Jul 082013

EMPeace wrote:
Katia: Look behind you, see the preist guy from the mages guild, and regain desire for getting your stuff back… and clean up the mess you’re currently in… Tackle him and demand answers!!!!

Okay… tackling him may not be the best idea, but at least go over and talk to him, this could be your chance!

EMPeace wrote:
Okay… tackling him may not be the best idea, but at least go over and talk to him, this could be your chance!

EMPeace wrote:
tackling him

EMPeace wrote:
tackling him

EMPeace wrote:
tackling him

^(click the link!)

Or, if your device cannot play Flash, view a summary here!

Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming
Silence – music
Dapperpixel – additional background pieces
Whimbrel – the worst house
Ch’marr – prize mechanism, pin mashing
Kazerad – never doing this much spritework again
Disproportionation – pallette help
Bradwesson – the only sound effect

  • Kazerad

    Update: there were prizes in this minigame for anyone who finished in 70 seconds or less, but they are all out now! Sorry. Better luck next time?

    • Unidentified BA

      Should you need ideas for prizes in another set, I’ve always wanted a cat’s tail with scorched hair.

      • stupidjellyfish

        Don’t forget cat ears, BA. With cat ears, we come even closer to the singularity.

    • tronn

      Have you considered making a pin of the pixel version (the one you can see on the prize page) too, it looks really neat?

    • Axael

      I wish I’d known! I would have played it more! D: (So bad at it)

    • Jimmy Jazz


      i played it twice, and the second time i got 71 sec. and was happy with it.


    • piq

      69 is its own reward. Love the music!

    • Mother duck

      Hay kaz I’ve been reading your updates on my iPod for the past several weeks no and I can’t seem to play the mini game. Can’t seem to find the problem

      • Edgecutter

        An unjailbreaked iPod can not play anything that requires flash.

        That and the minigame requires keyboard control.

        • get something that functions better than a fixed gear bicycle …. dang hipsters with their iphonepods and their twitbookfacespace’s drinking ironically cheap “beer drinkers” beer.

    • Ch'marr

      Update! We’ve sent an email to everyone that submitted their details to have a button sent to them. If you didn’t get an email and you’re worried that we didn’t get your details write, let us know! (via email)

      Update 2! We’re sending special buttons to the top 4 place-getters. Place #1 is very obviously a different button, but for placeholder 2, 3 and 4, we’re not saying how the button is special, or if you’re the person that got a special button or not. You’ll just have to figure that one out for yourselves! >:)

      • woundedkneecap

        Will you release pictures of said buttons?

        Will there be more opportunities like this in the future?

    • SoulEchelon

      Ugh, of course when I stop refreshing this comic, there’d be an update AND a contest.

      Did it anyway.. got 69 seconds, so..yay I guess.

    • zortharg

      Looking at some of the other comments, and what you put in at the top about the “prize mechanism”, it suddenly seems to me that you WEREN’T trolling about the prizes. But what the hell, I was here the very first day this update was here and I wasted no time in getting 70 seconds and soon got 68. What, did you run out of prizes in the first few minutes?

      • Goldcat99


    • L333t

      I can’t see the flash games… What happens?

      • 65534

        Katia chases Stephane through Kvatch.

  • avatarbones

    That was absolutely great πŸ™‚
    Let’s hope Katia gets some answers

    • Nodzilla96

      Love the exclamation point. Makes me feel those Metal Gear Solid feels…

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Indeed! πŸ™‚


    • tjk

      Hijacking the top comment: Hold p! There’s a small animation easter egg.

      • Thrime

        I was wondering why I didn’t see the red side

  • Lorventus

    So. Was that worth the wait? Or WORTH THE WAIT!!! I’m leaning toward the later personally.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Hhahaha oh, I love this. Great work, Kaz!

    Ms. Manangan is finally kicking some ass! Well, against a errand boy wizard with only robes for armor, and probably 1 HP… but kicking ass nonetheless! πŸ˜€

  • Bobola

    Woo! That was great! It’s stuff like this that really sets this apart from the other webcomics(?) out there.

    • aryst0krat

      Well… pretty much all of them, yeah. But not the one that inspired ‘fanventures’ like this one πŸ˜‰

      Granted, this one has long since grown from the shadow of that inspiration into its own thing, but still.

  • Ragvan

    108 on the first try.
    Really hoping this doesn’t go very very wrong for Katia. I mean we don’t really know what β€œSteve” is capable of, he might be all powerful… or not.


    • Tachyon

      76 here. Darn those shrubs!

      • Moonfire

        I got 59 secs on my second try. I’m not going to say how long it took me the first time though…

        • zortharg

          You didn’t get 59 seconds no matter how many times you played it, you might as well be bragging that you ran a marathon in 59 seconds. 67 is the lowest time that might be possible.

          • Rowan

            Yeah sorry, I kinda misread the numbers and didn’t think of trying to correct it until a few hours ago. Can’t even remember what my second time was…

          • Rowan

            FYI: I’m on a different comp and didn’t check my name. So just to clarify: I’m Moonfire and Moonfire is I.

  • Rengyan

    Well I’ll be damned! The music from this simple game is addictive!

    • Mr. Dumbass

      Much agreement…I play the game FOR the music, not just to get low times. 72 seconds btw :3

  • Xenowar

    Awesome! Worth the wait.

  • Shazbot

    Good stuff. And 79 seconds.

    And something’s definately up with the hair.

  • Panshade

    Well I’ve finally read the entire comic, trough both the sad and happy and am now glad to see Katia taking control of the situation.
    Now to go and beat some answers (and hopefully your stuff) out of this guy.

  • pheonix

    Ha! That was a fun little mini game. Alright Katia, go get your stuff back!

  • Nopon

    Whats this about a prize and a pin wotsit after scoring under 70 seconds ey Kaz? Like are you actually sending out pins?

    • stupidjellyfish

      That’s right, you filthy scum you! Kazerad is paying bucket loads of his/someone else’s money to send all of you winners, by UPS, your very own ANIME-EYED-CAT-LADY-MERCANDISE!!!!

      YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH? $500? $1000? MOOOORE?!

      NOOO! IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE, YOU CUNT! FREE, LIKE THE SCOTTISH!!! All you have to do is put some effort in a totes awesome game and you obtain it! That’s right, ladies and gents! KAZERAD LOVES YOU THAT MUCH!

      GO AND PLAY HIS GAME, NOW!!! *dubstep music*

      • Nopon

        Aye i got the score on my tenthish try before i even posted. Twas surprised by the sudden mailing info box however.
        Anyhow thank you Kaz for the work you put into this.

        • ismit32

          Dang, I thought this was real and tried it till I scored 69 seconds but no prize thing came up πŸ™

          Edit: nvm I see the comment saying the prizes ran out

  • Marnath

    So she finally took him down right in front of the Mage’s Guildhall? I’m sure a certain blonde mage will not see the interrogation of her flunky and come to save him. This will work out just fine for Katia. yes…..

  • zortharg

    99 seconds first try, 79 seconds second try.

    Wow, I like it when you push down and right and she runs like a quadruped. She sure is sleek. It’s annoying how the guy always runs at the exact right speed to keep ahead of her, when she is running faster than a human probably could, who the hell is he, the canabalt man?

    • VelenSnowdrop

      Expeditious Retreat! EXPEDITIOUS RETREAT!

    • Contrast

      I think he keeps casting “Fortify Athletics” on himself. Speedy bastard.

      • Shazbot

        ‘Fortify Speed’. There are no spells that boost skills, for obvious reasons.

        • ZodiacShadow

          Uhh… actually…
          So yeah, either or both of those two.

          • Shazbot

            I could elaborate, but the very page you linked kinda makes my argument for me.

          • Some Douche

            No it doesn’t? All one needs is a Fortify Skill effect and a Spellmaking Altar. A custom spell is still a spell. So, yeah . . .

    • zortharg

      It’s kind of funny to think how this game would probably be seen if it existed all on its own without any context. Some kind of monsterous catlike beast that has become mankiller and is chasing down prey, probably attacking villagers, eating babies, etcetera. Well, except she’s wearing clothes like a civilized person. But still. And with the context the perspective is completely reversed, and everyone wants what’s best for that cat creature and many would probably spend huge sums of money to cuddle with her because she’s our sweetheart and we love her.

    • m is for wolf

      95 seconds for my first game I didn’t give up on. I really didn’t think I’d ever get him, because my right arrow key is broken off, along with the plastic thing under it. I had to jab at the sensor with the pencil, and even that didn’t seem to be working until I realized you have to click the game first. der
      I think I did that for some of Prequel’s previous Flash minigames, but it’s been so long. I hope Kazerad finds the time to update more.

  • Shinden

    72 seconds, wont get any better. KAZ, WHATS MY PRIZE?

    • Nopon

      In order to hit 70 seconds or under you can make no more than 1 small mistake. Also try jumping down the hole in the storage room instead of jumping over the boxes. You also must be able to sprint at any point its available. Falling off the roof seems to be an insta fail condition as well.

    • zortharg

      I just tried it like 10 times and I too got exactly 72 seconds like 6 of those times, and more a few times, but I got 70 seconds ONCE because when I jumped inside the building right after the graveyard, notice there’s 2 levels, the floor of the second floor is this wicker wire structure and there’s a bunch of barrels and boxes on the top layer but that one time I landed through that hole and ran right under the barrels and boxes and that made it faster.

      • zortharg

        68 BABY! And I still didn’t do it perfectly, I clipped some bushes a little at the beginning so I think 67 can be done. It requires you to carefully determine exactly how many strides she can take on each surface in quadruped mode, and to observe that the response time to you pushing up for jump is much longer when she is doing that.


  • BlueCat

    Yes, good! Now kill him! Let your anger consume you katia! Good, good!

  • xoticus

    umm the game isn’t working for me…

    • Asoyna

      Do you use these controls “wasd” or “up-down-left-right”?
      Or may be you need to update Flash Player.
      Good luck!

    • Aquilus

      Try clicking on the game then pressing the arrow buttons. That normally works for me.

  • Capitulize

    69 seconds baby, thanks for the prize Kaz.

    • stupidjellyfish


      Why that number, you pervert?

      • Capitulize

        Anything less would be sacriledge

  • Okay.

    That was pretty damn awesome.

  • Darkfoxen

    78 seconds… not bad! Fun game… I’m gonna play it again!

  • Kaze’aze

    Oh god, sticky controls! The horror! I would’ve done better than 71 if I didn’t have to mash a button multiple times for a single result. Nonetheless, a very good, if small, forward move in the plot after all this time. Where’d she learn to do the rock throw? Neat.

    Many woots to be had here.

  • DCR

    77, and I’m bragging.

  • M

    Cool minigame! The assistant guy running away moves quite hilariously.

    Katia controls like a truck, but I love her animations.

    • Ch’marr

      Looks like a cat. Runs like a cat. Steers like a cow πŸ™‚

      • M

        I see what you did there!

  • ButteredToast69

    Now I understand why it took so long, totally worth the wait, amazing update Kazerad!!!

  • RampantSeaTurtles

    Took me five tries, but I got it down to 73 seconds. Now to get to 70…

  • Prison can be fun too!!!


  • blegh

    The animations are great and the backgrounds are beautiful, you seriously outdid yourself Kaz. My only gripe is the input delay when trying to sprint/jumping/etc. I just can’t get below 76 seconds.

  • MC Kaz on the Beat

    any updates on the MLP contest?

  • Lawrence

    I’m ok with 70 and the prize. But I must do better. Also I want to point out that these are some damn fun little flash games. Anybody notice how because Katia is angry and excited all the torches and lights come on when she is near. Fun stuff.

  • RascalNag

    Kaz, this is why you wanted to win that contest, wasn’t it? So you could buy PIIINNNNSSSSS

  • Dynablade

    Godlike, and I mean that with every fiber of my being. The music, the sprites, it was firing on all cylinders!
    An entire game of just hardcore parkour with Katia would be a game I’d easily shell out $60 for, goddamn my heart’s still racing.

    Also, 75 seconds, I’ll get it down. If only you could long jump from a cat run..

    • Dynablade

      Got my fucking pin, 70 on the nose.

      Maybe I won the last one? Every since I posted my finishing time, no one else has been able to claim a prize..

      I feel great, but bad at the same time..

  • Ichabod_Clay

    Quite the exciting update! I’m convinced 67 seconds is near impossible, but I’m going to keep trying just because! Absolutely nothing bad could have come from chucking a rock at the guy and I fully look forward to Katia’s interrogation.

    Gotta go fast!

  • Rappy

    Amazing! Truly a work of art that really sets you apart from everyone else. The music is phenomenal as well.

    But, I noticed how (towards the end) it looks like Kvatch is on fire? Oblivion Crisis perhaps, or just the artwork.

  • Kajex

    Katia wait u– HOLY SHIT…

    Katia knows parkour? o_o;

    • xKiv

      Katia knows QW, so … maybe?

  • Brownboyfrog

    Three things:
    1) Loving this story and all the little games involved.
    2) I`m having some problems playing this in firefox.
    3) Kaz, you can`t buy you way into good Karma, this prize is tainted with your dirty money.

  • FlutterScratch

    “Kazerad – never doing this much spritework again” XD funny even in the heres who did what text

  • dude

    The jump is delayed but it totally makes up for it

  • krystalkitty

    Goodness, Katia has been practicing her parkour skills lately. Great minigame!

  • Ra’zharr McGrath

    Carma’s a bitch.

  • Quintus

    Kazerad: Spends weeks making a flash game to tell us Katia threw a rock at Stephane.

  • Love the game, but the controls are pretty poor. There’s a massive input delay for me, which makes any obstacle almost unavoidable. Forget multiple ones in a row. Very frustrating.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Like Dark Souls and Killzone2, it’s kinda intentional I think. Without that weighty movement at your fingertips, this game wouldn’t be as challenging. Sometimes on a gameplay standpoint, incredibly fluid movement isn’t the way to go.

      • Yeah, I just hit 68 seconds and it feels even more awesome for having overcome the control scheme, though I’ve never played Dark Souls or Killzone 2.

  • Ra’zharr McGrath

    Karma’s a bitch

  • Knightmaresoul

    Great work with the game, it reminded me of a gaming library named flixel

  • Darkfoxen

    If you end it at 72- 73 seconds you get an awesome animation/music combo.

  • Ace

    Well that was fun! Amazing work on this, Kaz!

  • Nodzilla96

    69 seconds! Sprint while on flats for as long as possible and in the twisted room jump early.

  • tjk


    I am going to cry right now

    • tjk

      Hey Kaze, I dunno if you read the comments this far back, but if you’re looking in to selling merchandise, I think many people would be willing to pay $3 for a button with Katia’s face on it.

  • Pepsidude

    Not gonna lie, I spent too much time replaying this. Very fun. Unfortunate that its probably not gonna end well for her though.

  • Galen

    Awww…. got him in 70 seconds but it says all the prizes are gone or I would’ve won one.

    Oh well, it was fun and this awesome update was well worth the wait. (Though I was kinda hoping for a flying tackle at the end there instead of a rock throw…)

    • Galen

      Oh wow, I played back through more slowly to look at everything. So many little details! All those poor birdies…

      Also, I just now realized she was led right to the Mages’ Guild at the end…

  • Shinwaka

    Just wanted to say outstanding update and a give a big KUDOS to Kaz and the programming acolytes.

  • BaronvonSomething

    Kazerad, is it true that all of the buttons are gone?

    • tjk

      Yes, it is; I just beat the game and I got the message that they’re all out. ):

  • Nodrak

    I counted 26 birds along the way, that’s 26 potential meals. Hopefully catching this guy was worth it!


    The game was a tad sluggish in that it took a bit of time to respond to commands to jump and turn, but it was still pretty great.

    I got 81 seconds.

    I was hoping that she would actually tackle Steve instead of throwing a rock at him. Or maybe that just happens if you get a better time? If nothing else it’s an excuse to play again.

  • Lone Fox Laughin

    T-T Also on board the crying boat.

    It’s hard to get tight flash controls, so I understand why it’s got that issue. That said, time trials are rage fuel when the controls aren’t smooth.

    Wish I’d known the buttons were out, because I finally got it: http://i.imgur.com/4D5gUA4.png

    That said, awesome premise, beautiful sprite work and if there was no incentive, it was still fun.

  • Irrevenant

    “You would have won a prize, but they’re all out. Crap!”

    Knowing that I would have won is good enough for me. 69 seconds.

  • McBobbish

    Looks like Kitty’s learned some Parkour. (Quill Weave will be so proud)

  • TechSmurf

    Woohoo, I would’ve won a prize.

  • Spitfire

    Darn, I knew I shouldn’t have delayed in putting in my shipping info. Permission denied after hitting send a few minutes later. Beat it again and found they’re out. Sadface

  • Kyle Hyde

    I feel so special being part of the lucky 200

  • Sninjo

    Well i’m glad i got to help katia render karma upon steve within the time limit to get a prize before they were all gone.

    This Prequel loving guy shall now go strutting down the street demonstrating the meowerwind theme that katia was singing in the beginning of her adventures.

    • Sninjo

      Curse typos

      I feel your pain kaze.

  • rylen

    Fun game.

    Poor Katia. Moving so much faster on all fours. What will the other Khajiits say?

    And, can she work it into the upcoming dance routine?

  • Fabhar

    Ah well. Still proud I managed to get 70 seconds.

  • Killerfish

    Loving this update, Kaz! πŸ˜€

  • Confetti

    I got exactly 70 seconds, but it says “You would have won a prize, be they’re all out. Crap!”. DANG!!

  • jazoray

    i’m having severe input lag. what’s up with that?

    • Crasher

      It seems to take a second for Katia to jump, like Abe from Abe’s Oddysee. She plays a “near-jump” animation a second or so to jump.

  • Molag Bal

    Crush him. Bend him to your willll, that no man or beast may best you. You have triumphed!
    (Oh and btw, if I remember correctly, you said you weren’t exactly agile. You lied.)

  • furnut

    wow animation so smooothhhh

    also pigeons on roof top that flies away. holy cow. :DD

  • theplunderking

    okay I have to admit, that was pretty awesome. I mean the stuff with the stairs was cool and all, but that was just amazing. great music, and gameplay. I came here for some story and found myself intensely staring at the screen chasing that guy down and just thinking to myself “look at that little chicken shit run”. also the way he runs reminds me of that dance people do where they crouch and kick their legs out. so long story short very impressed with this one πŸ™‚

  • Ryan Campbell

    Got 69 seconds, sucks that the prizes are out XD

  • Aulakauss

    Oh gods, that was fun as hell. 121 first try, 90 second go. It wasn’t the bushes, it was missing jumps to rooftops that really got me. That and I only figured out Katia could drop to all-fours and sprint about halfway through the first run.

    Love you, Kaz! Even though prizes are done with, I’m still gonna play till I drop below 70.

  • Kume

    OMG! I want this music! epic game play too! This was SO worth the wait.

    • needsomemiracle

      Click the “Silence – music” in the credits, there’s a link to the artist’s SoundCloud.

  • Rambo Dash


  • woundedkneecap

    That “On all fours” Running animation.

    D’awwww so cute

  • A Different Crazy Cat

    This may be the greatest minigame ever.

    Makes me wonder just how beautifully awesome a fully fledged game would be…

  • Bushmaster

    Wonderful work on every part of the chase game, definitly play it again sometime.

  • StartOfDarkness

    Damn, I can’t see this on my iPod. Recap anyone?

  • Katia earns 400 XP and the title “Mage catcher”!

    • LP

      Erik Warhammer earns 300 XP and a pen engraved “Lolz were had”.

  • Crasher

    70 seconds after multiple tries. I screwed up quite a bit, but I did it. What’s supposed to happen once you get the time?

    Also, what was the prize?

    • tjk

      A pin with Katia’s face on it. )’:

  • bobucles

    Quick Steve, lie. Lie your little heart out. Say that you were dazzled by her beauty, but have a terrible farsighted problem so you can only admire her from a 500 yard minimum distance. Then when she’s dazed and confused, hit her with your most powerful spell!

    (Was that a 3sec Fortify Speed/Athletics 100 points? You cheeky cunt!)

  • ronin1337

    What was the prize?

  • LP

    Katia is amazingly hard to drive. I now understand why she has so much trouble doing most things. It’s a wonder she doesn’t have more concussions. πŸ˜›

  • SomeShadyGuy

    I saw Jiub. πŸ™‚

  • Halbean

    Ohh man, she’s doing it. She’s doing it! She’s being the main character~! |D

    85 seconds, aww man~

  • Armael


    • Aiden



  • Prophet Lord

    Saw the comic updated right before I had to get ready for work yesterday. Played it once and got 76 seconds.
    Got to 74 when I played it today. Then I saw there were prizes to the first people who finished below 70.
    I should have called in sick yesterday and just played the game more. DAMN YOU KAZ!

  • Asterai

    It’s… not working for me? I see a scene with Katia and the priest dude, with prompts to use arrow keys, but it doesn’t respond to my key presses! :'(

    I’m on a Mac with an up-to-date Firefox browser.

    • Shazbot

      Try clicking on the flash. It probably just does not have keyboard focus.

    • Kazerad

      Try clicking it first. Sometimes you need to tell the browser “hey, this is the thing I am playing with. My keystrokes apply to IT!”

  • sandclan

    when next update?

  • Bandit

    Shao Khan shows up: “FINISH HIM!!!”

  • Notere

    I hereby dub this strip: Katiabalt

  • needsomemiracle

    I enjoyed this update immensely.

  • Sashimi

    Katia, you are pretty damn awesome. Quick, KICK HIM WHILE HE’S DOWN!!! And then maybe ask him a few questions about the bitch, I dunno.

    I hope you break his face. And maybe a rib or two for good measure. And make sure to smile real creepily as he screams in terror.

  • anon

    Kazerad, I see you removed the voting incentive comic.
    Could you archive it somewhere, I’d like to read it again.

  • EMPeace


    • wabajack yeah that wabajack!remember 3 heads on stick


  • xKiv

    So I was a bit tired and saw:
    Katia Manager: Take control of the situation.

    Then it took me way too long to get to 70 πŸ™

    Also, all the nice flames that only burn when Katia is near ^_^

  • ikearat

    Getting better and better. So far I can remain happy and amused for up to 303 seconds. I can not understand why people want to lessen the amount of time they play this. The only reason I’m stuck at 300 seconds is I’m unable to find any more stuff to screw around with. Kicking melons around is perhaps the best time killer, second is jumping around in the storage room with 3rd being delaying the “take down” as long as possible.

    Oh, I use to play level-1 characters to impossible standards in WoW before I grew unhappy with the constant level one nerfing done by blizzard. Dudes, you had my money for years to come and you tossed it away by robbing my World Explorer maps off my level one characters.

    This explains why I can drag a speed-game out to five minutes.

  • Aiden

    This is brilliant update, Kaz! You are awesome!

    Also, I really like the music because I’m a huge nerd. Did you compose it?

    • stupidjellyfish

      Credits for each thing in the game is on the bottom right. “Silence” did the music.

  • Sdocat Feu

    Great game! i played the heck out of it last night, and then read about the pins and just had to get 69 seconds! but by the time I did, all out! I wonder if you might consider selling some swag for those of us who got left out? Really love the series, want a physical thing! πŸ™‚

  • catman

    I love the minigames, great job Kazerad, you never let me down.

  • Red-Rock-Run

    Katia is a great athlete. She should start touting herself as Tamriel’s fastest mage. It’s not like we see any Bosmeri or other Khajiit mages.

  • theplunderking

    WHACK! in the back of the head with a rock and down he goes, f***in faceplant! knock that f***ers teeth out of his skeevy little skull! so much anger that I have repressed while reading.its just so satisfying, so much so that I have gone into shock a little :’)

  • Mr Duck

    Well throwing a rock at his head may have given him brain damage.

    • Salahir

      Who accually cares? He deserves it for looking like a black wizzard jerk…I guess? πŸ˜€ They always do. Black robes n’stuff.

      Besides, Katia is pretty cool running. Wished to do that in the original game, too.

  • SilverEnderwolf

    That was fun, but was hitting him with a rock the best idea?

    • zortharg

      You’d rather she lock her jaws around his neck until he dies? Now that would be a hell of a furry reminder.

  • Relth

    Well, that mini-game sure got got my heart racing, as it was going ‘what-if, what-if, what-if’, and kept going until after the game.

    Anyway, I gotta ask, was that a good idea, going after him in the first place? Did she attracted the city guard? Is Steve okay? Does he have amnesia? Brain damage? Is Katia going to get what she wanted? What did she wanted, anyway? Is she going to be okay?

    And most importantly: Am I still going to get my happy ending?

    • Deepfriedice

      Was it a good idea? No, probably not. There were far better ways Katia could have dealt with this, including just ignoring Stephane and moving on with getting the reply for Quill-Weave. However, what she did was understandable, even if it wasn’t ideal.

      Will Katia be okay? Will she get a Happy Ending?
      I believe the only possible reply to that is that you are reading Prequel.

      • Relth

        True. True…

  • Sparrows

    I’d like to be able to complete it but the lag between pressing a button and Katia actually jumping/running is screwing me over when it comes to rooftops.

    • Shazbot

      Will the guy with the spots and the sword show up again, Kaz? I suppose I should stop that, on the other hand..

  • So, Uh, this is unrelated to this particular comic, but what is this: http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/RISP/roguelike.swf

    It’s some weird roguelike, which seems entirely unrelated to Prequel.

    And how do you progress? I managed to kill two guys with the spear, but then I stood on top of one of their swords and hit every button on my keyboard, and apparently picked it up (Although I didn’t realize until I stabbed a guy). It turned out to be an ineffective weapon though, so I died fighting the next guy.

    Anyways, yeah, why’s that there? And can anybody beat my measly record of two kills?

    • Kazerad

      It’s an old unfinished beta build of something unrelated the programmer, Risp/Ryavis, was working on. Hence, you probably can’t progress much further than you did, since it was just an engine test at that point.

      You’re welcome to try though!

    • I think i got to 3 kills with the spear and some armor once.

  • D. G.

    How come Katia never threw a rock before?

  • herf

    can anyone else not see the images

  • Tormuse

    77 seconds by my third try. I’m sure I could get below 70 seconds with a bit more time. I wish I had known there were prizes sooner! Maybe I could have gotten one of them. Oh well…

    Oh, and I love the music you put into these things, Kazerad! πŸ™‚

    • Tormuse

      Ooh! And I just noticed that the torches don’t light up until Katia passes them, ignited by her anger, I suppose. Nice touch! πŸ™‚

  • Moo?

    Am I the only one who looked at the first pic and thought of the kill Bill when it does the siren thing were the screen goes red?

  • emotionTongue

    Could someone summarise the minigame for me? Stupid iOS.

    • Bandit

      Chases Stephane, Stephane casts a spell to speed himself up, Katia goes on all fours, does some parkour, smacks him in the head with a rock.

      If we’re lucky, Katia will either get the package back or perform an epic fatality on this guy…

      • emotionTongue


  • Tom Smith

    The controls were terribly sluggish. It was like nes dragon’s lair had a chase scene. Still, a decent amount of effort.

    You realize you could get more content out if you didn’t animate panels, and do things like this right.

    • tronn

      Doing spritework for flash is slower than animating just a couple of drawn panels.

    • andwhyisit

      The way I see it that’s on purpose.

      The game’s controls incorporates realistic concepts such as acceleration, momentum, the fact that a “ducked” state is not an instant transition, and that you can’t jump unless you are in a standing position (Katia needs time to get up before she can jump). Kaz obviously wants Katia to control like Katia, regardless of the retro stylings.

      In any case it’s all about timing. Don’t blame the game’s controls because they are not unfair nor are they full of fake difficulty like in some other games. *cough*Last Action Hero*cough*

  • Flam3

    Well she didn’t really follow her own advice here, as she said in ‘Katia: Follow Captain’
    “Chasing after someone who wants to get away from you is never a good idea.”
    That priest/mage/thing really wanted to get away from out Katia.

  • andwhyisit

    Got 70 seconds. All those Rayman Origins running stages have prepared me for this moment.

  • wabajack yeah that wabajack

    Less talking about game (YEAH GAME) more talking about what should katia do next

  • KFM

    waits a long time, checks prequel, gets awesome minigame

    well worth the wait. i prefer prequel to ms paint adventures

  • Zyflair Griffane

    Ugh. This is what I get for not checking prequel everyday.
    Got 70 seconds flat. Wish the ending was Katia actually tackling him. XD

  • Guess Kazerad has an interest in retro gaming too, huh?

    that makes two of us

  • okay dont make me play a stupid flash game when im pp reading your e stupid homestuck inspired scrolls mojang comic on the internet also any one who draws porn of your cat character needs to be shot with a giun kill them i love skyrim and i love you but uh fucking die go burn why fucking cats sliderining all over my penis

    • Zyflair Griffane

      No one is making you do anything. Sadly, I made myself read your comment to find anything indicative of respectable intelligence. A decision I regret to this day.

    • theplunderking

      education level: non existent. quite frankly i’m surprised you managed to spell the url for the site right :/

  • Nix

    Ugh, the controls are shit. It’s so laggy.

    It looks great, but this is awful.

    • andwhyisit

      They’re perfectly fine for me.

    • Zyflair Griffane

      They aren’t the greatest; turnaround at the end requires a bit of timing if you want a high score, and it would have been nice if you can have the up/down keys override each other, but no one really had a huge issues with playing it.

    • Shazbot

      animations! katia moves based on animations, rather than having accelerations applied directly to her when buttons are pushed. It isn’t lagging, but you can’t transition from one to the other until the current animation is complete.

      /pendantry mode off

  • Mana

    Never doing this much spritework again? Aww.. But it’s so gorgeous!

  • Just found this about a week ago and have been working through it. just got to this page and I keep clicking the next button but nothing happens.

    jk. love your work and waiting for more.

  • jay

    i won a pin last week when the update came out and i totally forgot about it

    can anyone tell me what the special code is used for?
    its been nagging me just because it resembles a password

    • Ch’marr

      It’s just a UUID that my code uses to identify people… in case I had to go fix something manually.

  • M’aiq

    Khajiit are fast, I do not see why anyone would try to out run one.

    • stupidjellyfish

      In the world of Tamriel, anyone is the world can have speed at 100. Steve’s magic spells may have gotten him up to that level.

      • Oh, stupidjellyfish. I know this is pathetic for me to contact you here, but I really need your help.

        I’ve been perma-banned at mspa forums, so I can’t contact your or anyone else any other way. So sorry for the inconvenience. I understand prequel isn’t the place for this type of stuff. But please,

        You see, my adventure there, “Soul of The Abyss” means everything to me. I’ve spent my summer on and shed my skin and bones to it. I was actually planning on making a real fan-fiction out of it.

        So far, it’s been my life, and the maker of my days. Now I’m heart-broken that I can’t update on it anymore.

        I was actually planning on publishing it on a blog, but now I can’t even access the BB-code.

        I was banned there for posting dangerous “advice” in the advice section. I was actually just trying to expalin my dilemma to the people there, and I made sure to warn others not to try it.

        I was hoping that you could just talk to mods about it. Maybe they’ll reconsider my perma-bann

        Thanks for considering this. You can email me at [email protected]

        • stupidjellyfish

          I don’t know what I can tell them, sir. Unlike the talented and superior individuals that have been apart of MSPA since 2009, I don’t have enough connection with the moderators to help certain people out of tragic situations. Sorry, comrade.

          • I was hoping you could PM one of the mods or admins. They might have a change of heart if you remind them of all the good things I’ve done beside the mistakes I’ve made.

            The Demographics thread is a thread that many people enjoy over there, and I made that. Scrollstuck Mysterium drew thousands of off-site visitors to their site, lets I made 20 “friends” there.

            I was the first to propose a new genereal mspafa chat thread, (although Dalm made it) . I did fan-art for “Lost in the Sky”, “Prequel Adventure”, “Prison Quest”. and “Pumpkin Bound”
            I also posted a ton of suggestions to mostly cradle adventures to help get them started.

            hopefully this will outweigh that mistake I did,

            furthermore, even if i was re-allowed i won’t post in the general chat ever again.

  • Spatzist

    Filter seems to have eaten my original comment… Kaz, any plans to open an online store of some sort?

    • Kazerad

      Not really. If I did, I’d want to first check it with some legal consultants or even Bethesda. Even if the merchandise itself had no trademarks in it, a lot of Elder Scrolls stuff is still being used in what essentially amounts to the “advertising” for the merch.

  • Nirassi

    Hey, what was Prequel’s old update schedule before Kazerad went busy/putting extra effort into each update? Every Sunday? Or was it Monday?

    • 8bit

      Heh… heh.. hah… hahahah… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • andwhyisit

      No seriously, there was none, Kaz just updated when it was ready. Or if there was then I certainly didn’t know about it, and I was reading Prequel before this site was even built.

      • Nirassi

        Apparently when used to be nothing but three gifs and two paragraphs per update it was nearly everyday. Ever since there were animated updates it slowed down a lot.

        By the way I’m okay with that. I really hope Kaz ‘does this much spritework again’ even if it takes three weeks.

  • Mazee

    70 Sec. Wooohooo! I won a prize after hours of best jump&run gameplay i had after years but there all out… … I want more games like this.

  • Mr. Skungeous

    I don’t want to be a douche, so I hope a little constructive criticism is okay? The control scheme for this mini game is confusing and very unresponsive; I gave up without finishing because it’s not worth the frustration. I read this comic for the… well, the comic. If creating a game that some people won’t even be able or willing to finish is going to slow down the production of this awesome comic, then is that really an optimal use of time and energy?

    • Mikhos

      Yes, yes it is because it shows just how badass and powerful this Kaz really is! He has the power to move mountains and shape the very fabric of this pixel universe, very soon the world will bend to his power for know mortal can defeat the Deadric Prince of Pixelation! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

      But seriously I personally enjoyed the flash and didn’t think there was anything confusing about the mechanics.
      (Up=jump, left/right=movement, down=sprint i guess?) I thought the delay between jumps made it necessary because it allowed for more of a challenge, imagine how simple it would be for everyone to get below 70 seconds if the controls were precise. In my opinion the game would lose purpose for it would be obsolete of this challenge… but that’s just my opinion.

      All in all it was very impressive incorporating this flash game into the comic. I praise the effort he put into this comic, this dudes work really shows.

      So thanks Kaz, thanks for this amazing webcomic.

  • Ryan

    If it isn’t working for anyone, type “http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/KatiaTakeControl.swf” into your URL bar. That’s how I fixed it.

  • jacobc62

    Well….both times it took me the full 95 seconds….

  • Mizana

    So…………When’s the next update? :B

  • Minority

    I’m probably in a minority here, but please don’t focus on the flash things much, if at all. I like to read a webcomic, not play it.

  • Boynun Bridget

    You’re telling me to make an account now? You’re telling me prizes are to be had?

    You drive a hard bargain, sir.

  • Lawrence

    Not to be that guy, but when are the pins being shipped out and about how long will it take to reach eastern USA?

  • Kajex

    I keep playing this game for the music.

  • ponyfag

    I use a tablet so i cant play the flash game :/ isnt there a walkthrough like last time?

  • That Guy

    Katia has the most slip-slidin’-ass controls of any game ever (Except maybe Nickelodeon Guts)

  • Peter

    Aarrg! 206 seconds. Somehow it never jumps on time and try run through the walls even I arder it to get back.
    Well, I was never good in action games anyway.

  • Hey everyone if you can check out my YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/RecklessVillen Just played the game and had an amazing time! Check it out guys! http://youtu.be/4ExzGwa2tPA

  • Wise Man in the corner

    Wait a second, I know the king dreams are a bit off topic right now, but she is a Mage and not to mention, the Mage guild’s antagonist in oblivion is manamarco, an he is also known as the KING of WORMS and I could swear that KING turned into a BLACK WORM and manamarco is also the leader of the Order of the BLACK WORM…

  • Wolf

    Is there a specific version of flash we need to play animations?

    • Kazerad

      Nearly anything should work for the older ones, though for the interactive ones like this I think 10 or higher is needed.

      If you were able to play the RPG bits earlier in the story, this one SHOULD work; try reloading. If you weren’t able to play them either, you might need to update your Flash player (the only device I haven’t been able to do that on is my old Eee 700, and it can barely run the internet). Let me know if neither of those work, please.

  • S.K

    Man I would LOVE to have this music so I can listen to it on repeat.
    The link to the artists soundcloud isnt working for me though :/
    does anyone have an alternative link? or the name of the track?

  • James StarRunner

    Yes, I know the prizes are gone… But whoo-hoo! 69 seconds! Didn’t see anything special after, but oh well. Still good knowing I beat the 70 seconds!

    And yes, I’m a new reader. Very impressed so far! Loved that joint project with the javascripting earlier!

  • RylanSword

    Flash doesn’t work…

  • dtlux14

    YAY! FIRST ACTUAL GAME! Also… WHY MUST IT BE CLOSER TO THE CURRENT DATE! I DON’T WANT THIS TO BE OVER! Just one more page. I think I said that on the last page πŸ˜›

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