Jun 032012
  • calvin

    crap she did that without taking off the amulet, i wonder how the dog soul feels about that

    • Tennae

      Some scary-powerful firey rage right there. Or maybe the amulet is a placebo…

      • xKiv

        Or maybe Sigrid swiped it for a fake.

        • Threyon

          Don’t think she could’ve done that without risking the Mages Guild burning down (yet).

          • Thornclaw

            That is highly unlikely, but I’ll fret anyway.

          • egg brother

            ok, ok, one way to settle all this arguing(although worn items should never need a charge)


        • ArcaneMonkey

          it flashes and sparks so it likely isn’t a fake

      • Worm Anchorite

        Of course it’s not a placebo. If it was, it wouldn’t have had any affect on all those mages who died from Traven’s practical joke! The force is strong with this one.

    • Grey

      In Elderscrolls enchanted objects have a charge and must be fed fresh souls to keep them active and working. Since she has little control of her ability she has technically been attempting to cast spells for the entire time she has had the amulet, whether she was wearing it or not at the time. This has depleted the charge and made the poor dog rather tired so he requires the eternal enslavement of more dog souls to help keep the Kat silenced.

      • NuVanDibe

        not for worn items, only weapons

        • Thornclaw

          Seconded! (Because that’s what I was going to say.)

        • Grey

          The limitations of Oblivion’s game engine do not effect the Elderscrolls lore most constant effect items increase attributes or are a permanent enchant and thus do not have a charge. But, If you made a ring that casts fireball at will despite being a worn item it would expend a charge rather then being unlimited. Likewise an amulet that casts silence on the wearer anytime they attempt to cast would do the same.

          • Indigo

            So obviously the amulet is a constant effect or permanent enchant: Silence. It’s a take on the Resist family of enchantments, except that instead of resisting what was casted *at* you, it resists what was casted *from* you. No special or deliberate usage required, nor any charges or additional soul fuel. Just wear it, and blam, your magic stops working.

            Much to the final disappointment of a few mages who were pranked with it.

            What I’m wondering is: This amulet was having no problem resisting the worst Katia could dish out earlier, so what did happen? Did wearing the amulet on a constant basis somehow cause Katia to instinctively try harder and harder to use magic, sort of like weight training but for magic? Or is this just pure rage-hate? And where did the magicka fueling it come from? Maybe from whatever Sigrid did to her?

          • Grey

            Silence is a spell constant effects tend to be more resit 10% fire damage increase strength by 5. That said an alternative “lore” theory is that it is like you say but rather then 100% its a lower amount and she passed that amount with the rage the tiny flame afterwords though suggests the amulet has lost its charge or is now broken.

            Alternatively again this could be a comic which is based off lore and game play but still affords the artist artist freedom and this is a plot based development.

          • Indigo

            Just playing devil’s advocate. There definitely is a strength to the out-of-charges theory, though. It just seems like not warning Katia about that possibility would be a rather serious oversight for the mage who gave Katia that amulet. But this comic is filled to the brim with incompetent NPCs. There could absolutely be a scene later where that mage goes “Hrm… oh yeah! You have to recharge that amulet every so often. Silly me, forgetting about that. I hope you didn’t burn down anything important</em.”

            Just so long as the Kvatch mages’ guild burns completely to the ground, and Sigrid is (at least temporarily) left humiliated and destitute.

          • Indigo

            And apparently this comment system needs a preview option. Or an edit option.

          • Kazerad

            Maaaaaan I just got the pagination working, give me a break with this stuff.

          • Indigo


          • xKiv

            It might also benefit from a better way of finding “what’s new since my last visit”.
            So far I have been using “CTRL-Fmonth day” [1], and the pagination broke *that* ๐Ÿ™‚ (I now have to click through X pages to see where new posts are)

            [1] only works for entire calendar days, and the calendar on this site changes when I should be asleep (12 minutes ago as of this post, iirc)

          • Kingkaor

            Perhaps she has just become too powerful for the amulet to supress?

      • Shuttlecock Dog

        Bring more souls, slayer of dogs!

        Oh wait, wrong game, my mistake.

      • Random NPC

        Oh my goodness you just made all of the sense.

        • Gavinfoxx

          Except that only works for weapons, not for worn items…

      • Talish

        It’s not “cast when used” so it doesn’t need charging.

  • Elvenwonder

    …Yeah, I think that about covers it.

    • Oubliette

      Also: FINALLY!

      It’s well past time that she climbed out of her emo little pity party and realize that small though her progress has been she IS making progress. She’s a whole new cat, in a whole new country with a whole new set of prospects from the person she was when all of this started. Sure the gods seem to have it out for her in some kind of weirdly personal way – but she is still doing better than before. Bit by tiny bit!

      • Andrea_D

        Please don’t cheapen people and kajit who have real problems by labeling them with “emo”. That’s for people who are well off and THINK they have problems.

        • Snow_cat.

          thank you.

  • Mitchrock

    YES! You did it Katia! Good for you!

  • Elvenwonder

    I love everything about that second-to-last picture.

    • Vanguard

      I love how she overpowers the amulet and burns the alcohol while wearing it.

      • Airedar

        I love how the sheet has a little flame pop up.

  • Mr. Dumbass

    The first step is always the hardest…good job, Katia.

    • Mr. Dumbass



      • Caddoko

        inb4 the church burns down…

        • Chieron

          The daedra will show up, and Kvatch will already be burning down.

  • Liv

    She did it! She did it!

    Now we might get another crazy nightmare arc!

  • Rampant Entity

    I am far too invested in this internet slut cat. I should not be so excited about this update. BUT I AM.

    • Jeizar

      I AM TOO ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Bahumat

        I cheered embarrassingly loud at this update. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Nytefire

          Same here Bahumat
          : )

          • patrick

            I am also guilty. Even got some looks. Haha, worth it.

  • Sunspot Pony

    …I actually legitimately shouted out loudly “YUS!” at this update. Honest to goodness loud shouting followed by small, happy, Twilight-Sparkle “yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!”es. This is legitimately the best way to start a day ever. x3

    • KTB

      Tell me about it.

    • Robran

      I didn’t.
      But that’s because I was kind-of in shock.

      • Vanguard

        I hear ya.

    • m. bison

      this was the only thing in my mind when i saw her burn the alcohol.

      • Zorpike

        YES! YES! Oh my god that’s exactly what I thought of (and screamed.) ๐Ÿ˜€

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Same here! *brofist* ๐Ÿ˜€

  • BarrelDragons

    Ok something is wrong here, has somebody stole your amulet while you were not looking, or did it ran on charge O_o

    • Lerigonith

      Amulet’s of Silence don’t run on charge… o.O I won’t say this isn’t impossible lore wise, because its impossible to completely understand magic in the Elder Scrolls. Her raw magical potential could be greater than the power of the amulet, even at 100% Silence. In other words: Me Gustia Managan.

      • G.Arcantos

        Specially in oblivion where magic is all chaotic and atronach people can actually absorb some of their own spells ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Bluescale

        Well, in Daggerfall the CE items did run on charge, so it’s not set in stone (and Katia comes from those sides, mind you, while Khaz was often slipping in references to both Daggerfall and Morrowind).

  • Ransom

    YAAAAAY!!!!…oh crap, she better stamp that flame out on the blanket before she burns down-SHE’S STILL WEARING THE AMULET?!?!?!

    Well that’s significant.

  • Nathan

    Yes! You are katia Fuking Managan! Woohoo. This page made my day. And then I realized that I had missed a whole previous page because I didn’t check in yesterday. That page made this page even more awesome. Go Katia, victory at last! Whatever happens next is just icing on the cake, she won the real fight tonight.

  • Dynablade



    but wait, how did she do that with her amulet on..?
    new ability?

    • Ryuujin

      If you look closely during the fire scene the amulet’s bouncing all over sparking; she… overpowered it? D:

      • Dan

        The power of RAGE cannot be stopped!

      • Neonite


      • CLupus

        The even more interesting question is….what would have happened if she -didn’t- have it on?

        And pop goes the Oblivion gates o.o.

        • MrSing

          She would have burned oblivion down.

  • Ceterus

    YES. YES YES YES. I know you’re not real internet cat, but YOU ARE STILL AWESOME

    • On the internetz no one knows you’re a cat.

      • Threyon


    • KillorX

      Omfg ITS CETERUS!!! OMFGGGGG. its rare seeing you here.

      • Wolligepoes

        OMFGGGGG = Oh My Fucking God God God God God? I laughed when I thought that…

        • ApocalypticCritic

          OMFGGGGG = Oh My Fucking Good Golly Gracious Gregarious God. Clearly.

      • Ceterus

        Huh? I thought this was the first comment I’ve left for prequel XD

  • Everything was awesome for her up until the last panel. After she realized what she did the blanket caught on fire without her even noticing it. She is going to burn the entire church down and no one will ever love her (except all of us).

    • Thomas

      oh c’mon the whole place is stone and there’s nothing to catch except the blanket itself.

      • patrick

        There was a huge church that caught fire in my city a couple weeks ago. Made of stone.

      • Taross

        And boxes of paper, and boxes of oil-soaked rags, and boxes of firework…

  • Ryuujin

    …in helping her overcome her alcohol issues you guys might’ve just doomed kvatch to her untamable fire generating skills :p

    • Emtu

      Oh, so that’s how Kvatch burned down.

      • Darm

        Yes. You see, the invasion came AFTERWARDS. I can only imagine the conversation between the Mythic Dawn members upon arrival.

        • James Almasy

          Mythic Dawn Cultist 1:Alright, Time to Stick it to the Emperor.
          Mythic Dawn Cultist 2:Hey, Is that smoke coming from Inside Kvatch?
          *Both Look on as the town catches fire in a few Minutes*
          Mythic Dawn Cultist 1 Looks at Mythic Dawn Cultist 2.
          Mythic Dawn Cultist 1: Oh for the love of Dagon.
          Mythic Dawn Cultist 2: Look, let’s just summon the damn gate and get the hell outta here. No one will ever Know. I promise.

          • Rubicandt

            This made me LOL hard. I had to cover my mouth to keep from making a racket!

          • Toren

            Inept cultists ARE the best cultists.

  • Keith

    I knew you were strong! Good for you!!!

  • SomerandomGuyOnACatTrain/Car/Backseat

    OH GOD NOO NOT THE BOTTLE! I spent one day working up a stat sheet. Even got help on it.

    Screw you Katia you bottle murder. What did the bottle do to you but contain an addiction you crave.
    This is like a vampire struggling to not drink blood but goes and rips a human apart then burn it’s blood in a hissy fit.

    Dang Kaz must have notice someone following the bottle and just murder it.

    Rest in peace bottle.

    • tumblingJokesmith

      You can always add a part for “Bottles Destroyed” right next to “Bottles Drunk”. Remember when she got out of those ruins all those panels ago? She broke the bottle THEN drank the half-bottle. I mean, there’s got to be some sort of stat for that, right?

      • SomerandomGuyOnACatTrain/Car/Backseat

        Oh she has a history of murdering bottles. She no better than that goblin. I guess for every bottle she breaks another friend of hers dies off screen as retribution.
        Take your bets who that friend gonna be? Sigrid just bump her self to “annoying mage lady” and off the list of friends.

        • Nex

          Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur, Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur, Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur,

          • patrick

            That was quite lovely. thank you.
            R.I.P. bottle

          • LatentMisanthrope

            Ad Mortem Festinamus?

  • dotrar

    Alright, ok. Interest renewed.

    • skeallzy

      I love/hate this comic. I feel genuinely uplifted when things go well for her and genuinely mourn when they go poorly.
      I WANT her to do well.
      I WANT her to get self-confidence and feel better about herself.
      I HATE that the author is an emotional snuff-artist.

      • ArcaneMonkey

        that’s why it’s so great
        yes, it has incredibly depressing parts but the parts like this are always so much more uplifting for it
        Kaz knocks her down so we can cheer as she get’s back up again

        • dude

          bad stuff bad stuff bad stuff good stuff

      • Soadreqm

        “Emotional snuff” describes this perfectly.

  • K’helt

    Celebration for defeating all odds!, and now we know that drink was actually Alcohol o.o
    and you just made fire with your Silence Amulet on, I don’t even think that’s possible Katia.

  • TheDragonsword

    Great! First, the booze. Next, the guild…

  • new


  • sluncho

    Katia: Try to remember the basics of CQC

    (also this is a pretty great way to demonstrate character development)

    • Fizzxwizz

      Basics of CQC




      • TheTurnipKing


  • The_Thief

    There is one they fear in their tongue, she is katia Fuking Managan, Dragonborn

    • Threyon

      “YOL TOOR SHUL!”

    • skyrim ftw

      technically the graybeards said there could be more than one dragon born alive at a time, however i find her ability to tip things over with her mind a little lacking of the traditional fus roh dah.

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        i think i had a simalir idea two updates ago. could her dreams be the result of two dragonborns at the same time, or are dedran trying to mess with her and sutably minipulate her.

        • foreshight(out-o-character)

          but you do have a point. minor telakanisis is not unrelinting force. but hears a thought. can shouts be silenced? we don’t know if katia is yelling fustration. with the action she made when lighting the mead, it looked liked to me she cursed something under her breath. “YOL” prehaps.

          • foreshight(out-o-character)

            on second thought, it just looks like she growling in furstration.

            ponit withdrawn

          • TurnerClassicNinja

            You guys DO realize that Skyrim takes place 200 years after the events of Oblivion, right?

          • foreshight(out-o-character)

            we know, but who’s to say there wasn’t a second dragonborn in the area. still, i know they can’t do the shouts unless they spent years of training with the greybeards.

          • The Whicher

            How would u explain M’aiq the Lair then? He shows up in Morrowind Oblivion & Skyrim.


          • retaihec

            @The Whicher
            M’aiq the Liar is included as an easter egg in the games, to sort of provide commentary.

            Also: “M’aiq’s father was also called M’aiq. As was M’aiq’s father’s father. At least, that’s what he said. (Explaining M’aiq’s presence in Oblivion and Morrowind).”

          • foreshight(out-o-character)

            He also said he “didn’t remember his childhood, maybe M’aiq didn’t have one.”

          • ApocalypticCritic

            He was also soul trapped once. Maybe he’s a lich?

          • TheManeKhajiit

            You do realize this is timed around the oblivion crisis…you know when the dragonborn emperor, “Uriel Septum VII, Great great great great great great grandson of the legendary Tiber septum, also know as Talos” was alive…but who cares right?

  • Taco

    Alright, now i think i know a way she can get into the guild, she just goes back and says, “HEY i forgot to give you some more of my stuff!”

  • cake

    she lit up the curtain. better warn her about that.

  • Steve Potluck

    Rest in peace, bottle. Your days of sleeping in the trash are over now. You can go to the same afterlife that the apples went to.

  • Ch’marr

    That fire started off blue. Was that an electrical fire?

    Dun dun dun…..

    • Malpercio

      Ethanol (the particular kind of alcohol that’s used in ordinary everyday booze) burns with a blue flame

      • Ch’marr

        Oh…. really, I should have known that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ger

      Considering it’s mead she ignited, which has low alcohol percentage, the flames started off blue because they were cold. To be honest I don’t think you’d be able to ignite mead in real life. Drinks with ~40% alcohol are pretty hard to set on fire. Let alone mead which is 5% to 18%. Then again, this is MAGIC!

      • Drauken

        Blue flames are actually hotter than red flames.

        • Ger

          And then I facepalmed, how did I forget that. Damn now I feel stupid.. Eiiiiither way, still fire magic.

      • NoriMori

        Um, if a flame is blue, that means it’s hot, not cold. It’s the same with stars. The red ones are a lot cooler than the blue ones.

      • Pteryxx

        Actually, at everyday ordinary fire temperatures, the color has more to do with the chemical composition of what’s burning than the temperature – some kinds of wood burn green, chemicals make fireworks explode at different colors and such. Color versus temperature only applies to black-body radiation.



        • NoriMori

          But we’re talking about regular fire, like what you’d see in a fireplace or candle. The blue flames are hotter than the orange ones.

          • Pteryxx

            That’s not what’s going on when alcohol burns, though. Look at burning hand sanitizer: (look but don’t try!)


            – It burns blue because it’s alcohol. That’s what chemical is creating the blue color.
            – It burns cool because it’s alcohol. Alcohol burns at a relatively low temperature, lower than a candle flame. It burns cooler than the (yellow) match flame used to light it.

            Blue flames are only hotter than red flames IF there is not chemistry messing with the colors.

            Of course, if Kazerad didn’t know that, then it doesn’t really say anything about the mead Katia burned anyway. <_<

          • NoriMori

            Ohhh okay then. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        After re-thinking my previous post on the subject, the flammability of a material depends on the ignition and ambient temperatures around the material. You can burn normally “non-flammable” objects if the temp is high enough — even ceramics will oxidize if you throw them into a plasma torch.

        So, if Katia’s magic made the temp hot enough, then even the relatively inert sugars in the mead could go up. Poof!

        • xKiv

          It also depends on what you oxidize them with.
          FOOF is interesting ( http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2010/02/23/things_i_wont_work_with_dioxygen_difluoride.php ) : … And he’s just getting warmed up, if that’s the right phrase to use for something that detonates things at -180C …
          Chlorine trifluoride is interestinger ( http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2008/02/26/sand_wont_save_you_this_time.php ) : … It is also hypergolic with such things as cloth, wood, and test engineers, not to mention asbestos, sand, and water-with which it reacts explosively …

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            Dude, every time I read something new about Florine, I realize it’s the raging bitch element from hell. When my chemistry friends speak their bizarre dialect, it’s one of the key word fragments I parse for. It immediately runs an internal subroutine called HolyShitPayTheFuckAttention(), followed by DontFuckUp() and WhyTheHellAmIStillInThisRoom(vector GroundZero).

            Thanks for the links, scary stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lopus Etterie

      Blue flames are hotter than red ones.
      Green are weaker.
      Purple is weakest.

  • NoriMori




    I am so happy right now. SO HAPPY!

    When I saw the third panel, I actually shouted “YES!” out loud.

    My only worry was that after her hesitant look in the fifth panel, she would start licking it up with her tongue.


    And now that somebody’s pointed it out, I’m wondering how the fuck she did that with the amulet on. O.o


  • Hide-of-Scales

    And here I was looking forward to seeing Katia wake up next to a Dremora or something… but hey, you overcame your alcoholism (for now), so uh… good for you, I guess.

    • Loth

      She wakes up next to a Daedroth and a spider Deadra.

  • KTB

    HOLY FUCKSHIT!!!!! Someones is getting rid of an addiction fast.

    • Ryuujin

      Naw, she’ll be licking it off the floor, glass fragments and all later when the addiction kicks in, you wait and see…

    • TheTurnipKing

      She’s not rid of the addiction. Turning it down once itsn’t the same as turning it down twice. Which is also not the same as turning it down thrice.

      Hell, she’s not even had withdrawal shakes yet. Believe me, this is just the start of her hellride.

  • Delta9-11

    Wow…Fire making while amulet of silence is on, this my friends means we have a very capable, VERY high level mage here…that or she is just THAT pissed off…well guess the shield around the Mages Guild shouldn’t be a problem. She should totally just walk in there like the terminator and obliterate everyone or at least cast them into the walls with her awesome fire magic then grab her stuff, free “Venison” and that other deer who’s cute name seems to escape me at the moment…but other then that, I am proud of you Katia, truly am ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KTB

    Jesus I missed it the first time around but shes still waering the amulet!

    I think that we broke that puppy soul inside of it.

    • ChetBetera

      Oh shit! We forgot about the puppy!

  • Anonnymouse

    Yesssss. Feel your anger, draw strength from it, and let it burn. Let everything burn! Particularly that bitch who stole your clothes.

    Kvatch is asking for it, they wouldn’t have impressive stores of oily rags and fireworks just laying around if they didn’t want someone to come burn their city down.

    • a wizard named… Tim?

      no most of the people are nice-ish
      just pile up flammable stuff at the guild door
      im pretty sure wards don’t protect against non-magic fire

  • Mantar

    So that mages’ guild door is protected against magical fire and stuff. But what about molotov cocktails, hmmmm?

    • Shoushin

      too bad she just broke the bottle, or she could have made one ^^

  • GodotIsWaiting4U

    Well done, Katia! Well done! If nothing else, you can at least be proud of one thing you’ve done tonight: you refused to give in and continue the alcoholism cycle.

    Now, to make sure that this turns into a trend of good things happening, I recommend putting out the blanket right away.

  • wolfscarab

    Yes yes yes! Katia not only overcame the call of the alcohol by herself, but also has gotten to a point where she can do the fire without any cat burns from us(well the audience, I have never really added anything yet)! That is great!

    Here is hoping she doesn’t burn down the church now.

    • Vanguard

      I would like to point out that the Church is made of stone, so i don’t think even SHE could burn it down.

      • Lopus Etterie

        Stone can set afire.

      • Campisi

        Magma exposed to air says otherwise.

      • Hide-of-Scales

        I’d just like to point out that considering this story is meant to be a prequel to Oblivion and that the church in Kvatch is still standing even after the city itself was ransacked by daedra (okay, the steeple’s mostly collapsed, but not much else damage can be seen). That temple isn’t going anywhere.

  • AlySkoomaPirate

    Gotta say, I think that was the best update ever!

  • nic

    ………..ok relax. you may have just turned the booze into gold.

    nice to see updates again

  • Kajex

    *sniffle* I’m proud of you, Katia. <:*3

  • Derp

    Fuck yeah – go Katia!

  • Anonymous #69105

    Wear blanket, make them pay.

    • KTB


      Wear blaket like a cape and make them pay.

      • NoriMori


      • Smoky

        While it’s still on fire? Lol why not. :p

        • KTB

          Hey if we dont put it out, we will still look boss in a flaming cape and pelting people with fireballs

  • Inner hapiness

    Congratulations, you did it Katia, you overpowered your self doubt and inner loathing of yourself. Now become even stronger.

  • Vanguard

    I almost jumped and hit the ceiling when i saw what Katia did in the third panel.

  • Vins

    Oh my…

    By the nine, she did it…

    … she actually did it…


    • Vins

      I must draw something to celebrate the occasion right this second! 83 (also wow, did she just break that amulet?)

      • tumblingJokesmith

        If you look at that panel and scroll through it image by image, it looks kinda like something gold and ephemeral is spilling out of the amulet. Could be a dog soul, could be the spell, but I don’t know what it is myself.

  • piq

    I called up friends in New York, D.C., L.A., Lviv, and Beijing today, and they all confirmed having felt a vibration in the fabric of the internet itself as the long-enduring hearts of Katia fans everywhere finally screamed out in joy.

  • Grendel

    so her secret is she’s always angry?

    now for the mages guild, or at least a clothing store

    • Smoky

      Just like the hulk… I see what you did thar


    This update has renewed my faith in this comic. After yesterday’s update, I almost gave up hope, but this was fucking awesome! I just wish the daily update cycle can continue on for a bit more to make up for the update-less month. Also, Kaz’s art is improving a lot, not to say that it was bad at the beginning, but now there is certainly a lot more detail. Great job!

  • Kingdaro

    In “Kvatch” is the “k” silent? Because that’s how I’ve been pronouncing it. It sounds stupid with the k :/

    • Orcrest

      No, “K” is not silent.

      • xKiv

        But the “S” is.

    • I play a hajiit

      “Count Goldwine is the count of VATCH”

      durr, it’s a fantasy setting, of course there are going to be unfamiliar pronunciations, almost every NPC and town in the elder scrolls games are like that.

      • Kingdaro

        welp, there’s another reason not to play fantasy RPGs.

        • Falter

          The “kv” sound doesn’t really show up in English much, but it does in many other languages. Incidentally the German word “Quatsch” (pronounced the same as “Kvatch”) means nonsense or balderdash … poppycock and such…

          • So we have a town named ‘Nonsense’ in german.


  • M

    Katia, I am proud of you.

    She really DID improve. If she can hold onto this, I think sooner or later she’ll be okay.

  • Corovaneer

    (Well that was a relief.)

    You are now puppy`s soul, trapped in amulet.


  • Ger

    RIP, Cheapest mead, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    • SomerandomGuyOnACatTrain/Car/Backseat

      It death was in vain, for if Katia Murderbottles could just did what any one would have done and sold it to someone, maybe drain the liquid if she that focus of being an alcoholic went out back and grind up some plants into a potion to sell. NOPE she just up and kills bottles to feel good. She either drinks and goes into a sex stupor or murder bottles because she force them down her throat.

  • Dagoth Purr

    YAY! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Atari Ogen

    newsflash: angry naked cat burn down temple!

  • Dagoth Purr

    โ•”โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ• เณ‹แƒฆโ˜ƒแƒฆเณ‹ โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•—
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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who donโ€™t need no booze ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    • Stronger Cat Woman

      I don’t need booze.

      I have Xanax

  • David Argall

    Ouch, that bottle was just about the only thing she owned in the world. It could have been sold for breakfast, maybe dinner as well. Granted, she would have earned those meals agonizing until dawn, but now she faces a hungry day.

    • Liv

      We all saw how well it went last time she went to sell the stuff she had picked up. How much do you think she could bring in for a bottle of mead she found it the trash?

    • I think that’s pretty much what’s going in her mind in the last panel

  • ukstriker

    Obviously the only rational thing to do here is wait till morning, get a recharge,and then promptly burn the guild down.

  • steampunkLocket

    Am I the only one suspecting that some other mage will come along and turn out he did it?

  • Rage Inducer

    Finally, something good, on the last page i was like: Oh shit, here we go again… Who or what or how many will she wake up with next? Her development as a character is quite slow… but who am I kidding that’s the only way you can show development that doesn’t bore you to tears. Nice going Kaz. This update has renewed my interest.

  • lp

    I wonder when the people whining about how depressing the story is are going to start. Comment 125 maybe? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • NoriMori

      Half of them will never know because they abandoned the comic. Or at least they said they did. I hope they all are eventually overwhelmed by curiosity and find this and are like, “โ€ฆShit.”

      Of course, we could rub it in their faces, but if something bad happens again they’re going to feel all the more vindicated. :/ And I don’t think this is the end of bad things happening to Katia, I just think the things either won’t be as bad, or it won’t be as hard to recover. And I think things will work out for her in the end. But the detractors aren’t going to care about that, they’re just gonna be like, “SEE????”

      • lp

        I kinda hope that they’re worse. Frankly, Katia’s problems are almost all self-inflicted and are *all* pretty petty in the grand scheme. When she has to start dealing with problems that aren’t her fault (like right now) and aren’t petty we’ll know she’s made progress.

        • NoriMori

          Well that’s basically what I mean. To me it’s not worse if she can deal with it better because she’s made progress. But I mean I hope they won’t be as bad, as in, I hope they won’t have such devastating and seemingly permanent consequences, because that’ll just give the detractors fuel to be like “KAZERAD IS A SADIST”. If by the time a worse problem comes around it’s obvious that Katia’s strong enough to deal with it, then it’ll be easier for readers to have faith things will work out. But until Katia’s reached that point, it would be nice if future problems aren’t as bad.

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    What the hell is that yellow things that were inside the bottle? Gold pieces maybe?

    • NoriMori

      I thought they were sparks, but maybe not.

      • Katia has learned the secret to mining the gold from a bottle of GoldSchlager.

        • Solar Savant

          I assumed they were molten fragments of glass that got mixed in with the wine when the bottle shattered. A nice detail.

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    I actually did the uppercut-cheering-thingy at the 3rd panel.

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    There’s something very unusual and special about Katia. She seems to learn spells on her own (telekinesis) and now she’s overpowering the amulet of silence.

    There’s something about her power.

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    Burn Kvatch down!


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    • M

      Nah, don’t burn Kvatch down. Some people there have been quite nice to Katia, like Weedum-Ja, and the guys offering her lemonade, free self-defense classes etc.

      Just burn SIGRID and her guildhouse down. (And maybe that snooty tavern owner that called her rabble and treated her like shit as a bonus.)

      Actually most Kvatchers where reasonably nice to Katia. The main exceptions where the other Khajiit (turned off by Katia’s clumsy and akward attempts to make friends really hard with them.) and that snooty tavern owner. (Katia herself actually seemed to find it fun to torment that guard on the battlements though.)

      • Hold Guard

        Destruction magic is fine, just as long as you don’t go around burning down any buildings.

      • Why would Nah burn Kvatch down?!? She’s just a NORMAL AVERAGE HUMAN!

  • Vexx

    I think her wearing that amulet, combined with her mad rage fire attack against the Mage’s Guild door has helped her flex her “magic muscle” so to speak. Go Katia! All you need now is a long flowing beard.

  • EbonyBarkley

    My bet is she shouted ‘Yol’, which caught it on fire, but it was just not easily visible in the image, meaning that this is Kvatch AFTER its been rebuilt and this is just a really coincidental PREQUEL to TES:Skyrim.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      Yes but how are martin and quill-weave still alive after all these years affter the oblivion crisis?

      I think we’rs still here befor the obivion crisis.

      • ZackaryOkami

        Also, Martin is still in the church. This is definitely before the oblivion crisis.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      Also she hasen’t absorbed a dragon soul or learnd a word of power. even your persona in skyrim doesn’t know fus about anything about dragon shouts untill she/he/it kills there frist dragon.

      (I don’t mean to be this much of an annoince, but if i go to far, the best was to deal with trolls is fire or acid.)

  • Soadreqm

    It’s technically true that Katia hasn’t actually gained anything concrete from this, and she could theoretically have sold that bottle for a drake or two, but at the same time it is blatantly obvious that this is a grand achievement with far-reaching consequences.

    Also we will never know whether it was actually alcohol in that bottle. It burned, sure, but if she could get past a Silence spell, burning water might not be strictly impossible.

  • NoriMori

    Hey, I just realized, maybe it wasn’t Katia burning that liquid. Maybe it wasn’t alcohol, but some kind of poison that bursts into flame when released from the bottle?


    • Orcrest

      What about how the amulet acts at that moment? I think there is definately something going on with Katia and her magic prowess developing.

      • NoriMori

        I know, I’m just trying to throw an alternative option out there. It’s possible that the amulet shaking was because of her moving suddenly, and that the glowiness was a reflection of the fire off the amulet.

    • Murder

      You forgot that there are no combustible liquids on Sigrid’s door, and yet Katia managed to summon fire with her amulet on.

      • NoriMori

        And you forgot that no she didn’t.

        • Okay, it is probably a cursed mead someone sent to an enemy. Katia should chart this into her disasters avoided.

    • Midtime

      In the final panel, the blanket is lit on fire separately from the explosion, and in identical manner to the other fires caused by Katia’s accidental summonings. Whereas it may possibly have been a flaming droplet, we don’t see any sign of one.

      • NoriMori

        That’s true. But, still…ya never know. I just wanted to throw another possibility out there. *shrug*

        • Midtime

          And I only wanted to mention a possible argument against it; that is all.

          • NoriMori

            There’s no need โ€” the argument already exists, thus why I’m suggesting an alternative possibility. Now you’re just being antagonistic.

  • Reynard-Miri

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    Rock on with ya’ bad self!

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    • Motherfuckers

      The cycle may be shifting, but it remains to see if it can be broken.

      • Well, she did techically consume it with fire!

    • Smoky

      @tronn: damn, and you would of been 20% cooler if you said pizza at the end of BBQ. ๐Ÿ™

  • bazil

    Anyone else notice the flecks of gold!? Did she just perform some magic alchemy!?

    • Talimee

      Now that you’re mentioning it, they look like tiny gold nuggets. But let us not get our hopes up too high.

      • xKiv

        I think they look like pieces of the fire. Flamelets? Sparks? Cinders?
        Same color as the sick burn in last panel, as far as my eyes can tell.

  • Kathi With An I


    I’d love to see the faces of the people who quit because it “wasn’t going anywhere!”


    Oh, man, I love this update! It’s got me so excited!

    You go, Katia! Kick some bottle ass!

    Who da cat?
    You da cat!


    Never let me say that again.

    But still, this update has me so excited and I don’t even know why!

    • NoriMori

      You don’t know why?? Because you love her, of course! We all do! She’s so special and real, and so damn NORMAL, but with a fabulous potential to be AMAZING. And if someone like her can succeed, then maybe we can, too.

  • Talimee

    I’m so proud of you, Katia!!

  • Pyry

    That was sooooo predictable ๐Ÿ˜€ Not like I’m happy it turned out this way though.
    And also it’s great Katia’s getting more into her pyrokinetic abilities.

  • xKiv

    Wait … didn’t she just deplete her magic against the guild door?
    Where would *that* come from then?

    • NoriMori

      She didn’t necessarily deplete it. Maybe she has by now though. XD

    • Allow me to interject

      Katia is an Atronach, who receives a bonus of 150 to their Magicka. Even though she can’t recharge on her own, she can cast spells for a lot longer than other people. As an example, if base magicka for the non-magey characters in Oblivion/Prequel was 80, Katia’s would be 230, the downside is she simply can’t recharge on her own (and even then, ingame recharging in Oblivion is so damn slow that it doesn’t matter with birthsign you are as long as you have enough potions)

      • xKiv

        That comes down to whether she stopped because she ran out of magicka, or because she realized it was fruitless.

        • The Hourglass

          What if…
          She’s not using magic at all?
          That might explain the puppy charm failure.
          Or the puppy had it all stored up? Or MAYBE… Sigrid’s being somewhat nice while still being a bitch?

  • KrissSpire

    Wow,. First post! I really enjoy this comic. It has characters with character. Story with a point. Plots with no foreseeable holes and a feline who just set her troubles on fire! I call that leveling up!

  • Kamory

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      • Zerithos

        Well, that I could find on short notice.

  • Raidak

    DO NOT TAKE YOUR AMULET OF KATIA! atleast not yet.
    Think about it, you made stuff burn with the amulet on. which means that without it would be extreamly dangerous.
    If you are about to release your inner power, then do not do it in the chapel.
    Do it outside of the mages guild and maybe do some damage! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, notice that you have become better at aming your blasts of fire and not burn everything without intension.

  • Motherfuckers



    • Campisi

      Dude, it all burned to nothing. She’d get farther just taking deep breaths at this point.

  • Zardoz

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    A thousand times, yes.

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    Holy shit yes!
    If her rage makes her so powerful the necklace can’t even silence her anymore she certainly has the potential to wreck some serious havoc =D

    Too bad about her blanket though… unless she put that out quickly =P

    • Link

      I’d also like to point out this: http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/05/amulet-overload/

      “And donโ€™t worry bro, youโ€™ve got this. Youโ€™ve silenced much greater mages than this lady. Youโ€™ve had master wizards screaming โ€œSlowfall! Slowfall!โ€ to no avail, skilled conjurers frantically trying in vain to summon a Daedric sword, and trained healers baffled at why their Cure Poison spells did nothing.”

      And yet, Katia…

      • NoriMori

        Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when people pointed out she still had her amulet on. I was like O_O

        Thus my theory that perhaps the liquid was simply a potion that ignites once spilled or something. But I kinda like the idea of Katia just being that awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess we’ll seeโ€ฆ

        • Note the sparking and jumping around (or in a word, ‘freakout’) of the amulet. I think her rage simply overpowered the thing.

          • NoriMori

            I know. Still, another explanation is possible, even if most of the evidence suggests the more popular one. Just throwin’ it out there. I like to speculate.

      • StrykerTyger

        Been reading this comic for a long while now, and while I’ve never played the ES games, I’ve been paying attention to the comic. Katia is an Atronach, which is capable of absorbing spells and such, right? Is it possible that she absorbed some of the power of the amulet, thereby making it weaker while gaining more magicka for herself?

  • N

    Now tie the cloth into a cape and run around the chapel pretending to fly.

  • omg really?!

    0_o… just when you think you have the story all figured out… SHE HAS BROKEN THE CIRCLE OF EVENTS!!! my mind has been blown, i can’t even get my mind together enough to write a comment let alone a sentence. i’d say good work but i’m not sure that fits it just, wow

    • SomerandomGuyOnACatTrain/Car/Backseat

      Nah she hasn’t broken the circle of events until she walk away from the flaming moe she made and not lap it up like an alcoholic she is. Hell the dwarves are rolling in their new homes on this abuse of good alcohol. If anything she wont be able to get her self that wizard beard for it. She might end up settling for a mustache and feeling sad that she can’t handle her beer. I kinda feel sad for kaz painting an npc as a dick. Shoot now Sigrid going to be murdered constantly by future oblivion players over this.

      • TheDane

        Well, she succesfully ignited whatever that liquid was, so any alcohol must’ve burnt off by now.

  • Cracked

    Katia needs hugs now, Katia needs all of the hugs.

  • Thurgood Jenkins

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    Have my babies? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ApocalypticCritic

      Kahjiit aren’t interfertile with humans, unfortunately.

      • The Hourglass

        Make it so!
        Shit I made a Star Trek ref in a place filled with Oblivion fans.

  • James Almasy

    Katia, you’ve proven yourself to be better than you actually think you are. Sure, you’ve had a bad past, but who hasn’t? This time, things are going to be different. You’ve overcome that alcohol, and burned the hell out of it. Every time you see a bad person from now on, imagine them to be an alcoholic beverage.

    Don’t blame the Mages Guild; Just Sigrid. There’s a reason no one talks about the guildhall in Kvatch. And now you know why. Not all Mages are bad. For instance, didn’t the other Guild give you your amulet and Clothing? That is proof enough.

    Lastly, I know you’ve prayed at a chapel before. And it didn’t work. But try again. Don’t ask to be different, or to be fortunate. Just ask to be normal. That’s all you really want, a more normal lifestyle. Ask if there is a way to redeem yourself in any possible way.

    • melchar

      This! Sigrid is the nasty worm in this apple [ie the Mage Guild]. She’s sitting there, using mind-control magics & probably necromancy as well. Sigrid is making -all- mages look bad by association as she sits there fondling her stolen gold. Sigrid deserves to be set on fire [so she has to rip off her clothes and see what it’s like to be naked & in the rain].

  • Duster

    This update is my favorite birthday present so far.

  • Tannim Murphy

    I have to say, bravo good sir. A most epic, excellent turn of events that are quite possibly some of the most joyfull moments I’ve ever had enjoying any piece of fiction, anywhere. ^_^

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  • I seriously just squealed. I mean, schoolgirl giddy squealed.


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    First, you need to think of the point “Where it went wrong”
    Then decide what you need to do to get your stuff back.
    Heck, maybe she decided some of the stuff wasn’t worth selling, like the lockpick.

  • Sangvin

    How dare you ruin the gift of Daedric Prince!? It seems that my time to appear has come!

    • The Hourglass

      Sanguine. As in Sanguine Rose? A Night To Not Remember At All Period?
      Katia’s had too many of those hasn’t she (for the good of all of us).
      And really, even some of the ones who are dead were benifited by it, including a certain necromancer and his skeleton?

  • rip off amulet, think of all your hatred and turn into furry fire exploder and burn fucking sigrid
    ps: i killed sigrid in every way possible in skyrim, she is in riverwood

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      You do know that there is a 200 year old differance between the sigrid in this web seires and the one in skyrim.

      • Zerithos


        Nah not really, Sigrid would have to be Mannimarco or something to live long enough. Or an elf in disguise…
        Also, for a guy named ‘random spell checker’ there are a good number of errors in that post.

  • Prime

    ROW ROW! That’s the shit Katia. Now go and give that backstabbing bitch what for.

  • foreshight(out-o-character)

    I think i have a plan to get back at sigrid, but it will reqire time and resources.

    step 1- gather clothes, minor possasions, and at least 20-30 gold.
    step 2-get a friend or gaurd to follow along.
    step 3(optional)- get something that can block someone’s sence of smell
    step4 meet with sigrid agin. act like nothing is wrong. while doing this have follower search the lower floors while you meet with sigrid upstairs. if the follower finds anything disturbing like blood or body parts, have them report to the garuds.
    step 5(optional)- if the freind is good at hiding and sneking, have them watch you talk to sigrid. when they she sigrid charm all you belongs off you aginst your will, have them report to the gaurd.

    if this works out then not only will sigird be exposed and have the hole town suspect her of coning the rest of theme, but the town may even pay katia back for the stolen goods.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      anyone else got a better plan. i know my plan may have flaws, but we may need one to get back at sigrid( prefrabliy one that wont get us charged for assult, muerrdur, vandilism, or arrsion.) i was going for getting her arrested and/or tranishing her reputaion in town.

  • Sai

    This is a powerful moment for the character… and it still manages to be funny as well. Well done!

  • dapperFedora

    I am not sure if anyone has realized this yet (as I haven’t seen anyone talk about it here yet),
    but not only did she overpower the amulet, she also did it without the need of the cat-puns.
    Just thought I should shine a light on that.

    • killernoobz

      Gee, that would have been a at-astrophy, lets paws andsee if theres a claws in the cat-pun rule that fits katias furry fury

  • Voice of Stendarr

    Well done, mortal. There may be something about you that is worth saving. Everyone is always “on trial” and I think you’ve about made decent enough progress to finally have good come from your life. I will speak with Julianos, see what his thoughts are on this most recent development. Going straight through an Amulet of Silence is no small feat.

    Further, thanks to you I have won a bet against Dibella. Details shall not be given but thanks shall be.

    • Voice of Dibella

      I’m very proud of you mortal. Me and Mara both are proud even though i miiiggghht have thought your couldn’t do it and even bet Stendarr that you couldn’t. but you proved me wrong and proving a divine wrong is also no small feat. (darn it! now i hove to go pay Stendarr what i owe him T.T)

  • Yosah


    KATIA GAINS:+2 Strength, +3 Agility, +20 Magic, Perk: INDOMITABLE WILL, Ability: Rage of the Recovering Alcoholic

  • Vertria

    The first person to post the thought on the blanket being on fire, Mr. Dumbass, has a very appropriate name. It also fits everybody who posts after that person who goes, “OMG BLANKET ON FIRE!”

    Did none of y’all pay attention? Or did you all just look at that last panel and see that itty bitty flame and freak? IT GOES OUT, YOU BUNCHA DERPS! Look at that last panel longer than just “in passing”! Dear God, what is wrong with you people?

    And the rest of you who were all like, “OMG SHES GUNNA BURN DOWN THE CHAPEL!”? There’s even MORE wrong with YOU! The only thing that might catch fire is the pews if the magic had been wild enough. The rest of the building is made out of stone, and the other flammable crap in the basement. Why else would it have survived the siege of Kvatch mostly in-tact?

    tl,dr: The fire on the blanket goes out, and the only thing flammable in that room other than that blanket is pews. Pay attention.

    • Yosah

      Given the history of this comic they have cause for concern. Paranoia will save your life, and your pants.

    • BlueVortex

      The fire isn’t going out? That’s clearly the .gif looping.

      • xKiv

        Yup, it doesn’t go *out*, it goes *up*, like all the other sick burns before.

        • KTB

          yes but none of the other burns did any damage. like the one in the grass by teh read didnt start a forrest fire.

          the fires are obviosly too small to cause any real harm to Katia or anyone else on the earth.

    • Guvernor

      For all this talk about others not paying attention….it starts as one pixel and CATCHES fire…the entire flame vanishes when the gif loops.

      Biggest derp here is you.

      • Vertria

        Okay, I admit, I maaay have been a little rash. Also admit I maaay have been extremely lacking on the sleep side of things. Also admit I maaay have been having… “centering” issues; the world was not in balance with moi.

        As such, disregard previous rant. I am a derp.

  • Carbon



    Put out the blanket.


  • Volchek

    When you hit rock bottom, no matter how big a crater you leave, the only way to go is up.
    You survived the fall, which is more than you could say for a lot of people.
    You’re moving up now, keep up that momentum.
    Also… get that amulet checked out. Just in case.

  • Viddaric

    And thus, the cycle is broken.

  • someone with too much time

    I see the fire on the blanket meaning that the enchantment on the amulet is no longer working, she didnt just overpower it for a little bit, she broke it much like a burned out fuze. Now weither this means she has become very powerful is yet to be seen, the eariler comments about the amulet keeping master wizzards at bay could just also be a referance to its age, it has had many owners and been used alot before she got it, and while in her possesion it was in contant use. I think that katia is special in a diffrent way than most, her magic unintentionally “leaks out” (the random fires being an example) which combined with her birthsign makes it very hard for her to keep any mana she does get. The amulet kinda acted like a plug, allowing her to keep the mana she stored. Consider the amulet to be like a damm holding a large amoumt of water at bay, as more water is added, more and more stress is put on the damm, and much like what happened in the panels, it finally gave way and it all came spilling out.

    Now for my speculation, i think there is something about katia that is also allowing her to regain mana, outside of natural mana regain (that she doesn’t have because of her birthsign) I think because she spent most of her life on empty, that her body acts like a void, or low pressure zone of magic, overtime she has become sensative to the flows of magic, so much so that magic doesn’t have to be targeted at her for her to absorb it, but instead any magic used in the area around her can be partially absorbed as well. This i think is protrayed in her subconcious in a much stronger form when she is drunk, she is physically drawn to places and people who have alot of magic, this doesn’t have much basis, and doesn’t quite fit with the orc she slept with, unless we later learn he knows magic or something. What made me think this though was the reference she made to how she learn a bit of dragon speach. I wonder if she has had a bad habbit of ending up with magical creatures or people of high mana. kinda like a succubus, but instead of just men, she seeks out magic. This is a bit out there, but i have a feeling that her promicusious nature while drunk is gona be partially connected with what makes her unquie.

    so far kaz has done an excelent job in building katia, im really in love with her character progression, and i would hate for her to go from budding mage to some super power master fire mage over night, but i have faith that wont be the case. What i would like to see is katia finally accepting herself, she has a past of regrets and she tried making it all go away with her new identity, but even as much as she tried to change, the things of her past still haunted her. She was right, she isnt katia managan, but she isnt the person she used to be either, she has grown alot and her will is alot stronger than it used to be. I think that the katia managan idenity helped her, it gave her a goal that she wanted to achieve, but it also caused her alot of greif in the form of dissapointment and failed expecatations in herself. Thats why the end of this day she feel so deep into depression, the idenity katia managan was her strength and it was easily torn apart by sigurd. The best way for her to move on and grow is to come to a self relization of who she is and what she can do, because at this point, like i mentioned already, she isnt the person she used to be, but she isnt katia managan either.

    • UnholyD

      Did you forget about the UNICORN with the orc?
      Though I seriously doubt Kaz put that much effort into character creation but, then again, it’s what we in the biz call “foreshadowing”.
      Having said that, yeah.

      • someone with too much time

        Oh! your right there was a unicorn there! In comparison with the quality of the character development, I would’t doubt that Kaz had alot about katia planned out, maybe not from the very beginning, but soon enough to start adding hints in early on.

        I spent some time going back to see when katia last filled her mana and it looked like it was at dinner, sigurd knew katia was low on mana and was an astronarch and still fed her food that would fill her to max. I find this suspicious, although I haven’t been able to put together any reasoning for it :/ Something I did notice was that katia was causing flames at the table when eating, it was over a course of “10 minutes” that we didn’t get to see. It is possible during the 10 minutes she removed the amulet, showed off some magic and then put it back on, but there was no reference made to it.

        One thing I was trying to focus on was Stephane, he had a “i don’t give a fuck” expression for most of the dinner, except for when katia mentioned about joining the guild, but that was also the same time sigrid’s attitude changed. He also got up and walked out of the room when sigrid charmed katia so i’m sure he knows about what she does to people, but I have no idea if he is part of it or is indifferent to it. I’m curious about his role and character in this all, he alerted sigrid about katia and filled her in that she was coming, so he did have a small part in it.

        I think the next major confrontation will be with stephane at the chapel. I not entirely sure he is fully on sigrid’s side though, there was a point where she makes a comment about katia being a better mage than him, and considering his personality, it seems like a rather big insult that he had no reaction to. I think that Sigrid is blackmailing Stephane into helping her, its another speculation, but i think it might be the reason for his grumpy attitude and the reason he took the insult without saying anything at all. To add to that, he is a breton and has increased magic resistance, sigrid probably tried this trick on him as well, and it failed, so she went with a different route and blackmailed him. This leads me to another thought, something stephane said to katia was that if she was someone worth remembering, he would have said something. The “said something” part was italicized and now I think it was because he meant her would have warned her. If she was someone important and not just another face in the crowd, he would have warned them to stay away from the guild. This added to the though that sigrid is blackmailing him, makes me believe that stephane is going to be an ally down the road. He might feel pity seeing katia naked, wet, and cold, wrapped in a blanket on the chapel floor. For everyone else sigrid has scammed, they arnt in as bad of a position as katia was. I think he will take pity on her, its a possibility at least. They did get the book katia wrote in, maybe sigrid or stephane will read it and feel a bit sorry for her.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      I think you on to something here.

      The first time she was drunk in this seris she slept with an orc and a unicorn. she was attractied to this but gaind no magika from the pair. aslo the orc sometimes hold magic items close to his person like the scroll of detect life.

      the second time, she slept with a necromancer. she could have gaind some magika by this encounter, but she was already close to max magika.

      i don’t think she aborbs magika by porxiy to other mages, but she did get magika from sigrid thought the dinner she had with her. she said that the dip they had was made by flax seed and steel blue mushrooms. my go to ingredients for magika potions.

      i think your thoery still holds water. she seems attaracted to high magika sources. we’ve seen her wake up next to magic creatures after a drink, but i think it also applies when she sober. she seems fixcatied on becoming a mage and gravitaes to the mages guilds.

      • someone with too much time

        Yeah I went back and reread that and noticed she did get a refill from the food, I figured my speculation was a bit off :p My initial though was’t that she gained magic though her sexual encounters X3, but just that being near a large source of magic could slowly fill hers. I’m not sure if that has any reasoning since I did miss a few times she filled up, but your right, it does seem like she is attracted to it.

        • foreshight(out-o-character)

          i just remebered. when katia was selling her stuff at the genral goods store she droped what she was doing to talk to stephane. he said he could sence magic users, but didn’t sence katia. it’s possiably the he didn’t sence her because she was low on magika, but he was proabliy had his maxed and katia was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

          • someone with too much time

            yeah just went and read it, he was pretty confident he could tell a mage from someone who wasn’t and that he couldn’t tell that katia was a mage, but then again TES lore seem to define mages from non mages only by skill, a mage is someone who pratices magic regularly, but everyone has the potential to use magic. Although this does tell us that sensing someone’s magic potential is possible in this story, so its a possibility katia can do it as well.

            As to her being drawn to him, she did kinda assert herself toward him, but then again in that part of the story she was going crazy meeting everyone she could. I think the question is was she more assertive toward him than she was toward others, and I think she was.

            If you look above this post, i replied to another post and kinda gave all my thoughts about stephane, I think he will come around to help katia at some point in the story.

  • allion

    im very happy that katia finally did something good for herself but did anyone notice that after she goes rage mode there are small yellow pieces laying on the ground? i think those might actually be pieces of the amulet… that would explain how the blanket caught on fire without her even thinking about it. If she did actually manage to break it, HOLY SHIT! Silence is suppose to block 100% of all outgoing magic. She actually not only managed to over power the amulet and cast a powerful spell but shatter the amulet in the process! there’s alot more to her than meets the eye :3

  • Nilithius

    You should rest and meditate on what you’ve learned.

  • Remycatman

    now more new ones? ๐Ÿ™ and i was getting in to this ๐Ÿ™

  • Voice of Treason

    If Katia DOES have the ability to passively absorb and secrete mana, she’s a valuable asset as a ‘sponge’ adventurer. Any time the guild wants to find a wizard, she could just go bloodhound on a magic trail and find the target.

  • Batzarro

    I think what actually overpowered the amulet wasn’t rage, but the massive surge of self confidence brought on by taking on her greatest enemy. The face and motion that she makes in panel 6 doesn’t seem like one of rage to me, but more like what you would do after beating Contra on Hard w/o using the Konami code.

    So maybe the true path to more power for her isn’t in cat puns, but simply believing. Hell maybe even something as corny as positive emotions causing greater power than negative ones caused by bad puns, you know light being stronger than dark and all that.

    • andwhyisit

      I disagree. The fact that she has to bait herself with cat puns, of which she personally dislikes, to produce magic, then to see the amulet overpowered in an act of pure blind rage, then earlier how she took on Sigrid’s door after being robbed with only one cat pun, it is clear to see that Katia’s fire magic reacts to certain negative emotions. When it comes to emotions Katia doesn’t do things half way, which would explain why she needs an amulet to stop setting things on fire.

      • Name

        What if.. positive emotions gives Restoration Magic?

        • Lopus Etterie


        • andwhyisit

          Doubtful as this has only been shown to apply to Katia’s fire magic. I’d suggest it’s a problem with Katia’s own subconscious automatically triggering the fire magic without any direction or focus when she experiences said emotions.

  • Woolytop

    Well, destruction magic IS powered by will. I think this man’s got it.

    • KTB

      Dude thats a chick… not a man… becouse she has breasts and most guys dont…

      But seriosly thats a chick…

  • Othoniel

    wait just a second, did she just make fire with the amulet… Ok, now she is a wizard, congrats… Things were fine, then went to the bottom, its seems that cannot be more below so its becaming to increase again congratz Katia.

  • tech

    Sanguine: Become angry with this fuzzy worm for wasting your precious amber bounty and not appreciating the hilarious pranks you pulled on her while she was sauced.

  • Anon

    >spark on bottom right
    oh god I hope this isn’t the reason kvatch burns down

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Yo Kaz

    Thanks for setting up a storyline with a genuinely visceral catharsis. This has been a very carefully constructed arc in character development — you’ve done a great job in keeping us interested in Katia, and in building a logical and believable progression from her start to where she is now.

    So, thanks very much for taking the time and energy to put all this together — writing, flat panels, animations, flash games, and all. There’s a ton of work that goes into all of those — and considering you’re not drawing income from this venture, it’s all a labor of love. That fact shows in the final product. Great job.

  • Just realized something. Anyone remember how Katiah absorbs magika? And how she was recently put under a very heavy and skillfully casted charm spell? I believe that may explain the sudden gush of power. wvwn the fact that she broke the charm so soon may be a result of that. Then again, who knows? She’s Katiah Managan. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      you i’ve been thinking that it’s not realy a charm spell that sigird used. think about it, she used a perfurme bottle on her self then katia gave all of her stuff. if there was a charm in that perfume won’t you need to spray the target to charm them not your self.even if a charm spell could be used in the perfurme won’t sgird be under the same effet as katia and sustible to katia’s controls. i think what actualy happend is that sigrid didn’t use a charm spell, but fortifiy mercanttile(I.E barter)

      • She IS an extraordinary alchemist (at least it seems that way), that could be it… An incredibly strong fortify mercantile could be used to convince someone that everything they owned (in this case, not all that much) was worth becoming a mage, especially seeing as Katia really REALLY wanted to be a mage. On the other hand, Sigrid asked for a generous donation, not payment. I’m not sure if that could still work with a mercantile enhancing brew…

  • Cyph

    fire and amulet aside I’m just amazed and proud that she didn’t partake of the bottles contents

  • Oh crap; the cat’s out of the bag now!

  • Lopus Etterie

    Katia F. Managan: Certified Badass Khajit.

  • TurnerClassicNinja

    Katia: Smell burning fur coming from your tail.

  • Loth

    You fucked that bottle up slutcat.

  • Zorpike

    You are now the small fire on the blanket.

    You extinguish yourself.

    • I bet dog puns will trigger ice spells

      • The Hourglass

        Hey Murder, go kill something.
        Otherwise, gp.

  • Dousiq

    Good girl-
    Wait how the fuck did you do that without taking off the amulet? AND NO CAT PUNS EITHER! OH MAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

    • Vlad

      Damn, yo. Clearly Katia has Leveled Up, and not in a way that complies with the way TES: Oblivion works for player characters.

      She has tapped into that mythical vein of vague yet magnificent power: The Narrative Arc.

      Who knows where this path may lead?

      • Zerithos

        The. Fucking. Impaler.

  • Ransom

    Side note: Cool lighting effects on the ‘burn the alcohol’ panel.

  • ChasingWagons

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    • Mr. Dumbass

      Someone get this man a Prozac.

      • ChasingWagons

        The hilarious part? I’m fourteen.

        • The Hourglass

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  • ChasingWagons

    Excuse me, when I wrote “F***” (fifth line, second censor), I meant for it to be past tense, so that would be “F*****”.

    • wolf

      That’s the fourth line.

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        There’s always a grammer nazi or a fact checker somewhere. might as well be on a forum with no spell check.

        • Your “might” should be capitalized.

          Lol jk.

          But we ARE Kazerad’s proofreader, if you look at the earlier updates’ comments.

          • foreshight(out-o-character)


      • ChasingWagons

        Well, on my f***** (excuse me, f******) screen, it’s on the FIFTH line. I don’t know if it’s somehow different on your screen, but on mine, I counted FIVE LINES.

        • wolf

          On my screen, the first words of each line are H***, KATIA, M*****F******, FLAMMABLE [this is the line with the expletive you corrected], ON, fire, and SHE.

  • ChasingWagons

    P.S. Delicious (<–username), comment 135, hilarious.

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  • ChasingWagons

    P.P.S. I love that how, even though she is wearing painted-on panties, she has NO camel-toe!

    • um

      Her nipples aren’t showing through her painted-on bra either, I think it’s just for censorship purr-poses.
      Also people are sensitive so they’d yell OMG NUUUUDEZ 18+ COMIC OMG PORN if they saw the slightest amount of nudity (yet Katia acting deliciously slutty (mmff) is still fine).

      • Wolfe

        Well I’m no expert I think another part of it might have been that traditionally in games where you can strip your equipment down right down to your undies, you can’t ever take off those undies. Plus nine times out of then they DO seem like they’re painted on rather then a separate layer (WoW anyone?). Thus the entire pun about painted underwear she can never ever take off.

        • TheTurnipKing

          That’s exactly it. The painted on underwear happens to look like the default underwear from Oblivion.

  • Jack

    I just noticed that the blanket is on fire. OH LORD PUT IT OUT KATIA.

  • Silphias

    I’m not a fan of admitting this, but I legitimately teared up when Katia threw the bottle down. This is quite possibly her next real step in getting through her addiction, and it just really struck a cord with me.

    And you go girl, lookit dem powers

  • dood

    Hello Kvatch Fire! How nice to make your acquaintance!

  • Monoui

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    THEN we’ll have problems.

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    just started reading this 2 days ago, somewhere around that. can’t believe i got through all of that lol… also showed it to a few friends (from the first page of course). this is some fantastic work you have here, kazerad. i am really excited to see the next update.

  • Willhelm

    Hey! Bad kitty! She was supposed to entertain us with morning after hungover shenanigans!

  • Voice of Sheogorath

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    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      tehcnicly, mead is classified as a wine. both are fermeinted. the only differance is that most wines are made with grapes and mead is made with honey.

      • Zerithos

        Whack over the head with a cheese wheel. Sheo doesn’t need you, Lord Foreshadow, Baldur’s Gate is screwed enough already.
        Wait no the intestines haven’t come out yet.

  • ddbvvvvvvvv

    And finally the author shows some signs of making the story all dynamic and shit instead of so blatantly rinse and repeat.
    Hell yes.

  • Notere

    No one figured it out? No one? Her Destruction skill is 100 or more. Simple as that. But her Willpower is either continuously debuffed by life or murderously low in the first place. Short version? If she has more willpower, she becomes an unstoppable ball of meowing fiery doom.

    The cat pun fires? Defensive twitches. The most basic of fight or flight. Lashing out as she’s emotionally hurt in a very particular way. A reflex arc, as it were.

  • Smoky

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  • MrMaigo

    She’s drunk and that’s what she thinks happened. So sad.

    • Relem

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  • Wolfe

    I only now just realized something rather significant here. Not the fact she did it with the amulet on like a few people have commented; but the fact that she did it without a cat burn in sight! I suppose her temper did get rather “heated” however.

  • stupidjellyfish

    I love how victorious she looks when she burns the alcohol. Such an outstanding character.

  • Shadowpelt

    So far I kind of liked this story. But if she fails to get her stuff back thats it. I quit. I refuse to read a story with no happy ending. Real life is trajic enough I want Katia to meat up with fun and difficult challenges but she has to overcome them. Good always wins in the end. I can relate to failure so I want to see her rise above it. Katia is a symble of hope. hope that a lonly friendless, abused kajjit can start over and become a hero. because…because SOMETIMES WE ALL NEED A HERO!!!
    Its not over KATIA MANAGAN YOU CAN AND WILL GET YOUR THINGS BACK IN THE END AND DELIVER YOUR PACKAGE TO YOUR FREIND. Katia if you have the willpower to throw down alcohol in the face of utter failure and to keep on trying when all seems to fail then you have it in you to make things right. “The night is darkest just before dawn.”

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      i want to see katia win too, but remember this is a perquel to oblivion. at the end she will be in the imperal prison. she’ll get out and, for some reason, have the charges for whatever she’s done droped, but she will be arrested.

      Now that i think about it, “Someone with too much time” said that stephane might be being blackmailed into sigrid service. what if sigrid will blackmail katia, but she refuses?

      • Shadowpelt

        Then the author shoud write a sequel. Starting at the same part where the game begines and do the story of how Katia saves the world from oblivion. I hope her story never ends I love her.

    • Shoushin

      Even if she doesn’t get her stuff back, why would that be the ending? and btw, good doesn’t always win in the end. Not in real life anyway, and thats what i love about this comic: It’s a realistic story.

  • lolwut

    Don’t worry, Katia. At least in my game of Oblivion, Sigrid gets owned by a Scamp and a Flame Atronach. I fucking cheered and debated doing a retarded dance in celebration.

  • Zachert45

    Wait, a question here, how did katia lose the quest item (letter) in the first place, quest items cannot be removed from your inventory unless certain conditions are meet, and I don’t think they have been meet yet, unless it being taken away was part of the current quest.

    • PedanticButPolite

      Her inventory is imaginary, with the sole purpose of helping her remember things. In this entire adventure, there has not been a single instance of anyone interacting with gaming abstractions.

  • SomeReader

    I don’t understand. We’ve seen this manic cycle happen at least once before, possibly even twice. Katia’s naivety and bubbly willingness to blindly trust others get her in over her head, and she ends up sliding into a dark place. At her darkest hour it’s revealed she has a magical ability she wasn’t previously aware of.

    This isn’t significant story progression. We’ve already seen that she has this pyrotechnic ability before, and the fact that she’s able to overcome her amulet isn’t significantly different in character to warrant the same arc happening again. Perhaps it’s a result of the unpredictability of CYOA-style comics, or perhaps the author realized that the previous reveal of her ability happened in an inconvenient setting, but I think the story needs to move away from this plot point and develop more fully.

    Personally, what I would’ve liked to have seen is a combination of three things: 1. Don’t pull any punches with Katia’s depression. She should’ve contemplated suicide and chosen, in a moment of dark conviction, to get dangerously drunk (without using the zoom-into-the-fireplace trick). 2. During our first time seeing her drunk we would’ve realized she has the ability to be a powerful wizard. It wouldn’t be the casting of a fireball in yet another moment of anger, but the fluent use of low level magic once the drink frees her from the layers of guilt and shame that she carries around as baggage. 3. We’ve seen the height of her mania, but not the depths of her depression. Suffering through an unapologetic bender would’ve been deeply cathartic.

    That’s all in the past, however. Going forward, I think what would be good for the story is unabashed plot and character progression. Katia, having been at her lowest point just now, should enjoy a honeymoon period where she is freed from her guilt, shame, and self-loathing. She could tear off her amulet in a fit of excited, wanton abandon and besiege Sigrid’s guild with fireballs. Katia might be so lost in her excitement that she completely fails to realize that the town itself is on fire. The story for the near future could revolve around the question of whether or not she caused the deadly blaze, and it could be revealed, for example, that the besieged, master manipulator Sigril, having recognized that Katia stands a chance at actually destroying her guild, snuck out and set the rest of the town on fire in an attempt to publicly blame Katia after the fact. After all, Katia would accept this blame with her attitude of familiar downtrodden-ness, and only through a zeal for justice from her law-upholding Guard friend (and maybe some luck by way of the Orc meeting Sigrid) would she reveal the truth, overthrow Sigrid, and find herself in the unenviable-but-comedic position of setting up a brand new mages’ guild in post-fire Kvatch, without having spent a single day “properly” learning how to be a wizard.

    • Snow_cat.

      And I respectfully rebuff your assertion as being un-necessairly cliche.

      People like patterns, and premutations on patterns, which is what we are watching here.

  • kind of nervous about this…

    Hey quick question for anyone who can help with this, i have never played oblivion (though i am looking for a copy after reading this) and i have heard recently that katia ends up dead or in jail. I have yet to find any proof on the internet that this will happen. What are people basing these comments off of. I have to know if this comic is going to get worse. Cause i’d rather not stick around if it’s not gonna get better at some point. : /

    • k9mouse

      This is how oblivion starts, (and all TES games, but skyrim) — We really don’t know for sure, but if she is the hero of oblivion, she has to be in jail….


      Katia is really the adorning fan that follows the hero around in oblivion… LOL

      • KTB

        Just wait one minute!

        You do start as a prisoner in Skyrim, you were trying to escape skyrim and all the stuff happening (according to the horse thief in the cart in the baggining) when the stormclaks and impereals got into a fight and you just got caught in the frey and we taken PRISONER just like in every other ES game. The only difference is that you (as far as the player knows) is that you didn’t do anything wrong in the beggining.

        So technichly you are an inocent bistander taken as a POW. But last time I checked thats just a form of prisonership

    • Ger

      In TES games your created character starts off in jail for unspecified reasons. Some people got the idea that Katia is actually the protagonist before the events of the game (hence prequel). Dunno about the dead part.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      i’m sorry to say, but the beging of oblivion takes place in the imerpal prison. we are never told what crime we commeded in game, but the world just seem to forget that you where in jail. in the prison, the empoior tries to escape though a secret door that leads though the cell the palyer starts the game in.

      i’m not trying to bash any of these comments, i realy do like this series and want to see the highs and lows. i do see that this story is going to get better at this point, even Kaz has a heart, but i’m just going on what i’ve played in obivion. And who’s to say katia goes to jail for a crime she commited. the way i see it she may be framed by sigrid or go to jail in place of a friend.

      I don’t want to sacir anyone off, but this story is about the journey and not it’s destination. at this storys end i see katia become a capable adventurer and getting over the fear that has pleaged her entire life. remeber, this series is called “Perquel”. even with all this happened and will happen, we know she’ll perisver.

    • kind of nervous about this…

      Huh never heard that theroy. Well i have been through it this long, no point in leaving now. All i can hope is that when prequel does reach its end kaz decides to keep going with it somehow. Thanks for the help. I gotta get oblivion lol.

    • andwhyisit

      Prequel starts about a year before oblivion, hence the name Prequel. However a few people have assumed that Katia will become the Oblivion player character, and therefore assumed that Katia, like the Oblivion player character, would be in jail. This is all pure speculation of course.

      • someone with too much time

        I don’t believe that at all, mostly because of the flash game we played where there was mythic dawn members outside of the town already, I doubt they chilled out and camped in front of the gate for a year before the town burned down. They did say they were early, but a week or at most a month seems more logical, hell it could have even been a night or two early. Although if katia is the oblivion hero and the town is only a day or two from burning down, then prequel is probably nearing completion,

        • Neuro

          I highly doubt Katia is the Oblivion protagonist. A story’s prequel does not have to star the main character, who was supposed to be ambiguous anyway which is another reason it isn’t her.

        • Shoushin

          The mythic dawn member even specifically said he was a week early

  • Cuddly Grizzly

    Is her amulet on the fritz or something? I can’t wait for the next update to find out what’s going on!

  • Some guy

    Be the amulet

  • someone with too much time

    To add my thoughts on weither or not katia is the oblivion hero or not, i’d have to say that I personally don’t want her to be the hero, but I think there is a pretty good chance she will be. Mostly because of her nightmares, very blank set of skills, and that she is still new to the area. The emperor tells you at the start of the game that he knows you from his dreams, and in katia’s dreams the royal figure looks like the emperor from the game. There is a deadric lord that rules over dreams (can’t remeber name) and i’m sure that there is a good reason he/she is giving katia these nightmares. I believe the other idea about katia dieing is that people think the nightmares are because katia isnt the oblivion hero, but instead the mythic dawn member who kills the emperor, who then dies a little bit afterward.

    Both theories have some basis, but I personally would like to see katia’s story be her own, a prequel doesn’t have to have the same main character as the orginal, nor does the character have to play major roles in both.

    • charles

      the deadric lord who gives nightmares is Vaermina, and she/it gives nightmares when she sneaks into your head to steal (eat?, collect?) people memories/thoughts. So if Vaermina is giving Katia nightmares for a reason, its not a good thing… So deadric prince wise I don’t think it has connection to the story of Oblivion, but if its a different cause of the nightmares then maybe.

      • stupidjellyfish

        She can’t be the champion. If you meet Quill-Weave in Anvil, she won’t know who you are. She’ll just treat you like some random stranger.

        • someone with too much time

          When story jumping from fan content to official content, little things like that are usually dropped. You have to remember that prequel isn’t an official TES story. In the game they don’t talk about your past and let you design any character you want, its kinda up to you to make up their background. Its intentional that they make it so no character recognized you, because if they did it would forever be part of the character’s lore, it would make the character you made less personal. Plus its something that can still be fixed at this point. Remember that katia is used to have long hair and that it was all cut off? maybe by the time she becomes the oblivion hero it will have grown back. Also you can use racism to your advantage here, to any other race all khajiit probably look the same.

      • someone with too much time

        well alot of the deadric lords have their own agendas, I guess “good reason” was a improper way to put it, but instead a significant reason. Its hard to peg some of the lords down as good or evil, like sheogorath who actually lords over more than just madness, he also lords over art, music and entertainment. He doesn’t care for good or for evil, he just wants things to be exciting!

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      I was woundering about the nature of katia’s dreams about the emperor. This is going to consider katia being the player character, but please keep with me. Katia said that she has the same dream ever night ever since she was a child. My question is, how long has the emperor seen katia in his dreams? If the emperor has had dreams about katia ever since katia was born, it could mean that the two very natures and presence have effects on eachother or have a possiable conection. I also want to know if the emperor’s dreams are nightmares like katia’s.

      so far i can think of a few posiable ansewrs to these questions, but want to know other opions. my guess are that 1.) these dreams are the result of to dragonborn bloodlines living relatively in the same time. 2.) the mythic dawn trying to push katia to kill the emperor by plaging her dreams with his image. 3.) Vaermina stealing meroies from katia(which would explain why katia’s skills are so low.) and the emperor dreams being just his perminations of whats to come.

  • KTB

    This a a little odd of a question, but would Katia’s name be if she were a dude?

    • k9mouse

      why do u ask?

      • KTB

        I personaly have no idea just one of those random thing that come to mind. my mind tends to wonder and i think about tha first thing that comes to mind when im suposed to be listening to some about a boring subject.

    • Loth


    • Sparrows

      Leon? Lionel?

      I kinda like the sound of those, to be honest.

      • andwhyisit


    • xKiv


      a) tomcat
      b) tom & jerry
      c) tom from rubyquest

  • someone with too much time

    1.Amulet is possible evidence of murder, it was given to katia to “get some new fingerprints on it”
    2.Zarasha, possible mage friend, at least the guy said he thought they would get along (she has major pull)
    3.Mage guilds hand out new robes like candy at halloween
    4.katia had had “some bad experiences in the past and donโ€™t ever plan on dealing with Daedra again”
    5.She is curious if she fucked the skeleton or unicorn and make a reference about it being like “that one time”
    6.”Some legends do speak of heroes whose fates were unwritten. Their destinies were said to be ambiguous even to the gods, who could only respond to the heroesโ€™ actions โ€“ or attempt to guide them with no guarantee of success. ” To support my claim about the deadra giving her the nightmares for a reason.
    7.”your eye gushes blood and you canโ€™t see out of it for a month” katia’s eye is gona be like this for awhile.
    8.”You were kind of worried about staying at the chapel, you explain, since youโ€™ve never been very good at sleeping on hard surfaces and it also would have been easy for someone to steal your amulet. If you lost that in the night, you might have accidentally burned down the chapel or something. That would be awful!” quote from earlier
    9.Welkynd stone kitty is still wander around!

    Random post with random stuff pulled from earlier pages, stuff to help support ideas I have mentioned and insight as things to happen next.

    • k9mouse

      Comment about point 7

      That might be true for body healing itself, but with magic, it can be heal in seconds (assuming the healer knows what (s)he is doing…) two eyes are cuter then one eye and a patch .. IMHO..

      • Graknorke

        Also on point 1, the puppy soul even went on a little exposition about the levitation and shield etc spells it had blocked.

        Also an eye and an eyepatch are so much better than two eyes.

  • Will

    When I saw that third panel, I wanted to jump through my computer screen and hug her. Hug her so tight and praise her and call her brave and everything.


    • Thornclaw

      seconded. <3

  • BlackVolk

    Nice job Katia, now to get those mage sons of witches who stole your belongings.

  • Tri-Twist

    I am so proud of you. Even though you may potentially start a church-fire.

    • lp

      Church fires are a great source of cheap pianos!

  • Gavinfoxx

    Uhhh…. the submit commands thread got closed…

    I wanted to comment that how a ‘blessing’ from Sanguine about how Katia, whenever she drinks anything at all, gets into zany, terrible, and embarrassing adventures… really makes quite a bit of sense. Maybe she should consider taking some steps to appease Sanguine (generally by finding a way to amuse him, or pranking in his name, or something) so he lifts the ‘blessing’ on her of hilariously low alcohol tolerance for the amount of alcohol she has consumed, as well as her propensity to get into trouble when drunk beyond that of normal folk? As a long term goal, I mean. There is a shrine to Sanguine very very near Kvatch, even! She should go bring the nicest alcoholic drink she can find to it and, having composed a nice speach to him, ask him very nicely to remove the blessing-slash-curse she has with alcohol.

    • Gavinfoxx

      Okay maybe it isn’t NEAR Kvatch… but it’s not crazy far from kvatch…

  • theplunderking

    damn shes sober. don`t get me wrong i`m happy she didn’t drink. actually ecstatic. but maybe she should go find the priest cause when she goes to sleep 0_o. she’s gonna have the dream with the king and it might be in her best interest to get that help she was going to ask for about this before it dismembers her again. plus it sucks when you have a nightmare when your alone and for her shes in a dark stone basement alone. it’s gonna turn into the fun house from h***.

  • Pogiforce

    Oh wow! totally against expectations! Way to break the cycle girl! Woo!

  • lu bu

    Oh no! Her blanket is on fire!

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Admins: Watch out, the comment systems appears to have run amok — apparently it’s duplicating historical posts in the early thread pages.

    • Kazerad

      Bah, crap, you’re right. Apparently it was unthreading the comments and displaying them again and again and again. A bit later I’ll look for a better comment pagination plugin.

      • 123

        i cant post commands

        • Kazerad

          Check the first post of the command thread; I’ve been trying something new to cut back on spam a bit, opening the thread immediately after an update and closing it a couple days later.

          • eternity08

            At least one good thing will come out of this.
            By comparing the day the last comment was posted (also known as the day you closed the thread [Since people will never stop posting, ever]) to the day the next update comes out, the aggregate interval time between the two times will give us an approximate time for how long it takes you to create an update!

          • Trance



  • Lexior

    Things aren’t too hot right now (no pun intended), but you are definitely improving. No one can take that away from you.

  • ChasingWagons

    Nice story telling. The bottle-breaking was unexpected, sure, but it was kind of boring (WAIT, just listen). But then Katia blew it up with super fire abilities, which made it unboring.

  • Ikato Da Aneko

    Good girl

  • Kimahri_the-Kajhit

    You ARE Katia Managan! Could that dirty slut use magic? Did that dirty slut have enough confidence to face a countess at a dinner? NO! Yes, that dirty slut may have fucked up and lost everything like you did, but you did something she could have never done: turned down alcohol. You’re doing this right, Katia. You get knocked down, but get back up. We’re all proud of you, so keep going strong. You may be knocked down, but not out forever. Show that dirty slut just who Katia Managan is!

    • Thornclaw

      Come on, Katia! You ARE a Khajiiti! (That means seconded.)

    • theplunderking

      i still fail to see how katia is classified as a slut. sluts are people who openly go around advertising sex to anyone who will go near them. katia is good spirited and has class… when she is sober. when you are drunk you are not legal able to consent to sex. which technically makes katia a reoccurring rape victim. I look at her as the victim to a life caused by an unsporting family and night terrors. not as a slutty whore who can`t do anything right. most of her failures have not even been her fault (getting robbed on the road by the duch bag ork, sigrid stealing her things). these problems could give the main protagonist of some of the elder scroll games trouble. someone with ultimate power at their fingertips, poor katia is just entering a life as a hero and has problems that could stunt a grown adventurer

  • Trevor

    and so the cycle of waiting begins again

  • Deangela

    Katia Managan todur streaay you have proven your strength: it takes one hell of a lot of courage to break an addiction and you have done it all by yourself. Pat yourself on the back get the delivery taken care of and worry about getting that good for nothing Sigrid later, when you become an official mage (and are given a key that grants access to all guilds)

    oh btw watch for withdrawal symptoms, might want to ask someone in the chapel for a pain reliever

    • Deangela

      todur streaay opps i ment today….my keyboard is a bit derpy

  • TheManeKhajiit

    If I was her I’d wait until that mage unlocks her window and use my climbing skills to climb into the guild. and get my shit back…and take all the shiney’s as well…P.S. make a distraction…you should be pretty damn good at that…”Yo-yo Pineapple” *nudge* *nudge*

  • Mythic Dawn

    Dawn is coming.
    Greet the new day.

    • k9mouse

      Does she like good or extra good in *her* new red robes with a cool looking mask?

  • LatentMisanthrope

    >to do list:
    >Scrutinize why the Obvious Vampire left,
    >Seek out the obvious vampire,
    > apologize/ offer blood,
    >contract Vampirism,
    > with aggregate (vampire) powers punish the Lawless and earn your retribution,
    >Profit. (this sets up a questline to cure Vampirism aswell)

  • Dagoth Purr

    Will the next update be a flash game that lets you play as a scamp or clannfear fucking up Kvatch?

    or even better….


  • ReasonablyBentTruth

    Firstly: put that out.

    Secondly: while it appears that Sigrid was being a horrible con artist she in fact taught you a valuable lesson about magic.
    Magic hurts people, in ways you didn’t even think of.
    Sure she could just tell you that but then it wouldn’t be a lesson learned. Here you are distressed and desperate, the victim of magic. This is so you think twice about using magic to your own ends, before you make more victims.
    She taught you an important lesson about responsibility with a simple charm spell.

    Thirdly: I said put that out

    Finally: a plan, remember she has a guild to maintain face for.
    In the morning explain this lesson you learned to her, loudly and apologetically explain how you see the damage that magic can do. Even how you will strive to only good with what you learn.
    At best she was testing you and this was the lesson.
    At worst she was being a bitch, but will need to play this down so she doesn’t get a bad reputation, I’m sure if she handed your stuff back you could tell people you failed some of the other entry tests but learned valuable lessons at her guild.

    • reasonable outlook

      … i think kaz just made fun of that idea, like an update ago. so umm do we really think it`s gonna happen like that seeing how stupid kaz made it look? she might get her stuff back by some divine stroke of luck. but its unlikely, and if it does than you can bet sigrid won`t be happy with it.

      • reasonable outlook

        and if people were gonna give her trouble she would just use the spray crap again. the only reason katia snapped out of it was because every “voice in her head” explained to her that sigrid was a b****

  • K’helt

    She definitely destroyed that Puppies Soul, you can see the amulet sparking everywhere when she makes that flame.

  • Ransom

    I’m not too sad if she destroyed the amulet. Finally, the puppy’s soul is free to rest.

  • Tormuse

    My reactions:

    Holy crap! She did it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Holy crap! Her amulet was still on! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    This is such a huge pay-off to all the build-up from the previous page that I can’t help but cheer inside. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Katia! WOOO! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Loth

      The previous page. We have been waiting for this for the past few chapters.

      • trololololo!

        lol you spelled month wrong >:P

        • Zerithos


  • lizard

    This is going to be catastrophic.


    I hope she blows up kvatch and fucks up sigrid

  • Ordinal Chaos

    Katia march on back to the mages guild and use your new found magical strength to knock that door down and get your stuff back

  • Bob irefusetogiveyoumypersonalinformation

    Wow, my first reaction to two things: the comic, and the fact that it takes me 5 minutes to scroll this entire page of comments. Maybe I should stop reading this on my IPod.

    • time to troll

      I used to use my iPod to read this like you… then i took an arrow to the… wait that’s not right : /. oh wait I got it! I learned you need flash to see some of the videos and games in the update

      • Bob irefusetogiveyoumypersonalinformation

        touchรฉ. By the way, the arrow to the knee was probably a reference to a book called “The Belgarion”. In the book (well more so series, duee to the fact that it’s an epic) in one of the books there is a guard who says that line.

        I just made a small paragraph about the arrow to the knee joke.

        I need a life.

        • xKiv

          You mean “due to the fact that it’s written by David Eddings”.

        • time to troll

          but if we all had lives we might not have found this web comic. pretty good trade off i guess : /

  • theplunderking

    I am just as excited as you are that she turned down the drink but there are a number of things that we would have to deal with first. we need a plan.

    1.) How to break down the door without magic, or find a more legal way in. astoil would kill her (maybe literally)
    2.) Katia can easily be overpowered by the spray again if we don`t find a way to deal with that
    3.) Kaz told someone that one of her statements was a lie. are we so sure the lie was that Sigrid could kill Katia sitting down?
    4.) Katia could fail and end up on the other side of the door with the blood stain… yikes!
    5.) Katia will never succeed unless Kaz “the god of prequel” decides she will
    6.) lets not forget that Katia is making her own decisions for a while so we have little influence on her actions : /

    7.) astoil is a loyal follower of sigrid, kaz has been preparing for this, *quote* “You remark that Sigrid certainly sounds like a veryโ€ฆ interesting lady. How long have you had feelings for her? Feelings? Asotil says he didnโ€™t mean he was in love with her. That stuff about her being the most amazing woman in the world was a statement of fact, not endearment. Heโ€™s only ever met her once, when he was filing his Justice Report with the Count.”

    at the same time I feel that she SHOULD try to get her stuff back. after all Quill-Weave is pretty smart, most of the time. *Quote*”there is a difference between playing it safe and never trying because youโ€™re afraid youโ€™ll mess up”

    p.s. she has been awake sense she got here. a nights sleep may help alot, but only if the priest is there to run damage control on her imminent nightmare. that could deal some real damage to her new outlook on life if she doesn’t prepare for it tonight…

    Gotta do your homework on this before making a decision. it can end in disaster if you don`t. let`s not get Katia killed okay? 0_o

    • theplunderking

      note: on the oblivivon wiki sigrid has a higher magica pool than common npc’s and is listed as a leveled spell user, so i’m leaning towards she can kill katia. just a little more info to reflect on : /

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      in respone to your first few problems that need solving.
      1) why not say we have another “donation” to give Sigrid. If Katia looks lke she has something worth stealing she’ll let her in.
      2) When the door is open, send in someone to search the place while Katia speaks with Sigrid.If this person is stealthy, then he/she can witness what happens with the spray and report sigrid to the garuds for forceing someone to sign an egrement aginst thier will. Even if they both lose their stuff this trird party can report what he/she finds.
      3) what theplunderking said.
      4) hey, you just gave me an idea on what the trid party has to report.
      7) your on your own

  • stupidjellyfish

    Page-scrolling-technology. FUCK YEAH!

  • Even now there is still hope left in man.

    > Katia : LIGHT UP THE NIGHT

  • ChetBetera

    3 Things about the new comment system.

    Thing 1. The number of the comments per page seems okay. Although the nesting of comments within each other may make the length of pages vary like hell.

    Thing 2. I’ve noticed that after a certain amount of pages (around 27/28) the page navigation just breaks down. See this page for an example.

    Thing 3. Also, the comment number resets to 1 upon each new page. Not sure what to make of that. We might need to continue a conversation from a previous page, and the comment number might help in this regard.

    Thing 4. That is all.

  • faren455

    Please tell me that little flame isn’t gonna burn down the chapel… =.= *eyes flame*

    • ChetBetera

      The Church is made of stone.
      That is all.

    • Tavril

      If Katia burns down a Chapel with a Tiny Flame like that then I would be impressed…..though something tells me she will kill it soon.

      And yes I decided to read Comments after my first one. =w=

  • Tavril

    Wow…..GO KATIA!!!!

  • Hey All You People-

    It’s not so ridiculous that her amulet stopped working. You’ve all played the game this crap is based on, you remember- Magical items stop working once they run outta juice. You’ve got to recharge them too, soulgems and all that.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      true, but armor, clothes,and jewerlry don’t run out of juice. only weapons run out of charge

    • The riddler

      hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won’t you listen to meeeeeeeee! Ive just had a sandwich, no ordinary sandwich! A sandwich filled with jellyfish jelly! Hey man, you got to try this sandwic, no ordinary sandwich it’s the best sandwich in Thea sea!!!! …(cricket)…. Sorry I couldn’t resist a setup like that…

      But seriously, that is a bit of a stretch for the story, the most you can give is that kaz hit a wall of serious writers block and was inevitably forced to chose either the forbbiden drink, or give a big middle finger to the laws of physics… Seeing as the second choice is kind of my catch frase, I got to go with the ladder

  • Ransom

    I’m way too invested in seeing what happens next given that I’m getting married this weekend. But here I am, refreshing every hour or so on my phone.

    • theplunderking

      congrats on getting married! hope you two are happy together : )

      • Ransom


  • ILoveItLoud

    I find it funny Kaze purposely avoids any direct address comments.

    • andwhyisit

      Yep that Kaze moves like the wind. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Kazerad

      By responding to this comment, which does not directly address me, I have supported your theory I guess?

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Ha! So no one can directly summon Kazerad to participate in a conversation, yet invoking his name is like a word of power, inviting his attention. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • SuperGnome

    Wow… and that was without any cat burns. Made the amulet dance quite a bit to, maybe you should check it, make sure it’s not cracked or anything, and forget the fact that maybe your just a little bit dangerous right now… even with the amulet on. You know what? I think you need some fish. Fuck the cat puns, go back to that well, and pour all your hatred for mead into the fiercest set-shit-on-fire spell you can come up with!

    • Cyph

      I like this idea.

    • theplunderking

      go back and fix the situation from were it fell apart. not a bad idea! it would show some actual progress and character progression : ) we need more thinkers like you on the sight than maybe we won`t end up stuck in these situations. and even if we do we can guide her out of them

  • Johnny the Hedgehog

    Now that I finally managed to reach the most recent page… I have no idea what to suggest her since she just destroyed the bottle…

    Maybe that would be the test for the guild to figure if you’d quit alcoholism or some crap… Ah, who am I kidding?

  • Infinity_Warrior

    Well, well. Katia. It seems you’re on a bit on a life roller coaster. You’ve gone up and down, and all around. But put it this way. In your dark hour here, you’ve shown a smudge of light by not drinking the alcohol. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Keep on going! You didn’t stop before, and setting a bottle of alcohol on fire, with the amulet on, won’t stop you now!

    Oh, one more thing. Alcohol isn’t always flammable, but worry about the blanket. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • DooM

    “YOL” she scream… Katia is the Dragonborn!

  • Bill

    seriously, why cant you just meet me in Kvatch? I’m wearing frigging daedric armor how do you not see me DX

  • Chris Nemo

    The animation in the image of Katia lighting the booze on fire doesn’t loop on the page, but it does when you load the image in a new window. I don’t know if this was intentional and/or if it’s already been brought to your attention or not, but I’d rather not read through 11 pages of comments+replies to check.

    • Kazerad

      What browser are you using? I’ve noticed random GIF looping problems in Chrome sometimes, but haven’t been able to replicate it in anything else yet. Usually a reload will clear it up.

      • Chris Nemo

        I tried reloading at the time of making the comment, to no avail. I use Chrome, and… it seems to loop normally now? Go figure. =/

  • ocylith


    Just something funny that I’ve noticed whilst re-reading the comic. On this page, when Katia investigates the ballgag she instead tells us that it’s “clearly a Pendant of Silence”!

    Kudos to you, Kazerad.

  • Scootanon

    another cold month in the Update Desert…

  • Elosan

    I want to hug her now because I feel proud of her yay!

  • Dalicris

    this uuh, game?(ir what was all this called) is pure magic and quality, and absolutely takes ones mind over and makes him feel for it, and

    my heart stopped and i fucking shed a tear of amazingness and happines here.

  • Tormuse

    Seeing the first page of comments on this update, with all the speculation about the amulet and discussion of TES lore, makes me think it could have been a lot more evocative to have this update as just the first three panels.

    I mean I don’t mean to complain or anything; it just feels like Katia’s victory over the bottle gets overshadowed by the ominousness of the fire, and after the huge build-up from the previous page, Katia’s victory deserved to get more time in the spotlight.

    Just my thoughts…

  • zee

    Reading this 6 months after everyone else but YES! F***ING FINALLY! This is the first real progress I’ve seen Katia have. No matter how many times she loses all her stuff it shouldn’t even be possible for her to hit her previous lows again now that she’s mastered her alcoholism. (an especially important skill when there’s always a conveniently placed drink around every time a bad thing happens…)

    Oh yes and the magic is a good sign too.

  • dramspringfeald

    well… that was different… I just “YEAH”ed Katia smashing the bottle… out loud and now everyone is looking oddly at me.

  • Mzuark

    Seriously thought she was going to lick it off the floor for a minute there.

  • dtlux14

    Oh, poor soul (and by that I mean the dog soul)

  • Dragon

    YES! That, my girl, was the right decision. Good job.

    Also your power levels seem to have surpassed that of the amulet.