you there was something wrong with you, and discouraging your solitary honest dream and depriving you of the official training that most mages take for granted. How about every last nobleman who carelessly terrified you. How about that blasted Orc who not only used you for a cheap lay, but then stole all your belongings after you risked you life to procure them? How about Sigrid, who likely has never earned a single honest coin in her miserable life, who gets more with a bit of perfume and a smirk than you get with a lifetime full of blood, sweat, tears and broken dreams.

    You aren’t the fuckup, the world’s the fuckup, you have only met two half decent people in your entire life, and somehow you think it’s your fault.

    Don’t get angry, don’t get depressed, don’t get killed, and above all, get fucking even. Get what this wretched blasted Nirn owes you, and you can start by silencing those flames that are mocking the biggest success you have ever had.

  • Deangela

    CALL FOR HELP!!! Its not like it could make things any worse

    • The_Thief

      or you can run out the front door and keep running until your magicka runs out.

      • Zerithos

        WHAT IF…
        Katia’s not an Atronach, and it’s all a lie? But what about her birth date? Either something f’ed up is going on or all these records and whatnot are fake. Or this theory is a miserable fail. Probably the fail.

  • Deangela

    Wait i dont think you can hurt your self with you own fire magic… plz correct me if im wrong

  • Mangulwort

    Your dreams quality “The fire sermon” has increased to two!

  • Loth

    This is it Katia, you have power and you must use it to get revenge. Slay anyone who has ever slighted you, burn the city to the ground and tear apart Nirn just to see if you can.

    • Dovahkiin

      Huh, so it was Katia who opened the Oblivion gate and burned the city into the ground. 😀

      • Loth

        No she didnt open the oblivion gate she rippped apart the veil between Nirn and Oblivion making it easy for the gates to be opened.

        • Dovahkiin

          All hail Mehrunes Dagon!

          • Loth

            Noooooo all hail mage queen Katia.

          • Shadowpelt

            Grrrr Never as moon born I serve Lord Hircine!

  • SuperGnome

    Gah! Fuck! Get rid of that mana! No mana, no magic fire! Quick!

  • LiquidDinosaur

    Relax, the Cathedral has plot armor.

  • Maxwell

    I laughed when she set the barrel on fire.

  • Cyph

    Those last few fires didn’t seem to trigger the amulet. Perhaps she has burnt it out. Or it gave up on her like she is doing to herself.

  • james

    This is probably the same outcome that would have happend if she drank the alcohol anyway.

  • Dovahkiin

    Katia: Press ~ and enter tgm.

    Enter: player.additem 0000000f 1000000
    Should be enough gold to get you through some tough spots. Not to mention you won’t die or run out of magic any time soon. :]

    Would be funny as hell if this really happened in the story.

    • Zerithos

      That would be terrible. For one, she’d ruin the entire plot. For two, EVERYTHING would burn since there would be no limit to her spellcasting powers (this is Oblivion, you can cast ANYTHING with tgm on). Run, Dovahkiin, for even you cannot defeat a god.
      Perhaps a bad enough pun can, though.


    Hey, look at the bright side… that doesn’t mean look at the fire… at least you’re not thinking of drinking anymore.

  • redwolf

    All and i mean ALL of the mages came from someone who didnt know what they were doing. Look at whats happened when your magic has shown itself. what your state of mind has been. thats how you can control it. Fire Burns. Rage Burns. look deep withing yourself, you need not meditation, you think to much on it, thats when the fire comes, when you stop thinking on it.
    use that to get your stuff back. use it. look at what youve done since arriving in anvil. dungeon diving, surviving imps, questing, yes a few rough spots, but you can beat it. because you have NOT GIVEN UP YET. DO NOT GIVE UP. you are katia fuckin morgan. show that mage b$&#h what ya got.

  • Dagoth purr

    Katia- use frost breath to blow that fire out- YOL TO SHUL!

    Wait is that frostbreath? I dont remember. Oh well. use it anyway. Lets find out.

    • 62firelight

      YOL TOOR SHUL will just make it worse.

      (It’s Fire Breath.. lol)

  • Pyry

    I wonder if this’ll be PREQUEL finale that leads to the beginning of TES4 in the cell.
    Katia gets hit in the head by a falling rafter and ends up in the prison not remembering why.
    Wouldn’t that be cool?
    Huh? Huh?

    • Rambo Dash

      If Kaz actually continued the story and documented Katia’s rise from… Well, Katia. To a decent individual capable of killing several rats and goblins, and through ALL THE LEVELS until she finally closes the Master Oblivion Gate. Thus becoming the champion of Cyrodill and ending a comic which I’m sure would be approaching Homestuck-Tier of length and popularity at that point.
      Who knows? Kaz might even make an extra series or somthing at the end for the Shivering Isles.

      …But yeah, man. That’d be the bitch-tits.

  • PanicyInnerVoice

    Okay, first thing is first. FREAK THE HELL OUT! You’re catching the house of the Gods on fire! You think they won’t notice? You think they’ll be very happy when you burn down one of their temples?! As a time-saver, rhythmically freak the hell out so that maybe the gods will take your panicky motions for some kind of worship dance! QUICKLY!

  • Will


    She needs to try the flippy spell, first casting it through the amulet, and second without it.


    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      When i see you typing…

      I can’t help but think…

      please do not become the next pepy.

  • CrazyBob

    Also, it occurs to me, she’s not only lighting fires through a Silence amulet, but also with an empty tank… didn;t she use up pretty much all of hr Magika trying to flamethrower the door to the Guild?

    • xKiv

      Is it possible that the flames are all caused by what was in the bottle (which is not necessarily what was written on the label), and just “accidentally” timed perfectly?

  • rylen

    This is a stone building, but unless that is the sole construction material there is a real chance of having a serious fire. I can easily see numerous wood support beams in the construction and the ceiling. Especially, the ceiling. Still, the stone floor and furnishings will slow the spread down until the fire hits wooden pews or hanging tapestries or something else to climb.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Very true. Even in medieval castles, fire was a very serious risk because of the support structures. Besides, sufficient heat can cause stone to crack or expand unevenly, bringing the whole place down.

  • destinysWalrus

    oh gog the FACES.

    This…this is fantastic. I love Prequel.
    I have absolutely no knowledge of the games this thing references but that is beside the point entirely this is hilarious.

  • Graknorke

    Woah. Hold up hold up hold up hold up HOLD UP.
    The amulet wasn’t flashing for the last two fires, but was blocking a load of spells before the barrel burst into flames. I would think it okay to attribute the ones before the barrel to panic, but the later ones give no response at all. It’s like she’s either a) Bypassing the amulet or b) She’s not casting the majjyks.

    I’m kind of leaning to B, this sems like something Katia shouldn’t be able to do, especially with all the magika she’d have used up torching the guild earlier.

  • k9mouse

    when she going to learn an ice spell? (for the fire….)

  • Iamyourschizophrenia

    And then she died. Adventure over.

  • Zelkova

    Cat puns do nothing but being in a panic/sad seem to cause fires.

    Meh, wonder how long the guys giving the suggestions will take to notice.

  • culix

    shouldn’t she of said at the end “am i going to die in a fire?”

    if the amulet is over charged/used or whatever, her only choice is to let all the pent up magiks built up inside of her and the amulet out in one huge blast or a long medium one. outside preferably.

    would be funny if someone else is casting those fire spells.

  • Rambo Dash

    She’s been cursed!!! She’s been cursed by Sanguine for shunning the booze!!!!!!! D:

  • Glassface

    Katia: Something to consider. Perhaps you are not the one causing the fires. Your amulet it reacting to them, yes, but it’s still possible that this is something bigger then just you.

    For now, forget what’s cause the fire and focus on stopping what’s already burning. Is it still raining outside? If it is that would sure be a nice way to avoid dying in a fire.

  • Gil

    You are now the amulet.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Meta-comment time:

    As someone who hasn’t played any of the Oblivion games, I find occasional, anecdotal references to that world cute and interesting. Basic mechanics, like the spell system or such, are fine too; and the “inventory system” is a great example of light self-parody.

    However, I’m very glad that (thus far) the story hasn’t gotten too wrapped up in this legacy information — in other words, the value from the story can be enjoyed whether or not it was based off of that series.

    Similarly, I think that if things got too thick with game references, I would find it extremely unappealing. I don’t want to know who “Sanguine” (terrible name pun, Oblivion staff), “Sheogorath”, or any of these other characters are. Like the old saying goes, if you have to explain the back-story of a joke, then it ain’t that funny.

    So, I’m glad that Prequel has stayed “game agnostic” for the most part, and hope that it continues in this vein.

  • KeyFox

    So, she lost control of her amulet.

    Burn it down, young Managan. Burn it all down, and your training will be complete. I will teach you in the ways of the dark side.

    • k9mouse

      If you only knew the power of the dark side!!! (insert evil laugh here)

    • Loth

      Hey punk this is my Cat to courrupt and turn to the darkside.

      • Shadowpelt

        After I BITE her, her soul will be Hercines.

        • Loth

          No her soul belongs to Molag Bol

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Maybe the amulet is actually a Daedric artifact? Like maybe there’s a powerful Daedra inside that amulet that’s causing the fires? Before she sets the barrel on fire, it flashes. The mage that gave it to her also seemed to be pretty happy to get rid of it.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      acutualy, we’ve learned that it’s a soul of a pupy was in it.

      • Rambo Dash

        Doesn’t Clavicus Vile have a mischievous pet dog named Marty or Barksville, or something?…

        • theplunderking

          Barbas, i love that in a medieval world he has somehow developed a Manhattan accent! however it would be pretty hard for Barbas to talk to you in Skyrim if his soul was trapped in an amulet. and Barbas is like Clavicus`s baby sitter. he would never hurt anyone who didn`t make a wish on him.

  • David Argall

    Did that fire in the barrel go out? Artist error is certainly a possible explanation, but the later pictures do not show it lighting up the room. So maybe the worst is over and Katia just needs to stamp out the little fires.

  • Mr.Fluffy :3

    Wow. this feline is getting better at magic. yet she still doesn’t know how to control it. of curse. but at lease her mage power hasn’t run out yet. ( run out during fighting or running from danger :3 ) I hope her lease doesn’t run out either.

  • Trevor

    jesus christ it’s been two months since katia stepped outside

    • theplunderking

      day fourty-three, i`m not sure how much more of this rain we can take. the will of our men is slowly being broken. the water on the streets are flooded with dead rats, the stone that is the street however has never been cleaner.

  • /d/generate

    kazerad is weaver
    katia is boxdog

    search your feelings, you know it to be true.

  • capratchet

    Its raining outside, you cant burn alive in water (the damn fish in the well proved that). GO OUTSIDE.

  • Kesh’It

    Grab a bucket of rain water you loon! Soak the blanket in water or just GO OUTSIDE.

    • Mr.Fluffy :3


      • Shadowpelt

        Is the moon risen yet? go out and see katia.

    • Shadowpelt

      The slaughterfish ate the buckets

  • Mr.Fluffy :3

    Woof, Bark. hey guys why is there a awesome thanks thing at the bottom of the screen? roooo? Woof. :3

    • wolf

      Because commenting is correlated with popularity of the comic.
      Do you need to go outside, little whelp?

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        Bark. thank you fellow wolf brother. i wish you happy howling at the next moons to come. Woof. :3

    • the silver hand

      i see we have some companions here, we will get you yet you dogs >:)

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        grrrrr we shall see you murderess dirty cats! I really should have made myself clearer here, I think I’m saying I want to see the dirty cats become murderesses? :3

        • Shadowpelt

          Grrrr The silver hand must die! I will feed on their flesh. They are only a pidiful distraction in my quest to annahilate every vampire in existance and to spread LORD HIRCINES blessing to all who will embrace the blood of the wolf. Rejoice moon born! the blood moon rises! tonight we hunt! Arrrooooooster is a male chicken!

          • Mr.Fluffy :3


        • Mr.Fluffy

          dude stop it. its done. and shadowplet you got to stop we did something wrong.

  • MageGuide

    You’ve got two choices: You get the fuck out of that building, or do a barell roll. makes sence.

  • Dagoth purr

    So has katia pissed anyone off enough during her adventures that they wished she would DIAF?

    • Rambo Dash

      Well like I said before, she’s spent her whole life partying hard, getting drunk, and having sex. All trademarks of the Daedric prince Sanguine. But over the course of the comic, she’s slowly been trying to change that…. Maybe breaking that bottle, and giving up drinking was the last straw?

    • TheTurnipKing

      If she has, we don’t remember it.

      Most people she’s met while sober have either been pleasant enough, OR they’ve got the better of her.

  • Lynx

    How do I become a voice in her head? Just comment. Also Just started reading the other day and am finally caught up. What a place to pause

    • Lynx

      Also why is Katia so pathetically adorable? I just wanna lock her in my room away from the bad stuff and and bring her ice cream and cake till shes fat

      • Graknorke

        Post in the SUGGESTIONS THREAD over at the MSPA.
        We have Homestuck there too.
        You are officially a frequent commenter when you notice the other things te spam box accepts.

        Plus I think airing your eerily destructive fetishes on here is slightly too much information and worrying.

  • The Whicher

    Maybe it s not Katia’s fault after all
    It may be the very beginning of the Oblivion crisis!

    aaaand she s too much focused on herself to notice it…

  • diablgro

    amulet: panic

  • Iona Laryn


    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Wait — if we make fire puns, will it spontaneously produce cats? 😉

  • TwinkieHouse

    Nice, you’re progressing and didn’t even need training. Soon you’ll be able to kick Sigrin’s overly friendly ass. Also, work on not being so gullible.

  • Delta9-11

    I don’t want to set the wwwworrrllllldddddd onnnnn firrrreeeeeeee….sorry couldn’t resist quoting a fall out 3 classic

    • Blargh

      Or, you know, an Ink Spots classic, seeing as they wrote and performed it 67 years before Fallout 3 existed…

  • MSB

    And suddenly… OBLIVION GATES!

    *Cough* What? If I predict it enough, it may eventually happen, right? XD I’ll stop, I’ll stop. 🙂

  • BlackVolk

    Katia don’t give up no matter how impossible, That fire is yours to control!

  • Jacob

    I don’t know if this belongs here but;

    Katia: This is a Chapal it is made of Stone. JUST CALM DOWN!

  • avpfreak15

    Katia: CALM. DOWN. The reason this is happening is probably because you are freaking out. And if can’t do that, grab that cloth, make yourself a toga, and go someplace that could use a good burning down, namely the mages guild.

  • Lock

    You need to find a body of water and jump into it. Hell even if it’s the well with the slaughter fish in it just make it so you won’t burn

  • James Rye

    Uhm question:

    Doesn´t the blinking of the amulett maybe mean that the fire isn´t started by Katia but the dog soul now? Maybe in her rage she accidently overwrite the silence spell or put her own besides it which is why the fires are so much bigger than the usual small ones when the amuleet blinks: The dog soul has better control over it than Katia.

    I mean, the small ones we see are her own little fires, but the big ones are only when the dog soul amulett blinks on its own, it basically upgraded from a silence amulett to an enhancer one which makes her spell stronger. Which is a problem as she can´t control them nor can she control when the amulett will support her casting.

    Well, solution would be to get somehow in sync with the dog soul, as there´s no time to do any long-time meditation and sweet-talk, the only way i see for a fast success to stop the church burn down would be we do what we did to katia before to the dog soul:
    We anger it with bad puns, like dogable for doable or whelp for help.

    Then it gets angry and Katai can try to use that power-up to control the flames and get them out with her will. Which is another problem as she´s in too great panic at the moment but i hope the panic will somehow make her actuall concentrate so much that with the dog soul´s help she will be able to cool the flames down and make them disappear. It would be another level-up of her chara and her magic talent, not only start flames but also be able to control them to end them.

  • Mr.Fluffy :3

    Always remember to brush your teeth, kids. katia why would you test that in a burning building? i mean come on, just make things worst like those sorry little cats the bronze fingers. Grrrrr yah i said it because your not good enough for silver or hands! Chariots chariots. Don’t mess with wolfs! Willow bark has medicinal properties. :3

  • SonUBTrollin

    Hey, you know what would work? Pulling the blanket outside so that the rain would put out the fire, and when its wet, cover the barrel with the wet blanket.

    If the rain stopped you can always use the puddles left on the street to get the job done.

    • xKiv

      You want to post a command, not post a comment.
      But you are a bit late for that now, of course.

  • Mr.Fluffy :3

    roooome was once the capitol of a vast empire? hey look the thing on her neck is lighting up again. maybe that signs that she is becoming to powerful for it. Alpacas and llamas are quite similar creatures. :3

    • Mr.Fluffy

      y would you make fun of this one?

  • brulleks

    Erm…what exactly is IN that flaming barrel that has been abandoned to the left of the latter panels? It wouldn’t be something very explosive or flammable, by any chance? Perhaps moving away from it might be a good start – like, out of the building and far away, maybe.

  • Lord Incaros

    …..poor girl. I really hope that greedy jerk wad of an alchemist gets hers. I’m surprised, considering how cruel and greedy she is, no one has caught on to her using means that are VERY likely illegal to more or less rob the people of the town. At the very least, you’d think the Arch mage would hear of this and send someone with protection from her perfume. Or someone would send the dark brother hood to…I dunno, replace her perfume with acid or poison. If not just out right stab her over and over and over again. And then some more. Then before she dies, set her body on fire.

  • theplunderking

    I can`t remember if Dmitri cat still had the ring that controls fire, but it has been looking for katia for hours now. i think if it still has the ring it needs to find her. she could use the lift of confidence, and maybe a new piece of jewelry that will control her fire. and if she fliped for the brass ring she is gonna love a golden ring! with a friendship diamond…

    • TheTurnipKing

      Gro-upp stole it.

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        And has it stuck on his finger

      • Ransom

        Oh gosh….

        Gro-Upp is going to save her isn’t he?

        • foreshight(out-o-character)

          And probaly rob her … again. jokes on him though katia doesn’t have anything on her expect a amulet that may or may not be broken.

          • Dagoth purr

            Or maybe gro-upp got arrested, thrown into imperial city prison, and is currently waiting for the emperor to bail him out.

            Sorry mehruns Dagon, but ive got to get my banish on (it means im sending you back to your realm)

  • Miron Forestria

    Well… at least the drunkenness is over with… if she got drunk again I’d be mad, ’cause it’s honestly getting a little annoying…

    As for current situation? COME ON!!! Give her a break for once! Seriously… Do you people delight in breaking the hopes and dreams of others? If so… you aren’t very good people. Come on Katia! You can do this… Go to the city guard and explain your situation: Even if there IS a legalized document, it was done under the influence of a charm spell and therefore NOT BINDING since you didn’t sign it by your own free will. You could get all your stuff back AND some extra for pain and suffering! ((And if you got paid for pain and suffering, you’d be frikkin’ rich!))

    If all else fails, you DID do what Quill Weave said: You delivered the letter. Not once did she say you had to bring a letter in response! She wanted the book replaced… but she later implied that at this point all she expected was the letter to arrive at it’s destination. YOU DID THAT!!! You DIDN’T fail! AND you stayed off the bottle!

    • lp

      “Do you people delight in breaking the hopes and dreams of others?”


      • Zerithos


        • Miron Forestria

          … I really have nothing more to say on that note other than a fervent desire to learn that you are merely joking or stating this for dramatic effect due to an inherent desire to be a troll… both of you… It’s either that or I lose all hope in humanity and begin to look forward to nuclear apocalypse, zombie invasion, or something of the like…

  • The Dynamic Duo JAM&BAM

    JAM: Dang that FIRE! How she do that?!

    BAM: Kill the FIRE with more FIRE!

    JAM: No stupid she gotta sit on it or something. Or pee on it… yeah that’ll work.

    BAM: Hmmmmm, yes well put brother. Well put.

    • Mr.Fluffy :3

      no ling poop on it like monkeys. No eating the poo like rabbits either. :3

      • theplunderking

        I… don`t even know how to start to respond to that. 0_o

        • Zerithos

          And there go the intestines.

        • Mr.Fluffy :3

          ha thats funny. I am pretending to be a tiny bullfrog.. :3

          • Zerithos

            Don’t eat all those fleas I sent after that one guy back there. Or I might get the reindeer themselves to pwn you.

          • Mr.Fluffy

            bro you do know i DIDNT WRITE THAT BULLFROG THING RIGHT!!!

          • Zerithos

            You two. Get off my case. Both o’ ye. Now. Or I WILL send the reindeer after everyone! And then NOONE will have cheese!
            Speaking of cheese, Katia, did you have any yesterday? If you did, your situation may be even worse.

  • Ampersand

    This somehow is beginning to remind me of about how my life and mental state are going right about now. Just not quite to THIS disastrous a degree… I have a small amount of money trickling in, I’m in debt that I can’t pay off up to my ears, and nothing is holding together for me.

    • Advice Man

      You should become a mage!!

      • lp

        He needs a beard first.

        • Zerithos

          What if he has a beard?

          • Miron Forestria

            Then obviously he’s set… But first he needs to learn how to hold his hands up in the proper manner, to avoid being disrespectful.

  • implying I need a name

    Jump into the fire, you have shown shameful display and you don’t even have your traditional seppuku knife.
    It’s the only way at this point

    • Zerithos

      Am Shaegar. That is your name.

  • Keith

    Katia, if you have the power to overpower the amulet, maybe you can overpower the force-field guarding the mages guild!!!

  • ilvos01

    At first I thought “Oh there’s a mage there messing with her” but then I looked at the last page with the anger and glowy medal and I was all “Oh yeah she’s super-powerful bro.”
    I still think that the King is this superpowerful Eldritch bro up in her head, giving her off-the-wall flame (and other) powers.

  • James

    About time you just killed her and got it over with.

  • Anonymous #69105

    You’re going to die?
    If you say so.
    Make it at least worthwhile.
    Make them pay.

  • Shadowpelt

    KATIA! Your magic may be linked to your emotions. When your angry or hurt like from a cat joke you create fire. Mabe just mabe when you are sad like when you cry you could cast something else like ice.

    you are crying know think about cool clear ice like a calm winter morning and try to imagine the frost collecting in your hands and then wisping forth to stop the fires.

    • Uzi_Man


      PD: *Mabe Katia is like Gohan from DBZ

      • theplunderking

        care to explain?

        • Rambo Dash

          Mabe Newall delays HL3 everytime someone makes a fat joke about him.

          Kaz uses the same basic concept for his prequel updates. :I

          • Ger

            It’s Gabe Newell , not Mabe. And the first guy was making fun out of the fact that he was spelling “maybe” “mabe”

          • Zerithos

            Ugh. This a massive triple facepalm. And if you say that’s not possible then I will post a picture.

          • andwhyisit

            Assisted facepalm?

  • Zerithos

    Time to speak in cat puns!

    Hopefully not? Wait no that’s a good thing for us, as long as poor definitely not innocent Katia doesn’t die.
    Also why is her fur not on fire? I’m pretty sure hair can burn.

    • andwhyisit

      Hair burns, but it doesn’t catch alight from my experience, it just shrivels and turns to dust.

      You’ve never had singed hair before?

      • Zerithos

        I have. I have bloody long hair for a guy. Going to have to look it up for future reference.

  • SeeThrough

    You arent going to die. Maybe you are growing your powers and stuff, NOW GO PRACTICE IN A STONE ROOM WITH NOTHING THAT CAN CATCH ON FIRE

    • Zerithos

      *the fire catches on fire*

      • xKiv

        So does the air, stone, water, and pizza.
        And then Katia was the elemnts.

        Also, the spam test still doesn’t accept the literally correct answer!

        • Kazerad

          Alright I expanded it some. The current list of possibilities:

          katia, katia managan, slutcat, managan, kat, Ja’khajiit, Jakhajiit, Ja’khajit, Jakhajit, Ja khajiit, khajiit, khajit, jo’khajiit, jokhajiit, katia managan, managan, katia fucking managan, katia fuckin managan, dumbass, mcwelldiver, dumbassmcwelldiver, dumbass mcwelldiver, “katia”, “katia” here., Type “katia” here., the literally correct answer, i don’t know, where am i, help

          Really, just the presence of a spam test is enough to throw off bots.

          • andwhyisit

            I salute you fine sir.

          • xKiv

            Aha, I see. I forgot about the full stop!

  • Mo’Klang

    You should have another khajiit that helps her or som thing heres some names: Mo’Klay(Gender: Female)Mo’Klang(Gender:Male) and Jo’Phlang(Gender:Female) that or have some weird rain stom happen XD (btw Mo’klang has an evil lifestory like thiefing and stuff but helping and he’s rich, Mo’Klay’s a nice hearted trys to fix anything rich one that helps all, and jo’phlang is like in the middle but she is awsome XD)

    • Mo’Klang

      I almostforgot an awsome one with a really simple name : zera(Gender:male) he’s a kind hearted,skilledhad same problems as kaita has a broken jaw and is poor (kinda)

  • Dan

    “Okay, yes. Yes it is!”

    Don’t you mean “Yes there is!”?

    • Kazerad

      Hm, at first I thought you were right so I went back and corrected it, then I looked at it again, second-guessed my initial assessment, and uncorrected it. The way I see it, Kofiman’s statement expands to “something is seriously wrong with you”, to which the correct response would be “yes it is”. If he had said “there is something seriously wrong with you”, then “yes there is” would be the correct response. But as-is I think the subject is technically the “something”, and how it is wrong with Katia?

      • Dan

        But wouldn’t you say “yes it is!” when talking about an inanimate object? Because, if I have learned my English properly, you would say “Yes there is” when referring to an living thing, and Kofiman’s statement is about Katia.

        But I could wrong…

        • Zerithos

          You are. About the “yes there is” part, at least. Don’t care about WHY, but I know in the case as far as I can tell it’s “yes there is” is correct. Take it from the junior high-schooler. Totally.

          • Zerithos

            Damn it. I mean you aren’t wrong, not you are wrong. Damn my train of thought.

  • Mr.Fluffy :3

    Sometimes I put down dog sounds instead of actual thoughts and words. katia as we wolves would do. im not talking about seeking your enemy with a taste for their blood and death, as you run with great speed and strength through the world, as you feel the thrill of the HUNT go through you in great excitement. with riches, women, and stories of grant killing by your fellow brothers and sisters. This is because I lack important social skills! but face your problems as a WOLF! NOT A KITTEN! be what i hear you are. YOU ARE KATIA FUCKING MANAGAN!!! NOW FORGET WHAT YOU LOST! FORGET YOUR PAST! FORGET THOSE FUCKING DRINKS, AND STAND A WOLF! FACE YOUR PROBLEMS, NOT RUNNING! IT IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! KATIA FUCKING MANAGAN!!!!! I desire attention! :3

    • Mr.Fluffy :3
    • Mr.Fluffy :3

      i am over joyed to see two fellow Seth brothers are among us. i will gladly fight by your side. I will probably be incapacitated first but I can pretend I am helping. :3

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        ha ha nice kaz. A case of mistaken identity is never funny :<

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        Cease the spam, man
        I mean it. ~◕ w◕~

        • Mr.Fluffy

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          Yes, like this comment. This is spam. Stoppit. Don’t reply with more spam spam spam spam spaaaaam

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          • Mr.Fluffy

            ok ok O_O i get it you dont have to mean about it ok. its done. the wolf thing is done.

      • Zerithos

        SEEEEEETH. My name! No! Somebody else has it too!

        • Mr.Fluffy

          dude it is no time to joke. hmmmm. 🙁

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      ICE COLD? ~◕ w◕~

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        Ha i dont really care. it fine to me to see a joker. i kinda laughed when i saw that. but i blame kaz. ha. Cheep cheep cheep!. :3

        It’s so cruel of you to blame Kaz when I’m the one doing all these edits ~◕ n◕~

        • Mr.Fluffy :3

          will who ever you are you r my pale. Unless your name is Dennis, not Will. Or possibly Trevor.. :3

      • Mr.Fluffy :3

        HA i like this guy. he must be a fellow wolf. great jokes kaz. 01110111011011110110111101100110. :3

    • theplunderking

      And i feel like i comment to much on one update. So i assume it isn’t the origional mr fluffy and it is just a group of people using the name.

      It’s one person 😐

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    RE: Mr. Fluffy :3

    What the hell is going on?

    Mr. ChetBetera

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      its nothing just a error. sorry for the confusion. 🙁

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        • Zerithos

          Technical difficulties. Please hold on.

          • Mr.Fluffy

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    • Mr.Fluffy

      O O_O. i just saw that kaz wrote stop woofing. sorry kaz. 🙁

  • OpticLizard


    • Mr.Fluffy

      what r u talking about?

    • Rambo Dash

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa….


  • The Dragonborne

    Okay so if saying “Fuck” causes the fire.. Then she better be fucking sure not to FUCK anyone cause then it would lead to a fucking burning sensation which would not only be uncomfortable down below but end up giving her a lot of “old flames”

    ok enough of the puns…. Seriously katia, Why are you listening to everyone else’s voice? answer me this.. The one voice out of everyone else’s voice that has spoke I have yet to hear. I’ve been waiting since I began watching your quest as you call it and have been disappointed that I have yet to hear it.. You want to know who’s voice that is?….

    It’s yours…

    and no not Katia F. whatever you wanted to call yourself.. The real you.. The you you tried to leave behind….

    Do you think runing away will solve anything?

    Do you think your name means anything?,,

    Your still going to be the same failure no matter what name you take,,

    and then what? Your gonna run away crying again? Change your name again? Different town?

    It’s not the name that matters… it’s you..

    “Katia, believe in yourself, not in the you I believe in, not in the you that you believe, but in the you that has faith in yourself….”


    • The Dragonborne

      If you fall you fall.. Get your fuzzy ass back up, stare them in the eye and tell them ” HEY, JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM???” Don’t accept what everyone tells you, Prove them wrong, Instead of just accept everyone’s thoughts of you, Tell them to screw off and get out of your way, Your a fucking Kajheet,’ be prideful of that. You think any other kajheet will sit there and take the abuse you’ve only allowed yourself to take? Hell no! they would of been gutted and hung like curtains over their windows!.. Stand the hell up for yourself for once, Don’t give a skeever’s tail how many times you fall cause every time you stand back up and grin, your showing who knocked you down that your not gonna be oppressed so easily and it’s gonna get under their skin… You hear me?

      • Zerithos

        Dragonborn! Dragonborn! By his honor is sworn, to keep the evil forever at bay! And the fiercest foes rout, when they hear triumph’s shout. Dragonborn, for your blessing we pray!
        Do NOT argue whether these are the lyrics or not. Plus they’re only the first few lines.

    • Miron Forestria

      Gurren Laggan FTW!!! ^-^

  • BlankTextBox

    I’m not concerned for Katia’s life; cats have 9 lives, right?

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      That’s just a myth spread by dogs.

  • n

    man you gotta start selling some t-shirts or put a donate button at the top or something. We want to support this comic. It’s given me valuable hours of time wasted.

  • Asilidae

    Isn’t it glorious Katia?
    Those bright, shimmering flames?
    Aren’t they beautiful? Why, it would be a crime not to share this beauty with THE WHOLE TOWN.
    Burn it Katia. . . burn it all.

  • DestinedFateX

    If you calm down and breath sequentially, maybe you could prevent the occurrence of more magical flames?
    Just try it, close your eyes and focus on something happy…..maybe even nostalgic?

    • andwhyisit

      I’m assuming you mean “breathe”, not “breath”. <_<

      • DestinedFateX

        Yeah, I did mean ‘breathe’, thanks AWII.

  • Zeros

    Katia, take off the pendant and blow a hole through the door there is a lot of water outside.

  • Jack

    Id be shocked if somehow she DIDN’T burn down the church without causing a scene. And what do you guy’s think is gonna happen next? 10 gold pieces says that she either runs away from Kvatch or tries to steal her shit back.

    • Shoushin

      I’ll bet you 50 that martin (or another priest) arrives

  • Aleksei

    As far as I remember, the chapel is almost completely made of stone. How can you even get a significantly dangerous fire here?

    • Iamyourschizophrenia


      • andwhyisit

        “A wizard did it”, in the most literal sense. 😛

  • JerthaVII

    Oh god…
    What have you done, Katia?

  • Barkspawn

    10 days later and now you feel the need to mention that the update is delayed. You’re steadily approaching valve status with the constant delays.

  • stupidjellyfish

    *Runs around in circles like an idiot*

  • Dahn

    All I have to say is that at least Kaz isn’t as bad as Scott Ramsoomair of VGcats. Months without updates. Though if it does happen, I’ll pack up. I want to see how Katia claws her way out of this one.

    • Mr. Funkay

      lol hyperbole and a half hasn’t been updated since January.

  • Tavis

    So… just found the site… Saw some of the animations and things before, good to know where they come from. Great idea and story so far, except that I hate you, artist/writer/whatever. Nothing personal. I just like Katia and by default have to hate you because you torture her. Oh, and also, I thought there was going to be quite a lot more before I found the end. I hate cliffhangers. Also also, I will find you and make you very very unhappy if Katia does not wind up happy for a greater time than one full day in the near future, and if she ends that full day by losing everything yet again, I will be very, very angry.

    tl;dr? Hi, I’m new, stop making Katia cry or else.

    Also, to be honest, I may not actually find you and make you very very unhappy, but I shall be very very angry anyway. Not entirely sure what to do with that. Kinda just… will be.

    Oh, and seriously, give her a LITTLE good luck! Oh, and kill Gro-upp. He’s in serious need of getting his dead on.

    • andwhyisit

      The likes of your comment has been done to death. Instead of complaining about the direction he might take why don’t you be patient and see for yourself where this leads before posting your opinion instead of complaining about something that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Kazerad

      Thank you, and threat noted! Glad to hear you are alternately enjoying/unenjoying the story, hahaha.

  • mah boi

    if the journey isplace the destination this story looks like it is gonna go to a

    • mah boi

      da faq happened there? as i was saying… if the story is the destination then this is going to a place where hope fails to manifest itself in any way shape or form. a place that civilized society rightly fears and avoids, like hell/oblivion, or snooki’s house 0_o

  • theplunderking

    i just spent my entire day in the fan art section looking at the art and reading down the comments… what is wrong with me?

    • Evil Argonian

      Did you see mine? It had the poorly drawn picture of katia turning into a fire atronach. It also had awesome text to go with it.

      • theplunderking

        i didn`t think it was bad, in truth i don`t think that i could draw it any better. and as for your self esteem, Leonardo divinchi didn`t paint the Mona Lisa in a day. keep on drawing cause practice makes purrfect, and i look forward to seeing what you create if you continue to believe in yourself!

  • Vexxtech

    I’m scared to look at that fanart page Kaz. Especially after my google search for an image of Katia for a project came up with…. something that will never be unseen.

    • Kazerad

      Don’t worry, the fanart page is kept PG-13. It only contains stuff that was submitted to me directly, so it doesn’t include the more risque imagery you find out in the Dangerous Wilds of the Internet.

      • Vexxtech

        I just checked it out, some people are amazingly creative! The most I can do is half a stick figure with a label pointing at it.

  • tansy

    Katia remember that guard freind of yours? mabye he can help… In fact go to the city guards and explain how the lady took all your stuff with magic!

  • Pinto

    You can always start over again, maybe as a thief/assassin. Find someone to do some thieving with you, become best of buddies. You are a khajit, you know

  • Blargh

    After reading through this comments section, I can say that I’ve gained a new appreciation for Whimbrel.

    And one occasion that involved nearly falling out of my chair, but that’s beside the point.

  • fire? what fire?

    we just spent the better part of a month seeing katia in the rain crying, cut her some slack here man. we all wan`t to see the rise up out of this but it looks like we are just skimming on the bottom. it`s time to bring some lighthearted moments back now cause this is starting to depress me a little : (

  • The riddler

    Ok, lady’s and gentlemen! It’s time for your favorite gameshow, 5 pages after!!! The name of the game is to try and guess what kaz will have in store for us before he even knows! Just guess the series of event that will happen and if you win, your idea may just effect the mighty writer!

  • The riddler

    Just to be clear, this is we’re we just do the weirdest and funniest possible events, just for laughs, personally, I foresee katia having to go to the new clannfear park but, being lulled into a false sence of security, is taken by surprise when she finds out that if she doesn’t go back in time and have her two parents get married, she will seize to exist, which is when she finds out that the dark king is actually her father! Great Scott that’s a lot of movie spoofs

    • theplunderking

      … what the heck just happened here? uh kaz, i think the wait is actually driving some people insane.

      • andwhyisit

        What’s new?

  • Willhelm

    Mmmmmmmmmm feline Khajiti style!

  • LoneTiger

    Quick! Take off the amulet and try to stop the fire again.

  • Rambo Dash

    Don’t know if you already heard this, or if you’re even reading this, Kaz. But apparently in Dawnguard you meet Jiub, the guy from Morrowind, in the Soul Cairn. He basically tells you his whole life story, ending with how he got KILLED BY A DREMORA IN KAVATCH. So yeah, Jiub lived in Kavatch for a few years, up until it got invaded by daedra.

    Just thought you might want to know…

    • theplunderking

      i was gonna find those missing pages to his book but then i was like, omg a ghost horse 0_o. loving dawnguard and on top of that it proves that we cant have kvatch burn down until the gates open at the least. crisis averted!

  • /d/generate

    you should start selling adspace, because i check this page EVERY DAY TO CONFIRM YOU HAVEN’T UPDATED

  • Mr. Funkay

    Dude, I’m seriously sick of waiting for these updates. I’ve been checking for about every day since I discovered this and I’m pretty tired of these delays. I’ll check again in about a month and see if I missed anything. Don’t get me wrong, I support Kaz and his work and I understand his irl problems and that he doesn’t owe us anything and bla bla bla but I’m tired of the obvious problem. I’m going to forget this exists for about a month and stop expecting updates.
    Btw I’m pretty sure that I’ll get flamed for this.

    • ChetBetera

      Actually, that’s what I do. Just bookmark the page, check back in month, and continue off from where you left off.

  • Minifyord

    This seems like a bit of a low point for Katia, but it is not the worst. She didn’t touch the alcohol, if that is what it was. She destroyed something that wasn’t hers in breaking the bottle, but it was a symbol for her new clean life and I respect that. She did not have a black panel time skip, she did not do anything to a pineapple today. When she survives this, she has the chance to do so with dignity.

    That said, I really hope she slips up in the future. I don’t even mean innocently going to drink what she believes is a glass of water, I mean actually waking up somewhere with no knowledge of what happened. Breaking out of an addiction is serious stuff, and if she doesn’t slip up any more then I will be kind of disappointed that all of that is in the past. I will also be happy for her being able to move on with her life, don’t get me wrong. I must admit that I find her drunken escapades quite humorous.

    All of that is towards the future though, after she gets out of her current situation. She may currently be in a bit of danger, but that doesn’t mean that she will die in a fire here. She can hurt herself with her fires, that much is for certain. I’m not sure why. If they are magical fires, then they should absorb back into her Atronoch-blooded body without a problem. If they are magically created non-magical fires, then shouldn’t the fire she threw from her hand have come down while it was still being viewed by her?

    As for the amulet, perhaps it never was an amulet of silence. Perhaps it is an amulet of spell absorption. The magicka spent to cast the spell are instead channeled into the amulet, to be used at a later date. Over the years that it has been in use, it has never been tapped into to remove the power that is inherent within. This has caused it to swell up with magical power, a power that anyone wearing the thing could use. They just didn’t know it was there. So, she accidentally taps into that power. The amulet doesn’t know any spells, so the magic within just is channeled into the one thing she can do: emotion-based fire spells.

    If this is the case, when she gets back out she will have access to an artifact on par with the Daedric Artifacts themselves, a simple magicka battery that is so overcharged that it is effectively a limitless source of energy. When someone else casts a spell at her, she absorbs it into magicka. When she casts a spell from her reserves, it is absorbed into the amulet. When she casts a spell from the amulet, it is backed by the magicka of an unknown period of time’s worth of mages and owners.

    Kind of makes me wonder… Is that more or less cool than the two accepted options here? She is more powerful than the amulet, or that there is someone else casting these spells at just the right moments to make her believe that she is more powerful than the amulet. Someone has the malice in them to want to stalk her and build up a delusion within herself that she is more powerful than an amulet of silence? For what end? So that she will humiliate or get herself killed by overestimating her powers? They could just kill her now or spike the next piece of food she is going to eat with booze. Obviously they have the stealth capabilities to get away with both since they would have to have pretty capable stealth capabilities to not alert her or anyone she meets that she is being followed.

    If she’s more powerful than the amulet, and this has been mentioned before, then where is she getting her magicka? Is there going to be a ridiculous retcon that says that she is still running off of the ancient well she hit up days ago, and any spell failure was due to not being emotionally involved enough? Or was the magic being used around her enough to sustain her power through this Phoenix-style rage burn? No, it was the magicka-restoring food that was laid out for her by the scam-artist. That would definitely be able to keep her magicka reserves brimming near full during the assault on the mage guild and the Silence-breaking wild fire that she’s making right now.

    Please update soon so that I can stop this wild mass guessing. It’s starting to make my head hurt.

  • Trevor

    Am I the only one starting to lose faith in the comic? At the rate it’s going it really seems like it’s just going to die soon.

    • Kazerad

      Aww, it’s not dead, just a little slow right now. The next update will probably be out tomorrow, and is looking to be the most image-heavy one yet.

      • ChetBetera

        “Most image-heavy yet.”
        You, my good sir, have piqued my interest. Just don’t let if flag.

      • Mr. Funkay

        yessssssssssssss 😀

      • Kazerad

        Okay, or later today. Had a power outage when I was drawing the last cluster of panels.

        • ChetBetera

          Sure. A “power outage”. I understand. [insert= emoticon.wink]

  • Mao

    I hope Brother Martin shows up in the next strip.

  • Dagoth purr


    Chase annoying cat out of kvatch with a broom and a rose squirter.

    Or if you dont have these items, a conjured mace and a frost spell.

  • FokkerBoombass

    Well, looks like the more you try to calm down, the more you fuck up. Maybe start raging and trying to burn all the shit down on purpose.

  • NS

    Just caught up on the comic. Perhaps this has been mentioned in one of the several dozen pages of comments, but…

    why doesn’t Katia just go back to the Guild House, take off her amulet, and have some sweet revenge? Seems like a logical next step. She might not even get blamed – weird things happen at guildhouses.

    And while I’m at it – how did she break Sigrid’s mindcontrol? Everyone else seems to love her, which indicates she robbed them all too, but they don’t remember it that way. How was Katia able to realize what had just happened?

    • TheTurnipKing

      No-one in Kvatch recalls, but several people outside Kvatch seem to, explaining the Kvatch guild hall’s sketchy reputation.

      Which suggests that it’s simply long term and repeated exposure to Sigrid’s perfume. They keep seeing her, which reminds them how much they love her and why they have no problem with no longer having any stuff.

  • That Guy

    So this is how it ends…

    …on a cliffhanger :3


    What if… She levelled up and the amulet is no longer effective against her? She neeeds to REST AND MEDITATE ON WHAT SHE HAS LEARNED, AND QUICK!

  • Neim

    Now we have to wait a month on a cliffhanger? crap, and the worst is that ill wait any time it takes 🙁

  • Name

    Fuck RL, I want updates! 😀

  • Elosan

    wow…that did not turn out how I expected.

  • Mzuark

    I love how the thoughts in Katia’s mind have most;y gone from wanting to make her life horrible to genuinely caring.

  • Shadowkey392

    If I might offer a suggestion, it’s probably not working because A) you’re not angry and B) you have the amulet on.

  • dtlux14

    NO! SHE WILL DIE AND NEVER SAVE LOCKPICK! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I guess it would be bad if she died also…