Nov 222013

LaffinFox wrote:
Guardian Spirit: Approach her slowly, she may be a bit frightened if you approach too fast.

Alternatively, you could get a nice laugh out of scaring her out of her armor.

Ordinarily you would never pass up an opportunity to rush headlong into a room, magic blazing in a fear-inspiring show of power that makes the feeble low-races cower beneath you. But this is an experienced adventurer, and you are a terrifying and dangerous-looking ghost! One wrong move could reduce you to an only slightly-superior pile of ectoplasm.

You will have to approach this situation with tact and caution.

“GREETINGS, adventurer! In honor of your adequacy, I bring you a gift from the Dunmer people!”


“I’m sorry, mister, ah… ghost? I think you have the wrong person. Cat. Thing.”

“Perhaps you didn’t notice, but I am a Dark Elf. We are never wrong. Dunmer science proved it over a thousand years ago.”

“Look, I assure you that I’m…”

“Wait. You’re… you’re that ghost, aren’t you? The one I met the other day? Didn’t a ruin collapse on you?”

“I am incorporeal.”

“Yeah, but that ruin had to have been elven or better.”

“I’m sorry, let me back up. Why are you… you looking for me?”

“Because I’m bored! I’m a guardian spirit with no descendants to guardian. I risk becoming nothing more than a common poltergeist wallowing in regrets and introspection and other terrible things. Thus, I have sought out an experienced adventurer who can regale me with her tales of actual competence and slow my descent into all-consuming ghost-insanity.”

“Okay, yeah, I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure at first, but you really, really, really, really have the wrong person.”

Lupinator wrote:
>Aggy: Aver to the peerless adventurer’s hardcore disposition by way of flouting the haughty confines of rainless shelter.

“So, you are in the rain! Most people don’t sit out in the rain. What show of untold hardcoreness drives you to do it?”

“I’m waiting for this day to end.”

“Yeah, using Greater Powers is a pain like that. One time I tried to do my magic sanctuary thing twice in the same day and it broke my arm. What’s recharging for you?”

“I’m not recharging anything, it’s just…”

“I don’t know what to do anymore. When I first came to town, I was on a mission, I believed in myself, and everything just seemed to make sense. I had this friend who kept telling me I could do anything I put my mind to, and I felt good because I really believed him. But then, after I got here, nothing I tried turned out as well as I imagined. I couldn’t make money selling things, I couldn’t solve simple tasks with my magic, and I would have gotten myself drowned trying if a vampire didn’t save me because she wanted to drink my blood. The whole time, though, I just kept myself together by telling myself it was a passing hiccup and everything was going to be okay once I got to the Mages Guild and started learning magic proper like I always wanted. And I was so stupid that blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that I didn’t even realize that they were using me and blah blah robbed me and threw me out on the street naked. I blah blah blah but when even that didn’t work, I felt terrible, but blah blah blah blah blah feelings blah but it didn’t help any. Then blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah even though yesterday she seemed like blah blah blah blah blah I didn’t blah blah blah blah blah feelings feelings blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah use me to blah blah blah blah blah blah. Everything I do is bad so now I guess I’m just waiting for my friend to show up again so he can safely walk me back to Anvil and I can at least do something right, even though blah blah blah blah feelings introspection blah blah blah words words words.”

Additional resource credits:
Cider – everything I didn’t insist on doing myself

  • Kazerad

    Sorry about the way-too-long wait here; I’m still recovering from sickness, and also preparing some Flash resources for future updates. The new commands thing isn’t done yet, but expect it in a couple days!

    EDIT: also I went back and reworded some things in the update. It’s kind of minor, but it happened.

    • Gunter

      Isn’t this why you hired a second Kazerad?

    • ikearat

      You never have to say you are sorry for doing Prequel Adventure.
      You never have to say you are sorry for being sick.
      You never have to say you are sorry for asking us to wait.
      You never have to say you are sorry for taking time to prepare more stuff.
      You never have to say you are sorry.
      Thank you for saying you are sorry 🙂

      • KFM

        Agreed. if it gets made in less than 3 weeks, its not too long to wait

        • Groggarioth

          As Robert Jordan proved with the “Wheel of Time” series, and George R R Martin is proving with “A Song of Ice and Fire” fans will wait a goddamned long time, and we’ll bitch our asses off while doing so, but that the story comes out is all we wish, no matter how long it takes.

          Just don’t pull a Robert Jordan and die before you finish, please?

          (yes I’m aware it was insensitive, no I didn’t mean it in a bad way, just trying to be humourous, before anyone starts on a potential tyrade ’cause it’s nigh impossible to tell when someone’s being sarcastic on the internet)

          • I am Robert Jordan and I disapprove of this message.

            Or… Okay, I was Robert Jordan.

      • Mylers

        Don’t you ever say I just walked away.
        I will always want you.

    • Kaytavo

      as long as Prequel is on the line:
      no destination too far,
      no foe too dangerous,
      no obstacle too large,
      no wait too long.

      • Leonhardt

        Ain’t no mountain high enough
        Ain’t no valley low enough
        Ain’t no river wide enough

        • Howowoowowowowowoowowowoowoowowowowolowoow

          sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me

    • jona.fibiger

      There’s no need to be sorry! We’ll be patient, and we’ll gladly wait for the next (well, most of us anyway).

      Just get healthy, and chill down c:

  • Irrevenant

    Interospection, oh great overlord?

    • Kazerad

      In my defense I wrote that word like a dozen times. I had to mess up [i]one[/i] of them.

      • Kaze’aze

        Italics fail! 😀

        • Kazerad

          Fuck! I will leave it there forever to permanently memorialize that time I was Shown Who Was The Boss.

    • Xel`Naga

      In Tero Adun

  • Zackwell

    Aggy: TL;DR.

    • Don Quixotes

      Feelings, man, feelings.

  • Fern

    That face at the end is priceless.

    • That Guy

      She might well hasten his descent into becoming a poltergeist, wallowing in misery and introspection

      • Magtok


      • JJR

        So if her introspection causes him to introspect, does that make it introspeception?

        • munkeebread

          and since he’s a dark elf, and she’s a khajiit, then it would be introspeciect……
          If that makes sense

  • Uknown

    Typo under panel 9:missing r from adventurer
    Redundancy under second to last panel: finally finally

    • Kazerad

      I should start giving out prizes for typo finding or something. I can’t find the finallies though D=

      • sheogorath

        You should give them cheese. Its the greatest prize i know. And I’m a Deadric prince!

        • Jyggalag


          Sorry, I just couldn’t stand it. And your name should be capitalized, it’s a proper noun.

          • hahahaha, c’mon man, he’s trolling you. You should be wise to his shit by now – he knows how much you hate disorder.

          • Vehk

            Shut your faces, the both of you. I’m trying to be all exotic and mysterious here. Do you have any idea how much concentration it takes to levitate cross-legged a few feet off the ground while only bobbing slightly?

          • Lord Indoril Nerevar Incarnate

            I thought I’ve put your soul in Azuras star?

  • I get the feeling that Aggy is going to explode now.

  • El_Rata

    Poor Aggy. Better stayed with the orc; at least he knows his business and is a rather practical individual.

  • VC

    Woo! Update! Poor Katia, she may have unintentionally speeded Aggy’s descent into ghost-insanity.

  • Tobi2500

    Something tells me Aggy is going to flip and go on rampage.

    • PhotosyntheticZ

      That would be awesome.

  • Edd

    I don’t know what to take from his reaction. Still laughed a lot nevertheless

  • Mizana

    To me, this was posted in the future :O
    11:10pm 21 Nov

  • Kevin

    just reread this whole thing. this comic is SO awesome. and low and behold, a wild update appears! also kazerad, how long should we expect to wait between updates soon? (ps I would totally find a kickstarter to make Katia plushies or something)

    • Katia plushies? I’d like to see that! 😀

      • D. G.

        I’m still waiting on white guar plush replicas that Katia had.

      • Gunter(Mexican)

        I think people would want to buy, just need a designer & some other jazz

    • Kaytavo

      Katia plushies?

      DO WANT!!!

    • Lokion123


      • Nex

        Katia plushies? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SEPTIMS!

    • Krasudreal

      I demand that Katia’s plushies becomes a thing…
      Because… Hell yes, I want it badly…

      And I admit, I want it so I can finally hug Katia. But I bet that so do you… Right reader?

      • kome

        yes. if anyone deserves a hug, its that khajiit.

    • kome

      oh, one more thing. i LOVE how kaz made her sit, and when she half turns? that must have taken a looong time. (btw im kevin on a different device)

  • Nickel

    Second-last panel:
    “All those moments will be lost in time, like cat tears in rain.”

    In other news, I hope Katia isn’t passing up the opportunity for SWEET ADVENTURES to simply bring the scavenged letter back to Anvil. That would be terribly anticlimactic. Plus, giving Quill-Weave a soggy, crummy letter would be completely less-than-adequate. With a bit of luck, Aggy’ll convince her to do something more competent and adventurous!

    Anyway, I’m really happy to see an update, and looking forward to the next. I have no idea why, but I like the rain a lot.

    • Relth
      • kome

        there are no such things as cat tears
        elephants and humans are the only land mammals that can cry

        • PhotosyntheticZ

          They do leak gunk or something from their eyes, but yeah I guess that’s probably not associated with sadness.

  • RampantSeaTurtles

    7th and 13th panel: is she crying? That breaks my heart. I want things to go well for her so badly.

  • Gren

    An update! Yay!
    Aggy: mind = blown

    C’mon Katia, don’t chicken out now. There’s a ghost willing to help you, so don’t waste this chance and convince him that you’re some kind of super-adventurer-hero and use him to get your things back (nothing is more stealthy than a ghost).

    • C0Mmander

      Ah yes. The noble art of manipulating others to do your biding. Even if it should or does fail, you never receive any consequences for your action. Unless he gets captured and forced who she works for, then she’s fucked.

      • JJR

        No that on only happens when she gets drunk.

        • zortharg

          Tisk tisk, sorry to rain down on your obtuse pun joke, but no, she’s a former teenaged prostitute too, so no, it doens’t take alcohol. Y’all bear that in mind in case you ever start feeling increased sympathy for her because you think she’s cute, she’s a disgusting lowlife and her inferiority complex isn’t just a complex, and for all you know the only reason she comes off is more affable than the evil orc may well be because she has no option to do that because she simply can’t afford to treat others like that because she’s endlessly dependent on their good favor. But she’s the hero of the story as much as there can be one.

          The ghost isn’t interested in doing anything for her. The ghost is interested in being entertained by HER stories of what SHE has done. His whole reason for coming to her was the mistaken notion that she was competent. If the first thing she does is beg him to do something for her, that whole reason is out the window. Imagine if you met someone who you respected because he was a self-made man who succeeded despite adversity, and you wanted to bask in his greatness, but the first thing your hero said to you when you met him was ask you to change his diaper. Yeah, he’s not going to be your hero for long, IS he!

          • Gren

            Oh no, another guy who comes to explain morality, yay…
            First, let me tell you something: Everyone has different reasons for liking a character. Some people likes Katia because of her story, while others because of her multifaceted personality, or whatever other stupid reason they can find.
            Second, it was clearly specified that the fact that she was a slutty cat come together with the drunken issue. Besides she didn’t have many options back then to get some food and a place for the night when her family turned their back on her and was under age to get a pay job. But that’s in the past and now she’s trying to have a decent life because she is not PROUD of her former life and wants something better. She still has the chance to get back to it but chose to fight for a better life.
            Third, Gharug is not evil, he is just a smart guy who take advantage on other people. People is still mad at him because he (supposedly) killed Dmitri. Besides no one on the whole cast is perfect. As Stephane says, there’s no such things like good and evil, and he is the perfect example. Dmitri is a necromancer who tamper with souls and dead people but also a very nice person who loves cats and wants to help Katia (and something more XD). Quill Weave likes to help people in need but also enjoys torturing and killing pets. Sigrid uses her charming powers to rob people but also to help orphans.
            And for last but no less, we know that Aggy never said he has any intention to help her, thank you for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. However, he said he is bored and what in this world could be more entertaining than the troublesome misadventures of a cat-person-thing? Isn’t that the reason why we are all here waiting for the next update now? Besides, I’m pretty sure it will not be much of a problem for him to help her if that involves blowing up things (like a mages building). X3

  • Kaytavo

    First page?
    er i mean um shit… here comes the time displacement sending me to the fifth page or some such

  • tronn

    I love the rain fading through the ghost effect, so smooth!

  • Skianous

    Aw yiss, a Prequel update just before I leave my comfy, rain-free room to head for school ! :3

    Also, I second Kevin’s idea : I would buy the hell out of a Katia plushie. But since Oblivion’s the property of Bethesda, wouldn’t using this comic to make money be… Violating the law ?

    • Mikhos

      I walked through rain, got soaked,came home and find rain soaked update. Damn it universe! O3O

      I would like to third this idea, Katia plushie sounds great.

    • Moose Guts

      I don’t think making it a ‘cat’ plushie is violating it, not sure about the clothes though.

      • Skianous

        Her mage robe would be okay, I think. But the Arena garment wouldn’t :/

        Anyway, since Katia’s an original character, I don’t think it would be a problem… As long as it’s not too openly related to Oblivion.

        • Bluedragon

          What would be wrong with the Arena armor? It’s original content too – or at least I THOUGHT it was!

          • 65534

            Kvatch symbol on it is from TES.

  • Moose Guts

    At first I thought Katia was saying the blahs herself, then I realised I’m an idiot.

    • Kevin

      it’s all right we think you are an idiot too

      jk I did the same

  • Relth

    It’s so difficult to predict how this story will end.

    Katia has nightmares of a king who is actually Uriel Septim, she possesses no heroic qualities, and those who do have no feelings for her.

    Yet I can still feel that she is an important part of the plot. Are the gods trying to give her a message? Are they just having cruel games with her? Is she a pawn in a divine plan, or just a badly abused toy?

    Is someone else the player character, and that Katia is being manipulated to make them decide to save the world from the Prince of Destruction? Is this “plan” even going to work?

    How does all this lead to the events that followed in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion?


    • Skianous

      I greatly doubt Katia could be the Hero; could you imagine her burnin’ the hell out of Dremora warriors in the realms of Oblivion ?

      I think the Hero is in fact (but that’s just my opinion) Asotil; after all, the Champion of Cyrodiil is usually depicted as an Imperial soldier (who looks quite like him IMO : ) and, since Asotil has the habit of locking himself up whenever he feels like he has violated the law, it could explain why he would find himself in the Imperial Prison.

      Of course, Kaz only knows. But I think Katia’s story will have nothing to do with the plot of Oblivion itself; maybe she could have some influence, but making her the Hero ? No, I don’t think so.

      • Huffington

        well, assuming the cultist plans are happening very soon, I doubt ASOTIL is the Hero, as the other prisoners familiarity with you in the first sequence of Oblivion indicates that you have been there for quite some time. [SPECULATION] I theorize that Fate, which kinda makes the heros, is not always able to judge who that hero should be. as such, there will be a few failed attempts. The captain of the Kvatch guard is one of them, he tries to stop the cultists because he has a sense of dread from them through his dreams. but he fails because he does not know what specific event must be prevented. This train of thought would thus continue with Katia being another failed attempt at trying to prevent future calamities. failed in the fact that her dreams are too cryptic to understand, thus not giving her guidance, and as such her leading this seemingly meaningless life.

        • PhotosyntheticZ

          What if Katia ends up joining the cultists and gets killed by the hero/player character of the Oblivion storyline?

    • A Person

      Of the few things we know for certain about the Oblivion Crisis, there’s a few confirmed things we can count on.

      The cultist outside the city definitely is waiting for his friends. Bad things are going to happen when they show up.

      Katia is not the Hero of Kvatch, and cannot be. The Hero’s an Imperial, and Sheogorath at some undetermined point in order to free Jyggalag, but that’s beside the point.

      Sigrid will survive up to and through the impending Battle of Kvatch, along with a few other notables. Steve, however, has a fate unknown. More than likely a wall decoration for an enterprising dremora.

      Aggy and Katia are the wild cards here. We know what Steve is planning, and what he wants to have happen. We know that one way or another, Sigrid’s going to lose everything. And we know that Martin’s going to hang out in that temple with all the other Kvatch survivors. But Katia can do anything. She’s not bound to a predetermined fate. And that’s what makes her a hero, even if the gods ignore her.

      • umm

        “The Hero’s an Imperial”

        Citation needed. Elder Scrolls protagonists don’t HAVE a canon race, box art and tv commercials don’t count for beans in-world.

        • Skianous

          Yes they do; the race is left to the player’s choice but it is commonly assumed that the Nerevarine is a Dark Elf, the Champion an Imperial and the Dragonborn a Nord. Even if that’s not the case, Neloth implied that the Nerevarine is male, and same goes for the Champion of Cyrodiil.

          • Philip

            Again, citation needed.

            By my understanding of the metaphysics of the TES universe, as explained quite thoroughly in books found in Morrowind (some of which can also be found in Oblivion and Skyrim) [source: “the metaphysics of morrowind” blog post – google it], the people of Nirn experience each game as a “dragon break” event – a strange section of time, during which massive changes occur suddenly, which everyone remembers differently, and in which there usually is a single “Hero” who plays a role in these events, whose identity is also variable.

            While advertisements for the games almost always have the race-hero association you describe, in-universe canon does not, as far as I am aware.

            As a more general statement, I think it’s very weird for you to state that a Khajit can’t be the Hero of Kvatch, while it’s obvious that you can have a Khajit hero in Oblivion.

          • An Observant Cat

            Skooma Cat says in the land full of white flakes that he may have been a female in the past in one of his ravings to the dragon’s son, among other things. “You can call me Ann Marie!”
            That Cat is a shape-shifter, after all.

            This one isn’t sure if it means anything, though.

          • sagabal

            CHIM, dude. CHIM.

          • umm

            “commonly assumed”

            The fact that you think this fan-assumption means it’s *canon* that the champion *has* to be Imperial is baffling. Almost as baffling as the belief that the Nerevarine being referred to as male once means that the CHAMPION (a completely unrelated individual) must also be male.

            Sheogorath’s apparent race (he’s built as a Breton in Skyrim, technically) and gender are meaningless, as Princes are cosmic shapeshifting entities who can be anything they want.

  • pheonixflyer

    It seems that Aggy just realized that Katia isn’t as great of an adventurer as he thought she was.

    • Story Mode

      He just figured out he must use his elven briliance to solve everything.

    • Bluedragon

      I thought about this – but since Dark Elves cannot be mistaken, it’s obvious to me that the Khajiit is at fault. She is, in fact, a great adventurer but she doesn’t know it. Seems to me that’s the only acceptable condition of affairs that Aggy could possibly accept. Which may be a good thing!

  • Bluescale

    “Yeah, but that ruin had to have been elven or better.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

    • piq

      knocked me right out of my chair. not even kidding.

    • xKiv

      I asuume elven (or better) weaponry can hurt ghosts?

      Or is it that elven = never wrong?

      • BanditoWalrus

        Technically silver or better. But Elven is better than silver, and the ruin was an elf ruin.

  • wawawawa7

    The second sentence in the final paragraph is missing the word ‘to’: “When I first came to town, I was on a mission, I believed in myself, and everything just seemed make sense.” There, between ‘seemed’ and ‘make’.

    • Kazerad

      >: !!!

  • Lokion123

    lol,dat last panel,BOREDOME FACE!!!!!!

    • rogueSnail

      more like “ohshit” face

  • Sindri

    Could… could Dunmer science have been wrong? No, that’s blatantly impossible. Which leaves two possibilities.

    Either the ghost is not, in fact, a Dark Elf (unlikely, but possibly a symptom of already beginning to turn into a poltergeist rather than a proper ancestral ghost).

    Or, more likely, the Dunmer is always right and this is, in fact, a real and competent adventurer. However, there’s nothing saying adventurers (even competent ones) cannot be wrong, or that they cannot have bad days. Clearly she is simply in dire need of wise Dark Elven guidance through this difficult time, so she can return to being all heroic.

  • easykill

    Dunmer are never wrong. if you saw her as a great adventurer instead of this pathetic whelp it is because she IS one, underneath all her horrible introspective nonsense. .. and you will prove it. your pride demands it.

  • nan

    Who knew adventuring produced such regret and introspection and words?

  • Kenzie

    I love prequel so much, my god. Every time there’s a new page I get so happy and can’t stop grinning the whole time. People are obsessed about homestuck? Those dummies need to see this. This is quality. This is the type of webcomic that you can’t not love.

    I love you, Katia, I love you, Kazerad, I love you, PREQUEL.

    • Kevin

      kaz read homestuck, and has like 15 or more memes from it like abscond and things.

  • Schrau

    “Yeah, but that ruin had to have been elven or better.”

    Best way to describe the lethality of a ruin. It would have been easy to survive a Leather or Iron ruin.

    • wawawawa7

      I thought it was a reference to ghosts having resistance to normal weapons, so only if the ruin was of a material class which bypasses that (or was inherently magical, as ancient Elven things tend to be) could it damage Aggy in a cave-in.

  • Some douchebag

    Nuuuuuuuuu not the feeeeeeeeeeeelings of introspection!

  • tobi2500

    Didn’t the middle part where he asks her why she is outside used to be about “the blood of her enemies washing off of her armor”?

  • Rufus the Introspective

    Firstly, so happy to see this! Hopefully Aggy won’t now fly off the handle, but realise that the adventurer has obviously just been involved in some kind of Epic Battle and is feeling a little tired and emotional right now. Her competency in battle is demonstrated by the fact she has sustained no visible injuries. Awesome!

    …an experienced adventurer who can regale me her tales of actual competence… I think is missing a ‘with’ between ‘me’ and ‘her’. Or possibly this is one of those US/UK things, in which case I apologise for being an arse.

    Actually, either way I apologise for being an arse.

    • Kazerad

      Whoops! No, not a Brit-US difference, just me setting a new typo-per-update record.

  • Kat Helbudd

    “NO KHAJIIT” Those racist fucks. Burn their house down.

    • Kevin

      not racist, just posterior punctures. if you look closer it says *except me*

      • Gren

        “also Rajirra” (I think it’s the other Khajiit of the mini-game)

    • JJR

      With The LEMON.

      • kome


  • Gren

    I suppose this question will be answered in the story at the due time but for now I can’t tell if this story is prior or parallel to the one of the game. However, I think that no matter this or her race, it’s obvious that Katia is not the main character of the game (in other words, the champion of Cyrodiil). Of course, it doesn’t mean she can’t be some sort of hero as Sigrid is. You can’t tell what’s going to happen next in their lives because they seem to have no fate, hence all their actions will affect any event and the people who surrounds it. The same goes for Gaius. He and Katia seem to be somehow manipulated by a certain Daedra with a specifically dark purpose (more likely, in order to prevent them to get close to the King and the Mythic Dawn and thus, impeding them from ruining his plans).
    Just because Katia has not been very lucky doesn’t mean that thats prevents her to be a hero. After all, all her bad luck and mistakes she committed are mainly due to her nightmares. They caused her to move from a life in a castle on wealth to a poor life on a farm and thus making her family blame her for this and never gave her any shown of affection, not even a single hug. That also caused her problem with alcohol, in a desperate attempt to avoid these nightmares. The problem with her magicka is a separate note. That was because she had the bad luck to have born in Hammerfell. As Trayvond of the Mages guild of Cheydinhal (see below) says: “We don’t much like spellcasters in Hammerfell. Wizards steal souls and tamper with minds. If you use magic, you’re weak or wicked. My family didn’t approve of my vocation, so I had to come to Cyrodiil for my education. I admit… I still have strong prejudices against necromancy, summoning, and illusion. Profaning the remains or souls of the dead is just wrong. And I’m uneasy about tampering with other’s minds and trafficking with Daedra.”, therefore confirming why there are not much wizards in those lands and their incompetence. All people in Hammerfell seem to have this preconception about mages as Katia did have with the “beard” thing.
    But all these things are in the past now. If she wants to succeed in life then there are two main objetives she must fulfill:
    1- Put an end to the nightmares. In order to do that, she need to gather more information. Maybe a certain necromancer could have the track she’s been needing to resolve this. Or she could try asking in the Daedric shrines as well. Someone is messing with your life and you need to settle this no matter what! (And don’t forget to keep sleeping sober.)
    2- Join to the Mages guild. She have recently discovered her talent and have been progressing pretty fast without even having someone to teach her. You finally found something in what you are competent, you just need to learn how to control your power properly and more spells (and make a lot of friends XD)
    But first things first. Now you need to focus on settle everything in Kvatch and complete the task Quill Weave gave you. After that, you’ll be free to do as you want.

    By the way, I have one more question:
    During the travel to Kvatch it has been mentioned the “Saint Jiub’s Day” but I recently learned that he actually died in the invasion to Kvatch so does that mean he is still alive in the story? Perhaps he’ll show up at some point?

    Jiub –>
    Trayvond –>

    • Irrevenant

      It’s before the events of Oblivion.

      Funny thing about Jiub, you can see him in the chase minigame. There are a bunch of dead crows around what looks like a Dunmer statue with a bow. But it’s not a statue.

      • Gren

        OMG! You’re right! Even though I played this minigame several times I never noticed it till now, thank you for pointing it out! 😮
        Hehe, it’s good to see Jiub is still alive, maybe he is the experienced adventurer that Aggy was looking for. (And he is a Dark Elf!). You know, Katia, you should go ask him some advices, maybe he could even give you some shooting lessons with his bow.

  • Evan

    That last panel…

    “I just made a horrible mistake..”

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    If I may offer some reflections — I actually felt these last few installments distanced myself from Katia a bit. Sure, we need to get to know our new ghost… friend? However, his (somewhat correct) insensitivity to Katia’s self-focused, self-pitying rambling has left me less interested in her as a character.

    In some ways, I understand why Stephan treated her as he did — her emotional spectrum seems to be limited to a handful of states: over-enthusiastic, naive eagerness; (impotent) indignation; and bottomless self-pity.

    And, while her “primary quest” is in (minor) service to someone else, her main focus remains just on herself. Even her motivations with QW are to fulfill her own imagined role as “a person that has friends”, not because she necessarily knows QW as an individual. In other words — to a certain degree — QW could have been any random person that Katia happened to latch onto. Well, figuratively, not literally anymore.

    To be fair, some of Katia’s motivation may be “to become a person worthy of befriending”, which is a noble thing. But the irony of the recent turn of events is a sharp contrast to that drive (if it indeed exists within her). “After years of screwing around (literally and figuratively), I’m trying so hard to be a real person, worthy of trust — but life is SO HARD! Boo hoo meee me me me me me me me.”

    She seems unable to conceive that there might just be people who have not been wastrels their entire lives, and have struggled and suffered through much more trying circumstances than her own.

    So, who knows what it’ll take to snap her out of her current mode of “Life should be easier than this! Because I feel like it should!”. Hopefully that moment will come before her self-pity drives her to either danger through inaction or danger through taking on excessive risks.

  • Dat señor el Papo mon de funk Salvadora mo' suice in his tenderloins with a side of stud muffin because he if far too sheogorath for his dark seducers to handle the el macho powers of the douchbag Orc guy from page twelve who for some reason spelled

    I can’t believe aggy is a dunmer that can’t pay attention. He had to have learned to pay attention in school. He needs to listen to Heimskr for two days. Then he’ll pay attention. Edit: there was 40 more words to the name xD

    • Skianous

      The thing is, Heimskr won’t be born before 160 years or so at that point :3

      • Lokion123

        then listen to that annoying adoring fan guy(and fyi now hes in skyrim in a mod)

        • Skianous

          By Azura, by Azura, by Azura ! <:3

        • Gren

          Man, I can’t be the only one who want to see that creepy elf stalking Katia till she go insane.

          Please Katia, go to the arena, win the dance competition, get the money and the annoying adoring fan and then you’ll never be alone anymore, ever (but belive me when I say you’ll regreat of that). X3
          Compared to him, the nightmare King is as scary as a mudcrab.

          • Lokion123

            a king would be as scary as a piece of wood,not shit compared to the fan

  • Asoyna

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    Just remember – ghosts are ghastly to eat.

    • Deodesu


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  • Bob

    I dunno why, but when I first read this new update panels, this song was playing in my head:

    Then I immediately had a typhoon of feels all over me.

    I also wanted to point something else out: The dunmer never did create much groundbreaking scientific discoveries, They were overly religious and superstitious folk and followed the guidance of the daedra like a crutch.

    The dwemer that resided around vvardenfell however, created and made such discoveries as a way to tell the divines/gods to literally kiss their asses. The dunmer merely just took their ideas and technology after the dwemers’ disappearance and took all the credit for it.

    Just like our arrogant apparition friend here.

    • Skianous

      Shhh, don’t break the Dunmeri’s little bubble ! D:

  • Will

    Aggy: descend into all-consuming ghost madness.

    …..what? I mean the good kind that scares the crap out of people but ultimately helps turn things in the favor of the forces of Good.

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    Aggy: Use logic to defuse her miserable interpretation of life.
    Also, check Katia for curses, hexes, blessings, and other things that might be affecting her being.
    Because you are never wrong.

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      • Kazerad

        Don’t have a tumblr for that! I just have a thread on someone else’s forum.

        I’ll make an on-site thing soon, though. And by “I’ll make it soon” I mean “I asked Ch’marr to do it for me and he’s not done yet”.

  • Aggy: Inform the khajit that as you said the dark elf is always correct, and that as you proclaimed she is a worthy adventure for you to accompany to keep from being bored so from this point foreword you shall offer your assistants in her great adventures, and you give a damn if she likes it

  • kome

    you dont leave suggestions to the comic here, kaz has a tumblr for that

    • Oh :L well now I feel silly

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  • Gren

    I was just thinking what if Aggy was actually the Nerevarine? He’s a Dark Elf and cannot remember anything of his past, not even his name so whatever happened to him in Akavir doesn’t matter since no one knows anything about his whereabouts nor even if he has died and how. The chances are low but it is still a probability. Perhaps it would be a good thing if he go to meet with Jiub. There will not be a better chance than now.

    On a separate note, I think I know why the Welkynd cat is out of the city right now. He’s waiting for Katia to leave town once she has finished her affairs in Kvatch and then he’ll deliver the letter and the gift as soon as she’s on the Gold Road. Since Dmiti’s place is on the way to Anvil maybe they can meet each other before reaching the city. Besides, I have a hunch that she’ll be leaving the city as soon as she retrieve her belongings and set the whole place on fire, not even wasting time on the Arena nor waiting for Asotil till he gets back to escort her. The Mythic Dawn seems to finally have gathered outside the walls, so it’s fair to say they are planning to bring forward the invasion. I just hope Gaius can make it out alive. Maybe he should try asking a transfer to Anvil. Can you imagine he and Hieronymus Lex in the same city guard? That would be lawfully disastrous.

  • Bob

    Katia: “Wait. You’re… you’re that ghost, aren’t you? The one I met the other day? Didn’t a ruin collapse on you?”
    Aggy: “I am incorporeal.”
    Katia: “Yeah, but that ruin had to have been elven or better.”

    Now, just hear me out guys on a possible explanation: I’m not saying that its Aylieds, but it’s Aylieds.

    (Credit Goes to Irrelevant of MSPA forums for creating the image)

    • Gren

      I support this explanation.

    • Gren

      Dunmer science approves this.

  • Gren

    Now that I checked previous updates again, I think there’s something off. As far as I know, it was implied that Katia was bitten by a dark elf vampire back in the chapel. So, shouldn’t she have contracted Porphyric Hemophilia? If that so, I think she should be focused in adquire a potion to cure disease unless she’s planning into becoming a full vampire. Maybe she can “borrow” one from Sigrid in the Mages guild?

    • Gren

      Sorry, just forget what I said. After re-reading the note again I came to the realization of the obvious fact that it was actually written by Nah.

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    I am such a nerd. 🙂

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