Jul 012012

Iplaygaems wrote:
Katia: You know what sounds like a really good idea instead of choosing to die in a fire?
Running. Like right now.

McFrugal wrote:
Katia, look around you. You’re in a stone church. This is the least likely place for you to die in a fire.

ProphetLord wrote:
>Katia: Make the awful realization that you are actually very flammable.

Chowder wrote:
Go out in the rain again! Water is fire’s natural enemy, you can’t burn to death out there!

stupidjellyfish wrote:
Water drops aren’t to do a thing against massive fires that shall sprawl soon.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck!

ShadowOfTheDark wrote:
look for a bucket and some water to put out the fire on that barrel.

TheTurnipKing wrote:
Mages Guild. Go.

poshiyoshi wrote:
Calm down! Those fires are being started BECAUSE you’re so excited. Just calm down, they’ll go.

You’re trying! You’re trying to remain calm! But you are catching things on fire and you were already an emotional wreck and to make things worse you’re sober out of your goddamn mind because apparently you’re incapable of just dealing with one disaster at a time.

Any time but now would be a better time for this to be happening. You can’t go to the Mages Guild because they aren’t letting you back in, and you can’t dump water on the fires because you already ruined like every bucket in Kvatch, and you’re running out of ideas and need to do something before you get hurt, or die, or –

Menen wrote:
Maybe we could just burn the whole town down?

Migrant wrote:
Katia: Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t the one starting these fires? Have a look around and see if there is any other possible cause. Such as another mage, a will-o-the-wisp, a strange astronomical event, a cultist, a demon or the quickly opening jaws of oblivion with hundreds of spawns running out of it.

littlewhiterabbit wrote:
Cry for HELP! There HAS to be SOMEONE within screaming range that can put out a fire better than you can!

Phocks wrote:
Katia: Take off the amulet! Quick! Check it for scratches, dents, missing pieces! It could be malfunctioning!

Right! Right. This has… has to be someone else’s doing. Someone’s playing a trick on you! Trying to make you think your powers are out of control. Haha, and it’s working!

They have to be somewhere in here. Someone’s in here, watching you flip out. It has to be someone else because it’s not like… it’s not like your amulet just would happen to give out the exact same time you learn how to cast without cat jokes!

Isn’t that right, amulet? You’ve still got this, right?


littlewhiterabbit wrote:
STOP TRYING TO SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM YOU SEE!! You are clearly not fit to handle this situation. Cry for HELP! There HAS to be SOMEONE within screaming range that can put out a fire better than you can!

You cry out for help, for anyone nearby. You cry out that you’re scared and exhausted and hyperventilating and fires are sprouting up all around and you have no idea what’s happening with your magic. You yell for anyone in earshot to please please please please please get help!

Fuck fuck fuck you don’t have time to wait, it’s getting worse and it’s getting hotter and… fuck. You’ve got to find a way to burn this magicka off. Gotta get this under control!

McFrugal wrote:
Take off the amulet and start casting that non-fire spell you learned, in an effort to use up all your mana. Then you’ll only be able to make itty bitty fires that won’t do anything.

Telekenesis! Right. You’ve still… still that!

No… caws for alarm? Ewe can still prevent udder disaster befur it goats you killed! You still adder bee able to fix this!

You’re bearly keeping it toadgether right now and come on come on!

Oh gods OH GODS YOU’RE NOT RUNNING OUT! Fuck fuck why aren’t you running out?

You collapse to your knees and sob. You feel nauseous and dizzy and afraid but this is n… no time to panic. This is bad and you don’t know what’s going on but you’re not gonna screw everything up, not even harder than you already have. You can figure this out!

ProphetLord wrote:
>Katia: Get to a place in the chapel that doesn’t have wood, alcohol, or cloth just sitting around that could randomly burn. As long as you’re in the stone temple then you don’t have to worry about burning it down.

TheIronWeasel wrote:
Katia: Throw everything outside into the rain!

ItWasA… wrote:
Find something heavy to beat the fire with. If you can soak that blanket in something (any water basins around) it would work great.

Right, right, you can still fix this. You haven… haven’t fucked everything up yet. You force yourself back up on your feet. Just gotta… get anything flammable out into the rain, find somewhere that.

Have to work fast, before y. Just… gotta find some way


  • Duster

    Aaaand she’s gone.

    • Shadowpelt

      She is still breathing and the fires are gone. Praise hircine!

      • nope

        Dude it was akatosh, what are you talking about

        • Soadreqm

          It was clearly Sheogorath, the Mad God.

          • Glydian

            Ysmir’s beard, you filthy imperials are all the same, it was Shor!

          • Deangela

            My money is on Molag Bal, what you think something good is going to happen to her?

            (I really hope i’m wrong though)

          • Nikomis

            B-but Mara loves you!

          • Kuroh

            Pretty sure she fell asleep sober and had a nightmare.

          • Captain Butternut


          • dude


          • skunk

            stupid nords! you cant even say who or what shor is, it was stendar! the cat of mercy!!

          • Volchek

            No, Sanguine chilled out and stopped screwing with her.
            He got pissed over the wasted booze, but he’s a bro, and he calmed down.

          • Zerithos

            Guys, guys, let’s not make this a contest, because we all know who would win. Me.

          • Lord Vivec

            It was the Almsivi Tribunal!

          • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

            Shadowpelt is obviously right. PRAISE HIRCINE!!!

          • Dagda Mor

            My guess?

            Mehrunes Dagon.

          • Kingkaor

            If it IS Molag Bal, then I fear for our cat friend.

            They don’t call Molag Bal the “King of RAPE” for nothing, now do they?

          • Sheogorath

            Somebody say my name?

          • SotiCoto

            Clearly this was all the doing of Mephala.

          • Dragon

            Okay, I have no idea what this thread is about. Are these all obscure skyrim references?

  • Woolytop

    Not sure if smoke inhalation or panic attack…At least nothing’s on fire anymore.

    • Castellan

      I’m going to say the answer to that is yes

      • Timbles

        Shit what?

  • Marnath

    Wow, I guess her telekinesis spell is no longer pathetic either. Very nice art in this update.

    • ragnar

      vvvveeeeeeeeeeery nice art in this update
      also, 5rd

  • nic


    *drops to his knees*

    • Uzi_Man

      RIP Katia. May you purr in peace.

      • Shader

        She’s still breathing in the second to last.

        • Uzi_Man

          l know. Shut up.

          • Zerithos

            Use your uzi to fix the problem.

            shit wait no don’t kill Katia.

  • Apostical


  • Thurgood Jenkins

    What… Just happened…

    Katia… I love you… Please don’t die.


    • cake

      yeah, as if Kaz is going to let her off so easy.

  • Ay… Poor Katia. So many tradgedies, and all she can do is faint. Kaz, why’d you take all the suggestions that were BAD ideas? I mean, you didn’t kill her or anything, but still. Well… Now that I say it, Katia was never really taught/trained how to deal with stressful situations like this. If she could LEARN how to calm down properly, she might be able to control herself…

    KATIA: Seek arcane master to teach you the ways of self control. Or something.

    (I know this isn’t the suggestion thread, but I’ll put this in there when it comes up. 😛 )

    • Graknorke

      Actually I’m pretty sure he just took EVERY suggestion.
      Notice that almost every command block had at least one conflict.
      I think that was deliberate. Because, y’know, panic.

      • Right, yeah, I know. I was just trying to point out that some of the more well thought out, longer-winded responses were ignored. (I may be biased.) However, I realized that Katia, not knowing of such techniques of self-control, wouldn’t have these thoughts to begin with, especially not while panicking. So in the end, it does make sense, even if not immediately.

      • Captain Butternut

        It’s a she

        • Captain Butternut

          Forget last comment


    • Shadowpelt


    • 2244


      • Druner

        That heavy’s a SPY!

        • Azhrei

          That Spy is a Heavy!!!


          Never mind. He’s dead.

  • someone with too much time

    The last few days ive been playing oblivion and rereading prequel, i got alot of idea as to what might happen next, but im still not certain. This really has me on the edge of my seat, I want to know what is going to happen. I would really like to go into the next day and not another dream sequence please.

    • The last dream sequence was very cool, though.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude
    • Darkguyver2020

      Adele sucks and you should be ashamed for quoting lyrics from one of her shitty songs!

      • Calypso

        I like her songs, forget you!

        • Darkguyver2020

          I pity you….

          • Skunkplush

            Ah pity the foo’

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Ooh! A non-constructive, profane expression of opinion on the internet! How original. Go pat yourself on the back, buddy!

        The only consolation for the rest of us is no one of value or a shred of self-respect will care about your opinion. You and the rest of the trolls can go vomit bile into each others’ faces all day.

        • Darkguyver2020

          Whatever you say dude. I am content with the knowledge that I’m not rotting my brain with this crappy modern day music like the rest of you brainless retards.

          • funderful

            Everyone has their own opinion about the kinds of songs they enjoy. Just because you (or your friends) don’t enjoy them does not make them factually bad. You cannot prove to anyone here that the songs she writes make anyone who listens to them any less of a person than before. If you think you can, you are a fool, because for everything and everyone in the world, there is a fanbase, however small it may be, and a number one fan. Now shut up and let people listen to their own goddamn music.

      • Withheld

        You’re bound to get a lot of replies with that, but please try to avoid starting stupid, unproductive arguments about things for no reason.

    • ChetBetera

      Interesting story. When I first heard her song on the radio I thought she was black. True story bro.

      • lp

        I did too.

        Then I saw one of her CDs somewhere and was like, “ah-de-ley? That’s kind of a pretty name.”

        Then I heard her name on the radio and was like, “ah-del? I HATE YOU AND YOUR DUMB NAME!”

      • NoriMori

        I thought she was black, too. XD

    • InvaderNiveon

      My only issue with this is that you could’ve picked a song a little more badass, like;

      Burn honey, burn, let the fire eat away
      I never liked the look of this town
      Burn it down now
      I’ll run, they all know what I’ve done
      I fetch my gear and take my leave from this mountain

      I never had a chance to prove I wasn’t guilty,
      I always seemed to get blamed for
      Every little crime, I didn’t even have a name for

      Still running, still defeated in my mind
      I never even tried to defend my own pride
      The father ain’t always like the son
      They claim we’ve purloined, I’m not the one

      The story always goes, when the anger within
      Builds up for too long
      Takes us over
      And we all are forced to obey, hey.

      DISCLAIMER: Warning, opinion on degree of badossity may differ, but power metal is pretty much always more awesome than pop. This is not a contest no, but slow pace and soothing voices don’t quite fit these panels, gettit?

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Nice! Never heard of this group before, but that’s some sweet old-school metal. Thanks! 🙂

        Ironically, I’m not a huge Adele fan or anything — I just like the Skrillex remix, hence the fact that my entire post is a link to said song. I’m quite fond of the tension between her voice and the incredibly harsh electronics in Sonny’s music.

        • InvaderNiveon

          Well, if yo hadn’t looked them up yet (though I think you have), the band’s Sonata Arctica, and the song’s aptly named “Wildfire”.

  • Pyry

    Was listening to this while reading.

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again

    -Doors – The End

    Well I hope this ain’t the end, it would be kinda anticlimatic with all the mage’s quild shit and all other cool stuff that would have been yet to happen.

    • NoriMori


    • Ken

      I am happy people still listen to The Doors

    • Iorah

      So no disco inferno then?

  • booty_phantasm

    You’re slime, Kazerad. You’re a fucking animal, no, lower than a mammal, you’re a parasite, a fucking virus. You’re the gunk beneath every fire hydrant, the fly in the soup, the worm in my apple. You put the dil in dildo and the urd in turd. One day you’ll learn your fucking lesson and you’ll regret everything you’ve ever done.

    • Juggler37

      Well that’s unsavory and unjustified. Pretty creative though. Have you considered doing social commentary?

      • Bobbyis

        Heeeeeeeeeeey wazzup Jed? And guy jed is talking to, Not sure if troll

        Or really just that dumb.

    • NoriMori

      Totally uncalled for. Seriously, what is your problem?

    • Janx

      And why exactly is he slime? Because he’s not making the protagonist and incredible hero straight away? If she could deal with every situation thrown at her with ease, without panic or alarm or generally flipping the fuck out, then the story would just be boring!
      “OHSHIT, A TROLL!”

      Insulting the writer like that accomplishes nothing other than disheartens him and makes him feel slightly less inclined to actually carry on. If you don’t like what he’s doing with the comic, then fucking leave.
      Rant over.

    • D-Zid

      Nice hate you have there, perhaps you should calm down or leave?

      • booty_phantasm

        The amazing part is how a lot of people suddenly ended up working on Prequel. I didn’t know after each update Kazerad credited Juggler92, Norimor-on, Janx Off and D-Dick. What’s that? You don’t work on Prequel? That’s strange. You certainly talk as if my comment was directed to any of you. How odd. Either you’re very confused because you have a railroad spike through your plastic skulls or you were using lit up q-tips to see inside your ears. I don’t even see how my comment was offensive. This is the bare minimum of what a person should be prepared to receive. And if you read it carefully you could see I was COMPLIMENTING Kazerad for such a fine behind update. Sweet, sweet sugar, your thought processes must be labyrinthine.

        • nope

          trollll in the dungeon

        • Moony-Eyed

          Oh yeah, because everyone just /LOVES/ being called slime.

          • SonicDuck

            Obviously everyone missed the part where he was getting mad at Kaz because of all the bad things he does to Katia. You know, like, he’s really enjoying the story and he’s sad to see a character he likes being hurt?

            Jeez you people are dumb.

          • Captain Butternut

            U jelly?

          • NoriMori

            @SonicDuck, He still called Kazerad slime. Last time I checked, that’s no compliment.

          • Philip

            @NoriMori, it’s a sign of good artistry to generate emotions through empathy. Rage against the heavens is a trope from tragedy, and what booty_phantasm was expressing was the same, only on this side of the fourth wall. His insults were an expression of that anger, in-character as a person who is so absorbed by the story that he forgets the characters aren’t actually real.

            True, he should be more aware of Poe’s law, and his second comment was genuinely impolite, but it was certainly intended and recognisable as a compliment.

        • Ch’marr

          gotta get me some fine behinds!

        • Kazerad

          I am actually nothing more than a shared pseudonym Juggler37, NoriMori, Janx, and D-zid use to collaboratively create Prequel. Do some research next time, jeeze!

          • NoriMori

            I have become Kazerad?

            It is an honour, fine sir!

        • NoriMori

          Wait, I’m not allowed to get upset with someone who’s being mean, unless they’re being mean directly to ME?


          Seriously, booty-phantasm, what is your problem? And this time I’m allowed to get mad even by your questionable standards, because you insinuate that I’m a moron. If you don’t want people getting pissed off at you, don’t be mean. It’s pretty simple. And if you don’t see how your comment was offensive, you probably should cut off all interaction with other human beings. If it were really as obvious as you claim that you were “complimenting” Kazerad (yeah, right), then no one would have called you out on it. But then again, maybe you’re just a frigging Poe/troll that I should stop feeding.

    • Kathi With An I

      No, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    • Amber

      I don’t get how people can even be mad at this guy he’s hilarious. Greatest troll ever.

  • Ocylith

    These are the updates that keep me coming back to Prequel. Incredible art and emotion.

  • turi

    Akatosh will fix things

    • Isshiki Kotonashi

      Akatosh is the king in her dreams

      Is my guess

      • theplunderking

        Then why did he kill her in the last dream sequence?

        • lp

          Time kills everyone.

        • Runemonger

          Probably just to wake her up…

  • Cyph

    Panels ten eleven and thirteen were just so well done. She’s so desperately afraid I just want to get in there and help her dammit!! Even if it meant burning to death.

    It shows her in a situation where she knows no one is there to help her no one is coming to help her but the situation is so hopeless crying out for help is all she can do. It’s an instinctual reflex.

    Damn you for making me feel such empathy toward a fictional character.

  • dharmaduke

    Am I the only one who thought the rain effect through the stained glass window was pretty damned cool?

    • NoriMori

      Nope. 🙂

    • Shadowpelt

      I think so too. Am I the only one who sees she is still BREATHING in the second to last panel.

    • Rambo Dash

      The first time I saw that panel, I thought it was film grain, like from an old 50’s horror movie. ;~; For some reason, that really scared me.

  • jakerose

    Good night sweet princes

  • That Guy

    I guess that rules out it being an oblivion gate doing it :p

  • JimPlaysGames

    She’s not dead. Look, you can see her still breathing! I was scared there for a minute.

    • NoriMori

      I didn’t think she was dead, but I also didn’t notice she was breathing. Nice detail! I keep missing flash panels that have subtle effects like that. XD

  • DragonGeo2

    Holy crap there actually is a chapel to Akatosh in Kvatch.


    Kaz even got all of the random barrels lying around the church right, great job in historical accuracy! 😀

    • ChetBetera

      Yeah, Kaz does shit like that.
      Here’s a map. Look over it you’ll be able to see all the places where Katia went to. Even the Ayleid Well and Ruin she explored.

      • Bluescale

        I have a feeling we are about to learn why the fuck Kvatch is a charred ruin even if you go there before delivering the amulet, despite there are no signs of invasion (IIRC).

        On an unrelated note:
        flipping the fuck out sure is exhausting.

  • Steve Potluck

    Why is everyone so upset? She is just on the floor looking for the coin she dropped.

  • TheTurnipKing

    fuck fuck fuck. It’s been so long since I had to log into the MSPA forums that I’ve forgotten my password and got locked out for 15 minutes.

  • TheTurnipKing

    Interesting that the fire *seems* to have stopped now that Katia’s passed out.

    I guess that answers the question of where the Magicka was coming from. The King of Dreams draws near.

  • Ger

    Just gotta say I really love the panel where’s she’s slapping the amulet <3

  • stupidjellyfish

    My simple command was so badly written that I’m surprised you accepted it, Kaz. If only I was an exceptional writer would the mistakes in my sentences be seen clearly.

  • Rambo Dash

    She’s going to wake up in Quill-Weave’s house.

    • Rambo Dash

      Just sayin’.

    • Graknorke

      How do you think that could happen?
      Have you ever seen an unconcious person trek between two towns? I certainly haven’t.

  • Rambo Dash

    Also: End of Act 2?

  • NoriMori

    Wow, her fires are becoming totally insane. Just skidding to a halt caused the floor under her foot to catch on fire, and then when she falls to her knees it blossoms up in a circle around her, which is at once horrifying and impossibly cool.

    • Rambo Dash

      I know, right? Like, if you ask me, she could definitly be the Champion of Cyrodill. Hell, if I hadn’t played the game already, I’d guess that she was some kind of supernatural being. Like the Nevereverara, or the Dovahkiin.

      • lp

        I think you mean “The Nectarine, or the Dovahkids”. 😛

    • Shadowpelt

      Mabe she learned fire storm.

  • M

    Ah, I don’t think there’s cause to worry actually Katia may have completely flipped the fuck out, but in that stone chapel the danger of serious harm was always fairly low (And now that she passed out the fires should die down anyway.)

    On one hand she will wake up drained, humiliated and miserable (And naked with painted on clothes.) but on the other hand, look at that telekinesis, she’s more powerful then ever!

    And she’s not running out of mana? Does she have such an immense pool of it or is it perhaps bigger still?

    Now you can get your characters up to pretty god-like levels in the Elder Scrolls games. (I had a Khajiit barbarian (Because I thought the idea of a tiger-looking barbarian was fun) in Morrowind that had maxed out stats a ton of enchanted items of all sorts etc. and he pretty much beat the living shit out of Hircine’s Guile (Without getting any damage.) So Katia…

    Well actually Katia’s only level two… So if she is developping god-like magical prowess… Huh..

    Actually I’m wondering if the fire she set to her ear and tail actually did any damage to her. It might’ve and she didn’t notice it because she was going beserk. But if it doesn’t damage her… maybe she could set herself on fire (and it won’t hurt her) and use telekinesis to lift herself and fly around and she’d be the Feline Torch. XD

    On a more serious note, I wonder if there’s a relevance to the shot of Akatosh in the stained glass window. Is Katia dragonborn? (And no, that’s not just from Skyrim. In Morrowind it’s noted the Nerevarine is dragonborn too in one of the texts you get during the main quests, as is the Septim-line in Oblivion.) If Katia IS, she might have formidable power within and that’d explain alot.

    • TheTurnipKing

      I’m not so sure she is “developing god-like magic prowess”.

      I suspect that it’s the King of Dreams. She’s afflicted by it, whatever it is, and they have some kind of connection now. Katia is being used as a connection to this plane, from wherever it comes. The consequences are many and profound. It is a being of magicka, clothed in her fears…

      Either that or she’s utterly insane and has just passed out in a church full of smoke and is about to suffer oxygen deprivation.

      • Rambo Dash

        Vaermiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaa… :u

    • Wisbi

      Actually I think she’s around like.. level 11 or so from what I recall reading on a previous page. And given all her exploits since she’s arrived at Kvatch. Archery, bartering, LOTS of destruction magic,… dancing… ,ect… I’m sure this bit of rest will be her next step into another level.

      As for her mana pool. Atronachs DO come with a buff to the amount of magika they can hold. Not to mention I know in Oblivion, armor is supposed to restrict magic effectivness, I don’t think the same counts for robes and the like though, but maybe being naked has buffed her abilities? And on top of that, she DID burn herself with those magic fires. And since she’ll absorb 50% of magic damage and turn it into MORE mana for her to use, perhaps that also explains the excessive amount of magic usability (with the lack of actual damage on herself)? Or MAYBE… perhaps she accidently absorbed the magics from the amulet somehow?? O.o

      One thing is for sure though. Things are certainly getting interesting…

  • SuperGnome

    Right… smoke inhalation is a bad thing. Great job guys where were we on that one? XD

    *Suddenly Gharug*

  • tronn

    Superb update! I love how dynamic your panels were in this one, they conveyed action and her panic very well. Also, the rain effect is really neat!

  • Bove

    We always get so many diverse responses to updates as eventful as this. You have those that complement and praise Kaz for his story and beautifully made panels. You then have others who vehemently spit in his face screaming at him to stop torturing Katia.

    One thing is for certain. Kaz makes the reader, whether they want to or not, sympathize greatly with Katia. It always amazes me that he is able to incite such strong feelings for Katia and her situation in all of his diverse number of readers. Even those who insult him and hate him for the predicament he has written her into, keep coming back unable to break from the comic for their attachment to Katia.

    If anything else, you all have to admit that Kaz is an amazing writer if only for that.

    • Shadowpelt

      Not only an amazing writter but also an amazing artist and the games and flashes are soooo cool. Katia realy looks cute in the second to last panel where she is softly sleeping.

  • illidan


  • Rage Inducer

    Wow, the artwork here just gets better and better. I like looked back at the first few pages and well… they were… this… er… THIS LOOKS AWESOME ! Now I understand what took him so long. Usually i would check every weekend or two and find several updates but this one took quite longer than that but I won’t complain, longer wait time means better updates, and longer by the looks of it. Sweet job Kaz.

  • Ransom

    Two things I wonder: she does seem to be controlling things a bit with the “circle” effect of the ring of fire around her after she realizes she’s flammable and drops a bunch of f bombs. Is that indicating something I’m missing?

    Also, why didn’t she run out of magicka? Is it because she’s in the chapel?

    • xKiv

      When I look closely, it’s not just a circle … the sparks hovering around her suggest a sphere.

  • lp

    Poor cat.

    Great update, though.

  • bossie

    She’s dead Jim…

    • Jim

      My god bones, what have we done?

      Cool, another, update.

  • That Guy

    When she wakes up and find’s brother martin (aka. The next emporer, and priest of akatosh) leaning over her to see if she’s ok she is going to SHIT BRICKS.

  • Delta9-11

    “Fission Mailed”

  • Darkguyver2020

    Things started to turn out for the better for Katia when she smashed the bottle of alcohol on the floor. Then Kazerad’s sadist instincts started to kick in again. Good fucking job! *golfclaps*

    • Runemonger

      trollllllllllllll in the dungeon

  • Dagoth Purr

    Sigrid: chase annoying cat thats starting fires out of the city with a brrom and a squirty bottle.

    Or, if you dont have these things a conjured mace and a frost spell.

  • acestoner

    Darkness warshed over the Dude — darker’n a black steer’s tuchus on a moonless prairie night. There was no bottom.

    By the nine hath Akatosh smote the fire? Live dear child of Hammerfell the gods hath plans for you yet!

  • Echopraxia

    Kazerad: Hell of a series you’ve been putting together here. You’ve really outdone the intensity of your previous strips here.

    Also, I’m gonna submit this as Kazerad’s personal theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTuhuon1j6U

  • CareBear

    A fire? A fire kill Katia Managan?! NO. Wake up! You’re Katia Managan! Capable of escaping this fire! Wake up, go to a higher floor, then use your cat abilities to climb out the window and down to safety!

  • Racvan

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    • Mr cake

      Akatosh,in kahjit lore,is the first kahjit.At least I think so.Anyway,I hope your right :F

      • Ransom

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    And the first time she had a dream sequence that was amazing? truly looking forward to the next update

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    • Vanguard

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    I predict that Akatosh will give Katia a helpful sign this time around, and that she will be awakened from her dream/nightmare by Martin trying to offer her aid. This will of course be played for laughs, as she will emerge from a dream about royalty to confront the reality. But it would make this echo of the future complete.

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    Everyone in town knows her face and knows that she recently arrived into town, also if Sigrid makes a claim it will carry even more weight, there is plenty of scratch marks on her door, and she has everyone wrapped around her finger that no one would disbelieve or question her claim.

    Katia could be in some deep serious shit soon. Maybe she will even be sent to the imperial prison O.O

    • Mr cake

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    • Dragonborn

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    I liked the little details like the ‘fire slide’ in panel three.

    I’m still wondering if there are any key details that I’m missing here. Is the window just from the chapel in the game or is the image more significant than that?

    • Link

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    • Mo’Klang

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      • DethDragon66

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  • Mo’Klang

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    Should you make it through this ordeal intact, then my faith in you has not been misplaced. I will be watching you…on occasion. There is much that requires my attention, and I trust you are capable of looking after yourself in the interim.

    No hurry.

  • DethDragon66

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  • OldSchoolRPGDude

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    • Celi

      But Katia’s an Atronach mage, meaning she doesn’t regenerate Magicka at all. 110% of nothing is still nothing. In most fanfic-type things that would be negligible, but Kazerad stays remarkably true to game mechanics.

  • David Argall

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