Mar 212013

Crazy-8 wrote:
>Gaius: Cut to the chase, no reason to dabble in small talk

tegerioreo wrote:
Gaius: Bring out your list of questions and start asking them with military promptness & precision. It’s probably rude to waste a Daedric Lord’s time.

The dark PRINCE OF NIGHTMARES looms menacingly before you. Sworddog flees the premises, but you, being a brave Captain, stand fast and approach. Glaring into the demon’s soulless eyes, you draw your pre-written and ordered list of questions. Though you could care less about wasting her precious time, a MAN OF ACTION such as yourself doesn’t dally with important matters.

Lady Vaermina answers your summons, mortal, for she saw great import in this meeting. For what vile purposes do you seek her p-

You cut her off. “Actually, demon, I have a series of questions I need answered.”

Grand. A pithy mortal who thinks me their librarian. Surely, a god descended here today for better a purpose than fulfilling your inane inquiries. Should you prove of humble service first, then perhaps an arrangement could be devised.

You take a step toward the monster and glare at her. “I didn’t call you here to serve your will, demon. I am a man of virtue and justice who has paid good money to summon you for answers. Answers you will provide me.”

Then you’ve insolently wasted both our time,” she growls. “It is my day of summoning and I have deeds I need done, and countless loyal servants who would die for the chance to bask in my glory and spread my horrors across Mundus. To be called upon by a trifling man of virtue who offers me nothing is an act worthy of-

“Miss Vaermina,” Sigrid interrupts, “I apologize for my good friend’s behavior, and I understand you are surely eager to return to Quagmire and disseminate your mighty terror across the planes. However, I have something that I think… might be of interest to you.”

Nyremore wrote:
If anyone can handle negotiations between a noble human and a demonic being of unfathonable might and power its Sigrid, right?

…Vaermina will be here for some time. You may ask her anything.

Additional resource credit:
Squiggles – some inking
Ch’marr – teaching me how to ruin text

  • Kazerad

    You guys all did a pretty awesome job staying on-topic in the comments last time, despite me being gone for a week. You are all amazing people.

    The winner for Most Intelligent And Insightful On-Topic Comment was Zortharg with his speculation about Sigrid, her actions, and her motives. As promised, he now forever owns that horrible JPG file, a national treasure that will be viewed by studious folder-delvers for years to come.

    I didn’t even put his name on the source image and re-save it as a JPG, I just used the upload. It means the JPG got even shittier after his name was put on it. Runners up in the “intelligent comment” challenge include William and Expresate. The least intelligent comment award goes to the dedicated Rainbow Dash roleplayer. She gets nothing.

    This update was a little short, but more should hopefully be coming soon!

    • Delta9-11

      well thats because, fuck ponies…not literally of course, its just I’ve gotten sick of it, MLP is just annoying now.

      • kotekzot

        welp, now i can cross both “check for a prequel update” and “find out how delta 9-11 feels about ponies”.off my to-do list.

        • Delta9-11

          ba dup dup dsh

      • Dagda Mor

        Aaaaand intelligent comments are over, apparently. Flame wars may begin.

        • Goldcat99

          Ethem PS3 IS WAY BETTER THAN XBOX!!!!!!!

          • no no no real flame wars start with Droid is better than iphoney

          • 4chains

            pepsi > coca cola

          • Brerbunny

            Only a Nazi would say the PS3 is best!

    • Ardent
      • Firehead

        Now that is just untrue. She was paid money to procure the services of someone who could summon Vaermina. She then spent the money that she was paid to have ritual performed so she did indeed pay that money to have that mural painted.

    • lolwut

      Man.. and I tried to hard to get the least intelligent post… How did rainbow dash beat my post that just said “i haz A smarts. Balls.”? …*looks up post* ….. Oh.

      • egg brother

        wait, what page is the rainbow dash comment? i wanna see i wanna see!

        • Low Ceiling

          It was just some BS about alicorns and the nerd pony.

          • Kaze’aze

            Hey, what’s the difference between Rainbow Dash and a Ritz cracker?

          • Kaze’aze

            The latter is a snack cracker and the former is a crack snacker.

          • Kaze’aze

            What’s the difference between Rainbow Dash and a bowling ball?

          • Kaze’aze

            You can only get 3 fingers in a bowling ball.

          • Kaze’aze

            Why does Rainbow Dash suck at cooking?

          • Kaze’aze

            She is always eating out.

          • Kaze’aze

            What sends Rainbow Dash up a wall?

          • Kaze’aze

            A crack in the ceiling.

          • Power

            I think we’ve found the winner for “least intelligent comment” this update.

    • Expresate

      Awesome! William, we must unite and steal this hallowed treasure from the filthy hands of Zortharg. Two versus one. Surely his god-like wit will be no match for – fuck, time for lunch.

    • Merth

      Dear god, nowhere is safe from these damned cultists bronies.

  • xXxProCoDSniperHeadshotxXx

    That text is hurting my eyes… yet I love it

    • Kazerad

      I had to simulate hurting your ears somehow.

      • AdmiralBullTraits

        That’s what it was?
        I thought it was just simulating her breaking the fabric of existence.

      • HoochieKookoo

        Simulate me a sammich, woman.

      • sw132

        oh that was supposed to be loudness?
        that style made me imagine the voice from the morrowind intro reading that lol.

      • Dragon

        It reminds me of scratch’s text when he gets distressed.

    • Octane

      I haven’t seen glow text since 2000, fuck.

  • stupidjellyfish


    IN 3D

  • Delta9-11

    yay update right on my birthday! I miss katia

    • Pumpkins

      Johann, is that you?

  • LiquidDinosaur

    I’m confused. Is the paint thing a joke that’s going over my head? I’ve only played Oblivion.

    • Fevix

      I’m pretty sure Vaermina’s the one who painted the mural now. Notice how all the wall is white.

      • That Guy

        Who else but the daedric prince of nightmares create such a horror?

        • Bluescale

          Well, that explains the feeling of dread I got when looking at it.

          I think the reason why Vaernima is so happy about the paints is that the ones she owns probably have rather limited range of colours.

      • and possibly all the other paintings too

      • Link

        Oh god xD
        Suddenly it all makes sense =D

        • yes but why paint or am I missing something about paint and Deadric Lords or Vearmina in general?

        • yes but why paint or am I missing something about paint and Deadric Lords or Vearmina in general?

          • Ma’iq The Liar

            Ma’iq finds that paint is the one thing that everyone needs but no one has enough of. Ma’iq thinks that Vearmina may simply want to brighten her appearance since grey is a rather depressing colour to base a god’s appearance around.

          • Link

            If you go back a bit in the story, like to where Katia was having her meal with Sigrid and you might notice a certain lovely, not at all nightmarish, mural and the fact that Sigrid mentions having it made a couple of weeks prior. Now start adding things together =D

          • Oh yes I understand that but why would Vaermina want to paint that in the first place?

            It awesomely ties the event together and is really funny but mainly what is going through her head is what I am trying to understand.

            Is it as simple as:
            Fighter + swords = I like swords
            Vaermina + paint = murals

            or is it something else completely?

  • Cyph

    Sigrid in that third panel. Why is a complete bitch allowed to look that cute.

    • Mantar

      She’s not that cute. Look, she’s doing that awful “eye-visible-through-hair” cliche! That’s so evil I can’t stand it!

  • Steve Potluck

    Goodbye sworddog. Have fun hanging out with all of the other pets in the “zone of currently unused content” like the dead goldfish in bowl of peas, and angry eyebrow horse.

    • Dragomok

      And the swarm of heart-devouring kittens.

    • Kazerad

      Katia ate the goldfish. A little part of him has been with us in nearly every page.

      • Johnnaman

        Unless she did the poos.

        • AnkhOmega

          Don’t be absurd, Nobody in mundus “does the poos”. That’s why there are no toilets.

          • DD

            There are toilets, they just use well placed buckets. In Skyrim bandits usually have a bucket tucked in an out of the way corner of their fort, and unpopular reading material within arms reach. Not for reading.

        • TheWolfandtheRose

          Plus, Katia wouldn’t do the poos anyway, even if our biology applied to Mundus. She’s a woman/female. Females don’t do the poos. They’re perfect creatures, they can’t create poo. They just turn all sustenance into emotion and cry it out.

          TL:DR Katia=perfect=doesn’t poo.

          • xKiv

            Katia turns sustenance into puke to ferment plants …

    • tronn

      I miss Eepy the clannfear, I hope we see him again some day.

      • Dan

        He was the perfect summable minion… Katia definitely need to learn how to conjure clannfears.

  • Jackalope

    Hey, um, Kazerad, permission to write up a somewhat long, sorta sappy comment that’s relevant to Prequel but not this update specifically? I’ve been meaning to say something and kept forgetting but I don’t wanna be rude by going off topic and talking about stuff that happened in the past in your comic.

    • Kazerad

      Sure! I don’t mind. My insistence on keeping the comments kind of on-topic last update was just because I was going to be gone for a week; usually any comments are fine. Or if it’s something directly to me, you can also usually get a hold of me through email ([email protected]) or AIM (italicsemicolon).

      • Jackalope

        Ahh, all right, that makes sense. (: I couldn’t remember if off-topic stuff was fine before.

        I just sort of wanted to say that reading Prequel has really helped me through tight spots in the past? It might sound kinda silly but sometimes I identify with Katia a lot, despite never touching a drop of alcohol (can’t even get near the stuff, the smell makes me feel gross). I tend to screw things up like constantly and I’m horrible with words and judging what to do in a situation, and when good opportunities come along, they’re great and it looks like things will pick up but then they just go rock bottom again.

        Recently I was homeless and I was able to couch hop between friends but it was still really scary and upsetting, but when I felt like things would never get better, I would go back and read Prequel, because even though Katia would hit rock-bottom all the time, she still got back up and things would be okay, even if it was only for a short time. And every time they would get better it seemed like she was less likely to go back down. So, y’know, if things got better for this fictional cat that I can relate to, then maybe things would get better for me, too, I just didn’t know when.

        Things have gotten better and, well, it sounds silly, but Prequel was one of the few things that gave me hope that things would turn around and made me keep trying. I know a lot of people complain when things get too bad or too good for Katia, but honestly both of those are important in her story and while it’s sad, it’s kinda realistic, at least to me.

        I’m really glad that Prequel exists. Thank you for creating it, I know that’s a weird way to phrase that but I can’t think of better wording, I apologize. (: Thank you for being a great artist with relatable characters.

        Sorry about the long, sappy comment, haha.

        • FelexBlake

          Same here she kind of inspired me to move out of parents house move 5 cities away, and accidentally live like uh well katia. 2 weeks later i had my first set of silverware and was just as accomplished. 3 weeks later i was in college, (the normal one not for mages) economy dried up had to drop out and move 3 more cities away. now im in my own small apt. getting an outline for a book im going to write. from katia to quill-weave. its going to be my rags to clean rags story lol.

        • That is awesome Jackalope, good for you ^_^ Sometimes stories just hit home at the right time huh?

  • Moses Moore

    When summoning godlike beings, remember to bring crayons. I’m writing this down in case I need it.

    • Pfft, as if ANYONE would EVER be caught ANYWHERE without CRAYONS!!!! What are you going to do without Crayons?! How are you going to let anyone know where you’ve been if not for Crayons? How are you ever going to let others know what you think without Crayons!!! How are you going to fill out Government Documents or surveys without Crayons!!!?! EVERYONE should carry Crayons everywhere at all times always.

  • Person

    yay fast update

  • M

    Huh… Vaermina likes…. paint? Make up? I wonder what’s so great about the items Sigrid is showing her that Vaermina likes it so much.

    Gaius interacting with her was hilarious. I like that guy! Although he got more balls then common sense, considering the Daedra aren’t exactly harmless.

    Then again my own Khajiit DID smack around a few avatars of the princes. Heh, back in Bloodmoon he smacked Hircine’s avatar of guile around so hard with Sunder, in fact, it was easy to imagine Hircine flying away all bug-eyed and smashing through the glacier like something out of One Piece with all the werewolves making ‘Whaaaaaaa!!!!’ expressions with big eyes and mouths wide open. It was a funny mental image. Although I killed all those werewolves anyway…

    But I digress… And I don’t think Gaius is anywhere near strong enough to pummel a Daedric avatar. But I love how he’s like ‘*I* am a man of virtue and justice, and I didn’t come here to serve you demon, I demand questions!’

    • Ardent

      Good thing he’s demanding questions, because he won’t be getting answers. At least, not the answers he wants.

    • David Argall

      The suggestion in 13 sounds good, but any time you have two different minds, there may be something that one scorns while the other would kill for, and vice-versa. If the minds are moderately complex and/or seriously different, this becomes a certainty. And Sigrid seems a talented merchant who mightwell know what human trash is daedra treasure.

    • Bluescale

      Gaius has more balls than Lorkhan himself.

      *looks up to the sky*

      • That Guy

        I can never look at the moons the same way again…

      • Dan

        That is massive!

      • Lorkhan

        That’s right. Look at them.

        Take it in. Take it allll in.

  • wrince

    Which comic was it where we saw the mural on the wall? I’d love to see it again but i can’t remember, and i don’t really want to trawl through the entire index…

  • Nodzilla96

    Vaermina was running low on paints to create nightmares, and Sigrid showed about a month’s supply. No way Vaermina is missing out on this, even if some questions are asked.

  • Halbean

    That’s a pretty awesome job there with the text. I can literally HEAR her voice echoing in my head~! :O

  • Shinden

    Kazerad, you brightened up my morning and made me wake up the others in my house by flatly blurting out “oh god no”. Kudos.

  • Dan

    The “man of action” bravery is cool, but the ink… that was unexpectedly the funniest thing in a long time.

  • Contrast

    “nothing is a act worthy of-”
    Shouldn’t that be “nothing is AN act worthy of-” ?

    Just thought I’d drop that in there. Great comic, Kaz.

    • Kazerad

      Whoops, where’d that little N run off to? Fixed, thanks.

  • ShadowOfTheDark

    Vaermina and Gaius, breaking the fourth wall. Why am I so humoured at this?

    • BlueNight

      Wait, so she wasn’t just looking at me?

      Oh, thank goodness!

    • Tormuse

      Naw, they’re not breaking the fourth wall; they’re just looking at the blank wall where the mural is going to be. 🙂

  • mrtt

    That text really really hurt to read… which is AWESOME!

  • Nodzilla96

    “Then you’ve insolently wasted both our time,” she growls. “It is my day of summoning and I have deeds I need done, and countless loyal servants who would die for the chance to bask in my glory and spread my horrors across Mundus.

    You have an unneeded comma in front of I need done, and both our time should be “both of our time”. Maybe it should be:

    “Then you’ve insolently wasted both of our time,” she growls. “It is my day of summoning and I have deeds I need done, not to mention the countless number of loyal servants who would die for a chance to bask in my glory and spread my horrors across Mundus.”

    Other than this tiny spot, great new update! Glad it came out so quickly too!

    • That Guy

      I’m pretty sure there’s a daedric prince of punctuation

      • Nodzilla96

        Hey. Just No. Don’t Do That.

      • Her name is Gramanazii, and whilst not regarded as one of the 9 Daedric Princes, she strongly believes that all are wrong, and it was a mistake that she was not listed amongst those recognised. She is often associated with Punctuation, Texting, Telemarketers and Internet Trolls. Whilst often being depicted as a Stern faced teacher with her hair up in a bun and holding a ruler in one hand, and a Thesaurus in the other, she is considered nothing more than a smart arse and is not liked by anyone, ever, and thus there are no known shrines to be found to her. Anywhere. Ever.

        • Pumpkins

          But I thought there were 15. (In alphabetical order!)

          Clavicus Vile
          Hermaeus Moara
          Molag Ball
          Mountain Man Tourmanent Guy who sounds like a woman
          Spider Woman who might just be the night mother

  • What happened to the guy in the green robe?

    Also it saddens me that no one worships me in the elderscrolls. I need child sacrifices

    • Pumpkins

      Does homosexuality count?

  • Suraru

    I laughed waaay harder than I should of when deidec thingy got all fourthwalley over whatever was in that box.

    • Link

      I actually think it’s supposed to be that she’s looking back and forth between the paints and the white wall (that happens to be behind us in that panel) =P

  • Nodzilla96

    Somehow I knew he would win that JPEG. Now his and my name are forever captured in a brilliant comment forever. I can die happy now.

  • theplunderking

    F***n sigrid. Just… no. Die you terible terible person. When good looks down and sees her he cringes a little at his mistake

  • Jebediah Oldenheimer

    Ew, that font. I struggle to read purple-on-shadow.

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer

      Or, as it appears on closer inspection, black on double-purple-shadow.

      • but its pizza day

        try highlight the text, it takes away the back shadows. WHAT NOW PREQUEL, totally 1337 reading going on here.

  • Xavier

    Y’know what’s interesting? In the “Enter the Mages Guild” flash file, there’s a torn picture of an old woman in a blue dress with white/gray hair…is this an old Sigrid?? Is she keeping herself youthful?

    • Murder

      The ‘old woman’ looks like a male to me. I think he’s Mannimarco.

      • That Guy

        Psst. Vaermina is a daedric *prince*, omnipotent extraplanar entities are kind’ve above the whole gender thing; in fact they’re kind’ve above the whole “having a physical body” thing.

        Their physical avatar is just to make communication easier with their followers… Hermaeus Mora tends to be a bit lazy on the other hand and shlubs about in the form of shub niggurath

        • Dan

          I used to think that Hermaeus Mora tentacle thing was a way to mimic Sithis’ eldritch nature, but after Dragonborn I am convinced that the tentacle and eyes are summoned from across Apocrypha to structure his temporary body.

          Although she can take any form, she chose to appear as an old lady. Why would the painting represents her in another form?

      • Dan

        Mannimarco wears black robes.
        I think that this is Raminus Polus. The painting even share the yellow stripe from:

  • Sninjo

    I have to Agree with Jackalope.

    I’m in the very same Situation
    I relate very well with Katia as Her past and Present is somewhat like My own (Minus the Alcohol too..and well Sluttiness)
    But hey since I’ve read Prequel I’ve had signs of Hope appear for Me that weren’t there before (Coming from someone who’s Been drowning out Depression for 8+ Years)

    People who live similar Experiences can relate more to certain things like say for instance This comic..
    Jackalope and I and People like Us..(and Katia) Share a bond because of that reason and when We find things that are remotely the same to what We’ve experienced We get attached to it and We love it almost instantly.

    Kazerad..I’d also like to say Thank you..For everything and for creating Prequel for us to Read and Enjoy
    Without this idk where I’d be (Strange I know but it’s been a hard Life) but hey I personally have to say I love Katia for who She is
    Always moving along and (Most of the time)Facing her Fears.

    There’s so much more to say as when I found this comic I loved it immediately and I literally read it Everyday but hey it keeps Me going when there isn’t much left.

    Also Kaze I’d love to contact You in someway..Possibly Via Email/Skype/Aim?
    If I could it’d help alot as I could probably use some advice xD
    That and well I’ve wanted to talk to You simply because I also wanted to get some things answered but..that’s besides the Point xD

    But yeah Kaze Thanks again and keep it up
    We all Appreciate it.


  • Sninjo

    That is If You don’t mind me Contacting You.
    I don’t want to interrupt and only want to talk if You are alright with it
    As I know You are rather busy all the time.

  • Raurie

    WOO! new update and ability to comment. by the by how is one supposed to get there sujestions put in the comic.

    • DD

      On the right of the screen, in extras, click on submit commands. Also can submit fan-art. I think you have to log on.

  • almonds

    great import -> great importance?

  • Ransom

    Looks like sometimes the direct approach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Great, now we’ll owe Sigrid.

  • Kurry

    I love the effect that Vaermina has on the panels! It’s so pretty.

    I’d find it odd how Gaius and Vaermina looked at the fourth wall, but I suppose that’s in participation of Vaermina’s painting the currently blank canvas? Interesting artist choice…

  • the other ghost girl

    I wonder if she’s got any flesh tones, or if vermina is into the more alien look?

  • zortharg

    Well, I couldn’t be prouder if I had just eaten a whole cathedral chock full of dark Daedric Princes. And maybe a couple Popes too. I have to say, I thought really hard on what I could possibly say that would be intelligent and insightful and relevant yet not so obvious that it would go without saying. So in my moment of glory, I’d like to especially thank my parents back on my home planet of Lillitittle, all eleven of them, who are no doubt this very minute assembling a doomsday fleet, and I hope that the example I have shown stands as a beacon of light to the 100 thousand writhing larvae that my spouse just laid in your peanut butter. Once again, thank you all. and may the evil black hole god Gravitaria bestow upon you its blessings of not crushing you all into spaghetti.


    Zortharg the Destroyer, Scourge of the Cosmos. BS, MS, PhD.

    • zortharg

      p.s. – Yes, I really do have a Masters Degree – in Science!

      • Pumpkins

        And a BS MS at that!

    • zortharg

      Oh, by the way – I kind of would like to keep a “before” and “after” in my own files for posterity. Just so that I can look back at this moment and say “woot!” Unfortunately, you overwrote the original AaaaaaaaaaaaItIsSoGreat.jpg on the website and I can’t get it out of google’s cache, and supposing kept that file, and it likely didn’t, I would still have to wait 2 years for it to show a snapshot of this website during that period of time before it was overwritten, and as you noted, due to the way the encoding of a jpg file functions, when you resave a jpg file, unlike say, a png file, information is lost, and there wasn’t much there to begin with. Any chance I can persuade you to e-mail it to me (I’m supposing you as the owner of the website can see my e-mail address since it asks for it)?

      • Alex

        just erase your name on the .gif and resave it. Don’t even do a good job erasing it cleanly, either. Resave at lowest possible quality.

  • Lisebians

    im amused by how vaermina, an otherworldly god, flips her shit like she was just proposed to by a long-time partner when sigrid shows her art supplies

  • mightystu

    I don’t know how this hasn’t been noticed, but Sigrid used a spray bottle before she charmed Katia’s clothes off. Given that she’s an alchemist, it seems this may be he source of her power. When we return to the present, she should get after that.

  • NotADamnSquirrel

    That text…
    Prescription +1!

  • angeluriel

    ¿Can anyone of you guys please answer to this question?: “What is the author of MSPA’s first name?”.
    I cant find the answer to it and it says i must put it correctly so i can register on MSPA Forums, so i really will apreciate it if someone please helps me out with the question.
    Thank you for reading!

    • angeluriel

      In the situation you wonder why i need the answer is because in this website is the forum thread to submit commands.(I am not going to go there and insult, i want to have a chance to say something in the comic)

      • Edd

        Why don’t you google it?

        • angeluriel

          That was the first thing i tried

    • Dan


      • angeluriel

        It worked, thank you very much!


    That text is awesome, nice touch kaz.

  • Ikearat

    Was I the only one who considered that garish collection of colors and tools as a make-over about to happen?

    • Keldor

      I’m certain that such a makeover could only be described as the stuff of nightmares.

  • Max

    Something is confusing me.

    The mage in Anvil, and others who “don’t talk about the Kvatch mage’s guild.” Are they under Sigrid’s spell or not? If they’re under her spell, why do they talk as if the guild is a big shame? If they’re NOT under her spell, why do they not see fit to warn people about her, instead opting to be all cryptic? If they’re not under her spell AND they don’t know that she charms people, then … why do they talk as if the guild is a big shame? I know it used to practice necromancy, but if they don’t know about Sigrid’s charms, then as far as they do know, she turned it around. So what’s going on?

    • Man of Mer

      Maybe they don’t talk about it because they’ll become cursed or killed. Who knows, it still a careful observation through context clues to find out why.

    • Venatio

      I believe that is what everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) said in Oblivion when you tried asking them about that guild. I don’t remember the original reason though.

  • Man of Mer

    Vaermina has quite the O-face.

  • stupidjellyfish

    Saggy tits

    • Man of Mer

      >:I Don’t mention that.

  • Denhark

    Hey, umm, how often is it prequel gets updated?

    • DD

      2+ weeks usually. 1 or less if we’re lucky or its a small one. Can be 3+ for a bigger update. As much as a month if Kaz has other stuff going on (ie new years, work, studies, whatever)

  • Kaze’aze

    Gaius is looking right through the rift, directly at the reader. “Seriously? Paint? As long as my questions get answered…

    • xKiv

      The future-mural is actually a on-way mirror.

      • Kaze’aze

        You can’t paint over a one-way mirror and still be able to see through it.

        • xKiv

          It’sn’t been paint’d over yet.
          And by the time Katia arrives, it will have been replaced by a colorized one-way mirror.

          • Kaze’aze

            There is no mirror.

  • Internet Buttstalker

    Gaius: Scream out “Die, monster! You don’t belong in this world!”.

    Vaermina: Retaliate, “It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh! I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute! ”

    Gaius: Respond, “Tribute? You steal men’s souls, and make them your slaves! ”

    Vaermina: “I suppose the same could be said of all religions…”

    Gaius: “Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!”

    Vaermina: “What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk… Have at you!”

    The greatest duel of all time shall now take place.

  • As an artist, I found what was in the box to be extra funny. I’d probably make the same reaction as the daedric prince.

    Then again, it could be that those aren’t just mundane paints…

  • So, today I’m going to post a mod to Skyrim Nexus that adds Katia from Prequel Adventure. She will be a khajiit follower in whiterun, and will also be available for marriage.

    I already made the mod, but I just need to post it. The link to my mod page will be provided in my next comment, or you could just click on my name in my next comment.

    I gave Katia a shit ton of health, and moderately powerful fire damage. But she is terrible at all other skills. The reason I gave her so much health is because the main advantage of followers is to be a distraction and soak up damage to you.

  • Larekko12

    Get on with your questioning. And conveintly ask a question that gets you a nice and juicy lead that someone moderately incompetent could follow if they weren’t a man of action who had to defend a town.

    Maybe also ask how Sigird has the entire town wrapped around her digits get an answer relay the answer and never realize it.

  • Brian

    So is this thing still goin?

  • L333t

    I hate when it has a cliffhanger ending! ):(

  • I wonder if all daedra princes (or princesses) speak in third person.

  • Here is the Skyrim mod that adds Katia Managan.

    Next I might make an oblivion mod.

    • Pumpkins

      That would make a lot more sense since, for all you geniuses out there, she wouldn’t be long dead by the time the events in Oblivion happen.

  • dgw

    I’ve spent the last couple days reading from the beginning of the story up to here. So far I have resisted the urge to correct typos and such, since doing so seems a bit silly after so much time has passed. (I could go back and recheck a few pages a day if you want, though, Kazerad.)

    But today I saw the first mistake—not a mere typo—that I cannot let stand: “could care less”. Pursuant to the proper usage of English expressions and with the goal of making Prequel an upstanding example of such, I propose that “you could care less” in the first paragraph be changed to “you couldn’t care less”, in accordance with the all-too-correct assessments of Sarah Brooks.

    Also, to whomever it was whose comment on an I-don’t-even-know-how-many-month-old story post said that Katia is a kawaii cartoon catgirl: はい、カチアはとても可愛いです!

    I will now stop trying to write Japanese, lest I make any more mistakes than are already possibly present in that one sentence.

    • Kazerad

      Months old or not, I do appreciate typo corrections! People (such as yourself, apparently!) still read up through the archives all the time, surely judging me by every untamed typo they find. At this point, following two years and twenty thousand de-facto editors, I feel like I’m almost out of typos to correct. Sometimes a sneaky one still surprises me, though.

      As for the could/couldn’t care less bit, that’s actually one of those intentional things like Katia’s run on sentences. All Gaius’ narration is kind of over-the-top and aiming for a composition quality he can’t actually match. It’s the sort of thing you wouldn’t see in, say, Quill-Weave’s narration (and if something like this slipped in I would correct it right away), but in this case it’s an important part of the overall character voice being established. The voice of an overdramatic man who straps swords to dogs.

      Regardless, thank you for keeping an eye out for errors! I hope you can understand my choice to keep this or similar writing mistakes in as appropriate to the characters, and hope all the verbatim, uncorrected user commands I use don’t drive you TOO insane ;p

      • dgw

        I completely support using the user commands in unedited form! And I also support usage mistakes that are an intentional part of a character’s speech pattern.

        Perhaps I will take the time at some point to read up through the archives again (I finished everything posted so far yesterday) and submit those typo corrections. Gotta find something to do while I await the next chapter!

        Also, might I inquire as to the possibility of adding comment notification emails? Keeping the page bookmarked or open in a tab while waiting for replies seems…kludgey…and I know there are several WordPress plugins that would handle the task nicely.

  • dtlux14

    OH YAY! PAINT! I do pictures in MS paint…