Jan 302012

Grutor wrote:
>Drink 100% fire resist potion, go investigate smell.



Let me tell you a little something about “potions”.

Potions are bullshit overpriced wastes-of-space pushed by those filthy goddamn alchemists. People these days will chug a potion for every little scrape, bruise, or potential burn. With all these potions, you bet the average person doesn’t even know how to tie a bandage anymore. You bet they don’t even care. Thanks to the potion industry, people don’t even know what it’s like to be a real medic.

They’ve never known that joy… that thrill of saving a tent full of unconscious, bleeding soldiers using nothing but a roll of gauze and a bottle of whiskey. That excitement of running out of antidote potions and having to cut a vein and suck the poison out. That alluring exhilaration of wiping the copious blood from a grievous wound while closing it using only a rusty needle and a spool of thread. The very thought makes you salivate… with approval. But no, these days it’s all potions and magic. Potions and magic. They’ve forgotten all about the Finest Art.

Sure, you might have gotten forcibly discharged from several armies for drinking on the job, but you’ve always been passionate about your field. Someday, people will remember your glorious discipline. Someday war will once again ravage the countryside and there simply won’t be enough potions and magicka to go around. Blood will flow like honey and the alchemists and healers will be overwhelmed. Man and mer alike will be once again forced to solve problems the right way: retroactively, with a blood-soaked apron and a pair of pliers.

It will be beautiful. It will be the third century all over again.

Not that an ordinary human like you remembers the third century.

KarneWarrior wrote:
>contemplate selling vampire dust to alchemists for a vial of blood.

You think you’ve already made your feelings about alchemists fairly clear.

But you… will reluctantly admit you currently have a certain arrangement with Sigrid.

But that’s Sigrid.

And it’s something of a necessity. Ever since Kvatch’s last beggar died, there’s been no humans willing to let you lick corn paste off their neck! This inability to satisfy your strange fetish has led to quite a few impromptu games of Don’t Leave The Shadow.

ForthanEldiar wrote:
is it possible to at least cover your head with your bag?

EvilArgonian wrote:
Nah> attempt to climb tree to stay in the shadows but have a higher vantage point to see the smell’s source.

Eh, you’re curious about the tasty smell but you don’t care that much. You’d rather not dump your groceries all over the ground or go clambering up any trees.

Whatever the smell is, you’re sure it can wait. At this point you’ve only got like an hour left before nightfall, so you figure you’ll just… chillax, maybe catch up on some reading.

woundedkneecap wrote:
Nah: Wait

Just gonna finish this page…

Alright, coast seems clear. You put away your ordinary copy of the Black Horse Courier and follow your nose. The odor’s not as strong as it was before, but it’s definitely still there. Let’s see where it takes you.

Welp. Something happened here.

  • Kuudou

    I literally came upon this page as I was reading the last one, which at the time was the most recent entry.

    That is amazing to me.

    • Vokininkaaz

      Is it just me or is that the well katia is in becuase I notice blood on the ground when she used darkvision.

      • Riddles

        It is the only well in Kvatch after all.

        • Thornclaw

          Ok. that’s freakily bad.

  • Prince T. Baggins

    I was rereading this, then suddenly it updated.

    …This makes me happy.

    • TechSmurf

      Me three! We’re a bunch of page stalkers.

  • DestinedFateX

    [URL=”http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5814/barryjillexamineblood.png”]Examine the blood[/URL]. You should be good at this stuff, since your uncle was a master at examining stuff.

    • Denis Bondarenko

      So her name is Nah Redfield?

  • DestinedFateX
    • MrSing

      Blood?! I Hope this isn’t Katia’s blood.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Probably from when Katia used her dark-vision earlier.

        That, or Katia has bled through the entire water-table of the town, and it’s now seeping up through the ground.

      • Felidire

        OH MY COD! (that was surprisingly fitting, lmao.)

      • Max

        I bet she was almost a Katia sandwich!

      • Neuronyx

        I love you guys..

  • “drinking on the job”

    That’s horrible.

  • A Pink Poodle

    Katia! Katia, are you alright?!

  • Armael

    I feel bad for the grape jelly:(

    • Klepter

      Did you notice the word “dissaproval” pop up when she threw it?

      • Nameloc

        Holy crap, that’s awesome. XD

  • Tokage

    Oh dear.

  • SplinteredReverence

    I would just like to express how thoroughly I enjoy – no – adore this comic. I may just be catching the fanboy-flu, but I’m enamored with Katia’s misadventures thus far. It helps that I’m a new reader and so have taken the comic’s current updates in one stride, yeah. But I’ve found the pacing honestly beautiful (despite the fact that my iPhone doesn’t support flash and causes me to miss important story highlights). I notice people complaining that the protagonist’s climb to wizardry is slow and cumbersome (at least I think people are complaining about this). Perhaps the brief duration of my interest in Prequel doesn’t give me room to judge, or possibly robs my words of weight and meaning? Nevertheless I respectfully disagree with these statements, for this slow attainment of magical prowess is one of the things I find most appealing about Prequel. After all the race to incredible power in The Elder Scrolls games while fun is improbable, even for a game that employs fantasy elements (it would be ridiculous to assume everyone could master battle by killing mud crabs). Her struggles with the arcane arts are humanizing. Who hasn’t stuck their tongue out and waved their arms about trying just once to manipulate the elements as a child only to have their hopes dampened? For the magic to come naturally and completely wieldable straight away would feel wrong and unrelatable (isn’t that a word?) in so many ways. Although, having to wait for this update did seem a bit maddening. But that’s just because I’m addicted.

    • Felidire

      Actually I think her fireball mastery progressed a little bit too much on the fast side, but it hasn’t been ridiculously simple either (like in most of the games, you start out knowing how to project flames – too easy imo.)

      • SplinteredReverence

        I could see why you’d say that. But being a high level mage (you may well be one too for all I know) it’s sensible to say she’s merely scratched the surface in fire magic, let alone ice and lightning. Probably should clarified my exact meaning. Sorry.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        So far, we’ve seen Katia’s fire roast some apples, and kill a crab. I mean, not even a HUGE crab. Just a crab. And she flipped the f*ck out with that thing, using as much juice as she could.

        In terms of lethal potential, that puts her fire ability below a shovel, or a rock-and-sling if you want to compare vs. ranged weapons. Compound that with the fact that she runs out of juice pretty fast, plus can’t regenerate it on her own, and I’d say it’s a very limited ability.

        • SplinteredReverence

          True enough. But if she can get her hands on a restoration spell she could be every mage’s worst nightmare. The ability to absorb hostile spells gives her a (potentially) god-like advantage against enemies limited to magical or even some elemental attacks. She would be an indestructible nightmare, sustaining her life with the very power that would weld a knight’s joints or freeze a warrior’s blood in his veins. However, against anyone with a physical weapon she could be thoroughly @$&#ed. It’s a very defensive based style of game play that fits her personality, harmless yet surprisingly durable under pressure. It will at the very least afford her the chance to escape danger.

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            You know, I had not considered this option. You make an excellent point! However, there are perhaps two mitigating factors:

            1) She may only absorb incoming spells some of the time, which can be a risky gamble:


            2) At the moment, Katia is only able to channel that power into tiny little bursts of flame. As you observed, this makes her vulnerable to any kind of non-magical counterattack.

            Perhaps if she became part of a balanced adventuring party, she could act as the magic tank and ranged specialist. Who thought our little Katia could grow up so fast? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Wind

      Did you type all of this on your phone!? เฒ _เฒ 

      • SplinteredReverence

        Correct. Unfortunately I don’t have a computer at the moment.

        • Wind

          Wow. You have some serious skills. Coupled with that, a high vocabulary and eloquent grammar. It was refreshing. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • SplinteredReverence

            Thank you. I hope to be a writer some day, but I fear that my grammar is not what it should be (I’ve only taught myself). So I try to exercise my vocabulary in reviews and often over do it.

          • tish

            not to mention far too much free time

  • Tormuse

    Oh no! Katia! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    Heehee, “disapproval” sound effect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LiquidDinosaur

    I played Oblivion but for whatever reason, I never got around to doing the Order of the Virtuous Blood quests.
    So, can anybody who has done the quests help me out on the joke with the newspaper? I’m assuming that that’s supposed to be a OotVB newspaper, but why would she have that? Like, did she find a copy somewhere and is reading it to know where they’re planning some future vampire-busts or something?

    • Kazerad

      Different Order. This one is kind of obscure though, being a secret and all. It’s only mentioned in one book, with the implication that there are vampires hidden in normal society.

      • Wind

        She’s going to be happy if she can survive until the Skyrim civil war breaks out.

        • Hide-of-Scales

          Nah doesn’t even have to wait until the Stormcloak Rebellion (yeah, that civil war has a name). Remember the Great War that ravaged most of Cyrodiil and part of Hammerfell about thirty years prior? Plus, this being a prequel, there’s still the Oblivion Crisis to look towards.

          To say the least, if Nah survives, she’ll have a lot to look forward to.

          • Wind

            You have a good point. I have a serious cold, so I wasn’t thinking clearly. Yes, the Oblivion Crisis comes first, and should she survive that, she can have fun in the Great War where the Aldmiri Dominion, namely the Thalmor, sack the empire (damn, I hate those guys – arrogant twits). I’ve beaten Skyrim, but due to the lack of oxygen (yay colds) I’m a little fuzzy. Thanks for the correction.

          • AdultPuppetShow

            Not to mention the 200 years between Oblivion and Skyrim…

  • Ahahaha, I gotta love the fantasy of her becoming a totally Bloody Medic for the sake of the blood!

    By the way, she will surely test her passionate bloody desires on the poor Katia that is suffering in the well… XDDD

    • Tokage

      It never ceases to baffle me how some people actually find it funny to see the catgirl get hurt.

      Shame on you, good sir.

      • Revereche

        I generally find it hilarious to see characters I like get hurt. The more I like them, the funnier it is – and then all the more rewarding when they finally catch a break.

        • Tokage

          Depends on the character, for me: someone like Wile E. Coyote getting hurt is funny, but in Katia’s case it’s just plain sad and depressing.

          I definitely agree in the last part, though: I like to think Katia has caught her break now, and hopefully it lasts longer than this and the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding, or that she at least got the slaughterfish and didn’t get hurt badly enough to think it wasn’t worth it.

          • Lolz

            It’s more hilarious to see people getting butthurt about having their waifu get hurt.

        • Jebediah Oldenheimer

          Yeah, ain’t it weird? Seeing your favorite characters get heavy crap dropped on them and spending the rest of the day in a cast is just funny for whatever reason.

          On a side note, whenever I write a… fanfic (Even though i write them from time to time, that word just builds disgust in me due to the many many awful ones I’ve seen throughout the years.) I always put my favorite characters in as the stars. So they’ll always be the first to get hurt when the theme is something serious like deadly adventures or fighting wars. But I’d never let them die. A personal rule I sincerely hope Kazerad follows as well.

  • Dousiq


  • Corovaneer

    Well, luckily, the blood seems to be on the outside of the well, and the smell didn`t get any stronger, as it would be if, you know, more blood came out.

    • MrSing

      The fish ate it all.

      • Corovaneer

        (how unsensitive of you to say such horrible things) Still doesn`t explain the blood on the grass!

        Unless it squirted upwards and arched under a roof and made a stain…

        Naah, follow the smell.

        • Evil Argonian

          I thought that was from when she used her Night Eye outside. Also, YAY Kaz used my comment. Even if the command wasn’t followed, YAY

        • Riddler

          (que dramatic music)
          It looks like our victim was getting ready to go fishing with herself as the bait, although she did test the strength of the rope keeping her from getting eaten alive, she didnt see the big picture as the roof came crumbleing down. Instinct and the cats cat-like reflexes had her grab onto the stone wall surrounding her watery prison. But as she was just about to claw her way to freedom, a blunt hit from the roof started the rock to lose its place and shrapnel to hit the target causing the red candy that nah loves so much to flow down ( another cause may have been a form of eye bleeding due to over stressing the nighteye gland) conclusion: katia is still alive, though she is sleeping, the rope is too short to be with the fishes all and all I’m above doing a cheesey well joke but I will point out that our feline friends savior uses whiskey as a pain medication. Now if you would excuse me, I have a medical mystery to solve while fighting my vicadine addiction and suppress my true English accent with a cane.
          ( exit a Riddleing House)

  • Tokage

    By the way, now that I think about it, has Katia ever actually bled before? Sure, there’s been bruises and burns and (alcohol) poisoning and a vast amount of emotional pain, but no actual bloodshed.

    Welp, I suppose it had to happen eventually.

    • Ryuujin

      From the eyes: Regularly

      • Argoan

        Also, I believe she bleed after the bottle broke in her hands after her first dungeon crawling experience. She used her cuts/rash as a watch for a little bit.

  • Ryuujin

    Y’know… it’s not implausible that katia could get killed ;p – this is as it says, the *prequel*, not “the story of katia”…

    …I probably shouldn’t give the writer any ideas.

    • Felidire

      I’m blaming you for everything! xP

      • J’Ram-Ku

        Oh my gosh, you totally almost quoted my favorites tab for Prequel!

    • DavidArgall

      Katia is “safe” here [probably anyway]. There is just too much invested in her to get rid of her so casually. In fact, we will likely see a fair amount more of the necromancer as well.

      • Nameloc

        That was a pretty deep neck wound. Dmitri is probably dead.

        • neoquietus

          True, but with a necromancer, especially among other necromancers, that’s not saying much.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Ah, yes.

    While I feared for a moment this would be just a paper-cut-out-character, I’m glad to see there’s the same zany wit at work here. I don’t know what you use for a Character Attributes Generator, but it’s f*cking gold.

    Gotta love the well foreshadowing. You know how to pique the anticipation of the audience.

  • AnonBus

    Jokes on us, Nah can’t read.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude


    • Wind

      You get +1 internets.

  • Soadreqm

    Well, on the bright side, the sings of struggle outside the well imply that Katia probably got up. And there’s a skilled combat medic on the case, one who will probably not charge too much, at least in gold. And if she survives, she probably got like five levels of Unarmored from that fight.

    Fighting slaughterfish in a confined space == totally a great idea.

    • The Nerevarine

      I remember the first time I fought a slaughterfish. It was outside Seyda Neen, just a little ways down the shore. After fending off a mudcrab who thought me easy prey, the bloody corpse made the water near it turn red. I was wading at the time, trying to cool off and wash my wounds.
      That’s when the slaughterfish arrived.
      I find it amazing just how much flesh and bone will grow back using a health potion.

    • Wind

      Fighting slaughterfish in a confined space =! totally a great idea. เฒ _เฒ 

  • TheLogicalOne

    Who else saw this coming?…*Sighs* This was the OBVIOUS outcome….And now, I just can’t stop laughing….

  • SkyrimImperial

    Okay, so, the blood on the ground is from when she used night eye because she still hasn’t figured out bright lights will make her bleed. There isn’t any new blood from what we can see so she probably didn’t hurt TOO bad. Smell of blood isn’t that strong and the signs of destruction lead me to believe she got up out of the well. It’s nighttime so she’s probably at the mages guild chilling.

    Details. It’s all about the details.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Or that the copious gallons of blood have clotted, cooled, dried after an hour+.

  • NoriMori

    It looks to me like something went wrong and Katia got injured and climbed out of the well. After all, there’s blood on the ground (though that could be from her darkvision), one of the stones from the well has been dislodged (from a frantic struggle to climb out?), and the wooden part that holds the rope has collapsed (possibly the reason Katia fell in, or it happened while she was pulling herself up).

  • The Nerevarine

    Miss not-a-vampire,
    Look into the well. Or perhaps you could eat the slaughterfish who dwell within. This will slake your thirst as well as rid the town of a future problem. Now, look for the cat. Or else.

  • khooleeo

    Nah must check the well. Probably someone fall down there and might need help. And if you help, after all that someone would be so kind so even let you finnaly satisfy your harmless and absolutely usual fetish.

  • Noah

    The foreshadowing is just ridiculous… I mean, what could POSSIBLY happen in Kvatch anytime soon that will cause a violent, bloody war…?

    • RaptorCalloftheShadows

      … Couldn’t possibly be a bunch of wacky cultists trying to assassinate a priest, could it? ๐Ÿ˜› Nah.

      • Noah

        What, you mean the guy that gave you lemonade and gave you a blessing of the lord of destruction? Nah, that guy’s DEFINITELY on the level.

  • JC 042

    “Welp. Somthing happened here.”
    Do you meen “Well” or is there somthing I dont get?

    • MindEqualsBlown

      There’s important precedent for “welp.” It’s the sound Homestuck characters make when they realize they’re utterly fucked.

      …And, heh heh, I guess “well” would be too obvious.

      • JackDesert

        Welp is sort of like you’re about to say “Well Fffffff” but shorter and less vulgerish

        • andwhyisit

          No. That’s incorrect.

        • SplinteredReverence

          “Welp” can be a humorous stand in for well. Yet another instance in which the simplest answer is likely the right (and seeminlgy most overlooked) one.

    • andwhyisit
    • salsa

      I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or not, but everyone I know has been using “welp” for … my entire life. It’s more final than “Well…” Like, you only say it when there’s no more to say, or you’re ending the conversation on something. The “p” isn’t entirely voiced.

    • NoriMori


  • this reminds me of the story of a dog that found a boy down a well… ๐Ÿ˜ …except its completely the opposite in many opposite ways.

    • Jer

      You, sir, win the comment thread.

      • Husk

        “~{TROPHY AWARD}~ Win Comment thread”


  • csshih

    3rd and 4th panel. love that expression >:C

  • Nameomitted


  • fridge

    That makes sense. Not that it could steal any of your thunder anyways, since yours is better in every way and happens to be based on my favorite game(s) of all-time.

  • Whicher

    Everything was (almost) perfectly fine till I got to this page.

    Well I was sort of wondering why would anybody encourage the poor catgirl to climb down the well (It was an obvious disaster) And … I remained silent even though I assumed the worst would happen. And … GOD DAMN IT !!!! SHOULD HAVE SCREAMED TO HER NOT TO DO IT !!!! SHOULD HAVE SPAMMED THE WHOLE PAGE WITH STH LIKE: “dont even think about going into the well!!!!!! For god’s sake you don’t want to die do u?!!!!!!”

    And now I think I wont be able to read it further :< (Don't want to uncover the truth <— ignorance is bliss)

    • I think you are taking this a little too seriously.

      • Tokage


        Besides, I’m pretty sure she’s all right. Her death would mean the end of the story (probably?).

        • Whicher

          Well ๐Ÿ˜› we might be looking at a new main character just right now. Everything is possible. (e.g. poor necromancer) Still. I think it would be safer to hire a friend to tell me if everything turned out allright xD

  • Illidan

    So Nah is at least as old as 200years, for remembering the third century?
    I like where this is going.

  • DavidArgall

    OK Nah, look in the well, and if you should happen to see someone familiar desperately hanging on to the rope for dear life, conclude she is obviously bored and might want to play your jelly game [Now where did your jelly jar go? Did somebody take it? Or did you drop it? Well, she probably won’t mind playing a little different game and you may have another jar anyway.]
    Now keep in mind that if you play your neck game too much at one time, your playmate tends to become really sleepy and then never plays with you again. They must get bored or something. So just play a little while, even if it has been a long time since you have played.

  • furnut

    drinking on the job….nice one ๐Ÿ™‚

    haha her disdain for alchemists and potions is reasonable.

  • Legends12

    NEW favorite character

  • EvilSpoon

    Am I the only one who found her passionate first-aid diatribe somehow…. endearing?

    • Min

      Not at all. Nah’s likeability has suddenly gone way up. I just hope she doesn’t get Dmitri’d.

      • Muffalopadus

        Have you guys not been reading up to this point or what? If I’ve learned anything so far, its “Unfortunate shit happens more regularly than normal.”

        I expect a grimme deathe at any moment.

        • The Nerevarine

          That all depends on how the ‘unfortunate shit’ manifests. Vampires are very hard to kill. The one time I accidentally stumbled upon a vampire stronghold, I had Wraithguard and Sunder in my possession. Such powerful tools destroyed them easily, but they were made of great magics.
          When I faced even a weakened vampire hiding in a tomb in order to claim my title, it was a desperate fight. Even with the benefits of corprus, I did not want that thing biting me.

          • Muffalopadus

            Ahem. Deus ex machina, latin for “Shit happens.” I feel like I need not say more.

      • Gillsing

        For me, Nah’s likeability already spiked during the exploration of Kvatch. She’s simply the cutest little grape jelly licker I have ever seen. Cuter than any kitten.

  • KathiWithAnI

    Hey now, Nah. Just because you don’t like alchemists doesn’t mean you should spill that delicious jelly. That’s just wasteful.

    But hey, don’t worry. I’m sure a war will pop up within, say, the next few months or so to satisfy your, ahem, desire for treating the wounded. I mean, that’s just a theory, but…

    (On a more serious note, OHGODKATIAPLEASEDON’TDIE)

  • *ahem*


    … sorry, couldn’t resist. :p

    • You N’Wah!

      *The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting!”

      • 153x

        “Eins, zwei, drei… Ugh, I do not think we brought enough bodybags.”

        • Nameloc

          I am ze Ubermensch!

          • RaptorCalloftheShadows


    • Anon
  • SatanSatanSatan


    Oh my.

  • New Guy

    This comic is awesome! I find myself cheering for Katia every time!

  • Walrus Dancer

    You look like that girl from Willy Wonka. Have you ever been a Blueberry before?

  • katianator

    so how often r there updates? every 5 days? once a week?

    • Armael

      Seems like it’s whenever kaz feels like it. But I think he tries to update as fast as possible.

    • Kazerad

      The shortest time between updates was 30 minutes, the longest was about a month. On average though it’s sometime less than a week. I think someone ran an analysis on the RSS feed and concluded it updates “1.4 times a week”.

  • Guilty_Conscience

    I like how I was the first to come up with the “Just wait” suggestion (and didn’t get no damn credit for it), but fuck it, something I thought of was actually accepted in this crazy ass prequel adventure so I guess I should be happy for that.

    • Kazerad

      Hahaha, sorry about that. Enough people suggested it I guess I just pulled the first one I found.

      • Guilty_Conscience

        lol I’m not really complaining I’m just glad it was chosen

  • R’Becca


    Ahem. Nice plot twist.

  • R’Becca

    Totally normal human female chick needs a name now.
    I suggesd Griselda.
    Or Hilde.
    Or Debbie.

    • R’Becca

      I get it. Her name IS Nah.

  • Tech

    Katia fell down the well, didn’t she?

    • Ryuujin

      Fell seems like such a soft term… plummeted to a razor-mawed doom at the hands of fish that know only hatred seems more likely

  • Odditor

    Nah = N.ormal A.verage H.uman

  • Blatent troll

    Nah: Spend four weeks staring at blood before reacting.

  • You remind me of my cousin’s cat…

    I have to be honest…
    I actually hope Katia is okay. It’d be horribly ironic to have a cat eaten by fish…

    • Nameloc
      • The Nerevarine

        I…. I’m having flashbacks. The blood. The frothing water. My god……
        MY GOD THEY ATE MY LEG! And even when it grew back with magic, I knew they’d eaten it. If there existed such a spell, I would cast a spell that would kill all the slaughterfish in all the world.

        • Spell? Dude, just nut up and get your hands dirty.

          • TSED

            You have no idea how hard I lol’d when I read your name.

          • The Nerevarine

            I HAVE done so, but it is very disheartening when those teeth even rip through the my glass armor. My only condolence is that I have a sword that makes them burn to death underwater.

        • Illidan

          Posting in an epic discussion between Saint Jiub and The Nerevarine

  • yukifumi

    Oh no! Looks like Katia lost one of her 9 lives.. or wait was it 7? 6? or maybe it was 5.

    Anyways in any case, hopefully she’s managed to walk away with her remaining 8 lives give or take a couple, pawfulls.

  • Muffalopadus

    Does someone like medic in TF2?

    I like medic in TF2.

    Does that mean we’re friends?

    *heavy breathing*

    • RaptorCalloftheShadows

      ๐Ÿ˜ Creepy Heavy is Creepy.

  • Katiafan

    “The adventures of Nah the “Neck”romancer” has a ring to it.

    • seelcudoom

      i vote nah get her own spinoff with this title

  • dumpsterrat

    C’mon guys, that’s SLAUGHTERFISH blood. Katia killed like a champ and hauled the battered carcass of her prey out of the well in one ferocious swoop, wrecking the well in the process.

    Nah: lick up the SLAUGHTERFISH blood.

    • DavidArgall

      Look at this from a story perspective. Why are we looking at our non-vampire if Katia has successfully dealt with the fish and left? Now if she is about to meet the girl [alive or otherwise], looking at the scene from either set of eyes may work, but so far we have no way the two can interact if our girl is not in the well.
      [Now our late necromancer might be deemed a counter case, but there are a large number of ways his actions may affect the lass in the future, including that he may not be entirely dead, or may be turned into an undead. By contrast, Miss Normal Girl seems to have no reason to be on stage at this point unless she is going to encounter our heroine now.]

      • Tokage

        It could be just to add suspense.

  • Expresate

    The Well has now become a major character. I shall draw fan art at once!

    • Ryuujin

      In before rule 34

      • Nameloc

        Of……. a well? This can only end weirdly O_O

        • seelcudoom

          this can only end well

          bu dum (slaughter) fish

          • NoriMori

            +1 internets

  • DKD

    “Well” it looks like that plan ended in CATastrophe.

  • Garnith

    If this does not end with Nah joining the party, I will be sad. ๐Ÿ™

  • SideNote

    A cute vampire medic with a love for bloody gore and violence.

    Oh god please don’t let the orc kill her too

  • Volchek

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