Jun 152013

DDDragoni wrote:
Katia: Hey, who’s that mysterious black-robed priest in the background?

Gene wrote:
HEY, it’s “Steve” just a dozen yards behind you! How about walking over to him and see what he’s doing, maybe exchange a few friendly words with each other while you’re at it.

OnlyHereForPrequel wrote:
I’m not sure how you should confront him (if at all). You can’t be certain that they think the spell still works on you.

McFrugal wrote:
Okay, don’t be a hero. Be a beggar. Go over to that dark-robed guy and beg him for the package back. That’s all you want, and it’s not worth anything to them. Any of your other worthless belongings would be icing on the cake, really.

Professorzobot wrote:
Katia, I’m just going to have to say something here: You’re powerless, there’s something messing with you, and every risk you’ve taken since you came to this dang city has turned out horribly. If that is Stephane behind you and not just some random guy in a cloak, nothing good is going to come of investigating, or finding out what’s going on, or trying to do anything to get at him to get your stuff back.

Self-Loathing wrote:
So what happens now, cat? You accept your failure and your utter inability to accomplish anything. You know that no matter how hard you try, it won’t be enough. So what happens now?

l4tul4 wrote:
If he still thinks that you’re under Sigrid’s spell maybe he will at least show you to the nearest homeless shelter.

  • A Different Crazy Cat

    … oooooh dear.

    • L333t

      With all of Kazerad’s time put into that vote, he doesn’t have enough time for a new update. D:

  • Creepincreep

    Hmm why iz he just leavin his hand in the air akwardly?

    • Bmark

      because he knows something is about to go down

      • Rowan

        The birds know it too

        • Tigrriis

          Is he gonna die?

          • goldenclaw

            No its a medium shot

          • SomeShadyGuy

            Pan, zoom, and slo-mo means he’s the target!

          • woooo

            SomeShadyGuy listens to tobuscus awesome also i get the feeling that Stephane is scared….

    • AcridRogue

      He’s half mage on his mother’s side. Therefore he only holds up one hand awkwardly.

      • Armael

        You have received one (1) free internets from the user Armael

        • Dovahkiin


          • CliffracerHigh

            “All your internets are belong to us” ?

      • NoriMori

        I’m really upset right now, but you made me laugh a little. Thanks. πŸ™‚

      • MrXler

        Well said, citizen, well said…

      • Goddonut

        I’m going to guess that it’s because on the(what he considers) the off-chance that she’s not under Sigrid’s spell, he’s fucked. Katia is an atronach, very effective against other mages. She can absorb his magic if it doesn’t kill her immediately, and he’s not adept enough to simply obliterate her like that. She can set his ass on fire if he tries anything. She also has armor and some very, very basic training with blunt weapons as well as claws. So yeah, he’s fucked.

    • Shazbot

      Katia’s kinda got a full derp thing going on too, so it must be a bit disconcerting.

    • anon

      Because Katia looks like she’s going to go full on body snatchers on him.

  • [Wow TMI in that username]

    ooooo looks like Katia’s going to kick his ass!

    • Kaze’aze

      Kaz, please tell me you have naming convention rules of some kind @_@

      • Aww

        you guys are no fun

        I won’t do it again

        I’m kind of drunk so amybe it was good you censored it lol

      • Kazerad

        I don’t really, but I guess I might as well make a rule: your username cannot be a 100+ character description of your genitals.

        • Panicky_bullshit

          Kaz you’re being too lenient; people are going to count their characters and post slightly shorter descriptions of their genitals!

          • Big long smooth shiny hot streight loud cute shaft and a pair of egg shell sof shperes

            Yeah and that would be bad……

          • Kazerad

            Well played, Big Long. Well played.

          • NoriMori

            Uh…Kaz? *nudges urgently*

          • Kazerad

            It’s only 86 characters! What can I do? >:

          • SilverEnderwolf

            Haha! I didn’t even notice that username until you nudged Kaz! XD

        • varsaigen

          You’re right, Kaz. 99 or less is fine. πŸ˜› (Bah, who am I kidding?)

          • L333t

            The comment is still describing things we don’t want to hear about. I personally think you definitely should delete any post like that one, for the good of us all.

  • Juan

    This can only end well! πŸ™‚

  • Alceister

    …and any second now, Katia’s going to open her mouth and let out a most horrifying screech.

    • Merth

      I hope it’s played out in a flash where kaz dubs this over:



      Like that?

      • Casey

        Stephane is clearly worried that something unpleasant could happen in a minute. When worry sets into someone’s mind from any race, the nature of the brain will ALWAYS try to rationalize what the problem could be. Frequently the notions will manifest themselves from bad to worse until they’ve convinced themselves they will soon die an agonizing death. EXPLOIT THIS!!!!

        Katia; You let out a horrifying screech. Barely conscious that the ferocity of it has clenched your muscles to the point that it has pulled you down onto all fours. Ears back and hackle up, your claws, still sharp from disuse, dig easily into the ground. 3,2,1, Fire!! You shoot forward with the speed that only a cat could accomplish, closing the distance faster than the blood can drain from Stephane’s already pale face. Clods of dirt with bits of sizzling grass go flying through the air around you.
        You land on your hapless target. Is his skin really that cold, or is yours that hot? Who cares. You’ve got questions to be answered. Just ignore his stammering and let the fear do its job until he explains a few things. All you have to do is sit there snarling, drooling, and staring. Mostly with your scary eye.

  • Atlas927

    I love the work with the head turning in the first panel. good job.

    • furnut

      Agreed πŸ˜€

    • NoriMori

      Reminds me of that one when she had one last idea for the slaughterfish. πŸ˜›

  • Dezzi

    Katia. He seemed pretty passive in the taking of your stuff. In fact, he looked a little awkward and uncomfortable with the whole situation! But let’s listen to some wise words here before you do anything rash. “All that stands in the way of evil is when good people do nothing.”

    Kick his ass, Katia.

  • Tech

    Katia: YOU!
    Steeve: AHH!

    • tronn

      More like

      Katia: YOU!
      Steve: ‘I’ve made a huge mistake’

      • Murder

        More like

      • Katia, think fast! if you confront him he could blow you to bits with a fireball spell, but if you walk away, maybe find a bush or to and hide, wait and watches what happens. Maybe he can lead you to your stuff again.

        • Master Ninja

          Yeah… good luck with that one.

          Steve has already spotted you, sneaking away and hiding in the bush would only be possible for a master of stealth at this point, which Katia is definitely not.

          My advise Katia: KICK HIS ASS!!!!

          • Ya that is a possibility.

  • BaronvonSomething

    So, this is filler, right? When is the next page coming out?

    • Dragomok

      All this wonderful wordless .gif work and you call it a filler?

  • stupidjellyfish

    AAAAAAAAND jail.

  • a 100+ character description of your genitals

    Ha ha I like to believe that I am clever

    • NoriMori


  • justsomeguy

    I don’t know why, but Steve’s hand slowly dropping in the panel after l4tul4’s command makes me laugh.

  • Terithian

    Oh man. If I were Steve, I would be pretty scared right now. I mean, the person he helped screw over earlier returns, with one eye the colour of blood, who proceeds to point silently and menacingly at him. My first assumption would be some sort of possession in order to help fulfill a violent revenge fantasy.

    • Krasudreal

      Not to mention… She left nearly naked and lacking any kind of money, and returned the next day wearing ARMOR… or something with some resemblance with armor.

      • NoriMori

        That’s a good point! Since apparently nobody participates in the contest he may not know how she got it, so… XD

  • D. G.

    It’s a drug deal. They’re smugglin’ moonsugar!

    • Ma’iq


  • MC Kaz on the beat

    I’m curious why he waved. He doesn’t seem like a person who greets others, especially Katia

    • Jerick

      There was a question mark after the wave in the panel above Professorzobot’s comment. He’s waving because she’s standing staring at him and he wants to see if she’ll respond.

    • I got the impression that, due to the eyepatch being gone, the red eye, and the change in clothes, he didn’t know who Katia was and was wondering why this strange Khajiit was staring at him. When she pointed and scowled, he suddenly figured out who it was.

      • Thesis

        Oh, of course! Because as we all know, all Khajiit look the same.

        • Howowoowowowowowoowowowoowoowowowowolowoow

          Is it racist to hate cats? .____.

          • m is for wolf

            It’s speciesist.

          • Goddonut

            Only if you’re a gay elf

          • MC Kaz on the beat

            wow this spiraled into a different conversation quickly

          • I personaly think shes kinda cute. Thats why i thought about the story having a little Boost in happiness like she meets a boy and they both like eachother XD

          • Although i have to admit, part of that is that the shape of her head and the way she looks makes her look like the khajiit on skyrim, Dont you think?

          • Removed.
            Cease and desist.
            ~β—• wβ—•~

      • Tobi2500

        NOW i get it!

  • Kenneth

    I honestly don’t think Stephane is helping Sigrid of his own volition. She has some hold on him, but it doesn’t seem to be alchemy-related. Maybe blackmail? Or an debt? There’s more to this.

    • Shard

      I agree with this one

      • NoriMori

        I also agree. That look on his face in one of the panels, I think it might’ve been when she started asking about donations or something, he got this look on his face, like a sort of angry-but-pleading look, like he didn’t want her to. In retrospect it feels like that face was saying, “No! No, do not do this again!” And perhaps even thinking, “She has nothing! What is wrong with you? Are you that petty?” Who knows, but in any case I get the impression he isn’t entirely down with everything Sigrid is doing.

        • You know what. I never though about that. Nice thinking bro, Itl come useful one day

          • Kyber

            I’m sorry, but given Katia’s history with horrible things I don’t think this is going to work out for her in any way. Stephane is probably a jerk cultist who will try to sacrifice Katia.

            And if I sound too dreary, don’t blame me. Blame this damnably addictive webseries.

          • NoriMori

            I guess we’ll see… πŸ˜‰

  • brulleks

    Wait – what’s Nathan Fillion doing there?!

    • NoriMori


  • Deadwatch

    Take all the negative emotion you’ve felt since you came to Cyrodil, put it in your claws and slay the fool where he stands.

    • Thats a little brutal dont you think? She wouldent do something like that, also she would go to jail or have a life sentence.

      • that is where she is ultimately going anyway unless kaz is actually M. Night Shyamalan and planning on having a “Twist” to the ending-of-this-comic-/-beginning-of-oblivion-which-may-actually-not-be-the-end-to-the-comic-but-rather-a-continuation-of-this-same-comic-with-no-real-interruption. She could then escape several times and cause all sorts of havoc and even possibly help lead to the possible cataclysmic events that end up happening.

  • Ace

    Someone’s gonna be rocked in a second, methinks.

  • That Guy

    In before wild and ineffectual flailing and flapping in her attempted “assault”, likely followed by arrest by guard guy for being a crazy cultist

    • NoriMori


  • The Fan

    fire spell of raging CATastrophe!

  • Kodyack

    I like the pointing panel. That’s a nice panel.

  • Corovaneer

    I like how her brows furrow just a tiny pixel bit down when she raises her arm.

    Why can`t I hold all the cute?

  • billy

    you, tonight!

  • billy

    but in all seriousness…. this update took that long? I meani t’s the same thing posted over and over with some minor changes

    • furnut

      I think he’s got a flash thingy going up soon. This is just to wet our appetites πŸ˜€

  • Internet Buttstalker

    Katia, go on. It’s best to kick the ass of that guy, I’m furry sure that you can do it.
    And who knows? After you kick him you might get some cash! That would be sooo purrfect, wouldn’t it. Besides, don’t pussy out, because you’ll look like a meowtherfucker.

    Seriously though, it’s meow or never.

  • Nodzilla96

    Ever heard of that song, Make it Bun Dem? Well….

  • ThatGuy

    I just keep looking from the finger point to the end, and I can’t stop laughing.

    Stephane has the look of a cartoon character after looking up and seeing the falling anvil, knowing he is about to get CRUSHED.

  • beroulga

    He is showing weakness! CONFRONT!

  • Orcrest

    Guys, I don’t think that’s Steve. There’s ever so slight a difference between their facial features, namely the guy here seems to have a more convex cheek.

    Of course, because the difference is so small, it might just be artwork inconsistency.

    • Nodzilla96

      No. We are witnessing an ass kicking whether you like it or not.

      • Orcrest

        Knowing this comic, the repercussions for ass kicking will either be:

        a) Steve kicks Katia’s ass
        b) Katia goes to jail for beating an innocent civillian
        c) Katia goes to jail for beating an innocent civillian she doesn’t even know, because it’s not Steve

        • Nodzilla96

          Hmm… well how about the good ol “I will melt your face if you dont (insert command here)” scheme?

  • SavageHoax

    Katia, this is your conscience speaking; Kill him

  • A Pink Poodle

    SIC ‘EM!

  • Fishing4Food

    I detect angry rabid cat incoming.

  • Howowoowowowowowoowowowoowoowowowowolowoow

    Katia’s just gonna get drunk and fuck this guy too, probably wake up inside Kvatch’s guild and take advantage of the situation.

  • DK3

    heheh love the awquard moment. If I were her, id try ask him to bring her atleast that book back that shes supposed to deliver

  • A Dude

    It’s called ‘Eye of Fear’ for a reason, kid. It’s safe to say he knows who you are, and he knows you want retribution.
    Just keep pointing at him, and do nothing else. Let the tension build, and when it reaches its crescendo…
    Well, you know what to do.

  • saintdane05

    Go over and hug him while crying. Apologize tearfully and look up at him with a cute look. Works every time

  • whowherewhat

    Don’t rush it Katia, he is probably under her spell, too.

  • Quintus

    Damn, you people want blood. This comment section reminds me of a playground on TV: “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

    • Orcrest

      Like Stan in Gravity falls? Battle Babies FTW

  • Cassadar

    i think he’s scared…. he was there when the whole building nearly went up in flames when Sigrid took her stuff…
    he should be scared….

    • Araph

      Oh, man, I hadn’t thought of that. There was quite an inferno going; all Steve knows is Katia got stuff stolen from her and then a giant fire erupts nearby. For all we know, he might be thinking she’s actually a mighty (albeit bumbling) wizzard.

  • egg brother

    you see that face? that face says “she’s about to kill me.” let’s make that thought a reality.

  • C0Mmander

    Well I hope she’s ready to do something cause I don’t know if he recognized her but he certainly saw her. Also does she remember what she learned earlier about fighting, cause she might have to use it now.

  • Kerensky287

    Listen, I know that you’re probably furryous with Steve, but you’ve got tabby reasonable! Throwing a hissy fit won’t purrsuade him to get your stuff back from Sigrid for you – that’s entirely the wrong cattitude. It’s probably better to purrtend you don’t begrudge either of them anything; if they think you furgive them, it’ll be easier to undo this cat-astrophe! Purrseverence is the key to victory, and you might not get another oppurrtunity to make them lower their guard!

    Frankly, the very idea of making this guy burn for what he did is purrpawsterous.

    • Kvatch Guard


  • Justnoticedthat

    Were his fingers always like that?

    • egg brother

      they are usually in his pockets

  • That Guy Who Reads This But Doesn’t Often Comment Except for Occasionally and Has Never Actually Played Skyrim

    Katia: It seems it’s all ready hit him. He seems startled. Maybe you can use this?

    • Fancypantsman

      Although we are one and the same when it comes to reading this webcomic and just lurking I must say:
      The events are based on/are a prequel for the games Oblivion, not Skyrim πŸ˜‰

  • Pepsidude

    Just out of curiosity, about how many readers do you have?

    • Kazerad

      It’s hard to get an exact figure on something like that. As best as I can tell, it’s between 6000 and 12000.

      • Fancypantsman

        Wow that is a lot.
        Not nearly enough though.


  • Trench Fox

    Cue “The Final Countdown”

  • NoriMori

    After seeing Stephane look so apathetic and emotionless previously, that scared look on his face is golden. And I’m guessing he would not be looking scared whatsoever if he had any way right now of stopping her from kicking his ass. So that’s a good sign — she seems to have caught him unprepared, which is good no matter what she ultimately plans to do. (I would have said “caught him with his pants down”, but do we even know he’s wearing pants? XD)

    Also, in the panels where he raises his eyebrow and waves, he makes me think of Professor Snape, SO. MUCH. I mean, he *always* does, but particularly there.

  • SquirrelSword

    Punch him in the face punch him in the face punch him in the FACE!

  • Laimu

    It’s about to go DOOOOOWWWWNNNNN

  • anonymous

    No need to get hissy all of a sudden and pounce on him in the middle of town.

  • Relth

    This is going to end awkwardly. And terribly wrong.

    I’m not even certain anymore about Katia and her (new life) situation. I just hope she gets a happy ending… like, at all. Even IF she dies… which I hope not.

    • Pepsidude

      With the way everything has gone so far, we probably won’t be seeing a happy ending unfortunately.

      • Relth

        But… she’s the hero. The king in her dreams. Why would she… We know who the king is, the ones who’ve played Oblivion. Why would she be having these nightmares at such a young age IT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING! ANYTHING! JUST DON’T LEAVE HER TO HER MISERABLE FATE!

        • egg brother

          ive played oblivion and I have no idea who that is. if it is daedric related, that could be why, cuz I don’t even think ive done half those

  • …Kill…

  • I have a feeling that that’s not the same guy. (. ) ____ (. )

    • Orcrest

      Same here

      • stupidjellyfish

        He’s wearing the same exact robe, has the same exact facial bone structure, and carries the same sad/disgruntled expression as that of the previous archives. That’s totally Stephane.

        • hysvear

          Or his twin brother?

          • stupidjellyfish

            Or himself from another dimension.

          • anonguy

            Or his twin brother from another dimension.

          • stupidjellyfish

            Or himself from another dimension.

            Is this deja’vu that I’m feeling?

  • Confetti

    As much as I want Katia to kick his ass all the way to Skingrad, I do know that in Oblivion, when you attack anybody, then you are immediately Cyrodiil’s most wanted.

    • Thrime

      Anybody means ANYBODY.
      That chicken was the mayor!

    • Tobi2500

      No shit Sherlock, i have 500 septims on my head and all the guards in Cyrodill are currently on my ass. How am i even typing this ?

      • Thrime

        You’re on your horse currently texting while riding, which could kill you.

  • michael

    katia needs to get drunk with sword in hand wond how that will work…

  • Lizard Brain

    Katia, Hulk the hellraping fuck out. Do not submit to any other commands from your weak frontal cortex. Crush Kill Destroy! Crush Kill Destroy!

  • Tylor

    She is pulling the Viy pose: http://teleport-city.com/2013/04/03/viy/viy72/

    “On the third night, the witch’s corpse is even more terrifying, and she calls the demons and monsters around her to bring Viy into the church, who can see everything. Khoma realizes that he cannot look at the creature when they draw his long eyelids up from the floor so he can see, but he does anyway and sees a horrible, iron face staring at him. Viy points in his direction, and the monsters leap upon him. Khoma dies from horror.”

  • thinkerer

    To all the people thinking this might not be Stephane, just think about this:
    Sometimes Katia is drawn in different styles. She has her normal “sprite” (I guess you could call it that?) form/style, and then in other updates she is drawn in a style that allows more expression (not quite the word I am looking for but close enough). Stephane (or “Steve” if you want to call him that) probably just looks different because he is not in his normal “sprite” form.

  • menew100

    Oh dis gon be gud.

  • GarufTheNord


  • Bynz

    BERSERK CAT!!!!! =^w^=

  • Mikhos

    Great you got him by the balls! NOW FINISH HIM!

  • PhycoticRage

    Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets right now? Why aren’t your claws in his eye sockets RIGHT NOW!

    • Irrevenant

      Nipple salads, nipple salads, NIPPLE SALADS

      • Rectal Ineptitude

        Otter’s noses! C’mon get ’em while they’re hot; they’re lovely

  • David Argall

    Let’s see… It looks like Steve thought she was still a victim, but when she looked at him in this scary way, he is getting nervous, and the other guy is backing away.
    Now taking on the mages guild is very damgerous. but taking on Steve… That may be doable.

    So maybe we offer a deal, He gets us back the book we did not have a right to give away, and we don’t do anything rash that he might regret.

  • SilverEnderwolf

    I have a feeling that some unknown voice in your head has told you to approach him. Now that you have, now what?

    I’ll tell you what, you should politely greet him, apologize for pointing at him in a creepily menacing way, and…I want to say demand, yet that sounds kind of harsh, but for want of a better word: Demand to know why Sigrid has ripped you off of everything you own except your pendant and can he help you get your stuff back?

    If he can’t, and feels so threatened that he turns tail and flees to the guild, (sorry, I couldn’t help but put the racist comment in there (everyone’s a little bit racist, so does it really matter?)) then you should probably seek help from another unknown voice in your head.

  • anonymous

    by the way, is Kaz aware his suggestion box is closed at the mspaintadventures forum?

    Which brings up another question, when are you going to stop piggybacking off of the mspa forum and get your own?

    • Space

      First post: “Sometimes I might have this thread closed if I am getting overwhelmed with commands or have a part of the story coming up where Katia is acting on her own.”

      (Currently) last post: “Closed on the OP’s request to avoid the increasing the pile of off-topic posts. It will reopen in an update or two.”

      tl:dr; Probably.

      • anonymous

        yeah I saw that but the thread was closed on the 9th and and still isn’t open an update and a week later.

  • Kobold

    Oh man, the suggestions forum is locked.
    That’s okay, it probably wouldn’t effect anything, anyway.

    I just want to say…

    Do it.

    Do it, Katia.

    Punch his face.


    I don’t even care
    If it solves anything,
    Or it makes the situation worse,
    Or better

    I’m okay with it if you want to give it up on Sigrid
    And it’s cool if you want to focus on more constructive things,
    But please

    Just do this for me.
    For you.
    For all of us.

    Punch him in his face.


    • tobi2500

      i hate kobolds

  • dude

    Glad I had something to get back to

  • ArchRylen

    Katia, explain what you want through dance.

  • I’m probably wrong

    I half expect him to just randomly burst into flame.

    Sort of an subconscious desire on Katia’s part that causes it unintentionally.

  • Reckless Abandon

    Woah, that freak only has four fingers.

    Anyway, you should probably drop the creeper stare and maybe see if you can get your package back from him. Diplomatically, of course.

    • Woodledude

      Of course, everyone has four fingers in this comic. Also, it’s less of a “creeper” stare, and more of a “I’m going to murder your face dead” stare.

  • AnubisOsyris


  • Iyestorm

    I wanted to comment in the thread, but it’s locked now. I just now found this update. Too late, oh well.

    I wish the thread was open. I wanted to bring a possible explanation for Steve’s behavior here to Katia’s attention. Remember her training session with the club-master? Well…

    It’s entirely possible that word got out that Katia’s totally into skeevy priest boys. In an entirely sexual way. Somebody blabbed or gossip got around, or maybe Mr. trainer told him in private because Katia sounded like a creepy stalker, and it’s possible Steve thinks Katia wants the D. I mean, I’d be freaked out too, if I were accosted by a creepy stalker like this.

    That staring and pointing would not be out of character for a crazy stalker. And I’ve not played this series, but it seems like Khajit have a reputation…

    • tronn

      No, you’re doing it exactly right by commenting here. The thread is supposed to be for suggesting actions only.

      • Iyestorm

        Well yeah, but I meant I wanted to bring that possibility to *Katia’s* attention as well.

  • EMPeace


  • kurry

    This update confuses and scares me. Like, I want Katia to get some answers or something out of Steve, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I always feel like Kazerad tries to guide the commands in a better direction (to no avail, most of the time), and I got that impression from the last update where he explicitly said “no more fantasies about taking down the Kvatch Mages Guild,” and yet here we are with a perfect encounter, closed suggestion box, and it looks like Katia is about to lose her shit.

    I’m worriiieeeed.

  • Runzu

    Katia: If you plan to avoid him, make sure to wary of your surroundings. It would suck to be caught off guard by something that’s potentially preventable. If you plant to confront him, think about what you’re going to say and be prepared to 2nd guess anything HE says. He could be dishonest.

  • He’s probably just going to use Telvanni bug musk on Katia

    Katia,don’t attack him unless you want to go to jail

  • >…KILL!

  • Au_Suivant


  • Dwarven_Pony

    Wonder why he didn’t want you there? I think he knew she would trick you into “donating” all your
    stuff and that’s why he tried to make you feel unwelcome.

    • tronn

      I thought about that too – maybe StephanΓ© is subtly rebelling against Sigrid by trying to scare potential victims away, but then again he was kinda snooty when talking with Gaius. He’s probably just a regular jerk.

  • M’aiq

    M’aiq thinks only good things shall happen to the robe wearing mage, but M’aiq has been wrong before.

  • Alex

    Why does everybody think she needs the package? The book is still at the bookstore, and the letter is being rewritten…

    • tobi2500

      the OTHER book is what we need

  • iamonfire

    Run you fool.

  • Man of Mer

    Anyone ever wonder what Katia’s voice might sound like?

    • Relth

      Sort of, yes.

    • theplunderking

      i remember a random internet post that said because she was from hammerfell she sounds like a black girl XD

    • I imagine it sounds something like this…

      • tobi2500

        that was halarious

  • Lemyngue

    Seems like Katia can’t hear any of us and will rage over him. But knowing her she wouldn’t do it… right?

  • Miao

    Perfect, simply perfect. The expressions here are wonderful, and the pacing is just so FUNNY

    Katia. Kick. His. Ass.

  • Deepfriedice

    Am I the only one worried about the fallout of this?
    I mean, Katia is probably going to be okay for now. But once Sigrid discovers that Katia is not only out of her control but also fighting back she will pretty much be forced to take Katia down. I’ll explain:
    Sigrid’s strength is that she doesn’t need to magically charm or control people into doing her bidding. That would be obvious, and open to dispelling/curing. Instead she uses her natural skill at persuasion along with Telvanni bug musk to convince people that she’s really awesome, then simply asks people to do what she needs. Because people’s willingness to serve her comes from their opinion of her, not magic, it doesn’t wear off on its own. The risk in this is that she needs everyone to be singing the same song, or else people’s opinions will start to shift against her. – It’s not like she could get them all into her dining room at once.
    If word was to get out that Sigrid took Katias stuff, that could affect her reputation. People probably wouldn’t believe it, but it could still cast doubts. That makes Katia a real risk to her, even though Sigrid so much more powerful.

    Being a risk to Sigrid in her town is not a safe position.

  • Redspine

    Katia. Stand your ground and get the answers out of him.
    If you run away now you might never be able to confront him again.

  • Telegraph

    lol wow, that made me happy for some reason. The pointing.

  • Alceris

    Considering breaking out of what Sigrid did isn’t supposed to be physically possible in the first place, he’s probably, like, pants(or robe)-shittingly terrified right now.

    • Deepfriedice

      What makes you think breaking out is supposed to be impossible? It was just Telvanni bug musk and smooth talking, not a charm spell or some kind of mind control.

      • Alceris

        Ignorance, that’s what made me think it, I guess.

  • Bahumat

    Katia: Violence is not the answer. Implying violence, however, isn’t a bad tactic.

    Approach him, keep your eyes on him, and make it quietly, coolly clear that he will, in no uncertain terms, assist you in recovering your belongings. Don’t threaten. Don’t specify what will happen if he fails to comply. Just make it clear in the steel hardness of your tone that he will do Exactly As You Say.

    Alternatively, grab him and start bawling loudly, begging him LOUDLY AND PUBLICALLY to return your stolen goods.

  • sabata2

    She’s going to break.
    In some way, she’s going to break. Be it violent lashing out, or something else.

    Here’s to expecting that “Something stupid and dangerous” Quill-Weave was talking about.

  • Caspercraft

    Silent Movie

  • hostergaard

    Is it just me or is he turning white in the last few panels? Interesting, he fears Katia.

    • GlassAdventurer

      Seems like it…kinda.

  • GlassAdventurer

    Awkward finger pointing enabled :3

  • CliffracerHigh

    What is beggar Nathan Fillion doing, talking to Stephen?

    • That’s probably not Stephen. Katia has mistaken and everything is going to go terribly wrong. I sure hope she doens’t try to harm him.

      • CliffracerHigh

        How many pale, dark-robed peole live in kvatch, though?

      • Deepfriedice

        It looks exactly like Stephane, so either he has an identical twin, or it’s him.
        Of course, no good can come out of this.

  • Gordion

    “Steve” right now; “Wait, isn’t that- ooooooh. Sh*t.”

  • flaillomanz

    Since the thread is apparently closed, I’ll just submit my command here and copy it over if it’s reopened.

    Katia… STOP.
    Think for a moment.
    I know we haven’t done much to inspire any confidence in you, and some of us – I’m talking about you, Self-Loathing – have an adverse impact on your mental state… you’ve been through hell, being dragged down just as things feel like they’re looking up…
    but I know you aren’t listening right now. I can only guess, but what I think is about to happen is, you’re gonna go over and pummel him.
    This… this is an even WORSE move than listening to Self-Loathing.
    See, you’re about to perform what the law will see as an unprovoked (no matter how much it feels the opposite) attack on someone. The law states that the attacker, unless acting with the blessings of the law, is the guilty party and will be prosecuted.
    You do not have enough to bribe a guard or pay them off, and if you do attack the guy, YOU WILL BE JAILED. Who knows how long you’ll be in there for? Hell, they might even “forget” you’re there, if Sigrid has anything to do with it.
    I’m trying to think this through logically, but… I suspect you’re all out of logic.
    I’m frightened for you.
    Please… if this gets through to you… don’t do it… for yourself… for us…
    I don’t know what you can do next… I only hope you can think of something, since we seem to be doing a really bad job of helping you.
    Katia… good luck.

    • Deepfriedice

      Once Katia gets control of herself again, cleaning up this mess is going to be interesting.
      The best possible ending that I can see is grabbing the letter and leaving Kavatch as soon as possible, but I can’t really expect things top go that well, especially if the guards get involved. Surprisingly though, getting arrested could possibly be a good thing too – It would give Katia another opportunity to meet the Count, and that may be enough to place her outside Sigrid’s reach.
      Whatever happens though, its going to be a rough night for Katia.

  • Professor Zobot


    Either this will end with Katia attacking him, or this will end with someone in jail.

    Probably both.

  • Mongoose

    So, uh. Does everybody acknowledge these people only have three fingers and a thumb?

    Is . . is there a reason for this deformity?

    • stupidjellyfish

      Because drawing hands is tough.

  • >KILL!!!

  • Gordion

    Katia: Disregard magic. Punch “Steve” in the face.

  • the other ghost girl

    is it me or does that guy “steve” is talking to look a bit like the Doctor; Also is it possible that the only reason that ingrid’s pheromones have worn off is because Katia is A. a mage (sort of) and B. A female and possibly C. because she’s one of the beast species.

    OH and if we can post commands here, Katia: You should politely explain that you forgot that the book that you donated had personal and sentimental value, (and/or contained important documents) also say that if the guild needs the money that you might be willing to do some odd jobs in order to get it back and imply that if it isn’t given back you know several people who have a big enough grudge against the kvatch mage’s guild that it wouldn’t take much to get them to retaliate. Oh and if “Steve” outruns you then you should try talking to that guy he was talking to. IT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE

    • Deepfriedice

      Firstly I’m pretty sure we can’t post commands here, and even if we could, Katia isn’t listening right now – she’s gone back into the crazy zone.
      Secondly Sigrid’s bug musk wore off the moment Katia left the room. I wrote a short description on how that works in the previous page of comments, because there are a few people here who haven’t played TES or have forgotten how disposition works. You should probably read it (and ignore the horrific grammar mistakes I made).

      • SilverEnderwolf

        The command forum has closed, I see no reason why Kaz wouldn’t check the comment section for commands.

        • Irrevenant

          The reason is commands are irrelevant right now, and he probably already has enough to work with for the next update.

  • Sakumist

    Katia, even though Steve Steph probably has nothing to do with getting robbed and it was most likely, maybe, definitely, all Sigrid’s fault… you know you want to kick his ass.

    Or just go up to him and/or check if he has the key to the Guild. Work from there.


  • Nodrak

    This is totally a high-five moment…

    • xKiv


  • GeneralRomin

    Just run at him, and latch your teeth onto his throat! That would be possibly the most satisfying thing at this point. But only after a quick check to make sure there are no guards that will see you do this. So far he has yet to display any magical ability, which isn’t to say he doesn’t have any, but if you’re quick enough and he still thinks you’re under Sigrid’s spell… well…

    Okay now that knee jerk option A is out of the way… A slightly more sane option might be to approach him in a way that doesn’t make him run screaming or start throwing fire balls or other terrifying magic attacks at you. Maybe he knows what Sigrid is doing, but something tells me he isn’t in on it, for some reason, maybe just the face he’s making at you for pointing at him. Maybe he can help you get some of your stolen stuff back, at the very least the package, maybe the robes too, but one thing at a time here.

    But whatever you do, Katia, don’t let him just slip away. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for all day.

  • This story could use a good khajiit love story. Not to be racist. I love khajiits. It would really warm my heart how the boy would comfort her XD

    • This is my answer


      Must Add This

      Regardless what other people might think. it would be a good ending with katia falling in love with another khajiit

      • tronn

        Abusive Khajiit boyfriend in 5…4…3…

        • No. If the narrater did that she knew it would piss some of the viewers off probably.

          • tronn

            You do realize that one of the reasons Kaz is making Prequel is to see what he can get away with? Katia falling in love with someone only to find out that they’re a horrible person is exactly how he would play it out.

          • SilverEnderwolf

            Well it IS called MAKING A CAT CRY, abusive BF would make her cry. Still, I feel better if it was love between her and another mage, human or Khajiit.

        • Abusive people arent really a thing to joke about. It puts a scar in your life time.

          • Nodzilla96

            Nah, lets keep relationships to a minimum. Katia would’ve learned by now that everything she loves usually doesn’t make it in her life, so she wouldn’t be stupid enough to risk someone she loves/likes. Quill was sortof thrust upon her after a drunk spell, so that’s different.

  • That black robed guy looks suspicious. he seems to be concealing a decker card with a king on it.

  • This is your chance to find out about your dream!

  • Hehe.. *thief takes an apple from a little boy*
    All of a sudden imperial watchs start cutting him down with there swords.
    “Do not be afraid citizen” The guard sayed” For i have brought justice to this vile fiend. Please Proceed *hands him the bloody apple*

    • SilverEnderwolf

      *little boy looks at it, shrugs, then wipes blood off and bites into it*

      • tobi2500

        *Brent Rambo eaction*


  • Whats your problem kittyplaylol? Why are you responding to yourself, Kinjin?
    ~β—• wβ—•~

    • I get lonely ._. After the fact that this comic stopped.

  • they should really add a love story in this. it will be so cute!!!!!!

  • There are 2 options

    1. Aproach him and get any information out of him as possible, Maybe youl be lucky iF that he didnt want to get involved with this smuggling thing in the first place.

    2. Walk away and hide behind a nearby bush. Wait for him to walk away then follow him, but make sure he doesent detect you.

  • Der heck what am i doing! This must be against the rules.

  • Tiberius Blake

    So, any one know a good way to counter Sigrid’s excessive use of Fortify Personality Potion/perfume? Seeing as that’s how she does her ‘brainwashing’

    • Anyways, our first priority is to deal with that priest. He has a look that he knows somethings up. Just walk up, ask him hows the day being going and start a conversation, act like your still on the affect. after the conversation is done, walk behind a near bush, wait for him to make a move. if he goes somewhere follow him.

  • Dave Diaz

    make him feel like how you feel now and how you felt since meeting that damn nord

  • Welp, I’m so excited for the next update that I went and read through the archives again. It was fun–I found a bunch of things I missed the first time around. I figured out how the pole-dancing minigame works. I discovered the Kvatch Blacksmith for the first time. I discovered that this image (http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12389792/ClannfearFamily.png) flashes for a split second when Sigrid summons the clannfear from oblivion.

    I also remembered that one of Dimitri’s kittens is currently wandering Kvatch right now. With a weystone and maybe that letter that Dimitri wrote to Katia. I can’t wait for it to make a reappearance…


  • PersonPerson

    Intimidating someone by just stopping and staring! Hahehaha!

    I sort of wonder if “Steve” is assuming she’s angry at him and Sigrid because of prior reactions to the thing Sigrid used.
    I also suspect that the following encounter is going to be Katia talking normally/nervously while “Steve” interprets it as intimidating. They’re not strangers now and he can’t just ignore her, it seems.

  • Pajaul

    We have five words for you.

    stop. Right. There! CRIMINAL! SCUM!!

  • theplunderking

    poor kinjin. he’s waiting for an update. take my advise, don’t hold your breath on an update. prequel is a good read but I have learned from experience that if you check it often it never seems to update.

  • The Man With A Plan

    Wow, I just realized Katia entered Kvatch Oct 25, 2011. Has Prequel really been going on that long? Time flies.

  • bobucles

    Hey, remember that stupid Kajit that donated her life savings to the guild a short time back? Now she’s back, in what appears to be full Kvatch battle raiment, and is calling YOU out.

    You don’t know if Kahgit are terribly fast creatures or even if they run on all fours. In fact you’re not really sure how to spell Khajhit. But you DO know that you’re a very weak mage and she’s an Atronach.

    What do?

    • Man Of Mer

      Ya know, that could be very good update dialog if someone says “Be skeevy hooded priest.”

      • notaskeevyhoodedpriest

        .Be the skeevy hooded priest

        • SilverEnderwolf

          Steve, isn’t that Khajiit familiar? I would tell you to run, but you’re half a mage on your mother’s side. You got this.

        • Man Of Mer

          Not what I meant dude.

  • Stendarr, please make it so that katia doesn’t fuck up again.

    In Stendarr’s name I pray, amen

  • MrTophats

    Fuck him up!

  • Bonzo

    Multiple duplicate frames, a scrap of storyline..
    Kaz is bored again

    • On his mspaforums profile, he listed that he is 24. This means he’s truly grown, probably has a job, and might even be (gasps) married.

      So unfortunately, Kazerad isn’t my age or the age of most of us.

  • Nodzilla96

    Kaz, if your doing what I think your doing, use the beginning of this song to add audio. It just feels right.


    (Justice- Genesis)

    • stupidjellyfish

      Sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would have fun with.

  • A plea

    Plz just do something without fucking up.

    Murder is only an 8 month sentence in Tamriel–
    Justified murder is nothing.

  • zuke

    beat him into the GROUND!! actually I take that back interrogate him and demand your things back and if he tries some sneaky mage to escape you can easily take him with your new fighters guild skills

  • tobi2500

    Anyone else think the reason Kaz is taking so long to make an update is because he’s getting another flash game-thingy ready.
    Perhaps we get to go street fighter on “Steve”.

    • tronn

      Yes, that’s what Kaz himself said.

      • tobi2500

        All he said was that he was getting something big ready

        • tronn

          No, he was over /co/ talking about how the flash resources for the update are done and all that’s left is the boring part of coding it. Mind you this was a week ago or so.

          • tobi2500

            I hope we get to go street fighter on “Steve” he deserves it

  • ThreeDog

    What’s up capital wasteland…

  • Mr. Morningstar

    While normally I would say hitting someone of the clergy would be a very bad idea…

    But you know what? Screw it, this guy knows something, and he was a dick to let your stuff be taken. So here’s what you do Katia,

    Beat the shit out of him. Mages tend to be on the lesser side of the physical abilities so even you could over power him!

    Kick his ass Managan

  • This name is utter bullshit do not pay attention. i said don’t. stop looking. do not read. gah, screw it

    This page is reeking of hilarious awkwardness.

    • This name is fake aswell

      i agree.

      • ^ those guys’ names are so cheesy

        this is probably spam.

        • Killerfish


  • Rovnas

    Katia:This should be your first decision to attack!You must be brave!Do it!He is weaker than you!Try not to act like scaredy cat…You wanted to start new life.To change yourself and you are still THAT what you was in Hammerfell!

  • Brooks

    Come on Katia. You’re a fucking doormat if you don’t confront Stephane. Call him out, and demand your stuff back! Also, if you need soms muscls, can’t you just bring Asotil?

    • Brooks

      Also, is there some way you can incorporate the ballgag into this?

  • Mizana

    I had a dream that there was an update to Prequel, so I came to check. Just a dream |3 One of my more normal ones at least…

    • Kartin Muther Ling

      I have a dream!
      That prequel would update sooner!

      • Killerfish

        Nice one!

      • stupidjellyfish

        But there’s actually a reason why this update is so slow!

        (And it has nothing to do with Kazerad being lazy. =0)

  • moistnuggests

    Just a thought, but couldn’t the charm perfume be neutralized by not breathing it in (nose plugs)? Can’t be charmed by a perfume if you can’t smell it…though this is magic so it might just work regardless.

    • Edgecutter

      That is an amazing idea.
      There is just one teeeny tiny problem with it.
      If Katia isn’t breathing it in, she isn’t breathing at all.
      I’m fairly certain Katia uses air in the same way we use the air.

      • Killerfish

        Well… A gas mask might work πŸ˜›

      • theplunderking

        you can smell through your mouth? I can breath through my mouth just find and not smell a thing. regardless the idea probably wont work

        • Edgecutter

          1) You can not “smell” through your mouth. Your mouth does not have the proper sensors to fulfill the job of smelling, only tasting.

          2) If you are talking about “breathing” through your mouth, that would defeat the point because the perfume would get into your body regardless and in your blood circulation, therefore going straight to the brain where it will still be able to do it’s job regardless. I am assuming this perfume works in on the brain.

          • moistnuggests

            First I’d like to point out I said nose plugs not to stop breathing but I agree this is by no means a main strategy.
            At best this is a last plan of last resort, find something to plug your nose with or hold your breath and run away.

            There is a small chance that the perfume works by affecting your brain indirectly through the smell receptors or entering your brain through your nose, because there is a path into your brain in the nose, things you breath in through the mouth shouldn’t have any change of going up to the nose area. If Katia can’t find a way to deal with around the perfume this is better than just standing there and giving her all your stuff.

          • Well, there isn’t actually a direct pathway from your nose to your brain; everything still needs to get past the blood brain barrier (BBB). However, your nasal blood vessels are very close to the blood vessels for your brain, so quickly increasing the concentration of a chemical in the nasal blood vessels will help that chemical pass through the BBB. That’s why snorting a drug makes it take effect so quickly in comparison to other methods.

            Of course, I study microbiology/genetics, not human biology. If anyone who’s actually qualified wants to correct me, feel free…

          • tronn

            You people do realize that the Telvanni Bug Musk that Sigrid sprays on herself doesn’t work by making her smell nicer, it works by fortifying her personality stat? The musk had no effect whatsoever on Katia, Sigrid’s increased stat did. It would work exactly the same whether Katia could smell it or not, because it’s magic. The musk doesn’t work by musk molecules infiltrating Katia’s brain, it works by magically enhancing Sigrid’s personality. The musk didn’t make Katia more susceptible to Sigrid’s suggestions, the musk made Sigrid more charismatic through magic. Nose plugs, gasmask or even a full hazmat suit wouldn’t help Katia to resist the musk’s effects one bit, because the musk’s effects were directed at Sigrid, not Katia.

  • Sashimi

    New reader here! (Got pulled in by the Bittersweet Candy Bowl website. Holy shit, this is amazing! Also, Katia’s bad luck makes me cry and THE FUCK IS THE SEX WHAT)

    Katia, that was so damn badass the way you just pointed at Steve. Now, calmly walk up to him, smile brightly, and KICK HIS ASS. Then steal the key from him, take his clothes and make him a naked asshole monk-cultist-thing, and STEAL ALL THE TREASURE!!!

    • Medium size hairy pair of pure awesomeness

      I like your idea :3

  • CorThunder

    “YOU! YES YOU! YOU ARE DEAD!” – Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

    • Killerfish


  • Ray Stanz

    Get Her

  • Bonzo

    Still nothing eh…. there’s a surprise….

  • Nodzilla96

    Just keep waiting guys. I’m imagining this flash will be epic! Maybe we could put the street fighter down on steph, or a chasing game, who knows!

    • Lesair


      • Nodzilla96


    • tobi2500

      Copy cat

  • Irrevenant

    I can’t be the only one who hopes it’s not some sort of fighting thing.

    Everyone wants her to kick his ass, but if she does she’s just going to get caught by the guards and sent to fucking jail.

    • tronn

      Well, at least in jail she would get regular meals and a roof over her head so it would be an improvement really.

      • pheonix

        True, but her already lacking skills will be decreased even further.

  • Kelroe26

    Hey Kaz… I’m just wondering are you a boy or girl?

    • Kazerad


      • migck

        You’re taking advantage of the impossibility to give inflexion to a written question, thus twisting what the actual query was with your answer. That’s low. And funny.

        I’m going to try a tougher one: do you use boxers or briefs?

      • Fancypantsman

        Ha! Nice Kaz. That opportunity was to good to pass πŸ™‚

    • tronn

      Just skip to the page 7 of this comment thread, the answer waits for you there.

  • Jumza

    This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. Stephane’s face XD
    Go get him Katia! REVENGE!

  • Sci’ Taar Shakara

    Katia: You don’t know how this will go. Find out about his abilities as a mage before confronting him. Remember: you have no idea how skilled he is.

  • ikearat


  • ikearat

    Ok, I admit to checking this site every day… sometimes several times a day.
    Why do I do this? The content, when it arrives demands I do this. There is no other reason. Prequel (mostly Katia) is perhaps more interesting to me than the 15 or 20 other comics I follow on the web. Sad in a way but I’m an adult and answer to no one for my decisions.
    Long live Katia Managan and long live Prequel!

    • Killerfish

      High-five, bro!

  • Nodzilla96

    Just got skyrim, my first elder scrolls game. Khajiit, of course, and loving the shit out if it. Would’ve never played if not for this. Thanks Kaz

    • Shazbot

      The best part of this discovery is that it might be the weakest of the three 3d TES games, if you put a good conversion mod on Oblivion.. so you’ve got more to finish next.

  • BaronvonSomething

    So, Kaz, how about that there update?

    • Nodzilla96

      Shhh…. Don’t start the shitstorm of update beggars…. It makes the Kaz angry, and slow…

      • BaronvonSomething

        The Kaz doesn’t get angry, he just puts up colored text saying “oops, sorry, guys, the update should come in five months!”

    • Mikhos

      Press “Start” to continue.

      • Killerfish

        I’m clicking…. But nothing is happening… πŸ™

        • Nodzilla96

          Buy a new controller.

  • Bandit

    It’d be good to be civil here, but living honestly hasn’t done Katia much good in the past. It’s time for a little wrath, even if it is on the underling of the Kvatch Mage’s Guild.

    • Nodzilla96

      We Don’t Talk About The Fucking Kvatch Mages Guild.

      • Sci’ Taar Shakara

        No we don’t.

  • Ra’zharr McGrath

    Never shoulda come here!!

  • Bandit

    I’m aware I’m jumping WAY too far ahead, but when is Mehrunes Dagon gonna get off his ass and open the Oblivion Gates?

    • tronn

      In a week or so.

    • Deepfriedice

      For your entertainment: my incomplete timeline!

      Day 1.
      Get off boat
      Bother gay elves
      Misspell sign
      Get drunk
      Sleep with Orc

      Day 2.
      Meet Quill Weave
      Failed trip to Kavatch
      Robbed by Gro-Upp
      Explore Ruins
      Get drunk
      Sleep with Necromancer

      Day 3.
      Apologise to QW
      Vist Anvil MG
      Aquire amulet
      Vist Anvil Cathedral
      Dinner with Count
      Sleep in QW’s bed
      Nightmare 1

      Day 4.
      Magic training
      Sucsessful trip to Kavatch.
      Mythic Dawn to show up next week.
      Deliver letter from QW & get reply.
      Fall in well
      Robbed at Kavatch MG
      Amulet damaged?
      Pass out in Kavatch Cathedral
      Nightmare 2

      Day 5.
      Sign up for Dance (The day after tomorrow)
      Get blunt weapon training
      Talk to Gaius about nightmares
      Stare down Stephane.

      • Bandit

        Solid recap. All I know is that shit is either going to get awesome or terrible for Katia really fast… probably the latter.

        • Jumza

          It’s only been five days? Katia certainly has an action packed life.

  • jacobc62

    Katia: Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!
    Steve: Oh……. fuck….
    Other dude: I’m just going to back away slowly…….

    • Bandit

      I can just imagine that Katia is going to bitch slap him, claws extended. Then proceed to whatever other torturous things she has planned for him. Oh wait… fire mage vs other kind of mage? This could be entertaining.

  • Murdoc

    He obviously thinks she’s still under her spell but slowly but surely he’s realizing maybe…
    just maybe she isn’t.

    I mean think about it she ALMOST blew up the Mages Guild when she took off that amulet of silence and now she’s out here in the open, not bespelled and pissed.

  • Bandit

    Let’s see… Blunt (One-handed), Destruction, Light Armor and soon to be Hand-to-Hand? I’m guessing Spellsword?

  • It’s time to crack some skulls.

  • Wolfeight

    You know, I’ve been thinking, there are points in our lives in which we simply cannot hold all the bottled-up emotions and finally snap, usually to the first thing or person in front of us. Could this be finally the moment where Katia snaps at this guy?

    We’ll have to wait and see but I get one feeling of certainty: It’s gonna be awesome.

    • Bandit

      Probably. I’m just interested to see what Katia raging actually looks like. I’m picturing very angry, very bloody and probably with spontaneous anger fire spells in the background. Awesome…

      • tronn

        Impotent flailing followed by crying is more likely, though…

        • Irrevenant

          I think this is the first time I’ve hoped you were right.

        • Bandit

          Sadly, that’s probably right…

  • bobucles

    Mr. Owl, how many punches does it take to get to the juicy visceral innards of a Kvatch mage?

    • Nodzilla96

      One, a twoHoo, a three…

  • Bonzo

    Omg, an UPDATE?!?? Nope… Nope, big surprise there.

    • stupidjellyfish

      A little more patience. Kaz is working very, very hard on it! (Really, he is)

      • Nodzilla96

        Yes, calm down bonzo, most of us are being very patient. If it exceeds 2 months, then it’s ok :3

  • Nodzilla96

    Good Guy OP, keeping his/her/it’s fans happy by checking in with blue text

    • tronn

      I really, really wish that the next experiment Kaz decides to do is to make a series of really short updates (like two pictures and some text), but twice a week.

      • Kazerad

        That sounds pretty cool, yeah.

  • Bandit

    I remember they had classes in Oblivion, but did Kaz ever say what Katia’s class is supposed to be, or is she just 100% clumsy commoner? She has the inventory and I think the quest journal, right?

    • Irrevenant

      Naw, hasn’t been mentioned, yet.

  • woooo

    yea stephane is fucked i have a feeling he pissed himself but u cant see it

  • wabajack

    Tomorow :3 ?

    • Killerfish

      I certainly hope so! :3

      • Bandit

        Second. Not to rush, but it’s ’bout damn time!
        Btw: Theory: if Kaz teamed up with another writer to make a parallel series and just alternated their updates, that’d be cool. Except it involves sharing credit. Which no one wants to do.

        • Nodzilla96

          Kaz mentioned to me that he wants the writing portion to be from him, since its his comic. If anyone really wants to help, just get more readers!

  • No, do not complain about update times. Can’t you guys see it was the week of Independance Day? Most people travvel around this time of year.

    Give kaz some slack

    • Thrime

      But obviously Kaz has no life except for Prequel! IT MUST BE SO!!!
      That’s probably what most of the people reading your comment are like XD.
      But yeah, come on guys πŸ˜›

      • Nodzilla96

        School also started back up, so he/she/it is busy with courses. I do wish that he would update the fan art

  • comkiller

    is it just me, or does the the plain ignoring of the suggestions make it seem like this story is on rails.

    • It has be on rails to some degree, otherwise the story would go no where. At the moment it is going somewhere really slowly.

      • comkiller

        to some degree yes, but this is a bit ridiculous.

    • Trynat

      Think about it this way, we may be on rails but we can change tracks or go into a different boxcar.

  • Spatzist

    Wait, is that Katia pin everyone’s talking about actually a thing? I kind of suck at platformers (especially ones with sticky controls), but I’d love to buy one.

  • Hope

    … *Goes into a corner to squee really loud before coming back out*

    This is so awesome. +w+

    Also I love how the torches light up when Katia runs past them. :3

  • Pheoniz

    Sooooooo awkward…

  • Mzuark

    And I stand corrected. This is a real nail biter of an update.

  • dtlux14

    Just one more page. Who am I kidding, I always say that, then read 5 or 10 more pages. Though, it is 5:43 AM and I do hear birds and see sun outside (again, not the first time I’ve been reading until 6AM). I guess I will only read one more page.