Apr 302013

Niara wrote:
Katia: Break in excitedly, oblivious to anything else happening in your surroundings, to tell Gaius of how your own dreams Have spoken to you… sort of.

I’m pretty sure that dream-thief thing talked to me last night!

What, Gaius says.

You tell him that you were having a really bad nightmare like usual, and then all of a sudden these big, glowing letters appeared.

Big, glowing letters, he says.

Yeah! All lit up like one of those magicka-powered signs outside of a strip club. It was really weird; they basically just told me to stop being afraid.

Big, glowing letters appeared and told you to just stop being afraid, he says.

You nod. What do you think it could mean? Do… you think this somehow could be the cure to both our nightmares? Do you think…

In retrospect, you guess you could have worded that in a way that didn’t sound like complete bullshit.

  • Kazerad

    The suggestion thread will re-open in a little bit. When it does, let’s get some actual intelligent thoughts and actions in there. Katia needs it.

    • Goldcat99

      Do we have to? I kinda like this being a crazy cat mage thing.

      • varsaigen

        It does have a nice flair to it, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • cake

      you ask for too much.

      • Chell

        You liar.

        • GLaDOS

          Oh, it’s you. It’s been a long time.

    • Dan

      Why would you want that?

    • Relth

      Where do I sign up?!

      • Kaserad (not Kazerad)

        You just click register.

    • Koravel

      This is best action. and i must be part of it. This is gettin srs here guys. super srs.

    • egg brother

      well lets just face it kaz. no matter what, there will always be that one person to start another completly different conversation that is no way related to the topic at hand. just glad that it never was me.

      • Sheogorath

        No it was me

        • Haskill

          Sorry to bother you my lord, but shouldn’t you be looking into more…..urgent….matters at this time instead of posting random comments?

        • Haskill

          Sorry to bother you my lord, but shouldn’t you be looking into more…..urgent….matters at this time instead of posting random comments?

          It is that time of the era after all…..

  • Deimos

    Welp, he’s an ass.

    • BuulderJim

      Ok, NOW we kill him.

      • HoochieKookoo

        Gaius is going to be a companion, guys, and I DEFINITELY want to see Katia burnin’ bitches and Gaius cappin’ fools back-to-back. [“Bitches”, in the derogatory sense. I’d rather Sworddog escape Katia’s firey death-tickle.]

  • Eadeve

    Looks like she could have used that old “amulet of silence there.”

    In all seriousness, maybe she could try to link her magika (if she has any atm) to heighten her khajiit night vision to see ‘other things.’

    • Toastfighter

      Now now, we’ve already caused her to lose sight in ONE eye doing silly things, she doesn’t need to be blind.

  • Thesis

    Damn, that sandwich looks tasty-

    …Oh. Okay then.

  • ArcaneMonkey

    Damn, poor Gaius just payed out one of the most important moments of his life and now he just thinks he’s being mocked

    • M

      Damn, I’m torn between that and Gaius being kind of a dick. I mean, Gaius already KNEW Katia’s not necessarily the brightest or most socially savvy.

      I guess as a BOLD MAN OF ACTION, opening up like this was hard for him to begin with. But cut the cat some slack!

      Really… come the fuck on… I hoped they’d be at least SORTA friends now.

      Well then… Katia’d better get off her ass, pursue, apologize if that sounded wrong but insist they talk more. She can’t let this lead go.

      • TreeScaled

        Yup, she’d better PUR-sue and a-PAW-logize, before she loses her last lead!

        • M

          She doesn’t want to roast the guy. 😉 But it would be better not to go all cat-atonic.

          • Kaze’aze

            These puns are so stale, starving children in Africa wouldn’t eat them.

          • Shard

            That was funny

  • krystalkitty

    Well that was awfully rude of him.

  • Zance

    Figures I catch up during an exciting tidbit. (sigh)

  • Name Required

    we all know katia is poor, da hell did she get a sandvich from?

    • Goldcat99

      She stole it?

  • Goldcat99

    Noooo not katias sandwich!

    • Ombragon

      nooooo, this man is a monster

  • ismit32

    Katia: Apologise to Gaius if you offended him without meaning to, then ask if you could get Vaermina’s number that she gave him so you can contact her about your dreams. (since she wanted to know ANY new information Gaius learns so she should be interested in Katia’s dream talking to her)

    • thlunderking

      Screw gaius, he kicked that food right out of her hand. Let him suffer some more nightmares. He kind of deserves it for being a judgmental prick. If he really wanted an answer that bad he would follow any lead. The fact that she knows his nightmares is one thing. He saw a dedric prince for gods sake, he can’t believe in floating letters? Well I guess he is a guard so he must know more than namira. We need the number for namira, gaius can rot.

      • ismit32

        Was just thinking that if she doesn’t apologise it might be unnecessarily difficult to get that number. Its not like she can defeat a fully trained guard. Not to mention all the guards would be after her even if she did manage to beat him, she IS trying to stay OUT of trouble.

  • Expresate

    Oh, boooo. Come on, Kazerad. Why do you just so nonchalantly kill off the main character like that? That’s bad story telling. All this build up for some stupid “LOLNOPE” moment. You’re now literally worse than Hussie.

    RIP Sandwich.

    2013- 2013

    Loving husband, father, foodstuff.

    • Kazerad

      He’s not dead, he is just critically wounded! You can work together to resuscitate him once the commands thread gets reopened.

      • Expresate

        Well, maybe I will.

        “Your killing has been observed by forces unknown….”

        • A Nameless Adventurer

          Asotil: Suddenly appear out of nowhere, run up to Gaius and arrest that “criminal scum” for ruining a perfectly good sandwich….

          ….a crime punishable by death under Imperial law.

          • SkywardStrike

            Not even murder is punishable by death in Cyrodiil.

          • A Nameless Adventurer

            It’s not for murder, its for ruining a sandwich. While not every murder is punishable by death, ruining a sandwich is a capital offense.

            Pick pocketing and picking up objects that aren’t yours are also capital offenses, providing you can’t pay the fine….

      • Tormuse
    • stupidjellyfish

      Kazerad has a lot of balls to do shit like this. That sandwich looked so fucking tasty.

      • tronn

        She’s a poor, starving girl who only got one bite of the sandwich, just enough to get the taste in her mouth, before it was thrown to the ground. Nice one!

        Also in sadder news,
        >Game world: fail to play ‘Cpt. Gaius has joined the party!’ music.

        • Dan

          I was rooting for a party music…

        • A Nameless Adventurer

          The sandvich also failed to join the party…..

        • Squeakyrawr

          That was very rude of him but she IS a cat after all. She could just eat the sandwich off of the ground, you know. She’s done worse things.

    • L333t

      If the sandwich is a year old, I wouldn’t eat it…

  • Ransom

    And thus did sandwich join Dimitri in the realm of dead characters. *sniff*

    • Casey

      Dimitri is a necromancer dommit! I just know he’s got some cool thing going with a soil gem, a skeleton and a posthumous healing spell (And his undead cat).

      • Goldcat99

        Could we ask him to revive sandwitch?0

  • Kai

    Katia: Well, you’re still hungry aren’t you? You aren’t gonna let a little dirt stop you from enjoying that sandwich are you!?

  • LordKebise

    Katia, pick up your sandwich! Give him CPR! Mout-to-mouth! Anything!

    P.S: If your sandwich dies, throw his corpse in Gaius’s face then punch that murderer in the balls!

  • LordKebise

    Then get Gaius to help you get your stuff back.

  • nan

    Katia: forget the incredibly satisfying but let’s face it probably imewginary sandwich and focus on the fellow human being: the one who just had a long privileged chat with the prince of dreams about his lifelong disturbing what were they oh yes DREAMS which are much like your own

    Katia: be curious.

  • Ragnvaldr

    And suddenly, I feel like eating a meaty sandwich. Rest in pieces Katia’s sandwich. ;_;

  • Shard

    Where’d Katia get the sandwich?

    • Unclever title

      Gaius mentioned Miss Lenka’s weekly barbecue before starting the story. My guess is that they stopped by for some free food during the middle of the story.

  • Thatguy

    He will pay for that sandwich with his blood. Or his money, whichever is more easily exchanged for more food.

  • NoriMori

    I’m…honestly not exactly sure what Gaius is so pissed about, or exactly how what Katia said sounded like complete bullshit, or was even worded badly… I guess there’s something I’m missing here…

    • Alex

      Well, first off you have to remember that Gaius already dislikes her for possibly being a cultist. So chances are that if Katia says something that could be taken the wrong way, he probably will do that.
      After talking to her about how he’s been tortured by nightmares for years, and how not even the Prince of Nightmares knew why or how to stop them, she comes out and says “Oh hey I had one of those dreams too! In the dream, I saw these giant flaming letters telling me I should just stop being afraid! Do you think that could help you out?” He probably took that to mean that this insensitive cultist isn’t taking his pain at all seriously and is sarcastically telling him if he wants the nightmares to end he should just… stop being afraid of cultists. Keep in mind she already mocked him earlier for being scared of them.

      She should’ve said something like: “I think the creature in my nightmares tried to communicate… but it didn’t get very far before I woke up. It seemed like it was trying to calm me down… I don’t know why.” Pique his interest, don’t bring up the fact that the actual words it used sounded like a four-year-old’s, word it in a way that clearly shows you don’t understand this, either. That’s the way to go.

      • Sheogorath

        Too many words not enough cheese

        • A Nameless Adventurer

          Why are you back my Lord…

          …and where is the other you?

          • Sheogorath

            Oh, he’s here, and there, and a bit over there, in that tree, too, and… Hm… Where did the rest of him land, Haskill?

          • Haskill

            Yes my Lord?

        • LP

          You ran out of cheese-stuffed-entrails, didn’t you?

      • Shin-Bad


  • TheTurnipKing

    Irrelevant. You speak the truth.

    Stick close to Gaius. But stealthy, like. I don’t know why it gave him cultist dreams, but if I was going to take a guess, then it probably means to keep you two apart.

    But he’s afraid of cultists, and you’re an ex-cultist. So you should definately stalk him stealthily from the shadows instead of simply telling him your reasoning, and save him the worry. There’s no way that could be misconstrued.

  • furnut

    Katia needs to play the conversation wheel better =(

  • Tylor

    May be Gaius got her this sandwich in the first place?

  • Fishing4Food

    R.I.P Half eaten sandwich, may you rest in peace.

  • Elvenwonder

    The sandwitch looked to me like barbecue, from Miss Lenka’s fire. I guess that means it actually is a cooking fire, and we can stop worrying.

    So how does Gaius manage to walk away without moving his legs? Subtle, illegal, flying skills? Short-distance teleportation? I bet Katia could learn a lot from him.

    • Alex

      A sand-witch? Burn her! Burn the witch with fire!

  • Jack

    Katia can’t enjoy her sandwich.

  • M’aiq the Liar

    Ma’iq thinks that perhaps katia should think more before she speaks. A wise Khajit once told Ma’iq: “By the Nine, do you ever shut up?” Ma’iq believes that these words apply well to your situation.

  • Nick

    I did not get his reaction.

  • Andross

    HA HA HA




  • Bluedragon

    2nd frame – cute katia gulp noted, saved and copied to various places scattered about the internet for posterity. Wonder if I can hack together a 1/2/3 frame animation? It would be of such epic cuteness as to displace MLP forever!

    • Vengeful Argonian

      Yes! Do it! Take out the pony menace once and for all!

      • Moonfire


  • The Argonian

    Am I the only one confused by the magicka powered sign?

  • heidtmare

    Was that a McRib?!?
    …I could really go for a McRib right now.

  • Maxtimot

    Just noticed that Katia’s neck in the three first panels is a bit too long and thin. I know you’ve been drawing Vaermina’s protracted neck for weeks. But before we leave her, Katia looked like this: http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/story1365.gif
    And now I can’t unsee the head placed just a little too far from the head. :/ Nice drawing though, I like it when she start to regain smile after all that (even for just half of the update).

  • Mourn over loss of sandwich.

  • TenGoat

    Gaius is a younger Sheogorath, it’s obvious.

  • DK3

    Oh that Gaius, hes been probably mocked by so many ppl telling him that hes afraid of cultists (while hes denying it) that it couldn’t had been expected otherwise what he do to a lowfolk like her……………where she got that food from anyway?

  • Tylor

    Pretty likely that Gaius gave her sandwich himself.

    • Tylor

      Oops, forgot I already posted it. Disregard.

  • MrPeriwinkle

    That sandwich

    The sandwich was from Miss Lenka’s Barbecue. What a nice town giving out sandwiches weekly like that.

  • Dragon

    Take a moment to reflect.

    * Some deific being is meddling in dreams
    * When you were sleeping in the church, something big, shiny, bright and cool was interceding.

    … maybe one of the gods was helping? Speak to a priest, perhaps?

    This is probably inadvisable, so you might want to find someone to do this with, to help you not flip out:
    The book. The one you defaced; do you still have it?
    There’s a supernatural horror out there, and you have been drinking to forget.
    But what have you been thinking, worried about when drunk?
    Maybe there are secrets.
    If not, maybe you can use it the next time you think the bottle is the solution, to remind you that avoiding the terrors of the night often lead to your problems in the day.

    Keep your good eye on the prize. The dancing competiton. You need to get some practice on; maybe checkout the competition. Decide on your dignified, wizardly dance. And if you can’t do dignified, get an atrocious fake beard and go for comedy undignified – after all, didn’t someone say laughter was a form of flattery?

    Be the sandwich.

  • Gundrium

    Alright, not to go off topic too much, but am I the only one thinking that the cat from Nah’s monologue is in fact; Either our good necromancer in a cat’s body, or perhaps his oldest animal familiar with a bit of him inside? Either way, I don’t see that cat finding Katia here unless it meant to, considering said cat never met out good Warrior-Mage before.

    Also, QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORSTIDEA I’VE EVER HAD GREAT IDEA! how about we salvage the sandwich and eat it as we search for a way to counter-act ‘Her’ Potion to increase charm(Which is all that throat spray/ colonge thing could be.) and then confront the mage that I am having the increasing suspicion is the Cultist our good captain is scared piss-less by.

    And thirdly, I would suggest we find the ‘Retard’ from yesterday, as I have come under the impression she is ‘our’ partner. The only thing that would make our job harder would be if it was our ‘TOTALLY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WITH THE ‘SKIN CONDITION’ AND A LIKE FOR RED’.

    And while we’re on THAT Subject: Exactly HOW long have you been hearing… ‘Us’? This just does NOT seem all that healthy.

    And finally:

    How are the flowers in the flower pot?

  • D. G.

    So wait, if Gaius’ story just sorta ended there, then how come SWORDDOG isn’t still following him around?

    • 65534

      Probably Sworddog only follows Gaius when Gaius is off work. Or Sworddog now has a job of guarding the Vaermina’s orb.

  • Blezmo

    It looks like Katia had poor social skills.
    And how dis she get that sandwich?

    • Tylor

      I think Gaius has poor social skills. Katia’s problem is that she has “anybody can walk all over me” look (and feel).

  • Tormuse

    Katia should have said, “Don’t be reasonably apprehensive.”

  • Tobi2500

    Guys! I just came up with a stupid theory a great theory, what if Dimitri is making the golden letters in an attempt to help Katia.Since he’s a necromancer he might become a ghost and interfere with her dreams to help her. My “evidence” is that the king-monster-thing was like WTF when the golden letters appeared, and if the entity behind the nightmares is causing them in the first place then why suddenly stop? I am assuming that the entity is being the King, and thats why it was so confused.
    What do you think?

  • Tobi2500

    Sorry about the epic fail…
    Guys! I just came up with a stupid theory great theory, what if Dimitri is making the golden letters in an attempt to help Katia.Since he’s a necromancer he might become a ghost and interfere with her dreams to help her. My “evidence” is that the king-monster-thing was like WTF when the golden letters appeared, and if the entity behind the nightmares is causing them in the first place then why suddenly stop? I am assuming that the entity is being the King, and thats why it was so confused.
    What do you think?

  • FelexBlake

    Her Manwich!

  • Does anyone notice that the gaurd outside the Mysterious Door on Oblivion: Shivering Isles is named Gaius?
    That could mean something…

    • Relth

      You mean he got relocated? I don’t know… What’s Gaius’s full name?

      • Tylor

        I looked up Gaius in wiki, and there are several of them across TES games. Gaius Prentus in Shivering Isles DLC and two different Gaiuses in Skyrim. None of them is “our” Gaius. He may be one of nameless guards, but nobody in Cyrodiil wear beards, so he either shaved, died, or was sent away to some reservation for people with facial hair.

        • Maybe Gaius Prentus shaved his beard.
          And either left Kvatch before it burned, or cowarded away while the other soldiers fought.

  • Relth

    Either Gaius still doesn’t trust Kat, thinks she’s just being dumb (as usual, I have to admit) or HE JELLY OH!!!

  • Moo?

    What the… How… Ummm… where did katia get the the SANDVICH?

    • 65534

      The only way she could get a SANDVICH is from Heavy passing by — probably on his way from TF2 to Touhou.

  • zuke

    don’t let that sandwhich kicking coot get the better of you explain what happened to him again but this time in better detail

  • I’ve been reading this comic from some time now. Now, although I don’t actually play videogames, I’ve read about how the Elderscrolls game works in particular.

    I took my Savanna principle and applied to the Khajiits in the game (if they were real) and now I have the “Elyswere Principle”

    Since most Khajiits do no use magic, then it must not be something that is important for the survival and reproduction of their species. Knowing this, it is evolutionary novel (for Khajiits) for Katia to use any magic at all.
    The Savannah Principle dictates that intelligence is governed by traits that are evolutionary novel.

    Therfore, I conclude that Katia F. Managan is one of the most intelligent Khajiits.

    • Tylor

      It’s kind of racist 🙂

    • Niara

      Ability to work with magic has very little to do with intelligence in the TES universe… yes a lot, maybe a majority, of mages are scholarly, but it’s by no means a requirement… and just so, not practicing magic as a general cultural norm makes no statement about the average intelligence of the people in question. for example, the sorts of professions in which khajiit tend to be adept in also require a goodly level of intelligence to be proficient at…

      The only way, in the TES universe that intelligence is tied to ability to use magic would be if you solely meant scholastic book-learning… and while we could debate the arbitrariness of that and how exclusive it is, the point there is moot since, it certainly cannot be argued that Katia has any of that. She does not.

      It’s far from novel for Khajiit to practice magic; it’s simply uncommon for one to make a career out of it. In the TES universe, pretty much anyone can learn magic, and even the dunciest of commoners is still likely to know at least a very basic healing spell or two. As a general rule, each guild hall you visit in morrowind/oblivion was far more likely to have Khajiit memberships than, say, Redguards, who distrust magic, or Orcs, who disdain it.

      I’m not saying that dear Katia isn’t very clever; I think she is. Socially inept, clumsy, inexperienced and terribly naive in many important ways, and coming off a background that has seen her deprived and beaten down countless times even before we got to know her… but for all of that, she’s still quite clever… Don’t mistake that you’d offend a very large portion of the khajiit people if you held her up as one of the most intelligent khajiit, though.

    • RikuJho

      Your theory is patently incorrect. I believe all khajiit start with the fireball spell in Oblivion. ALL of them, and as stated by another comment, there were many khajiit in Morrowind mage guilds, and there was even one in Skyrim. (Odd, because the racism was so deep in Skyrim it was painful. And that was for the races WITHOUT bodily fur or scales. I can’t even begin to articulate how badly Khajiit and Argonians are treated in Skyrim. At least they weren’t slaves this time, though.)

      Anyway… you should probably discontinue any attempts at conjecture before reading the wiki and/or playing the games. Preferably both. Khajiit have a broad range of skills and very interesting culture. They are historically a bit naive, though. :/

      • Kazerad

        Aww, I think it’s nice when anyone can conjecture. It makes for more interesting discussions than when everyone is coming from the same place. And he is right; Khajiit culture isn’t particularly magic-inclined.

        Personally, though, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of theories involving general intelligence. The concept of intelligence is so vague that I rarely feel like the theories are proposing anything more than a definition. If you view general intelligence as the ability to synthesize information and apply it to new situations, then it’s not much of a stretch to say it evolved to help deal with new situations.

        Khajiiti culture is actually a pretty good (if fictional) illustration of this. Their native culture largely revolves around thievery and deception, so most of them excel in the quick thinking that is usually referred to as “intelligence”. When you apply extensions of the Savannah principle, however, “intelligence” basically comes to mean nothing more than “what ____ culture is usually bad at”.

        • piq

          Awesome author + awesome fans = awesome tangents.

          On this “intelligence” topic, I don’t have much of a formal theory background, but it seems strange to me to apply any single measure to individuals, considering we evolved as interdependent members of social groups. How often do we _ever_ tackle difficult situations in total isolation, with no help from friends, family, or strangers? (…aside from tests in school, which are totally artificial, which is kind of my point.)

          If we take up this group perspective, defining intelligence as the ability for a _group_ to synthesize & apply past experience to new situations, then none of the individuals need comprehensive competence — in fact, each person becomes more valuable by specializing, i.e. being especially good at some things, even if it means being terrible at others.

          Say you could take all your tests in school as a team. Do you want a team where everyone is a B-level student at everything? No matter how you divide up the tests among your members, the best you can get is a B. Or would you rather have a team where everyone is a D-level student at most things but an A+ at their favorite subjects? You can divide up the tests to the specialists & get an A+ on everything as a group.

          Same deal for our forum conversations here — echoing what Kazerad just said. Diversity of perspective makes discussions more interesting (& adaptable.) We like them that way because we instinctively sense that it gives us a better chance to find our way over, or under, or around, or through a wall that might stop a group that makes everyone march lockstep. People can still be wrong on individual points of fact, and we should tell them so, but it doesn’t mean we want them to stop sharing their perspective!

  • just some one who loves this

    i need to not watch game grumps as reading this what my thoughts look like this is comics but moving but jontron voice is reading the thx

  • just some one who loves this

    be happy or a mugger with take your boots and be like “ow my feet i think i step in some glass now i’m bleeding”

  • just some one who loves this
  • Anonymous

    …So you’re telling me that glowing letters in a dream that has floating stairs and a giant morphing shadow king makes is bullshit. Yeah, that’s reasonable.

  • Seeen

    Apologize for sounding like you were mocking him and ask for the daedra’s number.

  • Tech

    this is not a comment, it’s a SANDWICH! What would make you think otherwise?

    • RampantSeaTurtles

      Do I have permission to eat it?

  • Kione

    Hey Kazerad, I’m not sure if anyone has brought this up before but if they have, sorry >.<

    I was wondering if Prequel had an IRC chatroom. I would love to chat with and get to know some of the people in this fandom, and I think it'd be a lot of fun having a bunch of us in the same place 🙂

    • Tylor


    • Kaserad (not Kazerad)
    • tronn

      Just head over to /co/ after an update, there’s always a thread that usually lasts for two to three days.

      • Kione

        Yeah I guess that’s one way. I just find IRC networks a lot more fun, personally. I dunno, I figured one would work really well given the size of the Prequel fandom.

    • Kazerad

      I don’t think one exists yet? I know there are a couple places on different forums that have discussion after updates, but I’m not sure the fandom is big enough or the comic updates enough to warrant a full time chatroom. Not to mention someone would have to moderate/take care of it.

  • Tylor

    Hmm, interesting tidbit. In Daggerfall you only could summon Vaermina on Sun’s Height (July) 10th. And it was “month ago”.
    Oblivion starts Last Seed (August) 27th. As we know that year is right (from Katia’s birthday and age), it is indeed mere days before Crisis.

  • Kaserad (not Kazerad)

    hmmm I don’t see why my name was changed to “Not Kaserad”
    I never claimed to be that Kaz guy, Im clearly Kaserad, not Kazerad.
    ( has a ‘s’, does not have a ‘z’ )

    • Kazerad

      Here, I changed it in a different direction. Just trying to avoid confusion if possible!

      (nice email, by the way)

  • SuperGnome

    Re-assemble the fallen sandwich! That was a perfectly good- Wait, where’d the sandwich come from!?

  • Low Ceiling

    I say we conspire to set Gaius’ beard on fire. MAGIC fire.

  • DeepPix3l

    Well… at least you have a lead now. Vaermina DID say something about wanting to hear if there was a voice in the dreams. A sign is kinda like a voice right? And, I’m sure she/he(IT?) would be interested is someone else was having similar dreams.
    Perhaps Cultists may be your best bet in finding more answers at this point.

  • Tristan

    I am really liking this so far. I hope you manage to update soon. 😀
    (R.I.P Sandwich)

  • Nodzilla96

    Anyone notice katia’s hair growing? It started out at fuzzy but now there are lines of hair. Maybe she will braid? Fan art ops all over this…

  • RogueSol

    I’m new to this comic and it sunk its claws into me. (Pun intended) I’m also starting to develop a theory. Earlier in the story we saw the knave and king in a card deck. Granted normally kings are in almost every card deck I can think of but the knave is something I only saw in this story (or is Elder Scrolls) would there happen to be a cultist card by chance. If so then it’s probably a good start for clues.

    • Kazerad

      Welcome, and I’m glad you enjoy the comic!

      As for the Knave, though, that’s actually just what Jacks were printed as up until the mid-19th century. Earlier English decks used the “Kn” abbreviation for Jacks/Knaves, and it was eventually changed to “J” in order to minimize confusion with Kings. I’m afraid that’s just one of those rare, inconsistent moments where the comic has some tiny bit of historical accuracy (possibly ruined immediately after when the cards are revealed to be laminated, a process that didn’t come around until the 1900s).

      • Nodzilla96

        Oh Kaz, being all detailed with 17th century history.

  • krazy khajiit

    Poor katia. Never seems to catch a break.

  • oldfurr

    Could you please put in a archive index or month to month pick-em & flick-em for this comic? I have just gotten back here after 3 months absence and do not have the time to screw off for 25 minutes to get back comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic by comic etc. etc. etc. etc. by freaking etc. to where I last viewed this comic.
    Thank you

  • So he kicks her fucking sandwhich xD

  • dtlux14

    “Yeah! All lit up like one of those magicka-powered signs outside of a
    strip club. It was really weird; they basically just told me to stop
    being afraid.” I don’t see how this doesn’t seem true. Also, he was mean to kick her sandwich, whatever it was.