May 082013

contemptibleComedian wrote:
Go apologize and insist that it’s true young missy, you’re not mocking him.
Seriously, big damn letters

stupidjellyfish wrote:

Whimbrel wrote:
tactlessly trail after the good captain!

You’ve already screwed this conversation up pretty badly. You could follow him and try to explain yourself, but you suspect that would just make things worse.

For now, it’s probably best to let him be. Chasing after someone who wants to get away from you is never a good idea. If you leave him alone a bit, though, maybe he’ll realize you weren’t just mocking him this time. He’s still your one lead on your nightmares, and you don’t want to make him hate you. I mean, any more than he already does.

Right now, you should focus on your more immediate, personal problems.

flaillomanz wrote:
Katia: Ponder sandwich

Elnath wrote:
Lament the loss of your sammich, it looked like you were really enjoying that! What was that, pulled pork? Delicious!

Alas, your delicious sandwich has been slain. Gaius’ blow sent it sprawling from your hand and onto the dusty grass where its saucy, porcine contents splattered forth from its freshly-baked body. It didn’t stand a chance. The sandwich has been rendered completely inedible.

Yeah, just kidding. You’re poor.

You probably could have just gone back to Lenka’s barbecue and asked for another one, but it was already free. Poor or not, you wouldn’t feel right taking advantage of that more than anyone else.

Anyway, it’s only a little dirty. Sort of.

Unclevertitle wrote:
Come to think of it, considering how the king acts and how reassuring the gold words were… there’s like no possible way the speaker was also the dream thief right? Or at least not the same guy setting the dreams up.

Why would he torment you for 16 years and then act all chummy now? It just doesn’t make sense, no wonder Gaius thought you were making fun of him. I know your story is sad, Katia, but someone who had no qualms torturing a child and ruining her life for over a decade isn’t just going to gain a conscience over a couple of nights of a rock bottom Khajiit trying her best not to be scared.

Something’s up, either there are two mysterious players involved or something has the dream thief, scared. Scared enough to try changing tactics.

OldSchoolRPGDude wrote:
However, if this voice IS our mysterious dream-thief person, that begs the question:

Why the dreams of the king in the first place? Why is s/he now trying to calm Katia down and prevent her torment at the hands of her royal antagonist, if s/he was the one who created it to begin with?

To be honest, you find all the implications of Gaius’ story kind of… discouraging. You’re trying not to think too hard about it or let it bring you down, but the fact that there is someone behind your nightmares means this is more than some simple affliction that will go away with the right potion. It means something out there, probably something more powerful than the Daedric Prince of nightmares, wants you to suffer. And, fuck, you can’t even do anything about it when people want you to suffer.

Maybe there is a second player involved. Some god or daedra you tried praying to years ago finally worked their way down to the bottom of their priority list and saw you needed help.

Even then, it means things are completely out of your control; a quarrel between beings greater than you. And all you can do is sit, wait, and hope for the best.

And that’s never worked.

Maybe you should’ve chased Gaius.

Self-Loathing wrote:
Look at that sandwich. It represents your life.

So… fell on hard times, got kicked down into the dirt, picked itself back up, and now has less pickles in it than before.

Oh snap! In your face, Self-Loathing.

Gavinfoxx wrote:
Katia: Well, at least you have your health, right? Speaking of your health, how is your eye? Are you going to have to find a more awesome-looking leather eyepatch, or is your eye better yet?

You guess it has been a while since you checked it.

Hey! You can kind of see a little! Kind of!

Either that story took way longer than you thought or Lenka knows alchemy and was trying some kind of experiment with those sandwiches.

You’re leaning toward the latter because you can apparently kind of see through walls right now.

  • RascalNag

    I’d say first, but I don’t want to be thrown into a time warp.

    also, long live sandwich.

    • Kazerad

      There, I edited the time on your comment so it actually is first. The time warp is INESCAPABLE.

      • TriskaDekka

        Meh I have no complaints. I’m not exactly bothered what number my comment is ;P

      • RascalNag

        The agonizing side effects of time travel are setting in already…

      • cake

        you just erased my puppy from existence. asshole.

      • NoriMori

        Why are you so awesome? XD

        • Nodzilla96

          Well all of a fucking sudden I felt like drawing two awesome pictures for the fan art, so this time travel stuff worked out for me…. where are my legs?

          • Sheogorath

            That’s where these legs came from. You can’t have them back they make a wonderful end table.

          • Nodzilla96

            could I see the table? I may just leave the legs on if it looks good enough.

      • Nerevarine


        • no W40k related stuff here. This is an elderscrolls comic for pete’s sake! shame on you.jk

      • Dovakiin

        It’s just a jump to the left

        And then a step to the right

        With your hands on your hips

        You bring your knees in tight
        But it’s the pelvic thrust
        That really drives you insane
        Let’s do the Time Warp again
        Let’s do the Time Warp again

        • Ed

          For that Rocky Horror comment-ref, you deserve the internetz.

    • Lord Vivec

      ‘Tis all my fault, I must say.

  • TriskaDekka

    Look around for something somewhere you can probably get some easy money so you can stay at an inn and hopefully get some proper sleep tonight

    • SilverEnderwolf

      You also might want to find an eye doctor, the whole ‘seeing through walls thing’ might get creepy after a while.

  • krystalkitty

    A free sandwich and a new magical ability to go with it? That isn’t so bad.

  • Ace

    Well, that should prove a handy ability. Test it out on the city walls!

  • Armael

    she’s so cute with her derpface here.

    • ass gnome

      Her derp face made me laugh. The animation is cute, though.

      • Telegraph

        I like the snap fingers better. In yo face, Self Loathing!

  • Bompi

    She isn’t looking through any walls, only her skin/flesh/fur.

  • rua’iri

    I miss sword dog…

    • Longlivesworddog

      Yea… I do too…

      • Mattressi

        Me too. So (despite being very late):

        SwordDog decides that her follower, Gaius, is holding her back too much. Gaius tells her of a cat lady he spoke to, who drops food. SwordDog likes food and realises that she only needs a follower to perform mundane tasks for her which require opposable thumbs (such as sharpening her swords) and for the occasional petting. She leaves Gaius and seeks out this cat lady, in the hopes of pairing up and finally embarking upon her journey to fulfil her destiny.

  • SomeShadyGuy

    Hehe. In Oblivion, bread’s secondary effect is Detect Life. When she ate it with another ingredient that has Detect Life, it acted like a potion. And the only meat with Detect Life effect is Rat Meat.

    Did I win?

    • Corovaneer


      But it`s not that she needs to know that..

    • dude

      It’s always been hilarious to me that simple food has water breathing or detect life in Oblivion

    • cake

      but detect life just makes people shiny. it doesn’t show you their innards.

    • Psithief

      That is very nice attention to detail. Good job.

      (I’ve forgotten everything trivial about Oblivion and replaced that information with details about Skyrim)

    • Ransom

      Yes! Take that self loathing!

      So glad to see an update today. Time to think if some useful way to apply x ray vision aside from all the joke commands that will inevitably come 😛

    • Another N

      Yes, you win!.. Wait. No. You didn’t win.

      • Ahri

        Tomato isn’t a meat though…

        • Unclever title

          Many bbq sauce recipes use tomato sauce as a base.

          • Kaze’aze

            “Detect Life” is a secondary effect, so it had to be combined with a different ingredient for the effect to manifest.

          • Unclever title

            Right, the other ingredient being Bread, or perhaps rat meat, or something else that might be in the sauce.

          • Kaze’aze
          • Sam

            While you only need two of those, more won’t hurt, and rule of funny does point towards it being rat meat. I can totally see Lenka using the Tomato and onion as excuses though, or

            “Bread has a secondary effect of detect life, and so does the tomato and onion that made up the sauce. The rat meat, I mean the perfectly normal minced beef, had no part in the effect.” *shifty eyes*

    • Calvin

      Is this possibly relevant?’jirra’s_Famous_Potato_Bread

  • tronn

    Oh man, I really love the sixth panel where Katia stares at the sundown, it is so serene and melancholic at the same time. Nice color work!

  • That sixth panel would make a very nice wallpaper. It’s so pretty!

  • Panthera

    consult inventory > ruined book > look for any interesting drunken babbling concerning your dream.

    old Intel in a different light can revile all the clues

    ps: word of advice. try and really take control of your own destiny.
    Fear isn’t as good a motivator as the need for success

    • nan

      I know it was just supposed to be an innocent typo, but now I want to revile a clue. Maybe not ALL the clues.

      Lying little whispers of comparison, constraining the other cluelets is what they’re about.

      • Yes reviling the clues of how bad your life has been.

        • With moderate apprehension ofcourse

  • Tristan

    The sandwich lives! Fantastic.
    Also, X-ray vision rocks.

  • Kai

    Katia: Use awesome new x-ray vision to go hunting for loose change under stuff!

  • Nopon

    Great update! Thanks Kaz,

  • Bobski

    You know, that would make a great asset in the career of a thief. Just saying.

    • Denis

      It’ll fade away in a couple of seconds, so no

    • L333t

      Really? She left Elyswer to start a new life. BECAUSE SHE WAS A CRIMINAL

      • Darkbrind

        Wasnt it hammerfell?

        • Goldcat99

          I hate red guards

          • A Nameless Adventurer


          • Caspercraft

            Racism is Hitler’s job…

          • Greenface

            Actually, anti-semitism was very common back then; Hitler merely built upon what the populace already wondered. So, techncially, Hitler merely encouraged racism, and made it the job of the populace, Heck, even in a lot of allied countries, there was anti-semitism. Ghettos originated as a neighborhood where mostly Jewish people lived.
            Also, not only did he persecute Jewish people, he also persecuted gypsies, people of color (any non-european skin), and the handicapped.

            The more you know!

          • Diocletithik Nagnaresh

            wow…. hitler took things too far ಠ_ಠ

  • dude

    Yeah! thanks

  • Quintus

    I hope you have something good in mind for where this is going, Kaz. If the payoff isn’t suitably epic as I anticipate, I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

  • stupidjellyfish

    But what if you think pickles are good? DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!

    • Lyrisath

      A “pickle” can also mean “an awkward or difficult situation.”

      Definitely something Katia (and most people) want fewer of.

      • Goldcat99

        Or a penis cause like slut cat.

        • stupidjellyfish


          • Goldcat99

            Well she did have a gang bang with a necromancer not 5 days ago do you even read the fucking comic?

          • stupidjellyfish

            She had a gang bang with a necromancer, like, a day ago actually.

            Do YOU even read, bro?

          • Caspercraft

            He means when the comic update was made.
            Do YOU know your dates.

          • stupidjellyfish


        • Motherfucker

          have fun dying lonely.

          • Goldcat99

            Im having loads of fun

  • kotekzot

    deus ex sammich? i don’t know how to feel about this development, hopefully it will have suitably hilarious consequences.

  • Tobi2500

    Second-to-last frame Katia DERP !

    • Kaserad (not kz)


  • That Guy

    Katia forgot “Eye of Terror”
    Katia has learned “Eye of Detect Life!”

  • Elnath

    Mmman, Right after that last page came out I was craving pulled pork so bad. Thankfully, the bar attached to the liquor store where I work had AMAZING pulled pork. Infinitely more satisfying than the ones I found last two times I had that particular craving.
    This is an awesome update, BTW and not just because my first command made the cut.

  • Steve

    Quickly, use your x-ray to your advantage and spy on Sigrid by looking through her walls. Maybe you can identify where your package is being kept (and all the beautiful loot, beautiful, beautiful loot.)

  • Lehki

    I laughed pretty hard that the “In your face Self-Loathing”. Then I went back and saw that the person who made that command actually WAS named “Self-Loathing” and it made the joke at LEAST 500x funnier.

    Also panel 6 is beautiful.

    • Alex

      Self-Loathing is mean, but from a storytelling perspective their commands fit perfectly into the narrative and make the whole “voices in Katia’s head” thing really come together.

    • NoriMori

      Haha, I had forgotten about Self-Loathing the user! I thought this was just Self-Loathing the thing. Makes that part a lot funnier. XD

  • Alex

    Is Self-Loathing an actual person submitting commands like the others are, or author-made like “Democracy”? I mean, did someone get a forum account for the sole purpose of being the voice of self-loathing in Katia’s head? The way it was implemented before on that really sad page I just sorta assumed Self-Loathing wasn’t a user and was just a way to show what else Katia thinks to herself even when everybody else tries to cheer her up, but now I’m not sure.

    • Alex

      *Looks at previous comment that was added while typing that one*
      …oh. Well, that answers that.

      • NoriMori


  • M

    Maybe Katia should consider writing an apology letter to Gaius?

    Either way, she seems to be improving bit by bit still. Getting a somewhat more positive self-image is another step forward for that poor cat.

  • NoriMori

    Katia has several adorable faces in this update. Love the shit out of this update.

  • Kavross

    Stroll through town, X-ray mode. If you’re lucky, maybe you can spot another way in to Sigrid’s hall, maybe a sewer passage.

    You’ll also be spared the sight of the haunting racial equality mural..

    • theplunderking

      thanks to my friends envolvment in 4chan that racial devirsity mural is the least of my nightmares… though it is a little bit unsetling that they all seem so into their big naked party 0_o. kaz… what have you created?

  • Thatguy

    Stare at the girls locker room at the arena. No reason, just do it.

  • Ransom

    Yes! Take that Self Loathing!

    Time to think of some good uses for the x ray vision to balance out the joke commands.

  • Tylor

    If x-ray is just a side-effect of ratburger, it is (very) temporary, which sad.
    On other hand, that scary bloodshot eye can work as a permanent Eye of Fear

  • Blezmo

    It seems that Katia might’ve had an nemesis in the past…

    • Blezmo

      or maybe her soul ancestor had a nemesis(enemy)…

  • ElevenGoat

    I wonder when Kvatch is gonna burn…

  • Slovier


  • Relth

    Maybe there isn’t a second player, maybe there is. Maybe someone, or something, is trying to warn Katia about something. God(s) work in mysterious, and sometimes in extreme and wholly unnecessary ways.

    You notice when Katia prays to the Nine Divines and gets no response? I think they’re already trying to communicate with her; through her dreams!

    Don’t forget: PREQUEL! And we all know what happens. We’ve been there! I would say more, but I might reveal potential spoilers if I haven’t already (and I probably did).

    • Relth

      Oh, and if you’ve played the first flash game in this story when Katia first arrives to Kvatch, head to the chapel and inside you may find… a familiar face, and that Katia has an unusual reaction to him.

      I think I may be on to something, yeah?

      • tronn

        I have a feeling that rest of Prequel consists of Katia’s final days in Kvatch, before the Oblivion crisis. All the signs point to that she has a part to play in it, and I’m pretty sure that she won’t leave the town alive.

        • Relth

          Explain your logic to me, tronn.

    • Ilue

      I’m pretty sure the only reason she had an odd reaction to him is her fear of royalty. Even if she doesn’t know that he is royalty, Emperor is pretty much as high as it goes.

  • Kaserad (not Kaz)

    Its good that kitty finally finished that sandwich. eventhough her face looks sort of chubby (excerpt for her talk-sprite), she kinda has a wide gap between her legs, and ususally only an anorexic person would have such a gap.

    • tronn

      She’s not anorexic, it’s just that her wide gap has become loose from the use.

      • Vins

        What in Oblivion, man?!

        • tronn

          Oh come on, with a setup like that there’s no way you couldn’t make that joke!

      • Kaserad (not Kaz)

        i didnt say she was anorexic, i just said she has 1 physical trait that are common among anorexic

  • Internet Buttstalker

    It’s time for you to get yourself out of the gutter, Katia!

    Katia: Go to some lottery and see which tickets are winners, and then become rich!

  • Vins

    HAH, so the blue undershirt is canon.
    The fanart I did ages ago back when I had artistic inspiration now makes sense! \(ºuº)/

  • M Temporal

    Maybe it’s just me but of all the pages in the comic so far, this one has hit me in the feels the most. Everything felt so relatable, to a way too real degree. Amazing job, Kazerad! You’re making a 19 year old guy tear up.

  • IndigoNeko

    I love this comic so much. <3

    • Crassius Curio

      Its not a comic!

      It is a illustrated-userdriven-novel. This is a piece of literature, not some silly comic.

      Just because something is illustrated doesn’t mean you should degrade it down to that low level junk that is often found in magazines and newspapers.

      • Crassius Curio

        i dont like double posting but..

        Comics are usally short in length and take 10-30 minutes to read. This is much longer.
        Comics are usually made for children and dont have such mature things. This is a graphic novel with mature themes.

        So prequel is an online graphic novel.

        • tronn

          ‘Graphic novel’ and ‘comic’ are synonyms. Prequel isn’t exactly one though, considering how it uses text a lot to tell what is happening instead of solely pictures. It’s more like an illustrated novel, not unlike children’s storybooks.

      • Alex

        C’mon, man, the point is that they love it! No need to get all offended because they used slightly inaccurate terminology! Whatever it is, it’s good! 🙂

  • Murder

    “It means something out there, probably something more powerful than the Daedric Prince of nightmares, wants you to suffer.”

    Kazerad, the Metaedric Prince of Catpunting

  • Redspine

    Well Katia, If you can see through walls even to only a small degree you might want to consider taking another attempt at delving into a dungeon. After all if you can see through walls you’ll be able to see anyone or anything trying to skulk about around corners. And if something goes wrong you have legitimate arena armor AND some combat training beneath your belt!

    But first you have a contest to win! So let’s figure out how much time we have left so we can put it to good use and prepare!

  • Octane

    That’s p badass.

  • Octane

    That’s p badass.

  • Lyrisath

    Remember how Katia’s wounds were seen to by our totally-not-a-vampire friend some time ago? Well, one of the first powers you get from having contracted vampirism in Oblivion is Hunter’s Sight, and ability that you can use to grant yourself 30 seconds of Night Eye and Detect Life.

    Could be an alchemical property of the raw ingredients of the sandwich. Could be the early stages of vampirism. We shall see!

    • Nopon

      It takes 3 days for Vampirism to show any effect save the Damage Fatigue condition Poryphyric Hemophilia causes. No effect of Vampirism is evident before the first dream you receive (which takes 3 days) both in lore and through game mechanics.

  • kurry

    Ah! There are so many cute images in this update <33 First of all I like the coloring of dusk. Katia's eye-fixing image is adorable and THAT SMILE. Secondly, “Oh snap! In your face, Self-Loathing.” THAT IS ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS I’m using it as an avatar all over the place–and it’s also a really good improvement on her self-esteem, I think. WE’RE MOVING UP, GUYS.

    • Yeah, the author definately got.. artsy this time.

      He hand-drew a sunset when he could’ve just used a gradient. But this time, the hand drawing actually looks better.

  • Olga

    >Acquire eyepatch.

    >Be the pirate.

  • Shadowhound

    U can do fun stuff with ur seeing trough things, if u know what i mean… *sexual laugh*

    • tronn

      Well I guess you could take a bath in one, but frankly I don’t see how watering animals is an enticing sight?

  • Pokejeffrey

    Seeing through thing … u might enjoy it …

  • BlipOnARadar

    Am I the only one who really wants a shirt of Katia doing the ‘Oh Snap!’ fingers with the caption ‘Katia: Now with less pickles!’? Because I seriously would wear that, irregardless of any looks and/or tauntings recieved thusly.

    And I just want to say that I love the subtle animations all throughout these new updates(And also Sworddog. Sworddog is the best companion a cultist-fearing gaurd could have). Like Katia’s little tail twitch 6th panel. All the animations, really, have improved greatly. *salutes Kazerad* Excellent work, as always. I shall now return to lurking silently like I usually do here.

    • TwelveGoat

      Agreed, insane how much quality such tiny animations can give.

  • Man Of Mer

    Hmmm, this detect life sort of power that Katia’s obtained could be pretty useful. I just have one question, is it the sandwich that caused the power, or the blood shot eye?

  • 576-Belligerent-Coil

    Jegus Grist, Katia is *so* cute. Prolly been said a thousand times, but that thirteenth panel is simply the best possible thing.

  • Ballto

    >Katia: See if the effect lasts more than a few seconds and get a job at the sick wing

  • Motherfucker

    The thing that wants her to suffer is us, We are the hideous intellect behind the veil, like the demons from John Dies At The End Katia is being haunted by a thousand immature, omniscient dicks with the ability only to affect her senses, so ingrained that she literally believes us to be a reflection of her own thoughts rather than the bitter truth.


  • Nodzilla96

    Go look at the Argonian from earlier and confirm your suspicion that reptiles don’t have tits

  • Rika Covenant

    W-w-what? NO!I can’t be caught up now…. ;-; MORE!

  • Alex

    Katia should totally spend the night in that tower Menien got stuck in. He was able to stay there for several days without anybody noticing, and she’ll be safer from vampires than she was in the church.

  • Kaze’aze

    Kazerad, you made me go through the registration gauntlet of mspaforums for just this comic alone.

    In the name of submitting commands in the future, that should probably mean something to you.

  • Hey Kaz, I don’t suppose you’d have a higher resolution version of “story1446.gif” (that is the sunset image)?
    I was thinking of adding the title and turning it into a wallpaper at first, but now I’ve gotten an even crazier idea…

    • Kazerad

      I’m afraid I don’t! It was drawn at the resolution you see it. Check the fanart page and the forum thread, though; a few people have tried their hand at expanding it.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Don’t know if I’m allowing to post links in the comments, but…

      Two decent folk in the MSPA Forums (Unclever Title, Dutch) decided to expand on this beautiful little thing for people like you and me. May your icons relish it!

      • Yes, that’s definitely work. They did an excellent job. Thanks for pointing them out!

  • bobucles

    An ability to see through walls? Sweet! Now you just need to find an empty patch of street, with somebody nearby, and spend the next 12 hours trying to sneak into a wall.

    It’s all the rage with the Thief’s guild right now.

  • Tobi2500

    How come katia is poor and does not eat well enough(i assume) and shdoesn’t look exactly thin??????

    • Alcohol reduces the boy’s ability to break down fat.

      The liver metabolizes fat into glycogen, glucose, and ketones. When it is not functioning proprely, the fat cannot be broken down into enrgy.

      Remember, it has only been 2 days without her drinking, so she is still an alcoholic. Excessive alcohol intake damages the liver. That is why Katia has the alcohol tolerance of a “anorexic six year old”.
      Liver damage can cause revers tolerance, which will lower your alcohol tolererance.

      • Tobi2500

        Thanks for the explanation Blezmo, but i wonder, did Kaz remember his biology class, or did he research this little fact?
        Thanks anyways.

        • He said somewhere that he is a college student. The stuff I’m saying is just from my HighSchool Anatomy & Physiology class.

          • The thing that could kill her is if she relapses. She is going to have major withdrawal symptoms, and her tolerance will continue to decrease while she remains without alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms come from compensory reactions in which the body tries to compensate for alcohol when the mind believes there will be alcohol. It happens before hand.

            If she were to suddenly drink alcohol in an unusual place without the compesory reaction, she could certainly die.

            from Psych 101 (University)

  • tronn
    • Graknorke

      Hot. Damn.
      That is a surprising revelation. An actual one.

    • but its pizza day

      Who is this dweeb, and why does he have a million followers?

    • Trance

      Jee-zus. Frankie Fucking Boyle? Is he actually following this MSPA?

    • Fishing4Food

      Seen this a couple of seconds ago, for some reason my arms won’t stop waving around like they are in a manga.

    • Galen-Ra


  • Борис Балалайкин

    Катиа, попробуй использовать магию восстановления. Или съесть чего нибудь. Твой глаз ужасно выглядит.

    • egg brother

      translation: Katia, try to use the magic of recovery. Or eat certain things. Your eye looks terrible.

      • She doesn’t know any restoration spells.

  • gyromorgian

    If she can see through her skin then she should have been able to see through the eyepatch.

    • m is for wolf

      Magic patch.

  • Warsun99

    Um….Question.Has Pickles or pickled foods ever been mentioned in the Elder Scrolls series?Just curious.Where could they be found an who made them?

    • Motherfucker

      Pickings been around for effing ages. It’s one of the early early methods of stopping food spoilage/

  • HereticBrony


    • Tobi2500

      No! you have much to live for! Like reading the next update! {thats all i got, sorry}

  • Kazerad modified the second to last panel.

    • Kazerad

      I don’t… think I did?

      • xKiv

        You made that without editing?

    • or maybe i just realised that she goes cross-eyed in the second to last panel.

    • stupidjellyfish

      I’ve realized that the second-last panel in some browsers doesn’t trigger the animation and just stays static like any normal picture. This was the case in my smartphone and when this update first started up.

      Seems to be okay now, though.

  • Caspercraft

    Please continue…

  • lacksense

    Can see through walls but not through the patch? What is that thing made of?

    • Mr Duck

      There was drugs in the sandwich and katia is tripping out.
      Or maybe she just obtained the ability as soon as she took off the patch.

    • Trance

      She finished off the sandwich as she was taking off the eyepatch. The side effects of the sandwich ingredients kicked in right then.

      • No, no

        It happened right after she took the eye-patch off because she was not looking with that eye when the patch was on. The brain had temporarily stopped using it,


        Seeing through stuff could be the effect of the eye itself, and might not have anything to do with what she consumed. Because the other eye cannot see through things, only the damaged eye can. It looks like she damaged it in a good way.

    • Passerby

      She was apparently not focusing with her right eye until now.

  • FlutterScratch

    is the stuff you need to finish by any chance TF2. or have you gotten over it? also wish I could commit myself to a project like you do. this has been going for about 2 years now. when I start a project of any kind I just get bored with it and stop within a day.

    • Mastaaa

      Same here, except most of the time something goes wrong and the entire project collapses on itself.

      • FlutterScratch

        well so far the only project that I have been able to keep going was my youtube channel. but ive only been uploading for about a month or two.

  • bladra

    i wonder what will happen next

  • Leonash

    Oh shoot! Katia is feeling good right now! Everyone, get on guard! this is when everything goes to hell!

    • It shouldnt go to hell right now.

      She is feeling OKAY, but she is not feeling cocky and super proud. It only goes to hell when she gets ambitious and over excited. Like that time when she got robbed by Sigrid, or when she went to that elven ruin.

      She just needs to stick to the little things first and not get SIDETRACKED.

      • Sorry for double posting, but seriously who dafuq jumps into wells filled with vicous flesh eating fish?
        Or runs through old dangerous ruins when they can’t even swing a sword or throw a proper fireball?

        Plus she gets screwed up when she gets to angry or sad too, like when she burned the temple, or when she decided to get drunk to “bring some happiness in [her] bleak life”

        It basically comes down to her needing to use logic instead of letting her emotions get the best of her.

        The reason why she didn’t leave Sigrid the moment she noticed something was wrong is the same reason why a lot of people mess up in real life. When people get desperate, they’ll put up with something until its too late.
        She may have seemed happy at the moment, but she was actually very desperate.

        • Leonash


          Ya try to make people laugh. : /

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    • stupidjellyfish

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      HE WON.

      • hey jelly, what other advenures do you know are about a cute character being tormented?

        • stupidjellyfish

          Depends on what you think is cute. Boxdog is a pretty decent webcomic, even though the author has left it to collect dust the last couple of months.

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    That is all…

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    Can’t wait for the next update!

    • While you’re waiting for the next update, you can read similar stories at the mspa forums website.

      you can read DeepRise:An Illustrated Xenoficition, Pretesto, or another elderscrolls story

      You can also submit suggestions for this cat thing here.

      And you gotta read homestuck. no doubt about that

      its probly going to be a while before the next update.

      • Thrime

        Well shit. Guess I shouldn’t have read it so quickly.

        Thanks for the suggestions though, now I can occupy my time otherwise, amongst other irl things.

        • Kaserad (not kz)

          what bought you here?

          are u from mspa forums, reddit, spacebattles?

          • Thrime

            None of that stuff, I just sort of found it after looking for cool Kahjiit mods.
            Why do you ask?

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  • The Drunkard Kid

    Since she ate the sandwich, wouldn’t Katia now have more pickles than she did earlier?

    OTOH, if you stretch semantics a bit, you could argue that the both of them are now less pickled than they normally are.

    • tronn

      I like you, you’re a punny guy.

  • The Drunkard Kid

    Also, being wealthy never kept my PC from eating food he found on the ground. In an ancient dungeon. Under a bloody corpse. On top of unidentifiable stains.

    • Uzi_Man

      I don’t understand north american people. Seriously. Is it just me, or phrases like this one don’t make ANY sense? I’m just saying, because I’ve been reading a lot of crap posted by people, and sometimes they try to be funny by posting stupid non-sense, and EVERYONE loves it and laughs. I’m very worried about this situation, because this is not carrying us to a good future.

      • The Drunkard Kid

        Considering that my statement is an extremely straightforward reference to the fact that Katia ate a sandwich off the floor because she was too poor to be picky and that your potentially wealthy Player Character in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, the game which this comic is based off of, routinely finds and (if you choose to) eats food pretty much anywhere in Cyrodil. Heck, in the first few minutes of the game, you can slaughter a rat in an ancient catacomb and eat the meat you loot from its corpse. Later on, you can stumble on to much viler options.

        The fact that you didn’t understand this, and that you claim to have a pattern of not understanding things that everyone else seems to understand IS probably cause for worry, and that you place the blame for this on everyone else even more so. However, that worry should be directed less about the future and more about whether you should seek medical or educational assistance first for this apparently long standing disability.

        • The Drunkard Kid

          *I am baffled at your confusion.

          Sorry, I missed a line while copy/pasting my reply from notepad. Please stick this in at the end of sentence that stopped at, “anywhere in Cyrodil.”

          That was entirely my bad this time.

          • Kazerad

            This post reminded me that I never installed that plugin to let commentors edit their posts. Since I haven’t updated in over two weeks, this seems like a good time to experimentally click it on and see if the website explodes.

          • The Drunkard Kid

            I for one am glad that my little snit fit will either aide or doom us all.

          • Erik

            …and i can relate to both of you X3

        • Uzi_Man

          It’s difficult to figure out your reference. In fact, I don’t even understand it yet. But I guess it’s understandable, as you’re just a drunkard kid, and drunk people generally don’t state their thoughts clearly.

          • Trance

            Pretty sure you’re the only one confused by his posts. Chalk it up to those North American cultural differences I guess.

          • The Drunkard Kid

            I just explained the reference completely, step by step. The only references are to the comic we are reading and thing which can actually happen in the game this comic is about. In very short sentences and sentence fragments in a common comedic structure.

            Though I do apologize for apparently being so drunk that it killed *your* brain cells. Try not to engage in any freaky inter-species, necrophilic orgies while under the influence of basic English.

            This was also a reference to this comic series. Just FYI.

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    You have had alot stuff happen to you in the past like drunk sex, battles, and booze.

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    • woah there, Jelly.

      Don’t get too obsessed with Prequel, although it is a good webcomic.

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