Nov 102013

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  • Kazerad

    Sorry about the long wait! I was pretty sick, but I’m (mostly) better now. Anyway! There are some Important Announcements!

    1.) There is a new Fanart page! Since I was having trouble keeping the old one updated and people weren’t submitting anyway, I’m going to try a Booru out. That means you guys can make accounts and upload any Prequel fanart you find – though make sure you give it some fitting tags cite the original artist’s gallery as the source. Let’s have some fun and see how this works out. And if you know of fanart I missed, help me upload it!

    2.) This comic started as a forum thread on Andrew Hussie’s MSPAForums, and up until now it has taken commands from there as well. This is getting as little tedious, though (especially since they added a registration question aimed specifically toward MSPA fans), so pretty soon I am going to be implementing a Suggestion Box thing on this site. That means you won’t have to register for the MSPAForums, much to the joy of people who hate registering for forums.

    3.) There is no third thing. Congratulations for reading all three, though.

    Anyway, see you guys next update!

    • Hope

      Thank you, kind sir. :3

    • tronn

      I like the new fan art page, with uploading and tags and everything. Nice job!

    • Sninjo

      Suggestion box supply drop imminent!

      Level Up!
      You’ve gained +2 to Confidence.

    • Risingsun2252

      Wait this isn’t the command forum? ….. Fuuuuuuuuuu-

      • NoriMori

        I’m hoping you’re being facetious…

    • spectacular, i am 100% one of those people who hate forum reg.

      • PrincessMaker

        And so am I.

    • rogueSnail

      lol dat third one

    • anon

      I’m so super duper happy now if I had a tail I would wag it.

    • Kazerad, could you please make separate sections for music/videos/animations or something? Being a musician myself, It’s a bit frustrating to find anything other than the pictures in this new layout.

      • Kazerad

        Do a search for “music” and it will show only images with that tag! Animation is a tag too, though I forget if video is. In this system the tagging is a substitute for sections.

    • Evilsp0on

      <3 Kaz! not much makes me truly LOL these days, but that undead strangers high five.. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, thank you! I hope you keep this up for a long time, its always a highlight of my day.

    • tronn

      Well I’ll be damned. I uploaded a picture with the tag “vests”, and it appeared as “VESTS”. Has Kaz prepared wordfilters for the inevitable? More likely than you’d think.

    • Mailboxhead

      Glad you’re doing this. I joined that forum days ago and almost threw a brick through my monitor because of that question. Kind of a pretentious move on their part imo.

      • Darkmaniac2283

        B-BRICK!? I like bricks…and pineapples (No relation to the yoyo and pineapple incident).

        • That awkward girl that eats garbanzo beans whilst watching the commercial with jake from State Farm,in the shower, on her phone, as a sick form of pleasure

          Who DOESN’T like pineapples with a yo-yo in their right hand whilst throwing a brick at their monitor with their left hand? (Not me! ;D I love doing that!)

          • Jake from State Farm

            Eww. Gross.

    • Carlos Sanchez

      Who were those mysterious shadow figures that watched the ghost ascend up the mountain and than phase out? And who was the cat that was just sitting on the rock?

    • Chaplain Kenchi

      Indeed, much kudos.
      I apologize for not actively submitting suggestions near as much as the more veteran regulars. But rest assured, us “silent followers” are appreciative.

  • dude

    High fives are the best right guys?

    • Bynz

      Undead Strangers High-Five !!!!! Awesome!!!!

      • Kaor

        Undead Strangers High Five from Across the Internet!!

  • estranged homeless guy using a computer at a library

    Comment was very slightly too awkward to be socially acceptable. I think. – the Very Confused Moderation

    • Tibiademon555

      Sadly, I got to read it before it was removed.

      • RampantSeaTurtles

        Now I really want to know. Perhaps I’m too curious for my own good.

        • Kaytavo

          I’m going to regret this I’m sure but….
          Wut eet say’d

          • hubble

            Is… that what he said?

      • theplunderking

        Do I want to know? right now I think I do, but i`m not sure if its one of those things that will haunt me forever.

        • MY NAAADS! Their STUUUUCK!

          There. I changed my name to be the text that was originally in his comment. It’s not really that bad, if somewhat odd, but it also isn’t the type of comment wanted or needed here.

  • Tibiademon555

    That high-five is the cure for AIDS

  • Uknown

    I want an undead stranger high five. I’m skinny enough to pass for a skeleton.’

    • Bob

      Dunno man are you spooky enough?

      Also for some reason playing this while seeing the first 3 panels make it much better to look at:

    • Bluescale


      There’s your problem.
      Skeletons have no skin.

      • YonNosigra

        I loled, tho more at how long it took me to get your joke than the joke itself.

  • Bob

    Another night spent sleeping in the rain. Sometimes, I’m GLAD Kvatch was burn damn well down to the ground.

    Nothing but a backwater town if you ask me.

  • Irrevenant

    So who do we think the shadow folk were?

    • Bob

      Obvious easy answer: Necromancers.

      • Irrevenant

        I was thinking Thieves Guild or DB.

        • Bluescale

          I’m betting on TG.

          I’m pretty sure that’s Cowl of Nocturnal there.

    • chimericWilder

      I thought they might’ve been Mythic Dawn

    • those white eyes. those glasses

      obviously it’s homestucks

    • Unbalanced

      I’m thinking cultists

  • Relth

    Chills are going down my spine! How will Aggy react? How is this turn of events going to unfold?!


    • Kaor


  • Sninjo

    Katia…out in the rain again..
    The times when you wish you could hug her are many and unbearable.

    On another Note though..
    Who are the Shadow peoples?
    It doesn’t seem far off to place it as DB or Thieves guild but it’s too early to tell.

    Mr.Welkynd-Cat made his epic return as you can see he’s pretty chill on that rock.

    Dat Undead High five.

    • Murk346

      I want to hug her because: 1. She’s so cute! 2. I never actually felt cat’s fur >-> 3. Hugging beats depression.(most of the time)

      • 1. Valid 2. It feels great, but it’s a bit of a letdown for me because I swell up like a balloon. 3. I wonder if Aggy can actually hug anyone? Being a ghost and all…

        • Roman

          Can high five well enough.

  • rav

    who are the people that teleport away in the 3rd panel? and who’s the cat in the 4th XD

    • menstruationproclamation

      It’s not known who the people are, but I’m fairly sure that the cat is the kitten Dmitri the necromancer sent with a gift to Katia before he died.

      • Kaytavo

        I’m guessing the mythic dawn maybe?

        • D. G.

          The middle shadowy-person looks like they have a woman’s haircut, and the person on the right only has one arm!

          Also the proofreader did a great job this time Kaz!

          • JJR

            The person on the right has only the left arm. So the question is, what is ASOTIL doing skulking about in the darkness?

      • rav

        I actually think that might be the Psijic Order…. just a thought

  • Armael

    The way he moves reminds me of the NES game ghostbusters.

    The last panel is adorable.

  • Rufus the Incoherent

    Aggy, this bedraggled… thing is the droid you’re looking for… don’t screw this up! (Just me or does anyone else think the tavern looks a lot bigger on the inside than it does on the outside?)

    And hooray for point (2)… I’ve no knowledge of MSPA and immensely complex forums scare the bejeezus outta me.

    • RunicFigment

      The tavern is secretly the TARDIS.

      • Rufus the Incoherent

        Which would make the Khajiit bartender… the Doctor? That’s a regeneration too far!

  • realbrickwall

    Wait I thought vampires in Elder Scrolls were living people with a disease? It’s been a while since I’ve done anything vampirism-related in the Elder Scrolls series. Someone help me out here.

    • Phantomspaceman

      And then they die from it. I liked the death cutscene from Daggerfall because it really hammered home that you died, they buried you, and now you have to eat them.

  • rogueSnail

    im so glad the fanart page isn’t spammed with a bunch of horny five year olds hand drawn erotic fanart anymore

  • Mikhos

    Whoa wtf, you dudes get shit done fast! I blinked and then *poof* updates abound!

    • Kazerad

      Exactly! You just have to learn how to blink at JUST the right time! (about once every week and a half)

    • Akatosh

      Don’t blink, seriously, don’t.

      • Weeping Angel

        Why not, we only want to send you back in time. Surely you can see that such an arrangement is beneficial to everyone involved. Our volunteer gets to go back to the past, which everyone agrees is better; and can use their knowledge of the future to become millionaires (google, microsoft, apple). Meanwhile we get to keep living by absorbing the displaced temporal energies of the subject.

        • Akatosh

          Not on Tamriel you don’t. *head Aedra mega-block*

          It’s good to be king.

          • Kaytavo

            Legos are better than Mega-Blocks

  • Wizard of time and space #2

    Undead buddies! Solving crimes! Today’s crime, mysterious snake mark on guards neck, totally not a vampire.


  • Vince C.

    Woo hoo Katia!

  • xKiv

    Fanart page crashed my firefox.

    • DiesTheFire

      Everything crashes firefox these days

      • xKiv

        I have roughly 200 tabs open from various corners of the internet and none of them crash firefox. Seems to be just stuff that prides itself on being html5. And then only some of it (youtube html5 player works).

    • stupidjellyfish

      I’m using Firefox and it’s working just fine!

      Maybe your version of firefox is outdated? Flash, java, shockwave, ect outdated? If not, then I don’t know.

      • xKiv

        crashes in firefox 25, no plugins, no addons, clean profile. I suspect graphics drivers.

    • Link

      I have the same problem as this guy, sorta.
      It doesn’t crash my Firefox but it makes the whole window go blank.
      Ctrl+Tab moves me to a different tab and all goes back to normal.
      Can’t look at the fan art though but I guess that’s fine, as long as that little issue doesn’t transfer to the main site.

    • Armael

      Be a man and join the ku klux klan download chrome

  • Aggy

    The kitty!!! Everything is looking up from now on! (Then
    The oblivion gates opened and kavach was burned to the ground)

  • The Gorm

    Never underestimate a broken cat.

  • Chthonic One

    She was just checking to see if the guard was ok. She’s totally not a vampire after all.

  • Murk346

    I have 2 characters that were both inspired by this. Mlin Fedar, and Allycia Fedar. They are brother and sister, and khajiits… (I just find them so cute >3< )

  • Bluedragon

    I’m probably WAY over-analyzing here – but what’s that ring around Katia’s left leg in the last panel? Is she doing some way-too-cute tail-wrapping there? Or did she buy a great big doughnut and attach it to her foot? (Ok, it must be her tail but it’s too cute by 1/2. Stop it Kaz. Just Stop It!)

    • Rufus the Incoherent

      The (too cute by far!) tail-wrap betrays Katia’s insecurity (“I’m worried, confused, I don’t know what to do for the best…”) perfectly – without it she could’ve just been sitting there taking a breather having been chucked out of the pub (again).

  • Furnut

    didnt expect to see an undead high five 😀

    who were the shadowy figures in the 3rd panel o.O

  • Wuff

    Ahh, there we go, finally up to date…


    Best and funniest comic I’ve read for a long time. Can’t wait to see the next update!

  • Kylehyde


    • Story Mode

      romance between cat and ghost?AMAZING IDEAS Y U NO HAPPEN TO ME!

      • Bluescale

        Fine for necrophilia may be lower in Cyrodiil than in Morrowind, but it’s still pretty damn hefty.

        • Story Mode

          I regret nothing

          • JJR

            Not even the part where you got caught?

          • Story Mode

            I am not cat nor dead.My mommy had me tested!

          • Randomness

            Oh don’t mind me just passin’ through. O3O

          • JJR

            Tested? Does that mean she gave you a CAT scan?

  • SuperGnome

    Well, obviously don’t just walk up to the adventurer, it might end bad for you. Just look at her, sitting outside… ‘and’ in the rain, what a bad ass. She’d probably have some sort of bad ass dispel ghost spell or something.

  • Some douchebag

    Aggy. Go tease inferior cat person. They’re obviously not who you were looking for, if they’re so incompetent to be outside at this late hour.

    • Bluescale

      If this was the command box thread I’d suggest Aggy to approach ‘the inferior cat person’ and scream “VENGAAANCE!”.

  • Story Mode

    Lets MAKE A STORY!About moon and bunnies!I am starting.

    There was a moon.He liked to shoot rocks at things living on one planet below him.Once he shooted rock at eagle but he missed.One bunny was running from ghost and got totaly humalitating headshot from moon.This event was described as moOwned in some sholar books.What happened after?

    • Some Trashtalking Asshole


  • Shard

    I don’t know why, but I feel like he won’t recognize Katia like “She doesn’t look heroic at all, couldn’t be her”

  • The guy who is far too Observant

    My oh my, who is that small purple feline and why does it have what seems to be a miniature plague canister on its back?

    • RunicFigment

      *Cough* welkynd cat *cough*

  • SotiCoto

    So… once again I’ve reached the front of this archive… which is one of the very few that can even make me chuckle any more.
    The story seems to be progressing slowly but surely, and Katia seems to be getting better at succeeding rather than failing. I still don’t know what happened in her last dream-sequence because the browser I’m using at work is naff.

    Sooner or later I’m hoping she’ll get at least a couple of spell scrolls to form a pile, then she can use that to duplicate things or graft enchantments onto herself… and then maybe she could visit one of those magic standing stones that grant Bound weapons…. which she could damage a little, try to repair with a hammer, then drop to the ground… and sleep until the spell wears off so she can keep the bound weapon permanently. Maybe do the same with some bound armour.

    One day she will learn that in order to truly succeed in Tamriel, she has to learn to exploit glitches… and a really good start would involve duplicating some of those Welkynd Stones.

    In any case…
    Maybe once this story finally ends, I can suicide in peace… though I doubt it, given how the last three attempts went.

  • Navarus

    It’s Dmitri the cat! And was that the Mythic Dawn watching Aggy from the hillside?

  • Gunter

    Snazzy updates

    • Gunter

      I think your a clone!!! D:>

      • Gunter

        I thought you were!

        • Gunter(Mexican)

          I am ze first one here so yea your da clone

          • Gunter

            WHOS THE REAL 1!?

          • Gunter


          • Gunter(Mexican)

            I’m the real one, I just simply put Mexican in ma name. Doesn’t change the name on the comment I posted

  • Lokion123

    reccomendation could add in a timer to show how long till next part comes ut(and a reset if ur sick)also,i noticed 2 things,the backgrund tree has a box by it and a shadow in 1st story window in last panel,also will katia ever get her lesbian on w/ anther girl soon?

    • Story Mode

      Timer = Awesome,Lesbian Katia = Kaz please dont let this happen…

      • Lokion123

        on lesbian katia XD,still tho cause i was looking at other comics like the bittersweet candy bowl series and it has a timer to every release,i RLY want it on here so i know when it releases

  • Lokion123

    ALSO wanna see more younger katia too,like the age in her dream and in like the teen years too

    • Lokion123

      i mean like MAYBE some other stuff other than being a stripper whore cat or criminal for teen and could get a few good 1s from little katia(shes pretty cute,also since there hasnt been much mentioning of her childhood too) also should get more info on katia too

      • Lokion123

        now this is getting ridiculous*GOD DAMN BUG SUDDENLY GETS ON MY TOUCHSCREEN AND ANNOYS ME*but i just noticed after the hill w/ shadows i see a grey cat,is that like a random decoration or is it supposed to be a reffrence?

  • Deodesu

    Totally looking forward to the next update.


      A REALLY Confused Guy

  • Gren

    New reader here. This comic-sort-of-story thing is the best thing I’ve read in YEARS! I can’t wait for the next update! (Hope it’ll be soon)

    I wonder how long will last Aggy before lose completely his memory and become completely insane? I feel sorry for him. At least I hope he have a couple of years before that happen.

    And it’s good to see Mr Welkynd cat again! So, if the cat has the letter and the gift that means Dmitri should be alive (no matter how). I can’t find any other explanation because no one else besides him and Landorumil knew about the letter and his feelings about Katia, and if you think someone just found the letter and decided to send it, it has no sense to do it when he is already dead.
    However, considering Katia’s last experience with Gharug it will not be easy for Dmitri to win her confidence (and her heart) even if he comes with presents and sweet words (the orc deceived her pretty well with this “technique” last time). Hope Katia can see the goodness in him no matter his job as a necromancer. And if Dmitri was actually resurrected, then I can see some racist jokes about how they needed a black soul gem to bring him back to live. Or perhaps with the Staff of Worms? He said he worked for the King of Worms after all.
    I wonder if he’ll show up to help Katia when things get complicated in her task to infiltrate on the Mages guild

    By the way, I want to know what exactly are Baeralorn’s business with the necromancers. Wasn’t he supposed to be a “legal” wizard?

    What a surprise I had when I see you did mention of Hlaalu, the actual alchemist of Skingrad. Yesterday I was just playing the game when I realized of this. This Dunmer has a thing with Necrophilia. I wonder if she’ll have something to do with the Necromancers?

    After reading the side stories it seems that the next arc will be about Quill’s “friend” in Chorrol. I wonder if she is the owner of the bookstore, Estelle Renoit? Although she is a Breton and I’m not sure how racist is Quill actually.

    Oh, and I have two stupid questions (Hope you don’t mind):
    -Why you call Cyrodiil and Hammerfell as “countries” when they are actually “provinces” of Tamriel? Is there any reason or just a little slip?
    -How people get married in Cyrodiil (or at least in your story)? It works the same way than in Skyrim with the stupid Amulet of Mara or it has its own tradition? Otherwise Dmitri’s ring wouldn’t have had no double-meaning for Katia. That would be a good topic to bring to the story at the due time.

    • Gren

      Damn, I have no clue how to edit this properly, so I’ll just rewrite the thing I just wanted to edit:

      “I wonder if he’ll show up to help Katia when things get complicated in her task to infiltrate on the Mages guild (he seemed to have a bit of hatred to Sigrid as well)

      Html codes are not my thing…

  • Gren

    Oh, right! I just remembered the Altmer in red robe of the mini-game who was supposed to meet with some of his fellows at the outsides of Kvatch. Those shadows in third panel must be them!

  • SylaMorase

    Oh hey! It’s that adorable blood filled kitten from before! Not sure what those weird teleporting shadow people are all about, but with the return of the ancestor ghost and the kitten-full-of-blood, maybe we’re starting to see the beginnings of Katia’s own ragtag bunch of misfits out to change the world!

    Yeah, I know, but I can imagine it will happen for a while.

  • Lokion123

    ;_; how long until next page?!

    • xKiv

      Two weeks more, every time somebody asks.

  • Lokion123

    also who here wanna bet how many pages b4 katia gets drunk and goes on a whore-driven merchandise rampage?

  • Gren

    Man, I didn’t know that most of the characters were actually canon in the game (even Sigrid O_O). I thought all of them were OC of your own creation but after re-playing the game, the answer came to me as the most obvious thing I could’ve expected. I feel so stupid now.
    However, I must admit that you did a great job defining these characters, each one with unique personalities. And of course, your original characters are in tune with them, in fact, they stand out nicely (Katia, Dmitri, Gaius, Nah, Stephane, Aggy, Gharug, all of them are totally awesome!)

    By the way, now that I know who’s actually Quill Weave, it was pretty easy to find out who is her friend in Chorrol (Castia Scribonia). All what you’ve said about Quill is so true! I should go check her house one of these days, maybe I’ll find a drunken Katia with a random guy in her bed. X3

    • Lokion123

      and if you dont find drunk katia on a sex rampage,MODS!!!!!

      • rogueSnail

        we all know what happens in oblivion when you add a mod for drunken sex rampages…

    • pheonixflyer

      Don’t bother, I’ve already checked thoroughly.

  • Gren

    If you don’t mind an advice Mr. Kazerad, I’d like to suggest that you should try to update a bit more quickly. Not because we (the fans) are desperate to read more but because the story is moving too slow. The arc of Kvatch is awesome and it is getting more and more exciting but it has been going on for two years. Of course I have no problem with this since I am a new reader and I’m so fucking hyped up for this arc and in love of this city (all of it is new to me) but I don’t think the other people who have been reading this for years would feel like me. I mean, I am not saying they are bored about the current saga (they could be as excited as me) but after two years they may want to move on on new things (you know, like explore new cities, Katia joining the mages guild, find more about the nightmares, the daedras, the thieves guild, necromancers, etc).
    I am not demanding you to be as fast as you were when you started this story, I know you have a life (I don’t know how you managed to update almost every day, that’s admirable!). Just saying that it will help a lot to the story and soothe the fans’ anxiety if you keep a steady pace with a new update every week, specially if the day and the hour is specified.
    That’s my two cents. 🙂

    • Kazerad

      I don’t mind advice! Though sadly update speed often falls out of my control due to external circumstances, or because I’m busy pre-preparing things for future updates. I agree with you that this is too slow, though, and I’m actively trying out new ways to speed it up!

  • Vicorva

    This is the best news EVER! Been following faithfully for 2 years now and never tried to submit a command — I guess I’m just weird about forum registration and the FAFF of submitting commands in one place to read somewhere else. No thank you. Nope. Faff is the worst.

    I’m obsessed enough with Prequel as an observer. What will happen when I get to be an ACTUAL VOICE IN HER HEAD? So excited.

  • ThatGuy

    Nah! Nah is great, I want more of her.

    Shadow figures and scarf cat: Significant?

  • Anon

    Guys, those shadowy people must have something to do with the poison-the-well-lady. It kinda looks like her in the middle of those pople (her hair is very similar), and Aggy found the same poison bottle she was trying to use to kill the cit- err, slaughterfish.

  • dtlux14

    Yay, can’t wait to see what happens. and as I said before, will hate it when I get to the end. I will read the side stories though, that should extend my enjoyment.

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