Apr 012012

chimericWilder wrote:
> Katia, say that its fine, you really wont need most of that immediately.

Peterdivine wrote:
Considering how many times you’ve been forced to “settle” with nothing, you’re really, REALLY not going to mind if you settle for less.

You interrupt Sigrid and tell her it’s fine, you don’t actually need all that. You’ll be happy just reading whatever books she has in her library, or using whatever equipment she has on hand. Really, you’re not choosy. You’ve been wanting to study magic since you were a little girl and are perfectly willing to settle for a bit less if it means getting started as soon as possible.

Sigrid explains that it’s not just about what you want, it’s also about the Kvatch guildhall’s reputation. She already deals with a lot of discrimination due to the place’s necromantic history; she doesn’t want to risk becoming known as the guildhall that leaves its new members underprepared. A silver dagger and some basic alchemy equipment might not seem important, but it’s part of the standard supplies most Mages Guild branches give their new members. If she provides any less than that to her first applicant, her superiors are going to notice. And imagine what it would do to your status as a mage if everyone thought you came from some second-rate guildhall that couldn’t even give its members proper apparatuses.

Oh. The thought of potentially damaging your wizard-reputation hits a nerve. You admit you didn’t actually think of it that way.

Sigrid says it’s alright. Most people never think about what it takes to lead a guildhall. She just wants to make sure whatever happens is best for you, her, and the Guild.

Snow wrote:
>Katia: Let Sigrid know you’re REALLY excited to join the Mages Guild and that you REALLY REALLY like this guild hall and it would be an honor and a privilege to join it… and that you’ll do whatever it takes. However if Sigrid feels uncomfortable with accepting a new member right now, you’ll be in town for a few days so she has time to think it over. You can also help her gather anything she might need if it’ll help.

Funderful wrote:
Katia: Offer to get some supplies if she is missing any. She has the money for it, and it would be a good initiation into the guild.

You tell Sigrid that you are still holding out hope that you can make this work somehow. You really really do like this place and if you could find some way to join tonight, it would pretty much make it the happiest, most magical day of your life.

You point out that she does have a large pile of money over there. You don’t want to impose, but couldn’t she just, like, go purchase the stuff she needs to accept you? You’ll even go get it for her, if she’s too busy to do it herself. You’re willing to help however you can.

Sigrid appreciates the offer, but says it’s not that simple. Most of that gold already has places it needs to go and things it needs to pay for. Maintaining a guildhall is an expensive affair; providing magic services for the townsfolk takes equipment, alchemical ingredients, magic items… and without the Archmage’s support, she has to pay for it all out of her own pocket.

While she wants nothing more than to make this the best guildhall in all of Cyrodiil and induct all the young and enthusiastic mages such as yourself, she just can’t quite afford it yet on her existing budget. I mean, my alchemy business covers some of the expenses, but currently most of our equipment and funding comes from…


  • MrSing

    No april fools comic? Son I am disappoint >:/

    • Kazerad

      As a creator, April Fools is like my least favorite holiday because you either have to do something incredibly trite, or something incredibly awesome that disappoints a lot of people when it’s not real.

      • billy

        well why not reverse april fools and do something so awesome everyone cheers when its actually real?

      • MrSing

        I was just messing with you. It’s always great too see another prequel update, it was just kind of funny that it was on april first with no weird stuff going on.

      • Tokage

        Why not do something awesome, have people go all “Meh, it’s april fools so it isn’t real,” and then surprise everyone by totally making it that? It’s still a joke, but one of happy surprise instead of sore disappointment.

        • OpticLizard

          You mean like FurAffinity did with their layout, except it was only disappointment?

          • Hide-of-Scales

            FurAffinity? Disappointment is practically that site’s mantra no matter what your expectations are. You want them do something awesome? BAM! It’s totally lame and/or badly implemented. You want them to screw up so bad that the users leave in droves, causing the site to finally die? BAM! The staff screws up (again) yet furries still browse it regularly. FA’s all about the disappointment.

            (I don’t like FurAffinity, in case you haven’t noticed)

          • teehee

            e621 yaaaaay

        • DewiMorgan

          Gmail did this pretty well a couple times. 2004 “a gig of storage, free” (when most places like Hotmail were still offering maybe 5Mb), then the next year “yeah, make that two gigs, and rising…”

        • Dragon

          “The joke is that it’s real”.

      • parick

        in my opinion, it was a relief to see that there was no april fools joke in today’s update.

        • Vanguard


  • Furnut

    Whoa so all those piles of gold really isn’t even enough?? It looked like that amount could buy the entire town….. o.o

    Also, its cool watching Steve’s bread stick getting shorter as I press page down ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, there’s a bit of red on his bread stick. Dipped in that red sauce? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • woundedkneecap

      It’s the redstone!

  • I’mnotKatia

    Great update .. however makes me worry about katia. We all know the guild will be destroyed in some time and katia joining later … I really really want to see a chapter where katia lives/works at the guild. Like shes a ‘necromancy’ cat xD. You could do oh so much with that ;).

    Keep up the good work =^.^=

    (ps need to find a new name xD. Katia is not allowed (spy) and this kinda is an emergency solution. Any ideas anyone for this uninsperational kitten ?)

    • The Spy detecting Sentry

      Necromancy isen’t a skill is it?
      My engineer just died and i want to know how to bring him back.
      (Non-exsistant Slutty Khajiit Blood relative)

  • kotekzot

    “a some expenses”. I wonder where this is going.

  • Armael

    New page? Already?
    Probably vampire dust.

    • Riddler

      My gold is still on her being a secret, possibly possessed, vampire crime kingpin. Who apparently can travel through time and get advanced office supplies from the future.
      (best character ever!)

    • Volchek


      Calm down there, Sanae.

      • Bulldogg6404

        *gasp* Did I spy a Touhou reference? I most certainly did. This makes me too happy for words.

        • LP

          Touhou references are for the transient people.

          • Bulldogg6404

            More of a Konpaku Youmu fan myself.

          • LP

            2 in the morning? What time zone is this thread in? Midatlantic?

          • Bulldogg6404

            I want to say it’s simply UTC standard, but it seems offset by an hour. Maybe it is UTC, and not accounting for Daylight Savings time?

  • Temperjoke

    Guilds have acceptance challenges, right? Maybe Sigrid should have Katia go on a quest to get something Sigrid needs, but hasn’t had time to get? That should justify applying funds from Sigrid’s money pile towards Katia’s apprenticeship needs.

  • Alexander

    Well Katia heres one thing to say about this situation.


  • Adoring Fan

    And there goes Katia’s pocket money. Just like that time I was watching The Grand Champions house in Lewawiin and these nice people (not as nice as The Grand Champion) in red robes came to the door. As part of my voluntary-mandatory duties that The Grand Champion never got around to assigning me so I just started doing them because I know he meant to, I was to keep all riff-raff out of his house. But those little girls in their red riding hoods were so adorable and clearly not riff-raff that I invited them in for tea. We had a long discussion about Daedra this and Oblivion that and something about paradise and I gave them a big pile of stuff that The Grand Champion had just left behind.

    By Azura, was The Grand Champion mad when he got back. He was upset about this book and some mafia guys called The Missing Don. But he got over that, because he’s The Grand Champion! Afterward we went for a nice walk by some cliffs. I hope he got those guys who shot me.

    • Wind

      You just made my day. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Is it bad that I read this in the proper voice?

  • Maussso

    Tell Sigrid that you could help talk to the other mage guilds for Help.
    Maybe they would help her and the guild.
    If not go to the College of Winterhold in Skyrim and ask the Arch mage if they can support you all.

    • Neow

      You do know that this is about 3 centuries before the Events of Skyrim?
      (That’s 300.000.000 years)
      The College may not exist at this time.
      You also submit commands in the Forum.

      • Parenthesis

        I thought it was 2 centuries?

        • Zerithos

          Yep, two centuries. And anyway, the College is a heck of a lot older than three, even.

          • Parenthesis

            Yeah, If you talk to Kraldar in skyrim he even mentions the oblivion crisis taking a toll on winterhold and the college.

      • Fake And Gay. I command ye to cease the ghost troll.

      • Mausso

        No, A Century is a Hundred years.
        Not a Million.

        The College of winterhold still exists at this time and they would probably be happy to help from how they are in Skyrim. Although I found they were kind of mean in a few ways.

        • Neow

          You all do know those are decimals right?
          It was also posted on April 1st.

          • Dousiq

            I believe Europeans use decimals in place of commas in numbers.

          • Zerithos

            Either way, 200 years. Two hundred since the Oblivion Crisis. And I checked Parenthesis’ comment and yeah, the College is plenty old.

          • Wind

            Also, your number is invalid. If in decimal form, you broke your number with the second decimal.

      • Faelorn

        Old enough… for the weakest arcane authority in Tamriel.

  • eternity08

    Look at panel 3, left-side. Awww! The Clannfear has a crush on Katia! I think.

    • eternity08

      Also, where the hell did that bulldog clip get to? (You know, the one on the table.)
      And I have a feeling that the number of breadsticks in the basket are a bit .

      • Kazerad

        Oh god, after weeks of meticulous table-management it has finally happened: my poor file organization has gotten the better of me and I have made a continuity error.

        This is unforgivable Uploading modified versions right now. They have the appropriate number of breadsticks, the binder clip, and the appropriate quantity of that green stuff Sigrid is eating.

        • Turtle

          *puts away torches and pitchforks*
          Ok, but, you’re still on watch…
          (Actually your attention to detail is admirable! Thanks for being awesome.)

    • Pest02

      Since she can’t join the guild, the least Sigrid could do would be let Katia ride the clannfear back to Anvil.

  • flodos

    i’m only going to say that, while i know and read a lot of webcomics, this is by far my favourite, the story is awesome :D, the artwork suits it to a T, and i have no words for the bonusses! (srsly? a flash game? my brain exploded with awesome when i saw that) thank you for making this!

  • tronn

    I think this was a good ending for this particular story arc. It would’ve been too easy if Katia just walzed into the guild and became a real mage. Now she got turned down in a reasonable manner, and has a new goal of getting enough money for enrollment.
    Also, clannfear is the cutest!

  • Rambo Dash

    My Guess: Katia’s going to have to go on an epic quest to all the guildhalls. Collecting one of the nessecary mage’s tools at each location.

  • Owenman2000

    Kazerad, I love you but you show no sense of humor on this day.

    If I posted on April Fools day, I would have had Gharug show up to the Mages Guild to make a “donation” while he was just trying to get his “rob” on and, in the end, cut of Katia’s head like the necromancer dude a while back. After that, I would enjoy watching all of the fans freak out.

    In the end, of course, it wouldn’t be at all canon, just funny. I love Katia too much to do anything that horrible.

    • LP

      Yeah. That’s why I don’t like April Fools’ day. It’s like people forget that being a douche and being funny are (sometimes) different things.

      • Vanguard

        I hear ya, some people go a little to far with some things. Thats why i was relieved when there was no April Fools’ comic.

  • DKD

    :3> Clannfear!

    Also, @katia Go on an epic quest across cyrodil to get all the things you need to be a member of the mages guild! Get out of Kvatch! And take sigrid and the other guy on the adventure too!

  • Wooytop

    But…didn’t Stephene say they have the stuff?

  • BEES

    Oh. Sigrid’s a prostitute.

    • Campisi

      Yeah, I was thinking that too…

      • CyborgMage

        This was my main theory as to why everyone hates the Kvatch guild. I was thinking of the whole guild in general, but whatever.

    • DKD

      If she is then how do we explain that locked door with all the blood downstairs?

      • LP

        Look, Buster, I don’t know what kind of prostitutes YOU visit, but all the prostitutes *I* visit have a locked door with all the blood downstairs.

  • Mao

    I sure hope Katia’s ‘odd feeling’ about Brother Martin gets explored…

    • Erhannis

      Yeah; I was like, “What the heck? What just happened there?”

      • silverlynx

        Oblivion canon. He’s the heir to the throne of Tamriel. She’s subconsciously terrified of royalty. That’s all.

        • Mao

          I just want to see Martin Septim as a eldritch monster, just like Daddy Dearest.

          • Zerithos

            If you call dragons eldritch monsters, you will. Keep playin’ Oblivion if you don’t know what I mean.

          • Mao

            I’ve played and beaten the MQ’s of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. No, a chicken-footed fiery wyvern isn’t my idea of an eldritch monster.

  • parick

    oh shit. i think the truth is about to be exposed. everybody get ready.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude


  • Zaron

    Sigrid is a “female companion”, isn’t she? Katia certainly knows a trick or two that could bring in some extra funds for the guild hall. All she has to do is make the proposal.

  • CW

    Whats WRONG with the Stephane guy? Hes eating breadsticks! Willingly!

  • Asmodeus42

    “…donations” I knew it! Welkard-Kitty WAS making a delivery! Bwahaha! and they called me MAD!

    • Sheogorath

      Oh, there you are!

      • Sanguine

        Are we still on for that poker game saturday night? My realm or yours?

  • Beano Curufinwe

    Oh no. It was a scam after all. That jus makes me uh

    Just kill yourself now, Katia. I guess I should’ve seen this coming. Go to hell, Kazerad

  • Husk

    Donations? :O DONATIONS?! D8 …dont know why i just freaked out there…<.< lol.

  • “Donations”


    So, is that from protection money, the ‘donations’ from the pockets of necromantic experiments, or donations from people just wanting the creepy mages to go back to their creepy mage hall and leave them the mage alone? Sounds fishy.

  • Spelling Nazi

    ACHTUNG! Why must you taunt me so, Kazerad?! Get your spelling together!

    “ess covers A some of the expenses, but currently most of our equipment and funding comes fromโ€ฆ”

    • I’mnotKatia

      Stop haressing the all mighty god of prequel !

      no seriousily you’re wrong …. Putting the a there would change the sentence

  • Ashurak

    If only that clanfear could be Katia’s pet!

    • Zzinged

      Yea I gotta say… that clanfear looks pretty cute!

  • Delta9-11

    Ha ha…I started reading this the day before April 1st…and its funny…you updated the next day. Oh man this story is addicting, truly is, and I have to now say, I am a Katia FUCKING Managan Fan ๐Ÿ™‚

    Awesome work Kazerad…NOW THE WAIT

    However I’m not gonna be one of those “UPDATE PLEASE UPDATE PLEASE” the fact your taking the time out of your life//school to do this for us is awesome. We all know real life gets in the way. So I shall be patient! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so glad my friend showed me these stories. Keep up the good work.

    ps: I LOVE your flash games…I spent a few hours just playing them and seeing the detail you put in them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Iamnotkatia

      You just waite a few more updates and you’ll see =^.^=

  • naturallyInconspicuous

    oh my god the clannfear is still there. can we keep him? can we name him george?

    • Kume

      I duno why but I wanna name him “Eepy”.

      • akebai

        Eepy it is!

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      OMG, I would love to see him as a recurring character — perhaps randomly appearing with a bouquet, box of chocolates, or something similar for Katia.

  • Willhelm

    …donations? Pffft it’s time for a good old fashioned magical robbery! Maybe gets some tips from that Orc in the beginning!

    • Erisian

      Yeah, my immediate thought was that Sigrid is Gro-ups girlfriend. :/

  • David Argall

    Now now, this is not a scam. Extortion maybe, but not a scam. But we presume it costs money one way or another to educate a mage, and why should anybody but the student do the paying? Katia will just have to pay. Now she can hope to pay in services since she is effectively broke, and Sigrid may well lose a lot of her friendly attitude when she finds out that no gold is forthcoming. [It is not impossible that she hits up all the guests here.]
    It might be wise to learn what amount of “donation” she thinks a student should pay, but since she can’t pay it anyway, it’s pretty academic. And Katia should not consider donating what little gold she has, and needs to pay her debts. A student may not earn much for a long time.

  • HellHound

    How often is the adventure updated?

    • Corporal Fail

      There really isn’t a set update schedule, but at the clip we’re going now, once a week seems to be a good estimate.

  • Vaalintine

    “Donations”? Oh boy, we’re not going to have to choose between our debt and a membership fee, are we? Well, we ought to go with the debt if we have to choose, as we can always pay the fee later. Perhaps there is some service we can perform for her that will cover the fee? One that will generate a bit of gold, to go directly to the Guild?

  • Boxie

    Yay! I’m caught up… but now I have to wait for updates like everyone else! Noooooooo! Love this tale!

  • Michael

    I don’t like the way she said Donations. You should kindly ask her where the Donations come from.

  • alec

    Sigrid is so pretty!

    Katia, we may be really tight on gold right now and need the assistance of guilds to help us get by, but one day we are going to be something amazing. Our pockets may be overflowing with shinies. Especially with the free food and lodging that guilds provide, we can use any shinies we don’t spend on adventure/magic related things on something really important. I say we offer our help and shinies to Sigrid. I say we help make this guild hall become great.


  • zy-fi

    I like that you slowed down Katia’s super twitchy tail. Now it looks a bit more realistic instead of like some glitchy ragdoll effect. But then this is Oblivion, so maybe you should have more strange ragdoll effects! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Ch’marr

      In IE, it has a “minimum GIF frame length” so twitchy tail is not going to appear so on that browser. This might be an effort to make the visual experience the same under IE and other browsers, or it might be that I’m seeing something that’s not there and I should go back to devouring the world’s chocolate supply!


  • Casey

    I’ve been following this story for a while, and my room mate brought home Skyrim. After a couple weeks of watching him play it, I decided to start a game too (not only because it’s fun, but it relates to my favorite kitty!) You guessed it, I’m playing as Katia. She’s petite with blue eyes, and actually looks kind of cute. (she also has a Mage hood and casts a wicked flame spell) I know it’s not very original of me, but I’ve always liked that name, and Khajits have the best abilities in my opinion.

    • Don’t worry you are not the only one who is not original around here, I also play Katia on Skyrim, http://oi42.tinypic.com/97ta2a.jpg

      • Casey

        Cool! I wish I could get a screenshot of mine, but I don’t know how. I made her a bit lighter, with faint spots.

  • It’s impossible that such amount of gold isin’t enough to pay for guild.

    Sigrid is hiding something…

    Maybe she’s supporting necromants (her old poor friends). And receives… f. ex. welkynd stones, in exchange for money.
    Maybe that cat with letter and welkynd was their courier?!
    (yeah, it’s stiupid, but possible)
    {… very possible}

    She also could buy unusual ingredients: human hearts, zombie flesh etc.

    • David Argall

      There have been all sorts of organizations that looked filthy rich until the crunch came. No matter how much coin is on display, it might not be enough to pay the bills.

      But it doesn’t really matter. Sigrid can say no and Katia has to abide by that no. And Katia will abide by it. She is just not the type to push back even if she could.

      • Yes, I know, that is not Katia’s decision, BUT how much REALLY cost the guild???

        That piles of gold looked like 40-60k septims.

        For ingredients guild could spend 2-4k monthly, and it’s profitable buisnes.

        Food, up to 800S

        Taxes (building, space, personal, general etc.) up to 20%, (~)50k=10k

        Renovations (building, books, accidents) up to 5k

        Other accidents and purchases (dangerous experiments, someones silence, grannie’s death {birthday’s cake}) 1-10k


        Up to 30k.

        5-15k goes to bank/chest (for rainy days).

        5-20 is free, and could be spend for next 100k f***ing mural, or apprentice.

        I’m telling you, she’s hiding SOMETHING!
        (or she may be afraid of apprenticens)
        {in that case, sry Katia ๐Ÿ™ }

        • That data comes from 140h of Oblivion, history books and my own experiences

        • Casey

          The cake is a lie

          • Zerithos

            No, not this time. The potato is a lie: I ate the cake.

    • Corovaneer

      What I thought first was “were these donations somehow.. involuntary?”.

      • Well the donations, if they are truly donations, are most likely a result of Sigrid’s high mercantile. In Oblivion the actual NPC for Sigrid had a mercantile level of 100.

      • tech

        See next page for answer.

  • fareydoon

    i’d like to see katia “service” ingrid if you know what i mean.

  • Seth

    THIS SUCKS!!! well not the comic ( i like the comic ) but that i cant seem to be able to watch the last 3 videos ( katia: excelsior, katia: consult shopkeeper, and katia: enter ). i mean great story but come on WTF!!!!

    • Kazerad

      Update Flash! Those three animations use a newer version of Flash than the older ones, so if your Flash Player is outdated it may have trouble running them.

      • Seth

        how do i update flash on the playstation 3?

    • Spatzist

      They’re also a good bit bigger than the previous animations – try leaving them to load for a bit.

      • Seth

        ok ill try to leave them out for a bit.

        • Seth

          i tried and waited almost a hour for no results. as always. i hate playstations.

    • Seth

      makes me wish i know the author of the story so he can help me. ( sigh ) hey does anyone here know the author of the story, and can see if they can get him to come help me out and say what a great story this is? please.

      • LP

        Library. Free computer and Internet connection.

  • catocat9001

    How much money can she afford to invest in your epic training montage budget?

  • Agent KC

    I just wanted to say that I recently found this comic and have read through the whole thing! It’s amazing! This has to be one of my favorite comics of all time. The detail and the characters are great and the flash games are the cherry on top. Thanks for making such a great comic!

    My only complaint is that submitting commands is done on the MSPA forum, which seems a little weird. You ought to make your own forum, just for this comic. I know I would go on there. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Simon

    These comics are amazing! Keep up the good work :D. Also you should slip in a mention of the character you play as in oblivion. Maybe something about a prisoner escaping or the emperor getting assassinated

    • Link

      Don’t ruin our hopes that Katia is going to end up being the hero of Cyrodiil >:C

      Though I guess it’s more likely she’s gonna travel just ahead of the hero and somehow be part of all the shit that goes down everywhere xD

      • *crosses fingers* I hope she becomes the hero of Cyrodiil.

      • eternity08

        I believe that is called “Gumping” it. In honour of Forrest Gump.

      • David Argall

        The story is called “Prequel”. While that does not guarantee anything, it hints our story will be [almost] over before the game adventure even starts. So we should be in no hurry for her to become the hero. Our story is over then.

      • bobucles

        Remember in Oblivion, how you wake up in jail with absolutely no memory? And the first thing that happens is you running into Picard, who does a FULL STOP upon seeing you? And how the first words out of his mouth are “YOU! You’re the one from my.. uh, dreams! Today really IS one of those days, isn’t it? Gods give me strength…”? And then Picard gives you a FULL PARDON with a free GTF-outta-here pass?

        If the beginning of Prequel is any indication, this story is going to end WELL.

        • Corovaneer

          I don`t think Uriel was anywhere near as evil as he(?) is in Katia`s dreams. So them sharing a dream – either unlikely, or with some creepy implications about nature of emperor and\or his amulet. But I like the idea, it`s pretty damn solid.

          • bobucles

            I was thinking more along the lines of “blacking out, waking up in jail with a terrible hangover, no memory, no name, with no indication that you’re the same RACE or GENDER as the day before. To top it off you are instantly recognized by the Emperor, who would rather have nothing to do with Katia except some sound advice to ‘close shut the jaws of Oblivion’.”

            I don’t think anyone will ever feel quite the same way when they start up ES4.

          • Zerithos

            Oh crap. That explains a lot. Wait… hangover. Emporer recognizes you? Shiiiiiit.
            Let’s just hope not. Or Skyrim might un-happen.

  • Seth

    i cant do flash because im using my ps3 i dont have a computer

    • J’zargo the mage from 200 years later

      …Maybe you should try getting a PC.

      It’s great!

      You can watch youtube videos in HD,
      you can see Flash anims/GIFs
      you can make videos on anything!

      • Seth

        I CANT IM POOR AS HELL!!!!!!

        • J’zargo the mage from 200 years later

          How the……..

          A PC is like.. $100.

      • Seth

        MAN I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH!!!!! people and friends to hang with, good laughs, a free amazing story, i get to hang with a super cool writer, and so much MORE!!! im totally telling all my friends online n in the real world about this place n story. p.s. is hot. n sorry again kaz, i hope i didnt piss you off. ๐Ÿ™

  • olympichimp

    Maybe they could sell those paintings for the money, or at least that old torn up one hidden away behind all that rubble, you know, the one with the old woman on it, I’m sure no one would mind.

  • Doggod101

    You don’t have a pc that is just absurd.

    • Seth


  • Soshootso

    how about, we continue?

  • amindex123

    cant wait for more :3

  • Doggod101

    Damn you reply feature.

  • Spatzist

    Based on what we’ve seen so far, she’s probably an accomplished illusionist, sporting a mean charm spell. Hell, she could even secretly be wearing the Masque of Clavicus Vile (legendary Daedric artifact, that causes others to perceive the wearer as charming, attractive, charismatic, etc.). Either way, I doubt her influence is the result of vampirism – their innate power can only be used once a day, and its effects are temporary.

  • Yaomo

    Vampirism is a STD of thee daedra Molag Ba, how would giving a Triceratops oral cure it?
    Double check that shit!
    When it comes to STDโ€™s we donโ€™t fuck aroundโ€ฆ muchโ€ฆ

    • Seth


    • Maussso

      Ok Seriously that doesn’t make any sense what so ever.

      • J’zargo the mage from 200 years later

        Speculated Translation:

        Vampirism is an STD invented by the Daedric Lord Molag Bal, but how would giving a small triceratops head cure it?
        Double check that shit![1]
        When it comes to STDs, we don’t fuck around…much…[2]

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