Feb 042012

Iarei wrote:
Nah > Search crates around corpse-well.

Ghnaggi wrote:
What’s this? The well is broken? It appears some scoundrel is trying to tear down Kvatch! This will never do! You should inform Sigrid immediately, she’ll make sure the ruffian responsible is made to pay for their blatant vandalism.

TalonofTruth wrote:
›detective mode! Look for clues. We need to find out who, what, when why and how. Also at what point should we call the guards?

That sure is a lot of shit you don’t care about!

Look, you’re just trying to find where that blood smell is coming from. You’ll leave the serious investigatin’ to the guards, who get paid to do boring stuff like that.

Flaise wrote:
Nah: Jump down the well to find out what happened.

You’d have to be a particularly rare breed of dumbass to actually jump down into a 20-foot-deep well. Being a genius, you settle for the much more reasonable option of just looking down intoHEY! Looks like some dumbass actually did jump down there!

Noticing you, she begins babbling out a desperate plea for help.

You usually try not to get involved in people’s personal problems, but vast quantities of fresh blood inform you that this girl is not only the source of the smell, but most definitely in need of medical attention. Specifically your unique brand of ulterior-motive-free medical attention.

You ask what kind of help she needs. She specifies that she is looking for the pull-me-out-of-a-well kind. You ask if she’s got a good grip.

She calls back that most of the rope is slippy with blood, but she thinks she can hold on. “I’ve got a dry spot I’m holding onto now. Just… pull me up slowl-”

“Or that… works too.”

You ask Dumbass McWelldiver if she’s alright.

“I’m fine,” she replies, “just kinda dizzy. I… really have to get to the Mages Guild, though. Something big happened while I was down there, and-”

“Oh. It’s… you. Please don’t drink my blood.”

You laugh heartily at the notion. “Drink your blood? Don’t be ridiculous; humans don’t drink blood! The very suggestion renders me sick to my feeble human stomach. Continuing along this line of inquiry may cause me to vomit up my lunch, which presumably consists of corn and water.”

“Ah, sorry. I mean, I guess I just figured you-”

“Now look at you, you poor baby. Let’s get that wound cleaned up.”

Like any decent professional, you proceed to inquire about the patient’s status. That is to say, you ask her what the hell happened.

“Oh man, I was hoping you’d ask! I gotta tell someone all about this,” Dumbass McWelldiver twitters excitedly. “Okay so at first I was all about getting these fish out of the well, right? Like, I guess sometimes I do this dumb thing where I fail a whole bunch, start monologuing to myself, and then go off on some stupid plan to try to make everything better, and this time I apparently decided I was going to climb down the well which in retrospect wasn’t a very good idea I think, but I left my amulet and stuff up here so I wouldn’t drop it, right? Anyway the dictionary had this picture of something called ‘abseiling’ which I tried to-”

“Woah, woah, there’s an elf down the street who will gladly listen to your life’s story for 30 drakes an hour. I just want to know how a fish got your eye.”

xron wrote:
Katia: Use the eye of fear. And don’t be scared of the Slaughter fish, you can’t have slaughter without laughter… DON’T LAUGH!

Duhlicious wrote:
Katia: Once you’re close enough to the water, use your eye of fear.

ForthanEldiar wrote:
on second thought, use your eye of fear on the fish!

“Oh, this, ah… actually had nothing to do with the fish. I kinda… forgot I already did my Eye of Fear thing once today, and when I tried to use it on the fish… yeah. It’ll get better, it’s not important.”

“No, what’s important is what happened after. The eye, hanging upside down bleeding for an hour, failing to get some stupid fish out of a well… none of it even matters. Because… because the best thing happened while I was down there!”

  • In0q

    Katia… You didn’t do it.

    • Tokage

      No, but it appears something else good happened, so it’s all okay.

      I wonder what, though. Sounds pretty amazing.

      • Thornclaw

        I can’t wait to hear what!

    • Club559

      There was never a chance that she would.

  • The Hokage of Anal

    just 🙂

  • tronn

    Huh, for some reason I didn’t realize until now that Katia’s head is huge. Look at that thing next to Nah’s!

    • JJA

      Her head is entirely covered in fur, unlike most human heads, so it makes sense that it would look larger. That said. it’s probably just an artifact of the art style. Large round heads with big eyes suggest childish features, evoking a “I wanna hug and take care of this thing!” reaction in people.

      Compare one of the recent scenes where Katia is looking down the well along with Well-poisoning Lady. Katia’s head is wider and her eyes are bigger, but much of the apparent volume is her ears and her poofy sideburn thingies.

      • Tokage

        It really looks to me more like she’s just looking to it closer, appearing bigger to us due to perspective.

        Her eyes are still big, though.

        • Scow2

          The eye-sockets on a Cat’s skull are HUGE. As in, larger than EXBAWKS HUEG.

      • Robrand

        It’s just a (consistent) stylistic choice: you can see it multiple times over the story where normal Katia’s head (the one in this update) in certain situations (close-ups, the nightmare, etc.) changes in size, shape and has some slightly more details.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        I know she’s drawn all bobble-headed on purpose for most of the cartoonish panels, but tronn is right — GOD DAMN she has a big head in those. 😀

    • Ryuujin

      Go play skryim and get back to me. Khajiit really DO have huge heads compared to a human, if the game bugs and tries stick a human hood or helmet on a khajiit that huge skull will *swallow it up* xD

      • Khelt

        Khajiit heads are a bit bigger than human heads, but that’s not what makes Katia look abnormally more cartoony than everyone else. it’s her Abnormally large ears and eyes.

        you can’t play any Elder Scrolls game and say Khajiit Ears and Eyes are that big O.o

    • Armael

      it makes her cute, so it doesn’t matter 😀

  • LP

    Holy shit. If NAH can do that with normal human strength, she should totally go find a vampire or a werewolf or something and see what she can do after she possesses abnormal nonhuman strength.

    • Riddles

      Nah associate with vampires? Don’t be silly, she clearly isn’t that kind of normal human person.

      • Nah is, like all miserable lowlife humans, abjectly afraid of things like powerful awesome vampires. Sheesh.

  • TCook

    Oh god seeing Katia’s eye bleeding was totally not something I wanted to see today that really freaked me out. But at least she saw something!

    Katia: Tell us what happened already.

  • Useful

    Even with all the blood and failing at slaughterfish killing…

    Why does Katia give a warm feeling at finding what’s apparently the BEST THING?

    Maybe because compared to what could’ve happened… this is a GOOD turnout?

    • JJA

      She seems to have had a magicka-related breakthrough. In giving Nah some background, she mentions specifically that she wasn’t wearing her Amulet of Silence when it happened. She has likely figured out a new spell, which would also explain why she’s extra excited to be going to the Mage’s Guild.

      • Tokage

        If it’s a new spell, it should be Heal Minor Wounds.

        • Beard

          Nah. She’s gonna get that as a quest reqard for the package delivery.
          I mean, what’s Q-W gonna do with a tome full of healing spells? Give it to some other accident-prone cat that she’s trying to help get back on her feet?

          • CaptBighead

            Sell it…?

  • Crumplehat

    It’s time for an awesome eyepatch. Shame you didn’t lose your arm too, or you could be going for the complete Homestuck reference.

    • Dragon

      I clearly have some catching up to do. I don’t remember that at all.

  • Armael

    “Oh. It’s… you. Please don’t drink my blood.”

    last panel gives me a SQUEE tho

  • Guy

    Yay,now they’re gonna be BFFs!They can travel together,and Nah(?) can kick the ass of monsters,something which fills Katia’s needs!Yay!

    Well I hope so

  • skellerz

    Nah: You missed a spot on her shoulder.

    • JJA

      My guess is that Katia’s shoulder is still bleeding, and Nah is going to her bag to get her rusty needle and thread to sew it up.

  • Ryuujin

    For most people, being nearly eaten by fish, falling down a well, and bursting a blood vessel in your eye would be considered a pretty bad day.

    …for katia that represents a good one.

  • Woundedkneecap

    I was like Owh no, her eye then I was like Owh no, nah is going to get her and THEN i was like Owh no, she lowered her standards for good luck.

  • calkhi

    I will give her one more page. Then the orc is gonna kill Nah.

    • Oman

      I would say that Nah could kill Grog-upp easily, or injure him and use her talent in old fashioned-better-than-potions medical talent.

    • Oman

      I would say that Nah could kill Grog-upp easily, or injure him and use her talent in old fashioned-better-than-potions medical to help him.

      • John Andre Butler

        In all likelihood, Gro-Upp probably keeps his handy wooden stake between his rippling pubococcygeus muscles. His Kegels kill.

      • Well, Gro-Upp could be looking for some medical attention right now- that ring that is crushing his finger might be causing some awful swelling. It would be an unusual stroke of luck if he were to find the foremost expert in the ordinary-human techniques of draining the blood, rather than risking amputation or worse…

  • sghost258

    i just realise nah is no longer vampiric thanks to kate, her eyes aren’t red anymore

    so now she can walk in the sun

    • Bad_Skeelz

      Holy cow, you’re right. Which means that now Gro-Upp can kill Nah. Unless Nah is one of the Cyrodiilic breed of vampires that become more human-looking after feeding.

      But, given how things tend to go for her, my money’s still on Katia inadvertently causing the death of another potential friend.

    • NoriMori

      “You’re busy playing a game called “don’t leave the tree’s shadow”. You love this game, so much that you’re gonna keep playing until nightfall. The rules say you’re not allowed to leave the tree’s shadow unless you’ve recently drank something red, such as red herring juice… or even blood.”

      That means if she drinks blood, she can go in the sun. I think drinking blood just makes her temporarily more human-ish, or something. I don’t think it takes away her other abilities, though I don’t know how things work in the game this is based on.

      • sghost258

        in the game this is based on she can’t be in the sun unless she has resonantly drunk blood. once she has she can walk in the sun and appear more human. (hence she no longer has fangs and red eyes)

        when she becomes hungry again she will need to drink more blood to stop herself from looking more like a vampire

  • NoriMori

    She already used her Eye of Fear today? O.o When? Is that the same as her nightvision? I’m confused.

    And it’s rather bloody (hah) amazing that she was able to hang onto the rope for all those hours. Jesus. Maybe her new spell is Endurance of Impossible Proportions? 😛

  • calvin

    has katia tried using her other eye? if i’m right, she can increase her Eye of Fear rate by 100%

    • someone

      There’s also the possibility that her other eye might get all blooded out too, in which case she’d be blind for a month. Not worth the risk, at least while the other eye is healing.

      • calvin

        no pain no gain, if she could make a high-pitched enough noise she could learn to use echo location, sadly i doubt that would turn out well, and hope she never needs to learn it

  • DerpyDerp

    So, no one is gonna comment on how the perfectly normal human can use Night Eye?

    • Menen

      She obviously got it from her perfectly normal human friends

      • DD

        Perhaps a spell? Couldnt be a potion glugged quickly there right? Unless shes also in denial about potion usage. Unless the partial Khajiiti heritage is actually true…

        • Anon

          Nah did say before that one of her parents was a Khajit because perfectly normal humans have about 10 parents

          ( forget exactly where but it might of been the flash game )

  • I fully support this comic becoming all about Perfectly Normal Human Girl/

    • Wind

      NO! ಠ_ಠ

    • varsaigen

      And here I thought you came here for the cat…

      It’s not Prequel: Making a Human Cry. XD

      • patrick

        you mean, “it’s not Prequel: Making a Perfectly Normal Human Cry.”

  • Harlan

    Katia’s first actual injury! We’re on a roll here!

    And I bet she saw the world’s first-ever slaughterfish tavern down there, which proceeded to, in strange alcoholic ways, get her to use an eye of fear twice and get an angry fish mob after her.

  • Anonymous

    Katia and Nah must become BEST OF FRIENDS. They can go on adventures and Nah can patch her up whenever Katia becomes HORRIBLY MAIMED.

    • varsaigen

      I second that! I like Nah now! (Even if she has more vampiristic features than a normal human should have, and a fetish for licking grape jelly off peoples’ necks. Katia can just consider it payment for the healing services! :P) Katia won’t have to travel alone anymore!

      • Nilithius

        I’ll give Nah five more pages at most.

        • varsaigen

          Sounds like a plan

  • varsaigen

    It’s a good day, because she didn’t lose any of her gear! 😀 The only bad thing to actually happen was a self-induced bloody eye! (Though I am left wondering how her arms got bloody. If a fish got her arm, there’d be nothing left. [Look at buckets for reference])

    I’d say it’s been a good day! 😛

  • Khelt

    Oh dang, when i saw Katia’s eye closed and covered in blood reminded me when my Cat lost his eye when it got completely obliterated then had to surgically remove it.

    except he tried fighting a wood chuck not Slaughter fish 😐

    but he’s quite the happy one eyed kitty 😀

  • Saramh

    Anyone else notice that Nah’s eyes got progressively less vampiric? Wonder of Katia will take notice.

    • andwhyisit

      That’s because she drank (well.. technically licked) blood. I am pretty sure that her more vampiric traits (red eyes and an adversion to sunlight) occur when she hasn’t fed in a while.

  • EvilSpoon

    “That sure is a lot of shit you don’t care about!” XD I am really starting to love this character! hope you keep her around for a long time.

  • TechSmurf

    I think she has other things on her mind. Awesome things.

  • Motherfucker



    notice how nah’s eyes change to a normal black color as she licks the blood off of katia lol

  • Motherfucker

    I like how people keep insisting ‘Nah’ (as in no I have literally no name and am actually just a throw away character) will wind up being bestest friends with Katia rather than a throw away character who was crowbarred into the plot as a means of extracting katia from the well.

    • Neuronyx

      You must have missed when she was introduced forever and a day ago.

  • Tenfey

    Seeing Katia so excited feels me with delight.

    • What a feel

      I know that fill, bro.

      • John Andre Butler


  • Motherfucker

    I also find the phenomenon of everyone insisting gro-upp will sudenly jump out of the nearest barrel to fuck with Katia at any given moment to be interesting

    The only recurring villain in this plot is YOU reader, You are Katia’s internal voices telling her to jump down wells and drink booze and throwing cat puns at her while she is trying to work.

    • Tokage

      We were the ones that told Gro-Upp to show up. We were the ones that escalated the cat puns to fuck her over in the dungeon. We were the ones that got Dmitri killed.

      No, reader. You are the villains.

      • Righteous Almond

        … “We were the ones that told Gro-Upp to show up.”

        Best unintentional rhyme in the entire Prequel comment box.

        My hat is off to you, hero.

        *Slow clap turns to standing ovation*

        • Tokage

          …I could tell you I meant to do that, but, I would be lying.

          I wish I had.

  • R’becca

    Katia should totally get a pirate eye-patch.

  • DR

    Nah licking Katia clean is adorable. And she was already adorable after the whole medic daydream… she has officially become one of the best characters.

  • FaceDavid

    That eye.
    Her eye.
    It frightens me.
    It reminds me.

  • Holy crap, Katia is speaking.
    With quotation marks and everything.

    Also, I didn’t know Perfectly Normal Humans could change their eye colour between red and black.

  • …I just noticed that the “Normal Human” Female has four fingers on each hand.

    • MrSing

      PFFFT, how many do you have, 5 or 3 on each hand? Get out of here silly!

      • varsaigen

        Well, that is a perfectly normal thing for a perfectly normal human to have! She has 4 fingers. You have four fingers. I have four fingers. Thing is, a thumb isn’t a finger. So in all reality, she and Katia have 3 fingers and a thumb…

  • Jupitermoon

    So glad to see Katia hasn’t suffered any permanent damage ^w^

    As for this breakthrough, I can tell you where my money is. It’s a well after all, and Kvatch is a moderately wealthy town by the looks of it, far above Bruma or some of the crappier imperial city districts. I’d wager its citizens are fairly well off financially…

    Take their wishes Katia. Take them and your’s will grow stronger. That’s how it works.

    • kotekzot

      Do you seriously think she’d be rushing to the Mages Guild to tell them people threw coins down the well?

      • Volchek

        This IS Katia Fucking Managan we’re talking about.
        … no offense eye-of-fearing, fire-ball-slinging, mage to be Khajiit.

  • Jupitermoon

    I actually meant Bravil. Bruma is cold, but Bravil is a shithole.

  • varsaigen

    I just thought of something. What if Nah is a half-breed Khajiit, or simply put, one of the existing breeds of Khajiit? It’s been stated that there are Khajiit breeds that look just like one of the elves, and that they tattoo their faces to distinguish themselves. So who’s to say Nah here isn’t a similar breed? She has Night Eye, fangs, and otherwise fits the profile of one of the Khajiit breeds (just lacking the elven ears.) Her tail might simply be hidden.

    I think it is an alternative to her being a vampire. And as “rare?” breed of Khajiit, and not growing up among her kind, she might have the desire to fit in with humans whom she closely resembles racially, and thus have no Khajiit influence other than her powers, and incessant licking. (I can’t explain the perfectly normal human strength though. That might just be for comical effect. :/

    • Prince T. Baggins

      Note how as she drinks the blood, her eyes fade back into their original color. Vampires have the ability to see in the dark, and when they haven’t drank any blood for a few days, have super strength and endurance, however they cannot enter the sun.

      Since she has drunken Katia’s blood, she no longer has super strength, red eyes, and she can go in the sun.

      So… yeah. She’s a vampire. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Tokage

        What are you two talking about? She is clearly a perfectly normal human.

      • varsaigen

        Well, I figured the powers would be that of a vampire. But thanks for pointing out the eyes. I didn’t notice they changed.

        Besides, it’s fun to make people think beyond what just the other viewers are thinking. Broaden those horizens! Because this comic likes throwing weird stuff at us, so we have to be able to expect some twisted logic! 😛

    • Classtoise

      Her perfectly normal human strength is simply because Nah is very strong for a completely normal and in no way a creature of the night human.

  • TechUnadept


  • Tokage

    That sure is a lot of blood her Eye of Fear burst out. Even after she turned away from the fish, it continued to spill it in high pressure to the rope and everything.

    Hurts to think about. I’m glad she’s okay.

    • calvin

      or it could just be that when she used her eye of fear and turned away in pain, she looked up towards where the sun still is while using Night Eye

      • Tokage

        The blood from Night Eye doesn’t burst in high pressure, which is what it should have done for it to reach the ropes.

        • Yuki Terumi

          The should. Look at the shoulder. She had been bit. =<.<=

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            Were-Fish! :O

  • John Andre Butler

    “Dumbass McWelldiver twitters excitedly”

    I’ve been avoiding twitter like the plague since it’s inception, but I will now create an account for Dumbass McWelldiver. My first tweet: “hanging upside down bleeding for an hour, failing to get some stupid fish out of a well…”

    • Norexico

      twitter as speaking in a very nervous or excited manner.

    • Notere

      I demand a link.

  • I don’t know why, but this is my favourite page yet.

    I’m really interested in knowing what the ‘best’ thing is that happened, because… that doesn’t look like the best thing.

  • Bambi

    Anyone who thinks Nah should become Kats partner in crime say “Aye!”

  • woopyfrood

    Nah helped Katia.

    I give her ten updates, at most, to live.

  • Obscure Reference

    I don’t know why, but I found panel four both hilairious and adorable!

  • AlternianArmy

    Meanwhile, at the border…
    Dovahkiin: In an unrelated plot, cross the border. Never be seen or heard from again.

    • Tokage

      Meanwhile, 200 years later, you mean.

      • varsaigen

        yep! I did the calculations, and anyone from Skyrim’s timeline who had an ancestor from Oblivion’s timeline would be the latter’s great, great, great, great, grandson/grandaughter.

        • Rogue Fanartic

          Really? I’ll keep it in mind.

        • Errata

          …Don’t elves live a lot longer than humans?

  • Saramh

    Well, I was mostly interested in pointing it out, since nobody else seemed to have commented on it before me.

  • calvin

    quick, before she puts the amulet back on! everyone start making cat puns!

    • MrSing

      We are only allowed to do that in the forum, what are you, a cheetah?

      • calvin

        NOPE! Chuck Testa!

      • A Pink Cheetah

        I be a pink one, what of it? (Have for over a year.)

  • NO

    20 bucks says she discovered how to magic properly

  • Henry

    Katia. Get an epic eyepatch for that wound of yours. better to keep it coverd up untill it heals, and going around town with a bleeding eye is not the best looking thing to have if you are going to the mages guild.

  • You are not a true medic until you lick out some tasty blood from your patients! XDDDD
    That’s the safer way to make the heals wound faster! XDD

    But now that missafortunate Katia have been saved from the well, its time to get to the jally part.

    • Husk

      Jelly on neck anyone? 8P *Ba-dum-tish*

  • The Nerevarine

    I find it very unfortunate that Katia did not follow my advice. Instead she tried something…. unwise.



  • swarley

    how does Nah have night vision if she is a perfectly normal person?

    • Yes, perfectly normal, all humans have that ability. You need to socialize with humans more often…….. XDDDDD

    • Tokage

      There’s a spell for it.

    • patrick

      vampires can see in the dark.

      • Shen

        You. Out.
        She’s clearly a completly normal human. We don’t want any of that crazy vampire talk here.

  • Norexico

    Man, why is Katia always giving that homoerotic vibe? First with Quill-Weave, now when Nah was licking her like the part Khajiit she is. Not that I’m complaining, for I find it hilarious and fanfic-worthy.

    This comic is going on a direction I’m liking. And no, even at the human-stage of vampirism, the vampire still posseses a considerable ammount of strenght to slaughter an orc barehanded, specially one that is unarmored (those magnificent pecs don’t count as armor, for there is no Unarmored skill in Oblivion). And besides, gro-Upp is a bussinesman, and Porphyric Hemophilia is bad business, so I wouldn’t worry about Nah.

    • DavidArgall

      Katia is giving off a homoerotic vibe because…
      a-she is female &
      b-you are a male viewer. [I’d say normal, but with Nah on the scene, that word has a different meaning.]

      • Norexico

        C’mon, I’m not your typical guy who has the insta-hots for lesbians (although I mentioned fanfic-worthy because hey, it’s Katia! Disaster-related hilarity ensues!).

        And yeah, I know Katia ain’t into girls – she stated that quite firmly many entries ago, lol.

        • Tunic

          You sure about that? Maybe this weird Khajiit in Hammerfell wasn’t bisexual, but she’s Katia Managan now. Take a close look at the July 3rd 2011 update and reconsider.

          • DavidArgall

            July 3 only gives hints she might be, vs a firm denial. Now it’s easy enough to assume she is in denial, but we are pretty much just reading our own desires into the text. The majority evidence at this time is strongly favoring our girl as straight [until she gets another drink at least]
            Now it does seem possible that our hostess has a reason for being kind to the poor kitty, but she may not even be aware of that motive, much less actively pursuing it. The idea she is fighting it easily occurs.
            [Now there is good reason to think that all women are bi-sexual in some degree, while men only want one sex, but the world here is based on the author’s opinion and we don’t even know if he has considered the idea. So reality doesn’t help us much here.]

          • Norexico

            Ya, I checked the update when it came out. Like she said, she’d rather have a friend than a lover, so even if she was swinging both ways, I’m afraid it will not be with our dear Argonian writer.

            But hey, we all can dream, and write! Specially write. Did I said write twice? My bad…not that I’m suggesting anyone to write a fan fiction of this happening but hey, who am I to complain. Heck, I would even enjoy it, you know… if somebody wrote such a story. Such a sweet story…I’m sorry, uh…yeah, fan-fiction, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Like, arrrgonian, or khajiit, or even currrriosity…again, I’m not implying anything, I’m perfectly o-k with everything. Just you know, it would be nice, too see an alternate version…of this…love, thing…yeah…I’ll let myself out, suddenly it feels pretty warm in here… sorry -////-

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    I know what Katia’s Best Thing was:

    The entire internet stopped screaming into her brain, if only for an hour. Oh gods, how peaceful, how serene…


    • Tenten

      I agree completely! No wonder she’s believed to have sub-par intelligence; could you imagine the mental fatigue from processing all those voices constantly?

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Hah, I don’t know if we should call it “processing” or “screening out”. I think the latter would be more prudent… 😉

  • Husk

    I know what would help her eye! 8D An Eye-patch! 8P Arrrgh matey! lol. (boredom kills to the point where your mind thinks of retarded things…)

  • AdultPuppetShow

    The only Prequel I’ve ever enjoyed.

  • Batida

    First: Could we give “Nah” a better name? She looks like the brainless slut Bella from Twilight, how’s about that? Or if you like the Na, call her Nana.
    Second: I wish to send my Khajiit 200 years back, bring her from Skyrim to Cyrodiil and give Kat a hug. Or send my argonian male from Morrowind to the future to hang around with Kat. Hey, every epic-klischee-hero-story need a love story. 😉
    Third: You are too positive, i give Nana max. 2 pages before Gharug kill her. I expect everything from an orc who hide a book in his ass.

    • DavidArgall

      Our writer has been pretty consistent in inconsistency, Themes are not being re-used at all often other than our girl failing at most everything and still being confident she will succeed. So the death of other characters will likely be rare and Nah is “safe”. Indeed, there is pretty good reason to think the necromancer will be back, possibly even today [story time].

      • Anza

        Nah, I don’t think so. I think that, despite the lamentations of the reader base, Dmitri is dead beyond doornails.

        • James Almasy

          Not unless he was studying to become a lich…
          But that is highly unlikely.

          Katia:be friends with Nah?
          (lol, almost typed Nahruna.)

        • DavidArgall

          Think story here. Our author spent about a month on our necromancer. Why? If we assume he is coming back, there are all sorts of possible reasons. But what would justify all this effort if he is not coming back? There are many possible reasons. Maybe our writer just got bored with him and wrote him out of the story. But it is not easy to come up with a reason that seems to be worth the effort.

          • Tokage

            I believe the official explanation was “It felt like a good idea at the time”.

            Dmitri’s sudden death after the development, just to end it all because of a single suggestion the author herself probably didn’t see coming, seems like an anticlimax to me, or a shaggy dog story. Both are perfectly fine things to happen, if obviously not very common.

          • Anza

            I like to think of it as a narrative punch in the face for a well-built character to be killed so abruptly.
            And, for those of us who didn’t notice, Kazerad has a real mean right hook.

  • eternity08

    If my calculations are correct, and they rarely ever are, then the next update shall occur on the 9th of this February.
    So says my “Chicken Intestines”TM!

  • Riddler

    Welcom to another thrilling game of What Just Happened!
    We have just seen katia get mauled by fish, fail epicly and get licked down by a vampire in denial (of being a vampire, pervs!) but after all that shes happier than ever. So… What Just Happend?
    The top choices are,
    A: new magic
    B: dimitri is still alive
    C: she finally realized that this is just a web comic an she’s just a figment of someone’s imagination
    D: while screaming for her life she had an apiffany
    E: other
    Let’s go to the votes!

    • eternity08

      Actually you can cross D off your list since I don’t think Katia us aware of him, at all.

      • Oman

        I have no idea what you’re trying to say, I think you accidently a word somewhere.

      • calvin

        i think you meant B

      • eternity08

        Replace “D” with “B”
        Replace “us” with “is”
        There. That should make some more sense!

        • Riddler

          Sorry I can’t spell. But for B I ment a cat with a magic stone tied to its back showed up ( witch would mean that he would be alive). But personally I think it’s going to be a new spell.

  • Vaporeon-Kun

    Did anyone else notice that Nah’s eyes are red, but shortly after licking up Katia’s eye blood they turn black?

    • No. Nobody noticed that at all. You are just a genius.

      • Vaporeon-Kun

        It’s a perfectly normal human being thing to happen.

  • Music-chan

    Gosh darned cliffhangers!

    *shakes monitor. Finds modern monitor to be not very satisfying so finds an old clunky monitor and shakes it*

    • Wind

      I LOLed heartily at your comment.

  • Dinderwall

    couldn’t help but notice that back when she was trying to bed down with QW and someone made some bird puns, her amulet flashed! maybe certain animal puns cause different types of reactions in her magic maybe?

    • Furnut

      They already tried it a few pages back, when folks were punning her all sorts of stuff. She still spewed out fire no matter what. =(

  • Furnut

    aw how cute! nah licks a cat like…..a cat. >_>

  • Dinderwall

    I see that now, hmmm, wait if burns make fire then what type of wordplay would make ice?

    • Mr. Flibble

      Well if i had to guess, lightning and ice would require comments that were “shocking” or “just cold” respectively.

  • katianator

    watwould nock nock jokes do?
    yo mama jokes?
    chuck norris jokes would probably make her target explode…
    a priest and a rabi jokes?
    that’s what she said jokes?
    whichones would make what spells lolz any ideas?

    • Dinderwall

      maybe try them all when she needs to cast a spell next…

  • Dinderwall

    Damn cliffhangers

  • Padathir

    Katia is the cutest.

  • user500

    Hmm, Dumbass McWelldiver sure makes it sound like she gets hurt a lot, maybe you should hang around her for a bit, she may get hurt really bad, so bad she may need a medic, you know, to stop all the blood.

  • Dagoth Fuk

    Sadly, this comic is becoming a source for people looking for waifus,and it’s full of “XDDD” people,too.I hope Katia fucks up again to see some butthurt furries 🙂

    • Tokage

      Am I allowed to feel disappointed and angry over her failing horribly and feeling bad, WITHOUT being a furry or thinking she is my waifu?

    • Doopdoop

      Perhaps it’s also a magnet for people who have difficulty with the space bar.

    • Motherfucker

      With all hurt comfort fics you get sick fucks like me who love to watch the main character struggle and fail, and you always get those creepy fucks who cannot disentangle reality from fiction who wish earnestly for the character to succeed, one can’t survive without the other since the suffering / disappointment of one feeds the other.

      I always imagine Katias split personalities as angels and devils, like a conscience.

    • Dousiq

      >Complaining about Furries and XDDD people
      You realize this is connected to the MSPA forums right

      • Motherfucker

        Ahaha, You’re not a true MSPA fan unless you feel a deep burning hatred of MSPA fans deep inside you.

  • TechSmurf

    Oh, hey, I just noticed the rotating banner up top. Nice touch.

    • katianator

      wat r u talking about?

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Each time you visit the page, there’s a subtle difference in the main banner.

        Of course, we shouldn’t squeeze poor Kazerad’s bandwidth by hitting Refresh a thousand times…

        • eternity08

          1) Too late!
          2) Yes, the background of the banner does change.
          Nice, Kazerad. Very nice.

  • Korak_Karnar

    Am I the only one who, upon seeing the slaughterfish, was reminded of The Darkness?

    • eternity08


  • Dalton


  • Carcino

    I hope the comment I made on the command thread is the surprise 😀

  • Beano Curufinwe

    Why is everybody placing bets for Nah’s death? Dmitri died because he pissed off an extremely dangerous orc with a sword to his throat. Have a little more faith in Kazerad’s planning and sense of realism.

    • Norexico

      That argument only makes Kazerad’s boner for disaster harder!!!

      • Beano Curufinwe

        why, Why, WHY isn’t there a rock band called Boner for Disaster?

  • katianator

    those fish were just a wacked out conspiracy!!!

  • Surge

    This better be good. I’m getting sick of seeing her in pain.

  • Actua

    What color are Katia’s eyes?

    • 62firelight

      Black..I think.

      • Actua

        …Not sure if trolling or just unobservant.
        The artist draws all the eyes black. I’m wondering what color they really are.

        • MrSing

          You are really just answering your own question here.

    • Kazerad

      They’re yellow. It’s not really a big deal because she’s already stylized beyond belief, but “canonically” the yellow part of her eye is the iris and the black part is the pupil. Her eyewhites are hidden away inside her head somewhere.


      • actua

        See, that’s exactly what I needed. I still look like a blind fool but I got my answer. Thanks.

  • Lance

    Dont worry about being late on the updates, i actually kinda like the irregularity, its allways a suprise when one comes, and it keeps me checking back 😀

  • Mouse

    Nah, you should introduce yourself to the well diver with your real name: Nahdia Blutrinker; and ask her hers as well. You might also want to ask her what the big deal is, it looks like she might get off on a tangent again. She might not be thinking clearly. She has, after all lost a lot of blood. In fact, you should offer to follow her around in case she needs further medical attention.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    You know, nobody has thought of these recent events from the perspective of the Slaughterfish.

    Here they are, just happily maintaining a cozy little pool, and this random cat-thing proceeds to shower them with stones, then arrows, and eventually climbs down the well to shoot blood out of her eye at them for no apparent reason.

    Angrifying pun time:

    Apparently their sub-prime mortgage in Kvatch hasn’t worked out — they’re probably underwater on their home already.

  • Doc Scratch

    Katia: Render yourself in a more symbolic manner this instant.

  • Uzi_Man

    You know what’s funny here? That there IS already Rule 34 of this update.

    • MrSing

      Hahaha, that’s weird. For a second I thought your post said “funny” instead of “making me lose my faith in humanity”.

  • Tom

    I love how her eyes get a bit darker between panels. Props to you.

  • Ch’marr

    This is a test comment.

    • Kazerad

      Seems to work!

  • Felix

    Is it just me, or does anyone else want to know when her hatchet stopped being a shitty impromptu stick fitted with glass, and become an actual hatchet?

  • loganthewolfe

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  • creeperbro

    vampires are awesome

    at least my argonian agrees

  • Twilight-Kun

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  • Caspercraft

    Let that be a lesson kids: Never mess with Slaughterfish

  • Mzuark

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  • Shadowkey392

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  • dtlux14

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