Jul 042012
  • Ellert

    Awesome, loved the little ear twitch she did before rising up. And I wasn’t expecting a update so soon, even if it was short.

    • Captain Butternut

      Praise Sheogorath! Cheese and cabbage for everyone!

      • Sheogorath

        No! No cheese!

        • Calvin

          Yarn and a sheep’s soul then, Madgod?

          • Sheogorath

            If you please…

        • why whats wrong with cheese ….. oh ….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLDQJvJFj1w thats whats wrong with cheese

        • TERA

          SHEOGORATH!!!! I can’t beleave its you! Do you want me to worship the ground you walk on?

          • Thornclaw

            Or sacrifice innocent people to your greatness?

        • dude

          wait… you’e not Sheogorath he loves cheese

          • Thornclaw

            oh. yeah.

        • Sheogorath

          You make my teeth itch, imposter! Of course there will be cheeze!

      • Sheogorath

        Yes there will be cheese!!!!!!

      • How about corn?

  • Wind

    She must have the soul of Magnus sealed in her belly button.

    • Bladix

      better there than anywhere else i suppose :/

      • Thornclaw

        knowing kazerad, it would be somewhere else.

  • AySz88

    Anyone know how to interpret this? Dream world? Dead? Half-dead? The cathedral flooded? Is it just dark? Something from the canon that I have no idea of?

    • Volpethrope

      Look at the last panel from the previous update. When she collapsed from exhaustion, all the fires went out. You can tell because the scorch marks are still smoking.

    • booty_phantasm

      Oookay comically banal rants are fine but insulting/threatening other posters is notably less cool. – Kaz

      • booty_phantasm

        I knew you had the power.

      • not_booty_phantasm

        Booty is not banal. He threatened no one. He is an innocent and just person with a creative flair for criticism. He should appear in the comics. Thumbs up, five stars.

      • Stoic

        now i wanna know what he said

        • Thurgood Jenkins

          Me too. O_o

        • ASOTIL

          His comment is still here, it’s just a bit mixed up. 4:01, July 4th.

          • wolf

            I doubt that’s the same one.

    • Thurgood Jenkins

      This is usually how her dreams look, so I’m gonna say it’s some kind of dream/nightmare. Don’t quote on that, though.

      • patrick

        if i remember right, you are right. i am pretty sure this is how the last dream session looked. which is awesome because the last dream session was great. besides what happened to her, but how it looked and flowed.

        • Bladix


          • Thornclaw

            I’d forgotten until you said that!

  • Ed

    Oh shit, this is looking like a spirit journey.

    I wonder if she’ll meet her spirit… person?

    • Maro Rufus

      She’ll become the Avatar!

  • Freud

    Try not to think of scary things… like big, tentacled, slavering things with fangs and claws or anything that can be otherwise described as “chitinous,” kay? You should be perfectly fine.

    • Thornclaw

      Maybe. O__O

  • booty_phantasm

    One panel huh? Change the website colors, huh? Pissing people off, HUH? If your life was a single panel it’d be some corpse in a river the kids can’t stop poking, with nails filling the mouth, long fingernails reaching to your pelvis, hair as old and dry as a million year old tree, eyes nothing more than dustballs chock full of spiders and a gooey tongue made that looked like honey but tasted like a toilet? Ever get the taste of toilet in your mouth? I do. Every time I come here and see some new horror sewed onto the front page like stitches without numbing lotion. I sit here in my closet sometimes just wondering why. I actually stop what I’m doing and look at this screen, ON THIS SITE, and wonder why.

    I feel like hitting the dusty old trail in a cowboy drifter’s outfit. Maybe pick up a dog companion and start a life’s journey into the insanity that is you. The unforgiving obsession you have with being a disgusting cluster of sick fuckery. Because that’s what it takes to understand you, a life time of wasted devotion to the concept of madness and merciless sass towards the notions of order and sanity. You’re a facade, a freak, a dandelion with wires where there should be seeds. Try harder next time, Kazerad. Try a lot harder.

    • Ch’marr

      Get a blog!

    • Steve Potluck

      I may have enjoyed booty_phantasm’s comment more than this update. Let’s call it 50/50 equal enjoyment.

    • Birdman Shakespeare

      Is this what schizophrenia looks like?

      • booty_phantasm

        Schizophrenia looks like blurred sound nightmare seeing. Dogs.
        I’ll draw a picture of it for you. You can have something to look forward to. Lord knows there’s nothing else here to do that for.

        • booty_phantasm

          never mind. someone stole my craynons. and my markers. and my pencils. and my pens. and my paint. and my chaulk. Could you check behind you for them? I think someone identity theft me, was me for a while, took my stuff, buried it, and then returned my identity so I wouldn’t know. clever of “him” i would say.

          • woundedkneecap

            What is your objective, strange one?

          • Ch’marr

            what is “chaulk” ?? some kind of chalk / caulk mix ?

          • Smoky

            ms paint works if your at your last resort 😛

          • Birdman Shakespeare

            I’m going to take that as a “yes.”

          • Mouse

            Is Ms. Paint some sort of wandering purveyor of chaulk?

          • etymancer

            actually chaulk is valid, just archaic and obscure.


          • Juggler37

            Dangit, someone must have put their caulk in the chalk again.

            Sick bastard, this is even worse than the whole peanut butter/chocolate fiasco.

        • Captain Butternut

          I have a type of schizophrenia where my outlook on like isn’t obscured by lack of logic. Also I hear voices.

      • Reset

        please. for the sake of those afflicted, do a little research on serious mental illness before posting a comment as ignorant as that.

        • Evil Argonian

          I’m pretty sure it was intended as a joke.

    • Redacted

      If you keep posting these comments, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

    • Thurgood Jenkins

      Don’t feed the troll, guys…

    • Booty_is_dumb

      A bloo bloo bloo. Go cry on your tumblr. Someone might care there.

    • Bottle of Leaves

      Oh god, this guy. I’m dyin’

    • Shadowscale

      It seems Sheogorath types amongst us . . .

    • Lynx

      Whoa dude, calm down. Its not like you had a life to ruin in the first place if you even found this story. It takes time to, you know, writer, draw pictures that move and the like, and to collect the ideas that are more than senseless babbling

    • Lynx

      Also I think its kinda funny that such time was wasted on one little picture that you made the conscious decision to waste more precious time writing about how its not good enough. Suck a dick or die trying!

    • Why did you look at this “godawful” webcomic indeed?

  • Derp


  • ikkonoishi

    I think I figured out what was happening with the fire last time.

    The restore magicka potion effects from the dinner have a long duration because they were made by a master alchemist so she is regenerating magicka very quickly.

    Another of the potions must have the effect of resist magicka so the necklace was unable to silence her when she put it back on.

    • Marnath

      This Is the most likely explanation, I like it. 🙂

      • The riddler

        But then again, the laws of physics are a bunch of jerks! Who needs them, I vote that she is actually a goddess in human form, she was raised by parents who didn’t treat her like they were their own right? Or even more crazy the cat is manipulating her powers with the rock attached to its back!

        • TSED

          “Human form.”

          • Mouse

            Obviously in the form of a human in cat form.

        • well her parents did actually move out of the castle all because of her so I think they probably did care. infact sounds like they cared quite a bit especially if they went and took her to get treated and checked out for why she could not do magic.

    • unclecho

      I’m kinda hoping that she’s just that powerful. And hasn’t realized it yet. 😛

    • Actually, I think this is an unlikely explanation, because if you remember, Katia took off her necklace for a second after dinner while Sigrid was “looting” her. This cause her to explode spells all the wheres, and Sigrid shoved the necklace back against Katia’s chest, immediately stopping the spells from being cast. So the necklace at that point was still working. Also, I think it’s possible that the magicka restorative may have had the effects you stated, but Sigrid would have to be a crazy-good alchemist to make something that lasted that long, and besides which, I think (I’m not sure, but I think) that the potion was more “magicka-potion” type of thing, where the effects were immediate. However, Sigrid is a pretty good alchemist, for all her moral faults.

      • Calvin

        And then Katia removed the amulet once more when bombarding the Guild Hall, remember?

      • Glass

        “I think (I’m not sure, but I think) that the potion was more “magicka-potion” type of thing, where the effects were immediate.”

        False. Potions which are mixed by alchemists and not bought from vendors/found in chests are always duration-based.

        I’m really not sure how the instant-effect potions even come into existence. Could be the work of some random-loot god or daedra. Could be that if you leave a potion sitting in a chest for a really long time it ferments and loses its duration. All i know is that if you make a potion, it has duration.

  • tech

    Hey kids! Do you know what time it is? Nightmare time!

    • Smoky


      • Rage Inducer

        More like YEEEEEY !!!

    • lp

      *Sunglasses* Awwwwww yeeeaaaaah.

      • Myself_the_only

        Yeaaah baby!

    • ASOTIL

      Nightmare time, come on grab your friends, we’ll burn up very distant lands. With Amulet the dog and Katia Mannigan, bad luck will never end, it’s nightmare time.

      • ChasingWagons

        That’s funny. -_-

  • woundedkneecap

    aww… just aww

    *sleepy* “wait, oh shit!”
    I think we know what that’s like.

  • Zane

    My mind instantly went “POKEMON BATTLE THEME”. I feel ashamed.

  • Neow

    Incase any of you have noticed.
    IN the real game, the chapel inside is not burnt down.
    I now head desk.

    • DD

      But nothing here shows it burnt down. A few things like barrels and cloth got burnt or singed, but nothing irreplaceable before the game. And technically we dont know how long before the game this story is, so in theory she could burn down the whole chapel and they could rebuild it before the game even….but npcs would probably have mentioned such an event in their chat lines, and the Mythic Dawn mook earlier mentions he apparently got his diary dates mixed up and put it in the wrong week. So it cant be too far off the ‘Oblivion’ games beginning.

      • well it cant be too much before the game since Martin is in the corner as a priest so we are looking at something like a 15 year span between him being old enough to be a priest and then eventually claiming the throne. ….. well I suppose you could have spent 340 or more in game years playing every quest and stealing every item in the entire land …. 3,400 in game years …. forgot a zero due to mods …. but that would make everyone quite old and wrinkly.

        • Calvin

          You forgot about 600 years of killing all the guards in the imperial city again and again. Very therapeutic.

          • … 4,000 years … but I think you forgot the amount of time it takes to unbury tamriel from its watermelon plague http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nuy4UVqcqS8

          • Calvin

            Funny, mine suffers a Black Soul Gem plague instead. Let’s just say nobody wants to end up in the Imperial Prison anymore.

  • Willhelm

    Daaawww you killed her already?

  • ShadowBlades1

    When this is all over; someone better either make a movie or write a book because this is one of THE best stories I’ve ever followed…

    • Wisbi


    • agreed infact we could make a Katia mod in TES

      • patrick

        there are some smaller ones.

        • yeah but make an entire set of quests that reflect this comic as it happens.

  • Actua
  • Nobody

    She isn’t dead, this is just what her dreams look like.
    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen.

    • Evill Bob

      Yeap, and it’s “oh god, there is something very mentally wrong with this poor khajiit” time! Wheeeee! Horrible nightmares ho!

  • stupidjellyfish

    Ooooooh boy. 🙁

    • Kenneth

      My thoughts exactly.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Yay for surprise micro update!

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Admins: The CSS at the bottom of the page looks kinda funky around the comment submission form.

    • Ch’marr

      You would not believe how hastily this was thrown together.

      Actually, strike that… I think you would believe it.

    • Ch’marr

      Oh… do you mean the description of the tags/attributes? I’ll fix that. If its something else, let me know. email me at chris at cogdon dot org.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Nope, that was it. Fixed already! *thumbs up*

  • SotiCoto

    Don’t know who is and isn’t aware of this… but Saint Jiub was actually in Kvatch when it all went down.
    Yeah. Him. Slayer of Cliff Racers… He is there, somewhere… writing his memoires…

    I don’t know if this is new news or anything, but given that he is featured in Skyrim’s addon Dawnguard, and actually says as much in no uncertain terms… This shit is canon.
    Should I be going to the “forum thread” to mention this? Or is mentioning it here enough?

    • tech

      The forum is for storyline suggestions. here is where such things belong. =D

    • ChasingWagons

      What does canon mean? Hold on… going to dictionary.com…
      That didn’t work, so now to urbandictionary.com…
      Well, that was much more helpful, and…
      HOLY SHIT!

  • LiquidDinosaur

    >Dream Katia: Wake up…..With the King.

    • Reynard-Miri


      You’re a horrible person.

    • dammit now I have those stupid burger king commercials stuck in my head …….. wait a minute ……… Katia the king is trying to get you to buy fast food run!

    • he`s always watching >:)
      • panoz


  • Mao

    >Dream Katia: Cower before the Nightmare King
    >Martin: Kick your own father’s arse

  • R’becca


  • stupidjellyfish


    • Me Gusta

      I like this comment more than I should.

    • theplunderking

      i think you mean Abraham Lincoln, and he only slays vampires : )

      • there is one outside …….. hollywood must have run out of ideas.

        • theplunderking

          at first i thought the trailer was a joke on youtube, then i saw the trailer when i went to go see hunger games.

          • I like how you didn’t say much about the trailer and just stopped.

  • flodos

    hey! does this mean the source of her problem is a mental/spiritual blocade? this might just work ou!

  • M

    Ah, back to the dreamworld then.

    Maybe instead of cowering or attacking the Uriel Septim monster Katia should try and talk to it this time? If it shows up of course.

    Maybe something else will show up. I’m definitly curious.

  • Wisbi

    One thing that has ME curious is how this is labeled as ‘—->’ and not the typical ‘==>’ …

    Curious indeed…

    • Wisbi

      Ah, I went back and looked, and I see all the OTHER posts from the dream state are done the same way.

      This anticipation is growing rather unbearable.

  • lp

    I… think the lines are supposed to be shadows from the stained glass window but they look like tire treads. Who ran Katia over?!

    • Ch’marr

      Sorry. I thought it was a coyote.

    • Felidire

      Now i’m imagining gangsters on penny-farthings trying to run her over, rofl.

  • Felidire

    You go fuck that Sigrid-king up, Katia!
    You go fuck him up good!

    Also, I really like these particular animations. They remind me of that “Another World” video game which I used to love as a kid.

    Also, Also … Fuck she looks cute! ^^-

  • Me Gusta

    I bet you guys that Katia’s Dragonborn, but she doesn’t know it.

    • Scootanon


      just no.

    • if so than …. go for the knees go for the KNEES. We all know knees hits are instantly debilitating.

  • FuzzyZergling

    Ooh, new site coloring.
    All the webcomics I read are getting shinier :3

  • theplunderking

    damn kaz, this whole thing is nice. the new website look, the style of art you did for this update, and the most important the update speed. very impressed nice work. though i question the civility/sanity of certain people in the comments section, you keep a level head when people are screaming and threatening you for updates, good work on that too. can`t wait to see what you do with the story from here!!! : D

    • see when there is no updates for more than 24 hours …. or less for some … it is like going through withdraws. this only happens on really good comics. In fact for a fair price I can council anyone who is going through webcomic withdraws. Just sign on the dotted line … Now to relocate all your stuff … it’s part of the healing process … and makes me rich … Now just board the flying death … I mean airship and take a nice vacation.

      • theplunderking

        if you read the comments it can help you cope, it helps you adjust back to reality. when a sad update happens however, it weighs a little more on me long term than it should.i was very depressed watching fireworks last night while katia was passed out alone and sad in a church.

        • heres some pills ….. thats 300 gold each and I gave you 5 so 15000 gold.

  • Darkguyver2020

    Oh good. Kaz tortured her physically. Now he’s gonna do the same to her psychologically.
    For fuck’s sake, why don’t you just kill her already?! Oh wait, you prefer to make her suffer instead. Bet you get off to this sadistic shit, don’t ya? Gonna masturbate to it later? You sick fuck!

    • Curse-Brandish

      Hahaha! Didn’t you read the start of the comic? We’ve been jerking off to her psychological torture for months and months!

      • wait… what?

        i have to disagree with you on that one, alot of people want to see katia succeed (myself included). that`s why they get so mad at him when he makes an update which hurts katia. every good story has ups and downs, i just wish when we hit the downs we didn`t drag on the bottom for months. the sad thing to is katia never really wins, she just gets herself held high enough to hit the ground harder the next time. kaz you should take this into consideration seeing how we have been in the mages guild crisis for the better part of two months now. maybe it`s time to give katia that long needed break? it`s hard to stay invested when nothing good ever happens. its like watching a generic swimmer that is going to die in jaws, or trying to feel sympathetic for someone you kill in manhunt… it just isn`t worth the energy.

        • spaced

          i agree with you but how i look at this is the deeper the valley the taller the mountain think about how rewarding it will be when something really good happens, something that pull katia out of the pits of despair something that makes all the hardship worth it, something that turns katia into something inspiring whether it is indeed the hero of oblivion or just a confident mage and person. That is what keeps me reading the knowledge that we have and are making progress i say bravo kaz bravo for making a charater i can believe in BECAUSE she fail BECAUSE she can be tricked and BECAUSE she despite all of her fears and failings she STILL TRIES to better her-self, keep up the good work.

        • Curse-Brandish

          Oh I know, it was just some sick levity. X3 She’s a very sympathetic protagonist, and has had a hard time from the get-go. Her suffering serves a narrative purpose, whether or not she ultimately succeeds. Kazerad has a story in mind, and it will take its course. That you feel so wrenchingly for her is a sign of effective writing. I don’t think he intends to make you comfortable.

          That said, that these periods seem to go on for a long time is just a reality of long-format web comics. Everything takes a long time. We spent quite a while with her blissing out on chocolate cake and triumphantly cooking mudcrabs too. Heck, most of the flash parts so far have been pretty light-hearted.

          This current moment in time occurs in the span of a few minutes within this world, but there has to be enough drawing done that everything necessary is expressed.

          • not to mention the graphics and animations are really good.

            Kaz any chance on giving the code to flesh out that mini game? possibly a community effort to build the entire story up to this point as a playable old school rpg?

          • theplunderking

            i`m just waiting for that proverbial pot of gold she has waiting at the end of this journey for putting up with all this crap. I doubt however that kaz will make katia the dragon-born or the hero of the oblivion crisis as is a popular belief for alot of people, i think he takes to much pride in creating a completely original character unbound to any sort of pre-writen story. he has complete control of everything having to do with katia. well 50/50 control seeing how she is an elder scrolls character technically. though i will say that it would be fun to see katia and QW warped away to the time of the dragon crisis by an elder scroll like alduin and see how she deals with ending the crisis in her own, non intentional way… i blame the (well done) fanart for putting that idea in my head

  • Weaselsmasher

    We, the little voices in your head, are with you. Come what may, we are with you. You are not alone, you never have been, and never will be. We are your friends, your enemies, your chorus, your choir… and we are with you, for the long haul.

    And we’re hanging on tight because this ride’s about to get bumpy!

  • DethDragon66

    Katia try to think a happy thought or think of the king as Quile-Weave(sorry i think i spelt it wrong correct me please)and if that doesn’t help close your eyes and say that your in contol and that nothing can hurt you it helps

  • Becca

    I would have never made it as far as you, Katia.

  • Atari O.gen

    one life gone, eight to go.

  • Ransom

    We have a change of background to go with the dream sequence. Seems eerie…

  • Ikearat

    Artistic skill.
    A knack for keeping people (myself included) -riveted- to our computers.
    Dramatic flare in story telling.
    Did I mention talent? Yes, sorry.

    Thanks Kazerad, this site, the story, and the people attracted to comment keep making my day.


    • dont tell me you buy cheap sweedish furnature? remember the only things sweeds build well are cars.

      • Ikearat

        Nope. Just buy the stuffed rats and steal the little pencils.
        I also like the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

        May I ask, why the attack on Ikea and/or my shopping habits? Seems a little off-topic.

        I would buy a Katia stuffed animal if I could find one… kickstarter anyone? 🙂

        • a coworker in a company I am starting really likes ikea he also likes wacintosh pronounced {wack in tosh} and is always saying funk shui and drives a mazda

          on the other hand I like heavy duty steel racks in nice easy accessible rows which ikea does not carry infact ikea only has pressboard items that would never hold up to rebuilding an engine even from my modded lifted and locked suzuki samurai.

          so we are completely polar opposites poking fun at funk shui vs function. but I must admit their food is rather good every once in a while they have a special on food in the menlo park store.

          well a stuffed animal series would go well especially if we could make some full game mods for oblivion and skyrim .. in fact it would be a pretty popular mod I would imagine.. heck we could even make the character fit into other games as well. for that matter it looks like zorryn already has a 3d model of her possibly even rigged already. if we make a few game mod series with her in it that would be really cool.

  • Spatulaboy

    So she’s a vampire now right? Did anyone else not believe that trickster and her magic clannfear foot?

  • The Whicher

    Don’t go towards the light Katia!

    • K’helt

      Yes, let’s go in that burning fiery pit in the ground instead.

      but since this is just a nightmare doesn’t really matter what she does 😐

  • SuperZalex

    >Katia: Ask the king what he wants. After all this time….just….just what is it he wants?

  • Anoneemoose

    Am I the only one who can’t see squat captain? I had to highlight the thing to notice anything.

    • if timed right today she should stumble into the orphanage and set off those fireworks …. maybe a sleepwalk dream. just think of all the orphans …. after she could stop in the bar for some orphan tears on the rocks.

  • why when typing a comment it leaves a reply???

    • cancel reply I see said the blind man.

      if timed right today she should stumble into the orphanage and set off those fireworks …. maybe a sleepwalk dream. just think of all the orphans …. after she could stop in the bar for some orphan tears on the rocks.

  • KTB

    Wait a minute!

    Wasnt her first dream in a place that kinda looked like a church and now we are in one.

    (On the last few pages at least)

    • Wisbi

      The first half of the first dream she had DID kinda look like the inside of the Temple of the One. So in essence; yes, it was a church of a sorts. (Or maybe the Imperial Palace?)


      And later on (in the game) the temple has a giant statue of Akatosh in it. Hm-… Forshadowing?

  • Katia

    I LIVE!!!!

    • theplunderking

      lol, look who we have here! how did you find a computer? while your here ask kaz if he will lighten up on you, looks like you could use a little mercy right about now

  • Deangela

    Why do i have the feeling we are about to see captain picard?

  • theodoe shutup

    holy shit the king is going to come and terrorize her and then she’ll wake up and just like in oblivion there will be a bunch of survivors in the church!!!!!!!!!

    • did you really just do that?

      i can`t tell if you genuinely didn`t think before you typed that or if you are trying to make it into the next update, but just because you said that kaz has all the tools he needs to make this the most violent dream sequence ever. either that or you will become the factor that made her panic rather than keep a level head while dealing with it : /

      • onoes

        He’s a murderer!

        But let’s not worry too much… the damage is done, but it might not get any worse. I mean, sure, Kaz doesn’t pull any punches with his characters and is a wily fellow, so there is a chance, however small, that Katia will actually die in this dream sequence with the rest of Kvatch. I mean, look how much setting up he did with the popular Dmitri, only to kill him off in an instant. And sure, he could use that death to be laying the foundation of a future plot point, like he may be doing with Dmitri, to lead to an entirely different khajit, I guess that’s plausible enough.

        But! But! Chances are better that he still needs Katia! So with luck, the worst-case scenario is that she’ll suffer severe psychological trauma or permanent damage, and simply alienate herself from her friends to prevent the nightmare king from murdering them through her with her uncontrollable magicka, as he evidently wanted to do with Quill-Weave for his own unknowable reasons.

        Don’t give up hope, I’m sure it’s very likely she’ll pull through with a minimum of suffering! There could be someone available to rescue her in the event her fragile composure shatters completely, we just can’t know.

        • well we dont really know if Dmitri is actually dead as a few scenes ago we did see a cat with a soul stone strapped to its back wandering around kvatch.

          What I am wondering is who is the demon supposed to be? is it one of the Septims possibly the one that should have died near the start of the adventure? Is it martin and these dreams are from the future? or did the “hero” that just broke / was released out of prison simply take the throne for himself?

          • TheTurnipKing

            The implication (though it’s possible Katia doesn’t know this) is that it’s Uriel Septim simply because it’s usually seen wearing The Amulet of Kings.

            Basically we don’t know what her issue with Kings is, and if she knows, she’s not telling us.

          • if it is Uriel why so scary unless it truly is just an unknown irrational fear of royals

    • theplundderking

      all we are gonna find in that dream is the pirate from lazy town. thats it… nothing else… maybe cake 🙂

      • andwhyisit

        Don’t trust the cake katia! The cake is a lie.

        • Katia

          But i like cake

        • no no no you got it all wrong here: Katia if you do your best in defeating your dream demon I promise there will be cake and counseling afterwards.

          See that is the proper way to make a very calculated empty promise.

  • Who_the_heck_is_Booty

    And why are we talking about him.

  • Endface

    If that Nightmare king shows up, I’m going to freak out.

  • Cyph

    For some reason she seems a little more youthful here. Maybe she mentally regresses here. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Sephirah

    Run Katia! It’s the King!

  • dancin’ fool

    Okay girl, lets think for a second, there was fire all around you, now your in a dream world. It’s clear that the fact your able to dream like this means you aren’t suffocating/ and or burning to death because it takes some time for the brain to be able to start up the tiny machine that makes you dream. Now you can safely focus on whatever scary thing is going to happen here.

    • lp

      That’s… not necessarily true. One time I passed out from bloodloss and had a very strange dream while I was dying.

      Luckily, while I was out, some nice vampires medics solved the problem for me. Still. Dreaming =/= not dying.

  • SparroHawc

    Well. Here you are, in your own head.

    Maybe someone here knows what’s going on with all the fires you were setting. Let’s have a look around.

  • Bonzohazard

    Quite suddenly….. two portals, to who knows where and what time, open on both sides of the room….. a dragon flies backwards out of one and into the other…… they close just as quickly.

  • M

    You know… I was thinking… in Elder Scrolls lore, Vaermina, the Daedric prince of nightmares, who also is associated with awakening magic talent in mortals, is said to appear to mortals in dreams, but they do not remember. Yet her presence is so fearful that if they fully realize they are within it, nothing else will ever scare them again.

    Now Katia’s Uriel Septim monster nightmares…Would they have to do with Vaermina? I’d think so. But moreso, does the fact that she has a CHOICE about cowering in front of the emperor monster (Albeit not much of one, because if she resists she’ll just get worse till she IS scared.), but still does the fact she can at least fight back a little, as evidenced by Katia’s last dream, mean that perhaps Katia has an unusual strength within her? The fact her magic powers seem to be exploding out of nowhere, and she seems to learn new spells on her own, and gets through silence charms…

    She’s clearly not normal. There seems to be immense power bottled up inside this panicky Khajiit. It’s funny actually… she could probably level a building by now, but she’s afraid of her own shadow. (Even though ironically perhaps she might have a great strength within yet untapped when it comes to resisting fear.)

    I also wonder though what’ll happen not only during this dream but also when she wakes up. Maybe when she wakes up… boom Daedra attack. With her being in Kvatch and all right now… Somehow I think this mission for Quill is gonna be a bust. (But there aren’t many better excuses then ‘a portal from hell opened and spawned a bunch of fireball throwing gobliny thingies, warbly voiced demons with maces and swords and a giant magical tank that leveled the city.’)

    • Wisbi

      As far as the nightmares go. I doubt Vearmina has anything to do with them. It’s most likely a connection between Katia and the Emperor. In Oblivion when you first meet him, he tells you “YOU… I’ve seen you. Let me see your face… You are the one from my dreams… Then the stars were right, and THIS is the day. Gods give me strength.” so obviously he’s been having similar dreams of HIS death and of ‘the hero’ as well.

      Also I wouldn’t think Katia would be anywhere NEAR Kvatch when it all goes down. That highelf book-keeper (forgot his name) ends up telling you to “Run” when you get to Kvatch (‘again’) in the game. And then explains to you what happened with “Gods Blood! You don’t know, do you? Blah blah oblivion and deadra” and then proceeds to flee to Anvil. No, she’ll still have to go for a time yet before all that happens. And let’s not forget, she’s still gotta end up in the Imperial City prison eventually, which means we’ll probably be going there sooner or later. But if we’re going to the towns in order, (Anvil, Kvatch, Skingrad, Imperial City.) she still has Skingrad next on the list before she gets there. Even if not for business, it IS on the road going there, and she’ll want to stop for the night most likely, can’t very well walk from Anvil or kvatch to the IC in one go after all~ (Cyrodiil’s supposed to be a BIG place!)

      • that is what spee …. skooma is for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRTUReLBWHA heck she will then be known as Morgan Fucking Freeman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_DSIoSqMdw

        • Wisbi

          Heh- well when she can come up with the money for that, then we’ll see. Still not sure what MORGAN Freeman has to do with GORDON Freeman though~ XD

          And on a side note, I think I’d rather keep her ‘mute’ instead of her having HIS voice. e.e

          • It’s a lack of an edit button and typing way too fast. besides they are both in the game. I mean it’s easy to get Morgan mixed up with Hugh Laurie’s character. http://gamingbolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/halflife2casting.png

            Good point there I wonder how they got Morgan to sound like Eli Vance anyway must have taken lots of editing to create something other than a deadpan monologue.

            For the 600 bottles of skooma, she really only needs a bow and 2 arrows to start making many bottles of skooma. In no time she could set off the tamriel watermelon plague only with gallons of skooma instead. all she needs to do is ask the guard to borrow the bow and arrows again.

  • bob Irefusetogiveyouanyofmypersonalinformation


    • Kaleb702

      A hangar on a cliff has what to do with this?

      • no no no its a device used to hang your cliffs up after they have been laundered …. just like money from a swiss bank account.

      • Well I guess it could be a large building to store unused cliffs …. maybe it makes more sense then hanging up your cliffs after being laundered …. think of it as the drawer to the armoire i guess.

    • between the lions

      cliff hanger, hanging from a cliff! and thats why they call her cliff hanger

  • billy

    Kaz keep going…. don’t stop this is getting interested your doing well you need to keep up the flow

  • TCook

    You don’t see the king right away. This is a good chance to look around this…wherever it is. Maybe you’ll see Quill-Weave, or Sigrid, or that one guy that did that thing.

  • Random NPC

    Anybody else notice this update is “–>” instead of “==>” ? WHAT COULD IT MEAAAAN!

    • Wisbi


      Wisbi says:
      July 4, 2012 at 12:27 pm

      One thing that has ME curious is how this is labeled as ‘—->’ and not the typical ‘==>’ …

      Curious indeed…

      Wisbi says:
      July 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm

      Ah, I went back and looked, and I see all the OTHER posts from the dream state are done the same way.

      This anticipation is growing rather unbearable.

    • Wisbi

      So yeah, it’s the indication of another dream sequence.

  • MrNewVegas

    I got word of this comic / series/ story a while ago and disregarded it, now I’ve just spent all day reading it from start to finish and it’s hillarious at points, I’m beginning to feel really sorry for Katia though, you need to be more kind xD.

    I hope you keep up the good work on this, it’s amazing. The art has also improved too, not to mention the little flash games and stuff. Can’t wait until the next..

  • Darkness

    Katia: Night vision/access surroundings

  • tyler

    is she dead

    • stupidjellyfish

      No, she’s dreaming. Did you read the entire comic?

  • Ikearat

    Lighting is low but can I assume Katia has no head bandage or body paint?
    Again, poor lighting (do not confuse with poor drawing… nothing like that) and Katia is aledgedly in a dream right now, but the next installment of Prequel Adventure should be some real eye candy!
    I really dislike that eye patch.

    • Uzi_Man

      Go make a story made in flash by yourself, then.

      • Ikearat

        So, did you actually -read- my post or are you just in a combative mood?
        I clearly am not attacking the quality of Kaz’s Flash or Art, I am making an assumption of what I am seeing with respect to the intended low light levels where Katia is.
        Stop being thick and quit assuming people are attacking the work. Prequel is probably the greatest thing on the web right now.

  • Sev

    I just realized the site icon thing is a pineapple. I approve.

  • Sunboy128

    Just wow.
    You just couldn’t let it last kaz, you just HAD to break our hearts, AGAIN.

    • theplunderking

      how did he break our hearts? she`s alive, the fires are out, and she didn`t drink the booze. it seems to me that kaz is just trying to experiment with some new art styles. if you look at the last page I personally noticed that katia looked different than the pages before. maybe the slow updates are a result of him trying to improve his artistic style?

  • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

    To hell with you all! >:D If you’ve noticed throughout EVERYTHING that Katia’s gone through, everything! She still captures hearts and minds and even seems to bring forth mindless lunatics to amuse us! We love her, we cherish her, we want to see her succeed just as much as we want to see her fail, see her panic, see her cry!

    She is, even if a little bit, a part of us! I, myself, came to her tonight because I was feeling depressed. She lifted my spirits (upon reading old comics) because I realized how much worse off I could be! So for every hug I want to give her, I’m sure part of me wants to trip her, too! Do not doubt your feelings! You all know what I say to be true!

    And yet, with all this strife, this pain, this turmoil, abuse, poverty… she endures.

    Therefore, related to a subject that Acuta started on Page 1 here, I submit to you… my opinion.

    The best way to start down the road to becoming a badass? The right theme song!

    • good job :)

      well put, I can see you are going into this with a calm, reasonable mind. i can respect that and it is refreshing to see a comment that doesn`t demean and berate the author. on one hand he is digging himself a pretty deep hole with all these bad things happening to katia, but people burying him in snide remarks isn`t going to exactly inspire him to keep writing the story. I am truly afraid that someday he will get tired of all the negative attention and quit telling the story before its finished 0_o

      • stupidjellyfish

        I actually am worried for the author. I have a feeling he’s getting sick of writing and drawing this stuff and just wants it to end so he can get on with his life without hindrances. I wouldn’t blame him if that was the case.

        • Kazerad

          (Don’t be worried about me, I’m fine ;p. I’ve just playing Dawnguard when I probably should be drawing)

          • stupidjellyfish

            *Thumbs up*

            Take your time, man.

          • Link

            So… is the new skill trees enough to make werewolf and vampire lord forms viable even though you lose all equipment and such? =P

            I kinda liked the Werewolf form before but since it made your character so incredibly weak it was hardly ever worth the effort of the transformation…

          • theplunderking

            no doubt, any problems with the transformations have been dealt with by allowing the werewolf to feed on anything with fresh meat on it like giants and mudcrabs. as for the vampire lord, when you are a high leveled enemy are a joke, you can paralyze them than chuck them off a cliff. best dlc ever. i can understand why kaz hasn`t updated now : )

        • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

          Thank you for the agreement! There are probably a lot more people who agree, they just do not wish to admit it!

          And for you who doubt what I said about a theme song… why don’t you watch as… a loser… asks… a professional?

          Rallying Cry for Katia! Oorah!

        • all he really needs is a shirt

  • SnowWeaver

    i vote katia finds the orc and tells him how much gold the wizard guild has in this city.

    • I HATE THAT ORK!!!

      between the ork and sigrid… i wan`t to see that ork cut down and watch him panic as his life ebbs away into a puddle around him. its time for that guy to get his die on if you know what i’m saying. he gives the term “criminal scum” it`s meaning >:(

    • andwhyisit

      Unlikely as he actively avoids Kvatch.

    • Link

      He obviously already know of the Kvatch Mages Guild xD

      • I HATE THAT ORK!!!

        and the hate is renewed. astoil needs to bring his corpse when he meets up with katia >:(

  • Loki

    Considering what happened last time in her dream, maybe the booze was a better idea :S

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  • stupidjellyfish
  • Lazuras

    And so the Siege of Kvatch begins, with Katia in the midst. I wonder if she’ll meet that grand, dashing hero. Martin Septim? Oh, the anticipation is killing me!

    • Link

      She already met Martin Septim in the little flash game thing =P
      She got strange vibes from him (due to his relation to Picard… err, I mean the emperor =D )

      • I wonder if her irrational fear of royalty is not due to Uriel but actually stemming from a bald guy running around in a wheel chair playing mind games with her …

  • Blazingkitten

    katia in rick rioridan books about greek gods if you can create fire you are also immune to it
    you were safe
    you didnt need to freak out

  • TheFatKidDownTheStreet

    you successfully died. Good job!

  • Kalas Eruthain

    You know… She did drink something at Sigrid’s. The cup of mashed fruit.

    This might all be one horrible drunken hallucination that came on after Sigrid spiked Katia’s drink, but hasn’t hit her yet because she’s probably resistant to drink due to having a life of being drunk -all the time-. Whenever she gets horrendously drunk as Kazerad’s shown, it usually takes a few moments/a bit of time for her to suddenly have done crazy shit.

  • Dan

    cant wait for the next one when do you usually update

    • Alvklez

      Try to expect an update about…. 3 months from now.

      • Bove

        You should totally do this. Then, when 2-4 weeks roll by and there is a new update, you are pleasantly surprised.

    • i can`t last to much longer :(

      sometimes i wish i never found this web comic, the story is to gripping. i went through this same phase with red vs blue a while back… the feeling shifted to prequel : (. anybody got a good way to pass the time now that school is out? i cant exactly get outside and hang out with friends cause i live near farmland, and i can`t seem to play skyrim anymore without thinking about prequel any help is appreciated… I feel a little ashamed about this but its really getting to me : /

      • i can`t last to much longer : /

        never mind classical music seems to do the trick… who knew?

        • Ikearat

          I have this problem as well. I think it’s a form of depression triggered by empathy. When I’m driving late at night and see a skunk or something on the road side all messed-up, I get the same feeling. Tiredness makes me more susceptible. Funny thing, surfing the web usually ends-up being the thing I do late at night (instead of sleeping like I should) and stuff like Prequel feeds right into the problem. 🙂

          It’s good to hear someone else is being messed with by all this… sorry to hear it too. 🙂

          If you want to get “messed with” some more, check out TwoKinds

  • Ready, Fire, Aim

    Get some merch so I can give you my money.

    • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

      You know. One thing has not been asked about for quite some time now.

      … Does she still have her lockpick?

      • stupidjellyfish

        No. It’s gone. Went away with everything else that was stolen.

  • TERA

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    I’ve only just recently begun to read this comic and I’ve already caught up. Every day I check pretty much religiously for updates, I love it that much. I just wanna say to the author and artist, you’re doing an AWESOME job with all of this, and I hope it continues on for a long while to come :3 It may have been said beforehand, but honestly I enjoy this more than Homestuck, and that’s saying something!! Keep it up!

  • soldier in nom

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  • Zorpike

    And so Katia enters another dream sequence. Time for round two with the Emperor Worm. WE GOT MAGIC THIS TIME, SUCKER!

    • andwhyisit

      Yeah. My only concern is the damage she will create IRL while fighting our resident demonic monarch.

  • Derek

    Thats right take everything youu own from that bitch she stole everything

  • Derek

    And kill that king he killed your friend

  • Derek

    Oh you may need help

    You’ll make a nice rug kajiit

  • an interesting thought

    i came across some interesting research today regarding imagery in dreams and the effects of lucid dreaming, mainly sleeping is a four stage process. in stage three is when dreams occur, however sometimes factors from life can cause a seamless transition from dream stage 2 to dream stage 4 (dream stage 4 being where the body repairs damage done to it ex. heal wounds). for Katia it seems that alcohol is that factor that causes the skipping of the dream stage, but that is not the point. in non lucid dreams the subconscious tries to communicate with the dreamer using imagery, this imagery is often indirect and takes thought to understand the true message behind it. maybe the nightmare king is Katia’s subconscious trying to relay a message to her, her fear of royalty however causes her to fight her subconsciousness by ignoring it (dream QW and cake) or trying to fight it. though there is a chance it could be some form of dadera there is also a chance that her fear of royalty turns the message from her subconscious into a nightmare. in the case that it is her subconscious if we could try to understand the message we may find
    Katia’s purpose in life, as she seems without one at the moment. have these dreams brought her to a new land to help with the oblivion crisis? or maybe for some other reason we have yet to understand?

    • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

      All that sounds like to me is a fancy way of saying, “Her dreams may or may not mean something deeper than just filling her with fear of royalty.”

      What she needs is someone to recognize her power and to take her under his/her wing and train her properly to use her magic. Proper training could be the difference between life and death. Then if she becomes excited (good or bad), she won’t run the risk of burning someplace down. (Side note: If y’all review a bunch of the past comics, little things happen such as candles get lit when a cat diss is thrown out. See the gay elves high-five here.)

      Also finding someone whom she can actually confide in to describe these dreams to. If what you say is true and she may be missing the message that may or may not be there, then somebody else might be able to make more sense of it than she can. Even Quill-Weave might be able to help her out, which she then could explain that’s why she’s crawled into a bottle all her life.

      One final thought: Does she still have her lockpick?

      • andy610

        no, no she does not

  • Dagoth purr

    Is Kazerad dead again?

    • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

      Again? Is he like Tobias Fornell and can die and “get better” when he feels like it?

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  • Xorn

    Honestly, it isn’t any good if you need to interpret what the hell is even going on. Unlike a “real” comic where one can pick up any issue and understand the current content clearly. I went through this whole site…..nothing clicked. Now, I’m not trying to be rude, since I think enough of that was done when you decided to make Furry porn of this “Khajiit” to fill the Library of Congress with the miles of pedophile faping that jerked its way into my “TES” loving mind, but there isn’t much of any sort of description as to what is even going on that deals with the Elder Scrolls universe at all. I understand you did not want to actualy make something that resembled a Khajiit so much as a MLP character, to save yourself some semblance of artistic talent, but what is the motivation on making a web comic at all when no one here seems to be able to make sense of it? I say a re-write, edit, and seriously crimp your flash work so one doesn’t have to move all over the page. Interaction and annoyance are very different things. I am privy to the later within this place.

    • Kazerad

      I did not understand most of this post at all, but I suspect this is the link you are looking for in order to make sense of the story!

  • Dreadmaster231

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    WAIT WAIT WAIT this is going to be a dream sequence, isn’t it? :3